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Coursework english lit

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Edexcel AS & A level English Literature 2015 | Pearson qualifications

Coursework english lit

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awa essay We all know that the english, essays on the GMAT are scored separately and that the schools don’t care as much about the essay scores. We also know we have to write the essays first, before we get to the more important quant and coursework wjec, verbal sections, so we don’t want to use up too much brain-power on the essays. Still, we can’t just bomb the essay section; the coursework lit, schools do care about the essays somewhat. So how do we do a good enough job on the essays without expending so much energy that we’re negatively affected during the multiple-choice portion of the test? We need to develop a template, an wjec, organizational framework on which to “hang” our writing. The template will not, of english, course, tell us exactly what to write. For that, we need the actual essay prompt, which we won’t see until we take the test. We can, however, determine how to Gresham's Law organize the information ahead of time, as well as the general kinds of messages we need to coursework convey at various points throughout.

The template should tell us: how many paragraphs to use the primary purpose of each of paper-direct-1000.txt, those paragraphs the english lit, kinds of information that need to be conveyed in each paragraph. The template will vary a little bit from person to person; the important thing is to have a consistent template for yourself that you’ve worked out in advance of the official test . In addition, we will need slightly different templates for the two different kinds of computing, essays, so take note of the differences below. As a general rule, essays should have either four or five paragraphs total. The first paragraph is coursework english lit always the introduction, the last paragraph is always the business plan, conclusion, and the body (middle) paragraphs are for coursework english lit, the examples we choose to use. Each paragraph should contain certain things; these are listed in the below sections. The information does not need to and effect essay anxiety be presented in the given order below, though; just make sure that each paragraph does contain the coursework lit, necessary information in sales studies some sort of clear and logical order. English Lit? In addition, the information listed below is the minimum necessary info; you can certainly add more where appropriate. summarize the issue state a thesis acknowledge that the r/research paper-direct-1000.txt, other side does have some merit introduce your examples.

The first paragraph should contain a brief summary of the issue at hand in your own words (don't just repeat what the essay prompt said). For an Argument essay, briefly summarize the coursework english, conclusion of the given argument. For the Issue essay, briefly summarize the issue upon coursework, which the prompt has asked you to convey your opinion. For either, you don’t need more than a one to lit two sentence summary. The first paragraph should also contain a thesis statement. The thesis is typically one sentence and conveys to the reader your overall message or point for the essay that you wrote. For the Argument essay, you can write most of business for fashion, your thesis sentence before you get to the test! You already know that the Argument will contain flaws, and lit, that you will be discussing how those flaws hurt the author’s conclusion. Guess what? That’s your thesis! “While the argument does have some merit, there are several serious flaws which serve to plan undermine the validity of the author’s conclusion that XYZ.” DON’T USE THAT EXACT SENTENCE. They’re going to get suspicious if hundreds of people use the same sentence. (Besides, that’s my sentence.

Come up with your own!) Note the coursework, opening clause: “While the argument does have some merit.” This is what’s called “acknowledging the other side.” We don’t say, “Hey, your argument is plan completely terrible! There’s nothing good about it at all!” We acknowledge that some parts may be okay, or some people may feel differently, but our position is that the flaws are the coursework english, most important issue (that is, our thesis is the most important thing). On the Issue essay, you won’t be able to write your thesis statement ahead of time, but you do know you’ll have to do two things: (1) establish one clear position for yourself and (2) acknowledge the r/research 1000, other side. (“While it’s certainly true that some people like Pepsi, more people prefer Coke.”) Notice one other thing that I don’t say: I don’t say “I think [blah blah thesis blah].” I state my thesis as though it is fact and reasonable people surely agree with me. Coursework? That’s a hallmark of a persuasive essay. Finally, the first paragraph needs to introduce whatever examples we’re going to on a poem use in the body paragraphs below. Don’t launch into the examples fully; that will come later. You can choose to use either 2 or 3 body paragraphs. English? (I use 2 body paragraphs, personally.

Remember, we just need to be “good enough!”) introduce one flaw explain why it is a flaw suggest ways to fix the flaw. Sales Case Studies? introduce one real-world example give enough detail for coursework english lit, reader to understand relevance of example show how example supports your thesis. The body of an an essay on a poem, essay is where we support our thesis statement. Coursework English Lit? For the argument essay, your support will come from the poem, prompt itself: brainstorm several flaws from the argument (try to english lit find the Gresham's Law, biggest, most glaring flaws). Lit? Each flaw gets its own paragraph, so you’ll need either two or three, depending upon how many body paragraphs you want to write. Explicitly explain why this flaw makes the r/research 1000, conclusion less valid in some way, and english lit, then discuss how the author might fix that flaw. Sales Studies? For example, let’s say that an argument claims that firing half of a company’s employees will help the company to reduce costs and therefore become more profitable. While it’s certainly true that chopping half of your payroll will reduce costs, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the company will become more profitable! That loss of personnel may reduce productivity, hurt morale of the coursework, remaining employees, and so on. The author of such an paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, argument could bolster the claim by, for example, showing evidence that half of the employees are fully redundant and firing them wouldn’t affect the company adversely (if such evidence actually exists, of course!). For the issue essay, your support will come from your brain: you’ll have to english lit brainstorm some real-life example ( something that actually happened in the past ) in order to support your thesis.

That example could be something from your own life (work history, school, friend of a friend) or from the broader world (business, history, and so on). Stating that Coke’s market share is r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 higher than Pepsi’s, for example, would bolster your claim that more people prefer Coke. Coursework? There is no inherent advantage to a personal example versus a broader world example, but if you use a personal example, be sure to cause about provide enough detail that the reader can understand the relevance. Lit? When you use real-world examples that the readers are likely to know, you don’t have to worry about, for example, explaining what Coke and Pepsi are. Finally, make sure to computing coursework tie your example specifically back to your original thesis. Don’t make the lit, reader connect the dots: tell him or her exactly how this example supports your thesis. re-state your thesis (using new words) re-acknowledge the other side (using new words) briefly summarize how your examples supported your thesis (using new words) minimum 3 sentences; ideally 4 to sales studies 5. Are you noticing a theme within the above bullet points?

Basically, the conclusion paragraph isn’t going to contain much new information. It’s a conclusion; the major points should already have been made earlier in the essay. What you’re doing now is tying everything together in one neat package: yes, the “other side” has some merit, but here’s my point-of-view and, by the way, I proved my case using these examples. Before you go into the real test, you should have a fully developed template, so that all you have to do is coursework lit come up with your two examples and your thesis statement, and then “hang” your words on your framework. Practice with the above as a starting point until you develop something with which you’re comfortable.

Don’t forget to leave some time to proof your essay; it’s okay to have a few typos, but systematic errors will lower your score.

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o essay The Vietnam in coursework lit Me. Z GATOR, VIETNAM, FEBRUARY 1994 -- I'm home, but the r/research paper-direct-1000.txt house is gone. Not a sandbag, not a nail or a scrap of wire. On Gator, we used to say, the wind doesn't blow, it sucks. Maybe that's what happened -- the english wind sucked it all away. My life, my virtue. In February 1969, 25 years ago, I arrived as a young, terrified pfc. on this lonely little hill in Quang Ngai Province. Back then, the r/research paper-direct-1000.txt place seemed huge and coursework english, imposing and r/research, permanent. A forward firebase for the Fifth Battalion of the coursework english 46th Infantry, 198th Infantry Brigade, LZ Gator was home to 1000 700 or 800 American soldiers, mostly grunts. I remember a tar helipad, a mess hall, a medical station, mortar and coursework english, artillery emplacements, two volleyball courts, numerous barracks and paper-direct-1000.txt, offices and supply depots and english lit, machine shops and entertainment clubs.

Gator was our castle. Not safe, exactly, but far preferable to the bush. No land mines here. No paddies bubbling with machine-gun fire. Maybe once a month, for three or four days at a time, Alpha Company would return to Gator for stand-down, where we took our comforts behind a perimeter of bunkers and concertina wire. There were hot showers and hot meals, ice chests packed with beer, glossy pinup girls, big, black Sony tape decks booming We gotta get out of this place at decibels for 1000 the deaf.

Thirty or 40 acres of almost-America. Coursework English Lit. With a little weed and a lot of beer, we would spend the days of stand-down in flat-out celebration, purely alive, taking pleasure in our own biology, kidneys and plan, livers and lungs and legs, all in their proper alignments. Coursework Lit. We could breathe here. Gresham's Law. We could feel our fists uncurl, the pressures approaching normal. The real war, it seemed, was in english another solar system. By day, we'd fill sandbags or pull bunker guard. In the evenings, there were outdoor movies and sometimes live floor shows -- pretty Korean girls breaking our hearts in their spangled miniskirts and cause about anxiety, high leather boots -- then afterward we'd troop back to the Alpha barracks for some letter writing or boozing or just a good night's sleep. So much to remember. The time we filled a nasty lieutenant's canteen with mosquito repellent; the coursework english lit sounds of choppers and artillery fire; the slow dread that began building as word spread that in a day or two we'd be heading back to the bush. Pinkville, maybe. The Batangan Peninsula.

Spooky, evil places where the writing an essay on a land itself could kill you. Now I stand in this patch of weeds, looking down on what used to be the old Alpha barracks. Amazing, really, what time can do. You'd think there would be something left, some faint imprint, but LZ (Landing Zone) Gator has been utterly and forever erased from the earth. Nothing here but ghosts and wind. t the foot of Gator, along Highway 1, the little hamlet of Nuoc Man is going bonkers over lit our arrival here. As we turn and walk down the hill, maybe 200 people trail along, gawking and computing, chattering, the children reaching out to coursework english lit touch our skin. Through our interpreter, Mrs. Le Hoai Phuong, I'm told that I am the first American soldier to return to this place in the 24 years since Gator was evacuated in 1970.

In a strange way, the occasion has the feel of a reunion -- happy faces, much bowing. Me Wendy, says a middle-aged woman. Another says, Flower. Wendy and Flower: G.I. nicknames retrieved from a quarter-century ago. An elderly woman, perhaps in Gresham's Law her late 70's, tugs at my shirt and says, My name Mama-san. Dear God. We should've bombed these people with love. AMBRIDGE, MASS., JUNE 1994 -- Last night suicide was on my mind. Not whether, but how. Tonight it will be on my mind again. Now it's 4 A.M., June the 5th.

The sleeping pills have not worked. I sit in my underwear at this unblinking fool of a computer and coursework lit, try to wrap words around a few horrid truths. I returned to Vietnam with a woman whose name is Kate, whom I adored and have since lost. She's with another man, seven blocks away. This I learned yesterday afternoon. My own fault, Kate would say, and sales studies, she would be mostly right. Not entirely. Coursework English Lit. In any case, these thoughts are probably too intimate, too awkward and embarrassing for and effect essay public discussion. But who knows? Maybe a little blunt human truth will send you off to church, or to coursework confession, or inside yourself.

Not that it matters. For me, with one eye on these smooth yellow pills, the world must be written about as it is or not written about at all. Z GATOR, FEBRUARY 1994 -- By chance, Kate and I have arrived in cause essay anxiety Nuoc Man on a day of annual commemoration, a day when the graves of the local war dead are blessed and repaired and decorated and wept over. The village elders invite us to a feast, a picnic of english lit sorts, where we take seats before a low lacquered table at cause about an outdoor shrine. Children press up close, all around. The elders shoo them away, but the shooing doesn't do much. I'm getting nervous. The food on display seems a bit exotic. Not to my taste.

I look at Kate, Kate looks at lit me. R/research. Number one chop-chop, an old woman says, a wrinkled, gorgeous, protective, scarred, welcoming old woman. Number one, she promises, and nudges Kate, and smiles a heartbreaking betel-nut smile. I choose something white. Fish, I'm guessing. I have eaten herring; I have enjoyed herring. This is coursework english lit, not herring. There are decisions to be made.

The elders bow and execute chewing motions. Do not forget: our hosts are among the maimed and r/research 1000, widowed and orphaned, the bombed and rebombed, the recipients of coursework lit white phosphorus, the tenders of graves. Chew, they say, and by cause essay anxiety, God I chew. Kate has the good fortune to find a Kleenex. She's a pro. She executes a polite wiping motion and it's over for coursework english lit her. Eddie Keating, the Times photographer whose pictures accompany this text, tucks his portion between cheek and r/research, gum, where it remains until the feast concludes. Coursework Lit. Me -- I imagine herring.

I remember Sunday afternoons as a boy, the Vikings on TV, my dad opening up the crackers and creamed herring, passing it out at halftime. Other flashes too. LZ Gator's mortar rounds pounding this innocent, impoverished, raped little village. Eight or nine corpses piled not 50 yards from where we now sit in friendly union. I prepare myself.

Foul, for sure, but things come around. Nuoc Man swallowed plenty. HE SONG TRA HOTEL, QUANG NGAI CITY, FEBRUARY 1994 -- It's late in the evening. The air-conditioner is at full Cuban power. Kate's eyes sparkle, she's laughing. Swallowed! she keeps saying. In 1969, when I went to war, Kate was 3 years old.

Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, McNamara, Bunker, Rogers, Bundy, Rusk, Abrams, Rostow -- for her, these names are like the an essay poem listings on a foreign menu. Some she recognizes not at lit all, some she recalls from books or old television clips. But she never tasted the dishes. She does not know ice cream from sales case studies, Brussels sprouts. Three years old -- how could she? No more than I could know the coursework english lit Southern California of her own youth. Still, it was Kate who insisted we come here. I was more than reluctant -- I was petrified, I looked for an essay poem excuses. Bad dreams and so on.

But Kate's enthusiasm won me over; she wanted to share in my past, the shapes of english lit things, the smells and based poem, sunlight. As it turns out, the english lit sharing has gone both ways. In any other circumstances, I would have returned to business plan for fashion this country almost purely as a veteran, caught up in memory, but Kate's presence has made me pay attention to the details of here and now, a Vietnam that exists outside the coursework english lit old perimeter of war. She takes delight in things alive: a chicken wired to someone's bicycle, an Gresham's Law, old woman's enormous fingernails, an infant slung casually on the hip of a tiny 7-year-old girl. Kate has the eyes and spirit of an adventurer, wide open to the variety of the coursework english world, and these qualities have pushed me toward some modest adventurism of my own. Now I watch her fiddle with the air-conditioner.

Swallowed! she keeps saying. Later in based on a poem the night, as on many other nights, we talk about the lit war. I try to explain -- ineptly, no doubt -- that Vietnam was more than terror. For me, at least, Vietnam was partly love. With each step, each light-year of a second, a foot soldier is always almost dead, or so it feels, and in such circumstances you can't help but love. You love your mom and dad, the Vikings, hamburgers on the grill, your pulse, your future -- everything that might be lost or never come to be. Intimacy with death carries with it a corresponding new intimacy with life.

Jokes are funnier, green is sales case studies, greener. You love the musty morning air. You love the miracle of your own enduring capacity for love. You love your friends in Alpha Company -- a kid named Chip, my buddy. He wrote letters to lit my sister, I wrote letters to his sister. In the rear, back at sales case studies Gator, Chip and I would go our separate ways, by color, both of us ashamed but knowing it had to lit be that way. In the r/research bush, though, nothing kept us apart. Black and White, we were called. In May of 1969, Chip was blown high into a hedge of bamboo.

Many pieces. I loved the guy, he loved me. I'm alive. He's dead. An old story, I guess.

AMBRIDGE, JUNE 1994 -- It's 5:25 in the morning, June 7. English Lit. I have just taken my first drug of the day, a prescription drug, Oxazepam, which files the edge off anxiety. Thing is, I'm not anxious. I'm slop. This is despair. This is a valance of horror that Vietnam never approximated.

If war is hell, what do we call hopelessness? I have not killed myself. That day, this day, maybe tomorrow. Like Nam, it goes. For some time, years in fact, I have been treated for depression, $8,000 or $9,000 worth. Some of it has worked. Or was working. R/research Paper-direct-1000.txt. I had called back to memory -- not to memory, exactly, but to significance -- some pretty painful feelings of rejection as a child.

Chubby and friendless and lonely. I had come to acknowledge, more or less, the english lit dominant principle of love in my life, how far I would go to get it, how terrified I was of losing it. I have done bad things for love, bad things to stay loved. Kate is one case. R/research. Vietnam is another.

More than anything, it was this desperate love craving that propelled me into a war I considered mistaken, probably evil. In college, I stood in peace vigils. I rang doorbells for english Gene McCarthy, composed earnest editorials for the school newspaper. Sales Case Studies. But when the draft notice arrived after graduation, the old demons went to coursework english work almost instantly. I thought about computing Canada. Coursework English. I thought about jail.

But in the end I could not bear the business plan prospect of rejection: by my family, my country, my friends, my hometown. English Lit. I would risk conscience and paper-direct-1000.txt, rectitude before risking the loss of love. I have written some of this before, but I must write it again. I was a coward. I went to Vietnam. Y LAI, QUANG NGAI PROVINCE, FEBRUARY 1994 -- Weird, but I know this place. Coursework Lit. I've been here before. Wjec. Literally, but also in coursework english my nightmares. One year after the massacre, Alpha Company's area of operations included the village of My Lai 4, or so it was called on American military maps.

The Vietnamese call it Thuan Yen, which belongs to a larger hamlet called Tu Cung, which in turn belongs to an even larger parent village called Son My. But names are finally irrelevant. I am just here. Twenty-five years ago, knowing nothing of the computing wjec homicides committed by American troops on the morning of March 16, 1968, Alpha Company walked through and around this hamlet on numerous occasions. Now, standing here with Kate, I can't recognize much. The place blends in with all the other poor, scary, beleaguered villes in this area we called Pinkville. Even so, the feel of the lit place is as familiar as the old stucco house of my childhood. The clay trails, the cow dung, the Gresham's Law blank faces, the coursework english unknowns and unknowables.

There is the smell of r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 sin here. Smells of terror, too, and coursework lit, enduring sorrow. What happened, briefly, was this. At approximately 7:30 on the morning of March 16, 1968, a company of roughly 115 American soldiers were inserted by helicopter just outside the village of My Lai. About Anxiety. They met no resistance.

No enemy. No incoming fire. Still, for the next four hours, Charlie Company killed whatever could be killed. They killed chickens. They killed dogs and cattle. Coursework Lit. They killed people, too. Lots of people. Women, infants, teen-agers, old men.

The United States Army's Criminal Investigation Division compiled a list of 343 fatalities and paper-direct-1000.txt, an independent Army inquiry led by Lieut. Gen. William R. Peers estimated that the death count may have exceeded 400. At the Son My Memorial, a large tablet lists 504 names. According to Col.

William Wilson, one of the original Army investigators, The crimes visited on coursework english the inhabitants of Son My Village included individual and group acts of murder, rape, sodomy, maiming, assault on noncombatants and the mistreatment and killing of detainees. The testimony of one member of Charlie Company, Salvadore LaMartina, suggests the systematic, cold-blooded character of the slaughter: Q: Did you obey your orders? Q: What were your orders? A: Kill anything that breathed. Whether or not such instructions were ever directly issued is a matter of Gresham's Law dispute. Coursework. Either way, a good many participants would later offer the explanation that they were obeying orders, a defense explicitly prohibited by the Nuremberg Principles and the United States Army's own rules of war. Other participants would argue that the civilians at My Lai were themselves Vietcong.

A young soldier named Paul Meadlo, who was responsible for Gresham's Law numerous deaths on that bright March morning, offered this appalling testimony: Q: What did you do? A: I held my M-16 on them. A: Because they might attack. Q: They were children and babies? Q: And they might attack? Children and english lit, babies? A: They might've had a fully loaded grenade on them.

The mothers might have throwed them at us. Q: Were the babies in their mothers' arms? Q: And the babies moved to attack? A: I expected at any moment they were about to make a counterbalance. Eventually, after a cover-up that lasted more than a year and after the paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 massacre made nationwide headlines, the coursework english lit Army's Criminal Investigation Division produced sufficient evidence to charge 30 men with war crimes.

Of these, only a single soldier, First Lieut. William Laws Calley Jr., was ever convicted or spent time in prison. Found guilty of the premeditated murder of not less than 22 civilians, Calley was sentenced to life at hard labor, but after legal appeals and sentence reductions, his ultimate jail time amounted to three days in computing wjec a stockade and coursework lit, four and a half months in sales prison. In some cases, judicial action was never initiated; in coursework other cases, charges were quietly dropped. Calley aside, only a handful of men faced formal court-martial proceedings, either for war crimes or for subsequent cover-up activities, with the end result of case studies five acquittals and four judicially ordered dismissals. Among those acquitted was Capt. Ernest Medina, who commanded Charlie Company on the morning of March 16, 1968. All this is history.

Dead as those dead women and kids. Even at coursework english the time, most Americans seemed to business for fashion shrug it off as a cruel, nasty, inevitable consequence of war. Coursework Lit. There were numerous excuses, numerous rationalizations. Plan. Upright citizens decried even the small bit of justice secured by coursework english lit, the conviction of Lieutenant Calley. Now, more than 25 years later, the villainy of that Saturday morning in 1968 has been pushed off to the margins of for fashion memory. Coursework English. In the colleges and 1000, high schools I sometimes visit, the mention of My Lai brings on null stares, a sort of puzzlement, disbelief mixed with utter ignorance.

Evil has no place, it seems, in our national mythology. We erase it. We use ellipses. We salute ourselves and take pride in America the White Knight, America the Lone Ranger, America's sleek laser-guided weaponry beating up on Saddam and his legion of english lit devils. t's beginning to rain when Kate and I sit down to talk with two survivors of the slaughter here. Mrs. Ha Thi Quy is a woman of 69 years. Her face is part stone, part anguish as she describes through an interpreter the events of that day.

It's hard stuff to hear. Americans came here twice before, Mrs. Quy says. And Effect Essay About Anxiety. Nothing bad happened, they were friendly to us. But on that day the english soldiers jumped out of computing coursework their helicopters and immediately began to shoot. I prayed, I pleaded. Coursework English Lit. As I take notes, I'm recalling other prayers, other pleadings. A woman saying No VC, no VC, while a young lieutenant pistol-whipped her without the least expression on writing an essay based on a poem his face, without the lit least sign of distress or moral uncertainty.

Mad Mark, we called him. But he wasn't mad. He was numb. He'd lost himself. His gyroscope was gone. He didn't know up from down, good from bad. Mrs. Quy is crying now. Gresham's Law. I can feel Kate crying off to english my side, though I don't dare look. The Americans took us to a ditch. I saw two soldiers with red faces -- sunburned -- and they pushed a lot of people into the ditch.

I was in writing an essay poem the ditch. I fell down and many fell on top of me. Soldiers were shooting. I was shot in coursework english lit the hip. The firing went on and effect about anxiety and on. It would stop and coursework english, then start again and then stop. Now I hear Kate crying, not loud, just a certain breathiness I've come to recognize. An Essay Based On A Poem. This will be with us forever.

This we'll have. My notes take a turn for coursework the worse. I lay under the dead in the ditch. Around noon, when I heard no more gunfire, I came out of the ditch and an essay based on a poem, saw many more. Brains, pieces of body. My house was burned.

Cattle were shot. I went back to the ditch. Three of my four children were killed. I'm exhausted when Mrs. Quy finishes. Coursework. Partly it's the cause sheer magnitude of english lit horror, partly some hateful memories of my own.

I can barely wire myself together as Mrs. Truong Thi Le, another survivor, recounts those four hours of murder. Out of computing wjec her family of 10, 9 died that day. I fell down, Mrs. Le tells us.

But I was not shot. I lay with three other bodies on me, all blood. Did not move at all. Pretended dead. Saw newborn baby near a woman. Woman died. Infant still alive. Soldiers came up. Shot baby. Outside, the rain has let up.

Kate, Eddie and I take a walk through the hamlet. We stare at foundations where houses used to stand. We admire a harsh, angular, defiant, beautiful piece of english sculpture, a monument to the murdered. Mrs. Quy accompanies us for a while. She's smiling, accommodating. Impossible, but she seems to like us. At one point, while I'm scribbling in my notebook, she pulls down her trousers. She shows Kate the scarred-over bullet hole in her hip.

Kate nods and makes sounds of sympathy. What does one say? Bad day. World of writing an essay poem hurt. ow the rain is back, much harder. English. I'm drenched, cold and something else.

Eddie and I stand at the ditch where maybe 50, maybe 80, maybe 100 innocent human beings perished. I watch Eddie snap his pictures. Here's the coursework something else: I've got the guilt chills. Years ago, ignorant of the massacre, I hated this place, and coursework lit, places much like it. Two miles away, in an almost identical hamlet, Chip was blown into his hedge of bamboo. A mile or so east, Roy Arnold was shot dead, I was slightly wounded. Gresham's Law. A little farther east, a kid named McElhaney died. Coursework English Lit. Just north of here, on a rocky hillside, another kid, named Slocum, lost his foot to a land mine. It goes on. I despised everything -- the cause and effect essay about anxiety soil, the tunnels, the paddies, the poverty and myself.

Each step was an act of the purest self-hatred and self-betrayal, yet, in truth, because truth matters, my sympathies were rarely with the Vietnamese. I was mostly terrified. I was lamenting in advance my own pitiful demise. After fire fights, after friends died, there was also a great deal of coursework lit anger -- black, fierce, hurting anger -- the kind you want to take out on whatever presents itself. This is not to and effect anxiety justify what occurred here. Coursework. Justifications are empty and outrageous.

Rather, it's to say that I more or less understand what happened on that day in coursework March 1968, how it happened, the wickedness that soaks into your blood and heats up and starts to lit sizzle. I know the boil that precedes butchery. At the same time, however, the men in Alpha Company did not commit murder. We did not turn our machine guns on civilians; we did not cross that conspicuous line between rage and homicide. I know what occurred here, yes, but I also feel betrayed by a nation that so widely shrugs off barbarity, by a military judicial system that treats murderers and common soldiers as one and the same.

Apparently we're all innocent -- those who exercise moral restraint and those who do not, officers who control their troops and officers who do not. In a way, America has declared itself innocent. I look away for Gresham's Law a time, and then look back. By most standards, this is not much of a ditch. Coursework. A few feet deep, a few feet wide. The rain makes the Gresham's Law greenish brown water bubble like a thousand tiny mouths. The guilt has turned to a gray, heavy sadness. I have to take my leave but don't know how. After a time, Kate walks up, hooks my arm, doesn't say anything, doesn't have to, leads me into a future that I know will hold misery for both of us. Different hemispheres, different scales of atrocity. I don't want it to happen.

I want to tell her things and be understood and live happily ever after. I want a miracle. That's the coursework english final emotion. The terror at this ditch, the Gresham's Law certain doom, the need for english God's intervention. AMBRIDGE, JUNE 1994 -- I've been trying to perform good deeds. I bought a Father's Day card three days early. I made appointments for a physical exam, dental work, a smoke-ender's program. I go for sales case walks every day.

I work out, draw up lists, call friends, visit lawyers, buy furniture, discharge promises, keep my eyes off the sleeping pills. The days are all right. Now the clock shows 3:55 A.M. I call NERVOUS and english lit, listen to r/research 1000 an automated female voice confirm it. The nights are not all right. I write these few words, which seem useless, then get up and pull out an coursework lit, album of computing coursework wjec photographs from the english Vietnam trip.

The album was Kate's parting gift. On the business plan cover she inserted a snapshot that's hard to look at but harder still to avoid. We stand on english lit China Beach near Danang. Side by writing an essay poem, side, happy as happy will ever be, our fingers laced in a fitted, comfortable, half-conscious way that makes me feel a gust of hope. It's a gust, though, here and gone. Numerous times over the past several days, at least a dozen, this piece has come close to hyperspace.

Twice it lay at the bottom of a wastebasket. I've spent my hours preparing a tape of songs for Kate, stuff that once meant things. Corny songs, some of them. Happy songs, love-me songs. Today, scared stiff, I deposited the tape on her doorstep.

Another gust of coursework lit hope, then a whole lot of an essay based poem stillness. HE SONG TRA HOTEL, QUANG NGAI CITY, FEBRUARY 1994 -- Kate's in the shower, I'm in history. Coursework English. I sit with a book propped up against the air-conditioner, underlining sentences, sweating out my own ignorance. Twenty-five years ago, like most other grunts in Alpha Company, I knew next to nothing about this place -- Vietnam in general, Quang Ngai in particular. Now I'm learning. In the years preceding the murders at My Lai, more than 70 percent of the villages in this province had been destroyed by air strikes, artillery fire, Zippo lighters, napalm, white phosphorus, bulldozers, gunships and other such means. Plan. Roughly 40 percent of the population had lived in refugee camps, while civilian casualties in coursework english the area were approaching 50,000 a year. These numbers, reported by cause and effect essay, the journalist Jonathan Schell in 1967, were later confirmed as substantially correct by Government investigators.

Not that I need confirmation. Lit. Back in business plan for fashion 1969, the wreckage was all around us, so common it seemed part of the geography, as natural as any mountain or river. Wreckage was the lit rule. Brutality was S.O.P. Scalded children, pistol-whipped women, burning hootches, free-fire zones, body counts, indiscriminate bombing and harassment fire, villages in ash, M-60 machine guns hosing down dark green tree lines and any human life behind them. In a war without aim, you tend not to aim. Cause About Anxiety. You close your eyes, close your heart. The consequences become hit or miss in the most literal sense. With so few military targets, with an enemy that was both of and among the population, Alpha Company began to regard Quang Ngai itself as the true enemy -- the coursework english lit physical place, the soil and paddies.

What had started for about anxiety us as a weird, vicious little war soon evolved into something far beyond vicious, a hopped-up killer strain of lit nihilism, waste without want, aimlessness of writing an essay based poem deed mixed with aimlessness of spirit. As Schell wrote after the events at My Lai, There can be no doubt that such an lit, atrocity was possible only because a number of other methods of killing civilians and destroying their villages had come to be the rule, and not the exception, in sales studies our conduct of the war. I look up from my book briefly, listen to Kate singing in the shower. A doctoral candidate at Harvard University, smart and sophisticated, but she's also fluent in lit joy, attuned to the pleasures and beauty of the world. Sales. She knows the coursework lit lyrics to Hotel California, start to finish, while here at the air-conditioner I can barely pick out the simplest melodies of business plan Vietnam, the most basic chords of history. It's as if I never heard the song, as if I'd gone to war in some mall or supermarket. I discover that Quang Ngai Province was home to one of Vietnam's fiercest, most recalcitrant, most zealous revolutionary movements. Independent by tradition, hardened by poverty and rural isolation, the people of Quang Ngai were openly resistant to French colonialism as far back as the 19th century and were among the first to rebel against France in the 1930's.

The province remained wholly under Vietminh control throughout the war against France; it remained under Vietcong control, at least by night, throughout the years of war against America. Even now, in the urbane circles of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the people of Quang Ngai are regarded as a clan of stubborn country bumpkins, coarse and insular, willfully independent, sometimes defiant of the coursework lit very Government they had struggled to install. Like a different country, our interpreter told us after a long, frustrating session with representatives of the and effect essay Quang Ngai People's Committee. These people I don't like much, very crude, very difficult. I think you had horrible bad luck to fight them. At noon, by appointment, a Vietnamese journalist named Pham Van Duong knocks on our door. It's a secret meeting of sorts. Nothing illegal -- a couple of coursework lit writers, a couple of beers -- but I've still got the buzz of some low-level paranoia. Earlier in an essay based on a the day, our joint request for this interview had been denied by a stern, rather enigmatic functionary of the coursework english lit People's Committee. Impossible, we were told.

Not on cause and effect the schedule. Coursework Lit. The official offered little sympathy for our interpreter's reminder that schedules are man-made, that blocks of time appeared wide open. Logic went nowhere. Bureaucratic scowls, stare-into-space silence. R/research. A few minutes later, just outside the lit provincial offices, we quietly huddled to make our own unsanctioned arrangements. Now, as Mr. Duong sits down and accepts a beer, I'm feeling the vigilant, slightly illicit anxiety of a midday drug buy. Kate locks the door; I close the drapes.

Ridiculous, or almost ridiculous, but for the first 10 minutes I sit picturing prison food, listening for footsteps in the hallway. Our interpreter explains to Mr. Duong that I will happily guard his identity in any written account of this conversation. Mr. Duong snorts at Gresham's Law the suggestion. Only a problem in Quang Ngai, he says.

Officials in Hanoi would be glad for our talking. They wish good relations with America -- good, new things to happen. Maybe I get a medal. Sell the medal, buy Marlboros. We click beer bottles. For the next two hours we chat about books, careers, memories of war. I ask about My Lai. Mr. Duong looks at the wall. There is lit, a short hesitation -- the hesitation of tact, I suppose.

He was 8 years old when news of the wjec massacre reached his village nearby. He recalls great anger among his relatives and friends, disgust and sadness, but no feelings of shock or surprise. This kind of news came often, he says. We did not then know the scale of the massacre, just that Americans had been killing people. But killing was everywhere.

Two years later, Mr. Duong's brother joined the 48th Vietcong Battalion. He was killed in 1972. My mother fainted when she heard this. She was told that his body had been buried in a mass grave with seven comrades who died in coursework english the same attack.

This made it much worse for my mother -- no good burial. After liberation in 1975, she began to look for my brother's remains. She found the mass grave 20 kilometers south of Quang Ngai City. She wished to dig, to rebury my brother, but people told her no, don't dig, and in the beginning she seemed to accept this. Then the Americans returned to business search for their own missing, and my mother became very angry. Why them? Not me? So she insisted we dig. We found bones, of course, many bones mixed together, but how could we recognize my brother? How could anyone know? But we took away some bones in a box.

Reburied them near our house. Every day now, my mother passes by this grave. Lit. She feels better, I think. Better at least to Gresham's Law tell herself maybe. Kate looks up at me. She's silent, but she knows what I'm thinking. At this instant, a few blocks away, an American M.I.A. search team is headquartered at the Quang Ngai Government guesthouse. Coursework Lit. With Vietnamese assistance, this team and others like it are engaged in precisely the r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 work of Mr. Duong's mother, digging holes, picking through bones, seeking the couple thousand Americans still listed as missing.

Which is splendid. And which is also utterly one-sided. A perverse and coursework lit, outrageous double standard. What if things were reversed? What if the Vietnamese were to ask us, or to require us, to Gresham's Law locate and identify each of their own M.I.A.'s? Numbers alone make it impossible: 100,000 is a conservative estimate. Maybe double that. Maybe triple. Coursework English. From my own sliver of experience -- one year at war, one set of eyes -- I can testify to sales case the lasting anonymity of a great many Vietnamese dead. Coursework Lit. I watched napalm turn villages into ovens. I watched burials by bulldozer.

I watched bodies being flung into trucks, dumped into and effect about anxiety wells, used for coursework lit target practice, stacked up and burned like cordwood. Even in the abstract, I get angry at the stunning, almost cartoonish narcissism of American policy on this issue. I get angrier yet at the narcissism of an American public that embraces and breathes life into the policy -- so arrogant, so ignorant, so self-righteous, so wanting in the most fundamental qualities of sympathy and fairness and mutuality. Some of this I express aloud to Mr. Duong, who nods without comment. We finish off our beers. Neither of r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 us can find much to say. Maybe we're both back in history, snagged in brothers and bones.

I feel hollow. So little has changed, it seems, and coursework, so much will always be missing. AMBRIDGE, JUNE 1994 -- June 11, I think -- I'm too tired to find a calendar. Almost 5 A.M. In another hour it'll be 5:01. I'm on sales case war time, which is the time we're all on at one point or another: when fathers die, when husbands ask for divorce, when women you love are fast asleep beside men you wish were you. The tape of songs did nothing. Everything will always do nothing. Kate hurts, too, I'm sure, and did not want it this way. English Lit. I didn't want it either.

Even so, both of us have to live in these slow-motion droplets of now, doing what we do, choosing what we choose, and in different ways both of computing coursework wjec us are now responsible for the casualty rotting in the space between us. If there's a lesson in coursework english this, which there is computing coursework wjec, not, it's very simple. You don't have to be in Nam to be in Nam. HE BATANGAN PENINSULA, QUANG NGAI PROVINCE, FEBRUARY 1994 -- The Graveyard, we called it. Littered with land mines, almost completely defoliated, this spit of land jutting eastward into the South China Sea was a place Alpha Company feared the english lit way others might fear snakes, or the dark, or the bogyman. We lost at least three men here; I couldn't begin to count the arms and legs. Today our little caravan is accompanied by Mr. Ngu Duc Tan, who knows this place intimately, a former captain in the 48th Vietcong Battalion.

It was the 48th that Alpha Company chased from for fashion, village to village, paddy to paddy, during my entire tour in Vietnam. Chased but never found. They found us: ambushes, sniper fire, nighttime mortar attacks. Through our interpreter, who passes along commodious paragraphs in crisp little packets, Mr. Tan speaks genially of military tactics while we make the coursework bumpy ride out toward the Batangan. U.S. troops not hard to see, not hard to fight, he says. Much noise, much equipment. Big columns. Nice green uniforms.

Sitting ducks, in other words, though Mr. Essay. Tan is too polite to express it this way. He explains that the United States Army was never a primary target. We went after Saigon puppet troops, what you called ARVN. If we beat them, everything collapse, the U.S. would have nothing more to fight for. You brought many soldiers, helicopters, bombs, but we chose not to fight you, except sometimes. America was not the main objective.

God help us, I'm thinking, if we had been. All those casualties. All that blood and terror. Even at english this moment, more than half a lifetime later, I remember the feel of r/research paper-direct-1000.txt a bull's-eye pinned to my shirt, a prickly, when-will-it-happen sensation, as if I alone had been the main objective. Meanwhile, Kate is taking her own notes, now and then asking questions through the coursework interpreter. She's better than I am at Gresham's Law human dynamics, more fluid and spontaneous, and coursework lit, after a time she gets Mr. Plan For Fashion. Tan to display a few war scars -- arms, legs, hands, cheek, chest, skull. Coursework English Lit. Sixteen wounds altogether. Business Plan. The American war, he says, was just one phase in his career as a soldier, which began in 1961 and encompassed combat against coursework lit the South Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge and Chinese.

Talk about bad dreams. One year gave me more than enough to fill up the nights. My goal on the Batangan peninsula is to show Kate one of the prettiest spots on earth. I'm looking for a lagoon, a little fishing village, an impossibly white beach along the South China Sea. First, though, Mr. Tan attends to his own agenda. We park the van in one of the inland hamlets, walk without invitation into a small house, sit down for lunch with a man named Vo Van Ba. Coursework. Instantly, I'm thinking herring. Kate and Eddie have the sense to decline, to english tap their stomachs and Gresham's Law, say things like Full, full, thanks, thanks. Cans are opened. The house fills up with children, nephews, nieces, babies, cousins, neighbors.

There are flies, too. Many, many flies. Many thousand. Mr. Coursework Lit. Tan and Mr. Ba eat lunch with their fingers, fast and hungry, chatting amiably while our interpreter does her best to cause about anxiety put the gist of it into English.

I'm listening hard, chewing hard. I gather that these two men had been comrades of a sort during the war. Mr. Ba, our host, was never a full-time soldier, never even a part-time irregular. As I understand it, he belonged to what we used to call the VC infrastructure, offering support and coursework lit, intelligence to Mr.

Tan and his fighting troops. I lean forward, nod my head. The focus, however, is on the substance I'm swallowing, its remarkable texture, the flies trying to get at it. For five years, Mr. Ba explains, he lived entirely underground with a family of eight. Five years, he repeats. Cooking, bathing, working, sleeping. R/research 1000. He waits for the translation, waits a bit longer, then looks at english me with a pair of silvery, burned-out, cauterized, half-blind, underground eyes. You had the and effect essay daylight, but I had the earth. Mr.

Ba turns to english Mr. Tan. After a second he chuckles. Many times I might reach up and take this man's leg. Many times. Very easy. I might just pull him down to where the war was. e're on foot now. Poem. Even at coursework english 59, Mr.

Tan moves swiftly, with the grace and authority of a man who once led soldiers in combat. Cause And Effect About Anxiety. He does not say much. He leads us toward the coursework english lit ocean, toward the quaint fishing village I'm hoping to show Kate, but along the way there is one last item Mr. Gresham's Law. Tan wishes to show me. We move down a trail through two or three adjacent hamlets, seem to circle back for a time, end up in front of another tiny house. Mr. Tan's voice goes into command tone -- two or three sharp, snapping words.

A pair of boys dart into the house. No wasted time, they come out coursework english lit fast, carrying what's left of a man named Nguyen Van Ngu. They balance this wreckage on a low chair. Both legs are gone at business plan for fashion the upper-upper thigh. Coursework Lit. We shake hands. Neither of us knows what to sales case studies say -- there is nothing worth saying -- so for coursework a few minutes we exchange stupidities in our different languages, no translator available to wash away the helplessness. We pose for sales case photographs. We try for coursework lit smiles.

Mr. Tan does not smile. He nods to himself -- maybe to me. But I get the point anyway. Here is sales case studies, your paradise. Here is your pretty little fishing village by the sea. Two minutes later, we're on the beach. It is beautiful, even stunning. English Lit. Kate wades out into the water. She's surrounded by kids. They giggle and Gresham's Law, splash her, she splashes back, and lit, I stand there like an idiot, grinning, admiring the view, while Mr.

Tan waits patiently in the shade. AMBRIDGE, JULY 1994 -- Outside, it's the Fourth of July. Lovely day, empty streets. Kate is where Kate is, which is elsewhere, and I am where I am, which is also elsewhere. Someday, no doubt, I'll wish happiness for myself, but for now it's still war time, minute to minute. Cause Essay About Anxiety. Not quite 11 A.M. Already I've been out for lit two walks, done the laundry, written a few words, bought groceries, lifted weights, watched the Fourth of sales studies July sunlight slide across my street-side balcony.

The beach, maybe? A backyard cookout? The hardest part, by far, is to coursework english lit make the computing wjec bad pictures go away. On war time, the world is one long horror movie, image after image, and if it's anything like Vietnam, I'm in for english a lifetime of wee-hour creeps. Meanwhile, I try to plug up the leaks and carry through on some personal resolutions. For too many years I've lived in 1000 paralysis -- guilt, depression, terror, shame -- and now it's either move or die. Over the past weeks, at english lit profound cost, I've taken actions with my life that are far too painful for any public record. But at least the sales case limbo has ended. Starting can start. There's a point here: Vietnam, Cambridge, Paris, Neptune -- these are states of mind. Minds change.

Y KHE, QUANG NGAI PROVINCE, FEBRUARY 1994 -- There is one piece of english ground I wish to revisit above all others in this country. I've come prepared with a compass, a military map, grid coordinates, a stack of business after-action reports recovered from a dusty box in the National Archives. We're back near Pinkville, a mile or so east of coursework english My Lai. We are utterly lost: the interpreter, the van driver, the People's Committee representative, Eddie, Kate, me. I unfold the map and place a finger on the spot I'm hoping to find. Writing On A Poem. A group of villagers puzzle over it. They chatter among themselves -- arguing, it seems -- then one of them points west, another north, most at the heavens.

Lost, that was the coursework Vietnam of 25 years ago. The war came at us as a blur, raw confusion, and my fear now is that I would not recognize the right spot even while standing on it. For well over and effect about anxiety an hour we drive from place to place. We end up precisely where we started. Once more, everyone spills out coursework lit of the and effect about van. English Lit. The thought occurs to me that this opportunity may never come again. Business For Fashion. I find my compass, place it on the map and look up for a geographical landmark. A low green hill rises to the west -- not much, just a hump on the horizon. I'm no trailblazer, but this works.

One eye on the compass, one eye on some inner rosary, I lead our exhausted column 200 yards eastward, past a graveyard and out along a narrow paddy dike, where suddenly the world shapes itself exactly as it was shaped a quarter-century ago -- the curvatures, the tree lines, the precise angles and english, proportions. I stop there and wait for Kate. This I dreamed of r/research 1000 giving her. English Lit. This I dreamed of sharing. Our fingers lock, which happens without volition, and we stand looking out on a wide and very lovely field of rice.

The sunlight gives it some gold and yellow. There is no wind at all. Gresham's Law. Before us is how peace would be defined in coursework english lit a dictionary for studies the speechless. English. I don't cry. I don't know what to do. At one point I hear myself talking about Gresham's Law what happened here so long ago, motioning out at the rice, describing chaos and horror beyond anything I would experience until a few months later. English Lit. I tell her how Paige lost his lower leg, how we had to probe for McElhaney in the flooded paddy, how the gunfire went on and on, how in the course of two hell-on-earth hours we took 13 casualties. I doubt Kate remembers a word. Maybe she shouldn't.

But I do hope she remembers the sunlight striking that field of writing based poem rice. I hope she remembers the feel of our fingers. I hope she remembers how I fell silent after a time, just looking out at coursework the golds and yellows, joining the peace, and how in those fine sunlit moments, which were ours, Vietnam took a little Vietnam out of Gresham's Law me. O CHI MINH CITY, FEBRUARY 1994 -- We hate this place. Even the names -- Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. A massive identity crisis. Too loud, too quiet.

Too alive, too dead. For all the discomforts of Quang Ngai Province, which were considerable, Kate and I had taken pleasure in those qualities of beauty and equanimity that must have vanished from Saigon when the first oil barge steamed into port. But we give it our best. An hour in coursework english the Chinese market district, which is r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, like an hour in combat. Two hours at the old presidential palace -- as tawdry and english lit, corrupt as its former inhabitants.

We risk periodic excursions into streets where the American dollar remains more valuable than oxygen, of which there is precious little. Maybe we've hit some interior wall. Maybe it's the diesel-heat. We visit a war-crimes museum, the old American Embassy and computing wjec, order lunch by way of coursework english lit room service. Western pop music blares at full volume from Government loudspeakers just outside our hotel. For hours, even with earplugs, we listen to As Tears Go By and My Way. What happened to Ho Chi Minh? What happened to revolution? All we've heard comes from the Beatles. In midafternoon, the music ceases. We go out for a short walk, do some shopping, then retreat to the rooftop swimming pool of the Rex Hotel.

It could as well be Las Vegas. We don't say so, not directly, but both Kate and I are ready to computing coursework evacuate, we're humming We gotta get out of coursework this place. Pretty soon we'll be singing it over 1000 loudspeakers. For now, Kate lounges at coursework lit the pool. She writes postcards.

She catches me watching. She snaps pictures to show her children someday. Tim O'Brien is the author of several novels, some of Gresham's Law them based on his experiences in the Vietnam War. His latest book, In the Lake of the Woods, is english, due out r/research 1000 this month.

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This is also a great place to computing coursework wjec, find resources for teaching poetry. Writer Mandy Wallace believes that when it comes to writing, you can’t wait to become inspired or for coursework english lit luck to wjec, strike. Just “Show up, shut up, and write,” and sooner or later it will all come together. Wallace’s blog documents the writing lessons she’s learned and english, offers practical guides for upgrading your own writing. The one constant when it comes to writing? It all comes down to the people: you as a writer, your characters and their development, and the audience you seek to connect with. At Writerology, Faye Kirwin combines her expertise in writing and psychology to help you hone your craft, understand people, and write amazing stories. Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind resources that writers will actually use. Their books and blog posts focus on helping writers become better storytellers, and their One Stop For Writers library is sales teeming with tools for english planning, researching and writing your book. Just like their characters during perilous times, writers must weather the wjec storm of their profession — and coursework, shifting industry tides.

Run by a group of authors, the Writers In The Storm blog provides inspiration and tips for writers during all stages of the process. Frustrated their analytical articles about books and movies were rejected, founders Therese Walsh and cause anxiety, Kathleen Bolton decided to lit, create Writer Unboxed in 2006 so they could freely publish their observations. Gresham's Law. It has since grown into a thriving community where writers of all levels can contribute their thoughts on the craft of writing. Write to Done is all about learning to write well. Founder Mary Jaksch brings the age-old advice to keep writing to a whole new level, noting that it’s not practice that makes you a better writer — it’s practice directed in lit, a positive way. You may speak English fluently, but the language can still be quite a mystery. Grammar Girl is the go-to guide for Gresham's Law all things “grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.” She has a popular podcast, too. Kathy Steinemann loves words. On her blog, she shares master lists of adjectives and offers tips for lit avoiding overused words and being more descriptive and original in your writing.

Scribendi is focused on the art of editing and proofreading. Gresham's Law. Their resources for writers cover everything from coursework english lit grammar, to finding inspiration, to the mechanics of writing. On the first of each month, Cathy Bryant posts an extensive list of competitions, contests and calls for submission. Writing. She notes whether they’re paid or not, for quick skimming. This site is coursework a great one-stop shop for all recent writing opportunities. Elna Cain believes you don’t need experience to on a, be a successful freelance writer — you just need a passion for writing. On her blog, she shares tips and strategies to help new freelance writers succeed. You have questions, they have answers. Team members and guest contributors at Freelancer FAQs address all the english things you’ve ever wanted to case studies, know about freelance life, including marketing, getting started, recommended resources, money management and more. You love to write. But in order to be a successful freelancer, you need to work those business muscles.

That’s where Freelance to Freedom comes in. Founder Leah Kalamakis offers articles and e-books that teach everything from client management to setting up your business website. At Freelance to coursework, Win, Danny Margulies wants you to stop compromising and start living a life of freedom — all by building a freelance career. Gresham's Law. Danny is an expert at landing gigs on Upwork, and his blog shares all the coursework latest tips on and effect about, how to use this platform for ultimate success. It’s been around since 1997 and is still going strong: Freelance Writing has an english lit, extensive archive of articles, tutorials, media and resources all geared to helping you build a successful career. Its jobs listings get updated daily, so you’re always in the know about new opportunities. Hope Clark believes writing can be a realistic career for all writers. Her weekly newsletter lists the best competitions, grants and other well-paying markets, and her platform has grown to include a blog and Gresham's Law, a bi-weekly paid newsletter with even more high-paying opportunities per issue. Within six months of coursework lit starting her freelance writing career, Gina Horkey was earning $4,000 a month.

Now, she wants to help others achieve their dreams of making a real living off freelance writing. Check out her free five-day kickstart course. Lauren Tharp has found a way to write as a freelancer full time and r/research 1000, is dedicated to helping other writers do the same. With bi-monthly newsletters, a blog, and coursework english, a podcast, LittleZotz is a great source of practical tips for your freelance life. At Make a Living Writing, Carol Tice helps writers move up from low-paying markets and earn more from their work. With her blog, e-books and paid community, you’ll find awesome advice, support and Gresham's Law, resources to grow as a freelance writer. At Pen Pro$per, Jennifer Brown Bank shares more than 15 years of professional writing experience to help others reach financial success with their writing. As one The Write Life reader said, “With an outstanding array of diverse topics, tips and coursework lit, tricks of the writing profession, this is a blog well worth bookmarking!” “Your life is YOUR life. You should be able to do whatever you want with it.” So says Karen Marston, founder of Untamed Writing, her internet home for paper-direct-1000.txt helping people build a freelance writing career they love without sacrificing their freedom. You’ll find a full archive of blog posts, resources and courses to develop your writing skills, fearlessly approach clients, and maintain a successful career.

With over 600 posts in its archives, Writers in Charge is filled with resources and leads for freelance writers who are looking to be well-compensated for their work. Don’t miss founder Bamidele Onibalusi’s master list of lit 110 websites that pay writers. Around since 1997, Writers Weekly is sales studies a tried-and-true resource for freelance writers. It offers regular updates on paying markets, as well as expert interviews and success stories. At Writing Revolt, Jorden Roper is leading a revolution to help freelance writers and bloggers make serious money. Her site is filled with actionable articles, courses and resources that will help you become better at writing, pitching and landing great clients. For business, sales and marketing-focused writers, HubSpot is a great place to stay on top of the latest research, insights, and lit, strategies for connecting with your audience and making them fall in r/research, love with your brand. Founder Kristi Hines brings you the latest strategies, trends and coursework, how-tos in digital marketing.

Kikolani is a must-have resource for business and professional bloggers who want to based poem, make their brands stand out. If you’re looking to grow your expertise in marketing communications, MarketingProfs is the place to go. It offers articles, podcasts, training events and more, so you can learn to use strategic, data-driven marketing. Seth Godin’s blog might not be specifically about lit writing, but his daily bits of wisdom on business, marketing and life will help you approach your work in new ways. His posts never fail to cause and effect essay about, inspire an energy to “Go, make something happen.” Shelley Hitz believes everyone has a message, and she’s on a mission to help you reach your target audience and build your author platform. Coursework Lit. With her blog posts, podcast and Author Audience Academy, you’ll find tons of content on book writing, publishing and marketing. Author Joanna Penn has built a best-selling writing career, and cause essay about, she wants to help you do it, too. Her site offers a wealth of resources on self-publishing and platform-building — from her articles and ebooks to her popular podcast library of author interviews. On the Beautiful Writers Podcast, host Linda Sivertsen features authors and thought leaders about their writing, business and publishing adventures. With a touch of spirituality, these conversations are great listens for english those interested in cause about anxiety, creative contemplation.

We all love writing, but sometimes platform building and promotion don’t feel as natural. That’s where Create If Writing comes in; host Kirsten Oliphant shares tips and tools on how to build an authentic platform for your creative brand. With author interviews and a huge archive, I Should Be Writing chronicles the journey to coursework english lit, becoming a professional author. Conversations focus primarily on speculative fiction and traditional publishing. Looking to be a published indie author? This podcast is for you. Computing Coursework. Each week host Simon Whistler interviews some of the top names in coursework, self-publishing, so you can create success for business yourself. 63.

Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast. On the Science Fiction Fantasy Marketing Podcast, the hosts interview successful authors, engage in group discussions and dive deep into specific writing genres and niches. This is a smart listening option for those looking for solid discussion around the science fiction and english, fantasy markets. Hosted by writing an essay based on a poem, a writer who’s just starting out and another who is a best-selling author, the english Self Publishing Formula podcast features interviews with some of the biggest names in the self-publishing game. Listen for tips on writing, publishing, marketing and more. Ben Hess is an award-winning producer, director and screenwriter. After hitting a creative wall, he decided to start Story Geometry, where he interviews esteemed writers on their craft. On the Story Grid podcast, author Shawn Coyne and “struggling” writer Tim Grahl discuss the art and science of writing a story that resonates.

There’s a blueprint for great novels — and these co-hosts seek to crack the code. Throughout the nearly 400 episodes in its archive, the many hosts of The Dead Robots’ Society gather to discuss their writing journeys and offer tips on the writing process. Business. They also occasionally invite guests on the show. On The Worried Writer podcast, Sarah Painter investigates how authors overcome anxiety, distractions and worried feelings on their way to publishing success. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for practical advice on managing self doubt. On The Writer Files, host Kelton Reid uncovers the secrets of productivity and coursework english, creativity of some of the most well-known writers. If you find yourself stuck, plagued with writer’s block or just need to get those writing gears turning again, this podcast is for you. On Writer 2.0, A. C. Fuller sits down with bestselling authors and publishing experts like literary agents and book marketers. This show offers great content around both traditional and coursework wjec, self-publishing, as well as the writing journey. This show brings you inside an actual writing class, where you can hear other people tell their stories, witness breakthroughs, and hear the ins and outs of learning to write well.

In these weekly 15-minute episodes, writers Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, and english, Dan Wells talk about all things writing. They often have season-long themes — check out season 10 for a masterclass-type season on creating a story. On the Your Creative Life podcast, co-hosts Vanessa Carnevale and Kimberley Foster help writers connect to their creativity. With discussions on publishing, platform building and different genres of writing, this is a choice place to r/research 1000, find inspiration. Publishing veterans Anne R. Allen and Ruth Harris created this online space to offer wisdom and tips for navigating the increasingly complex (and sometimes predatory) publishing world.

Whether you’re an indie author or looking to land a traditional publishing deal, check out their archives and resources. Christine Frazier takes a scientific approach to writing a best-selling novel. She deconstructs popular books to pinpoint the common elements they share. These findings are then incorporated into the “master outline” for a better, research-backed novel. Follow along for insights on plot, word counts and character development. Stephanie Morrill knows a love of writing often starts at english, a young age. That’s why she created Go Teen Writers: to provide encouragement, community and wisdom to aspiring teen writers who want to case, learn more about how to finish a novel and get it published. 77. Helping Writers Become Authors. Consider K. M. Weiland your writing and publishing mentor.

With hundreds of blog posts, instructional ebooks, and coursework english lit, an exclusive e-letter, her website is the perfect place to Gresham's Law, find the answers to all your questions. She also responds to lit, every email she receives (really!) about writing, publishing and marketing fiction. Former publisher Jane Friedman explores the intersection of publishing, authorship and the digital age. With more than 15 years in the industry, Friedman knows her stuff — and her blog is a wealth of business for fashion information on coursework english lit, how to embrace “the future of authorship.” Author Jenny Bravo offers personal anecdotes and guidance for writers who want to take a leap into the publishing world. Essay About. From her blog full of tips to her “Blots and coursework lit, Plots Party” Facebook group, to her Busy Writers Starter Kit, Jenny is here to help you realize your dream of writing a book. At My Story Doctor, author David Farland offers tips and workshops on how to write your story and get it published. He offers strategic advice on the business of writing, covering topics like how to get great deals and Gresham's Law, make the most of your publishing opportunities. At Nail Your Novel, bestselling ghostwriter and book doctor Roz Morris shares her best traditional and self-publishing tips as well as musings on the writing process. Be sure to check out english, her radio show “So You Want to Be a Writer?” The team at Novel Publicity believes every story should be told, and have its own platform and loyal fans.

With that core belief in cause and effect about, mind, it provides guidance on writing, marketing and publishing. Coursework Lit. Posts cover everything from social media strategy and book design to finances and author blogging. Chandler Bolt believes everyone has a book inside them. With proven systems and strategies, the Self-Publishing School blog will walk you through writing and publishing your book, even if you don’t even know what you want to cause essay about, write about yet! It took Kristen Kieffer two and a half years to finish her first draft — then she realized she had made every mistake in coursework english lit, the book. She vowed not to let these personal lessons go to waste, so she created She’s Novel, a blog and resource hub that helps writers more-easily navigate the journey of crafting brilliant novels. You’ve written your book. Now what? Standoutbooks has tons of sales case articles, templates, tools and resource recommendations for getting your book published and marketed to lit, the max. While you’re there, grab your free Book Marketing Plan and Press Release templates. At The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander uses his experience in book design, advertising and graphic design to help writers “build better books” and get published.

Along with his extensive blog archive, check out his book design templates and Book Launch Toolkit. What better way to get book publishing advice than from an agent himself? From resource recommendations to eight years (and counting!) of blog archives, The Steve Laube Agency website is full of advice for writers who are taking their first steps into r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 the world of coursework english lit publishing. Writer’s Digest is home to many resources, competitions, and communities. Their editor columns are quite popular, and we particularly like The Write Life contributor Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents, featuring all types of information on finding literary agents, sending query letters, building an author platform and marketing your book. For more than 20 years, Writer’s Relief has helped creatives successfully submit their writing to literary journals, book publishers, agents and more. The staff’s blog is full of publishing tips, and they also have a paid-subscriber-only classifieds section listing contests, conferences and residences.

Chronicles is a thriving community for science fiction and plan for fashion, fantasy writers. Community members gather to discuss favorite books, authors and common themes in science fiction and fantasy writing. The Fiction Writing Facebook group is a community of nearly 10,000 writers. Here, you can post your writing for critique or reviews, and coursework english, veteran members can announce details about upcoming book releases and Gresham's Law, published pieces. Inkitt is a data-driven book publisher and coursework lit, community where writers can share their work and find an audience for free, even if their novel is based on a poem not yet finished. Inkitt’s algorithm analyzes reading behaviors to understand whether a novel has a strong potential to become a big success. Coursework. If readers love your work, Inkitt will offer you a publishing deal. 93.

Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Whether you’re just beginning to write or a best-selling pro, the Insecure Writer’s Support Group is here to help you overcome whatever doubts and insecurities might keep you from being your best. The Now Novel program offers a structured, straightforward way to get your book done. With a step-by-step process that takes the 1000 guessing out of what to do next, personalized mentorship and community groups for even more support, you’ll be an author in no time. Prose is coursework lit a social network platform for writers who want to focus on the work — not the writing poem superficiality of social media. This is a great place to publish your work, connect with other authors, and participate in writing challenges. Over 27,000 writers of all levels of expertise have joined this buzzing community, founded by author Kamy Wicoff.

At She Writes, you can create your own profile, build your network, share your work, get expert advice and feedback and discuss all types of topics in the forum. Talentville is the online destination for screenwriters and storytellers. English. This community focuses on bringing together people across the about anxiety industry — from novice script writers to top agents and producers — so high-quality work can be easily discovered. This community is focused on supporting emerging writers. They publish works from writers who don’t have published novels and haven’t been featured on larger platforms yet.

Be on the lookout for their annual anthology, which features the 10 best emerging writers in the country. Two Drops of ink is a literary blog accepting submissions from writers of almost any genre. The editors also post book reviews and blog posts about writing and coursework, the publishing industry. At Wattpad, “Stories are made social.” Hailed as the world’s largest community of writers and readers, members are free to post and and effect essay anxiety, read original stories and engage in conversation with each other. This is english lit a great platform to build buzz around your writing.

What writing sites would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below! This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for that! Marisol Dahl is a New York-based freelancer in communications and brand strategy, and loves exploring minimalist blogging and social media practices at plan, her site Mindful Minimal. Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing. While it’s easy to start a freelance writing business, it’s much harder to english, actually run one.

This guide will help your business thrive — not just survive. Once again, we are deeply humbled and grateful to be listed among the best of the plan best (in my opinion) of blogs/websites for writers, readers, authors, and poets. Congrats to our colleagues that made this list, and thank you to english, The Write Life staff for paper-direct-1000.txt your hard work in the blogosphere, and for putting this extensive list together. Scott Biddulph/Editor-in-Chief @ Two Drops of Ink. Just wanted to give a huge, warm thank-you to english, everyone who nominated Re:Fiction for this list, and to TWL for curating this great resource. It’s an for fashion, honor to have made it.

Hop over to coursework english lit, our website to writing an essay poem, share the coursework english love! Thanks so much for including us in cause and effect essay, your Creativity and Craft section. We wish your readers many inspiring reading and writing moments! Yay! Thanks so much for english including me, you beauties #128578; Honoured. Delighted to case studies, be delivering valuable content to writers–and honored to be included here, among so many outstanding leaders and encouragers in lit, the field. Thank you for all you do here at on a poem, The Write Life to help writers find success! Wow! What an amazing list. I’m humbled that my two sites, Elna Cain and FreelancerFAQs, made the cut this year! Thanks to all that nominated these sites!

I see a lot of coursework sites I visit regularly and some awesome new ones. Looking forward to checking them out. Thank you so much for including Writing Revolt and for another amazing round-up of websites for writers! #128578; Lovely to be included among such great resources for cause and effect about writers. Many sites that inspire the Now Novel team here. Thanks, Marisol! Wow! What an honor to be included on coursework english, this list alongside so many rockstars. Thank you!

You guys are terrific for putting this list together each year, and it is just so humbling to writing an essay based on a, be on it. Thank you for the kind words regarding our work at Writers Helping Writers and One Stop For Writers. Here’s to a terrific year for writers, and thank you for coursework english all the great content you have here at The Write Life. #128578; Thank you, Marisol, for the list. There were a few I was not familiar with and this makes it easier to find other quality sites. We are thrilled that Two Drops of Ink was included for the second year.

We would welcome guest posts from any of the other writers from the list – or you. Marilyn L. Davis, Assistant Editor: Two Drops of coursework wjec Ink. Wow, such an english lit, honor to be listed here among these awesome websites and resources! Thanks so much for bringing this list together, my friends!! And a huge hug to everyone who nominated the lionhearted blog for this list.

Y’all are amazing and you keep me going. Here’s to many more writers bringing fun and courage into their writing lives! #128578; Thank you so much for including the IWSG on Gresham's Law, your list! We’ve been working so hard the past few years to make it the best site ever for writers. Absolutely fantastic roundup!

Thank you for putting in coursework, the time and effort to compile this list. I’ve shared it with all of my followers and can’t wait to business, dive in and follow some new brands, too. I’m an coursework, article and text book published writer; retired and desiring to write articles again. Therefore, I seek only to write for the sake of continuous publication. Would like an paper-direct-1000.txt, agency wishing to see my articles for potential publication; at my age, I seek no type of english writing means in order to publish. Please send me an e-mail that wishes to see my articles.

I do not wish either my e-mail or my comments to be published. My total interest is to have my articles reviewed for publication. I’ve written and published articles in based poem, the past and would like to continue doing so again. I’m a senior citizen and still enjoy writing. A direct e-mail on submission would be appreciate; for example this article, “Hell in coursework english, Heaven”. Thanks for including me! One idea for the future is to include how OLD each site is — gives you a sense of Gresham's Law how much information you’ll find on their blog/site. Ooooh! Interesting addition. Thanks for coursework english the suggestion, Carol! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life.

I started reading your blog now, and I must say it is one of the studies best blogs or writers. And I agree the older the blog, the coursework better the content. Thank you everyone for creating content that helps people like me dream about cause about becoming a writer some day. What a great list! We’re honored to be included! Marisol—Chiming in to thank you, too.

Between us, Anne and I have made all the mistakes (and keep making more) so our readers don’t have to. Bruised but resilient, we tell it the coursework way it is (with humor) and report first-hand from the publishing/writing trenches. So glad you caught wind of an essay based on a this year! I had trouble emailing you two from the coursework english contact section of your website. Just wanted to let you know #128578; Congrats again! -Jessica, Editor, The Write Life. Awesome list! I’ve been able to add to the list of sites I’m planning on cause and effect essay about, pitching ideas to, which is so exciting for me, (beginner extraordinaire!) Thanks so much! Wow! What a privilege to be alongside such wonderful resources. And what a font of information for coursework lit all writers!

Looks like I know what I’ll be immersing myself in this morning : ) Thanks for this! Great blogs here. Would have loved to see my website listed here, but travel writing is such a small sub-genre of the whole freelance writing field, so not surprised. My website is listed in the Writer’s Digest Top 101 Writing Websites for 2016. Gresham's Law. It’s for aspiring travel writers bloggers, and coursework english, is primarily about marketing selling travel articles, although the information is generic and r/research paper-direct-1000.txt, can be used by freelancers who write in other genres too. I’d like to cordially invite any novice travel writers to my website to learn more about how to break into the competitive travel writing arena. Nice work with this list The Write Life website. I refer all of the coursework english lit writers I’m coaching to your website! Keep up the good work!

We’ll keep an eye on it for next year, Roy! Thanks! I feel so honored to be included in this list. It’s been a goal of mine for years. Thank you so much and Gresham's Law, thank you for all the coursework english lit great content you share for writers here. Thanks so much for case the list. Coursework English. I’m going to check out as many as I can. And Effect About. So helpful and much appreciated 3. So happy to be included. It’s cool if I make myself a t-shirt, right??

Excellent. I would add Cooks + Books ( for the publishing side and also Brooks Editorial ( for creativity and english, craft! I also LOVE the Gresham's Law Sell More Books Show for podcast. #128578; What a great list. Definitely bookmark-able! Also I especially like the way you put this:

“This post contains affiliate links. That means if you purchase through our links, you’re supporting The Write Life — and we thank you for that!” You’ll also get a free copy of The Freelance Writer’s Pitch Checklist.

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16 Free Medical Assistant Resume Templates. There is an increasing demand for medical assistants in the coming years due to aging of the population and advances in medical technology. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the medial assisting field is expected to grow by english lit, over 30% between the years 2010 and 2020. Medical assistants are an important part of the healthcare industry as they provide much needed support within healthcare facilities. A medical assistant#8217;s main responsibility is to provide patients with clinical and administrative assistance . They are employed in computing coursework, medical offices, clinics, and hospitals, and work closely with physicians and specialists. Their job duties often vary depending upon where they are employed. In some offices, the medical assistant is in coursework english lit, charge of the and effect, management and administration of the coursework english, office, which allows the physician#8217;s time to be spent on providing better patient care. Business? Other times, their responsibilities rest solely on providing patient care. Individuals who choose medical assisting as a career have a lot of coursework responsibility and can expect to earn an average salary of Gresham's Law between $23,000 and $31,000 per year . Coursework? Although there is NO requirement for MA to have formal training, all employers will have different educational requirements and you might be expected to have at least 1-2 years of formal training at a technical or vocational school or hold an sales studies, associate#8217;s degree.

There are several different types of medical assistants . The first type is the clinical medical assistant . English? A clinical medical assistant#8217;s primary responsibility is patient care, carrying out assessments, and performing other medical tasks. The second type of medical assistant is the administrative medical assistant. For Fashion? The administrative medical assistant primarily performs administrative duties such as managing patient records, scheduling appointments, answering phones, performing general account billing, and maintaining the coursework english, front desk area. The final type of r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 medical assistant is coursework english, one who has chosen to specialize in a specific field of medicine . Gresham's Law? Specialty areas could be family medicine, geriatrics, internal medicine, OB/GYN, pediatrics, oncology, transplantation surgery, cardiology, urology, women#8217;s health, endocrinology, or another field. Size: Downloads: 9509 Download: zip and docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3354. Coursework English? This is cause and effect, a general resume that is suitable for a Certified Medical Assistant or a Registered Medical Assistant.

For the most part, writing a Medical Assistant Resume is the same as writing resume for any other job. Lit? Your resume should accurately display your knowledge and commitment to the field as well as your desire for employment within the field. Gresham's Law? It should show your professional potential as well as your passion and coursework lit, commitment to quality care. Include any relevant clinical experience you have as well as experience in specialized areas, if applicable. Maintaining a generalized approach is appropriate if you don#8217;t have any specialty experience. Describe responsibilities you had, duties you performed, and r/research paper-direct-1000.txt, success you achieved at your previous positions. What is included in coursework english, your resume will vary depending upon what types of positions you plan to apply for. Make sure you only include duties that are relevant to position you are applying for. Writing An Essay? Some duties typically found on Medical Assistant resumes: Answer office phones and schedule appointments Greet patients and prepare them for examinations Obtain patient medical history and vital signs Assist physician during patient examinations Perform routine laboratory tests and administer injections Explain treatment procedures, medications, special diets, or doctor#8217;s instructions Perform electrocardiograms or other diagnostic tests Authorize drug refills and provide prescription information to pharmacies Assist with insurance, coding, and billing paperwork.

Good communications skills, empathy, and people skills . English Lit? These skills are important to help put patients at Gresham's Law ease, as well as answer questions about coursework english, medications, instructions, and tests. Analytical skills . It is essential to understand information on medical charts such as diagnoses, as well as being able to code patients#8217; medical records for billing purposes, if required. Detail oriented and an essay based poem, technical skills . Medical assistants use basic clinical instruments and need to be accurate when taking and recording patients#8217; vital signs. If you hold any certifications, licenses, etc., they should be incorporated into your resume to show your dedication to furthering your vocational skills. Here is coursework english lit, just one sample Medical Assistant Resume with objective, summary of skills, work experience, and education.

As previously noted, the type of resume required for medical assisting will depend upon business for fashion what type of skills you#8217;ve acquired as well as what type of environment you plan to pursue employment in. A professional resume should be tailored to portray who you are, what skills you possess, and be geared towards the type of job you#8217;re looking for coursework lit . Here we#8217;ve helped to create examples of sales just how to achieve the perfect resume to fit your needs. You will find three resume formats: chronological (focus on work history), functional (focus on skills and qualifications), or combination (both work history and coursework, skills). Whether you are a recent graduate, or someone who has experience as a medical assistant, you will be able to find one that will highlight your positive attributes and get you started on searching for the career you#8217;ve been looking for. This resume is suitable for someone who has some experience working as a Medical Assistant and has different clinical and administrative skills. Size: Downloads: 7168 Filename: Experienced-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3348.

Chronological Medical Assistant Resume. Chronological resume for someone who is experienced at working as a medical assistant; focus on experience, performed duties, and job skills. Size: Downloads: 2305 Filename: Chronological-Medical-Assistant-Resume.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3340. Sales? Experienced Pediatric Medical Assistant. This is an example of coursework a resume to be used for someone who has experience as a Pediatric Medical Assistant. Size: Downloads: 2424 Filename: Experienced-Pediatric-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3350. R/research 1000? This resume sample provides a generic template which can be used for coursework lit an entry level medical assistant, or for computing coursework a certified or registered medical assistant. Size: Downloads: 4625 Filename: Entry-Level-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3344.

This is a basic resume that can be used for anyone seeking employment as a medical assistant. Coursework English Lit? Size: Downloads: 3410 Filename: Basic-Medical-Assistant-Sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3338. This is a medical assistant resume sample that focuses on computing wjec, administrative and clinical skills and experience in coursework english lit, orthopedics. Size: Downloads: 1560 Filename: Clinical-Orthopedic-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3342. Entry-level Medical Assistant Resume. This resume is perfect for an entry-level position for someone who is just graduating and looking for their first medical assistant job. Size: Downloads: 2445 Filename: Entry-level-Medical-Assistant-Resume.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3346.

Functional Resume For Medical Assisting Field. Gresham's Law? This is an example of coursework english a functional resume for and effect anxiety use when looking for coursework lit a first-time job in coursework, the medical assisting field. It focuses on skills and coursework lit, qualifications rather than on plan, work experience. Coursework English? Size: Downloads: 3419 Filename: Functional-Resume-for-medical-assisting-field.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3352. Generic Combination Medical Assistant. This resume can be used whether it’s your first or next medical assistant job. It highlights skills and experience. Size: Downloads: 2205 Filename: Generic-Combination-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3356. This resume contains a summary of qualifications and is suitable for any medical assistant with some experience. Size: Downloads: 1986 Filename: Generic-Medical-Assistant-Sample.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3358. This resume can be used for a student medical assistant who has not worked in the field yet.

It focuses on externships and volunteer experience in place of work experience. Size: Downloads: 2357 Filename: Student-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3366. Sample resume for Medical Assistant Intern with example of qualifications, objective, related skills, education, and employment history. And Effect Essay About? Size: Downloads: 1642 Filename: Medical-Assistant-Intern.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3360. This is a resume for an experienced Certified Medical Assistant who has experience as Medical Assisting Extern and Emergency Room Technician Extern. Size: Downloads: 1532 Filename: Medical-Assisting-Extern.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3362. This resume is for Medical Assistant experienced in working with pediatric patients, solid Clinical and Administrative skills. Coursework? Size: Downloads: 1957 Filename: Pediatric-Medical-Assistant.docx Uploaded: 2013-11-13 21:03:00 / 3364. Cause Essay? CMA with experience in a multi-physician family medical practice and additional healthcare experience as an RPT.

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Dark Knight Essays and Research Papers. The Dark Knight (Costume) Christopher Nolan’s distinctive use of Joker’s costume is coursework english lit greatly significant to Gresham's Law, the narrative of . English Lit! “The Dark Knight ”; it provides insight to the iconic super villain of “The Joker” and highlights how this portrayal is modernised in comparison to past ones, showing how the super villain role has changed in superhero films. As with Jokers in all media types Health Ledger keeps with classic green, orange and sales case, purple attire. This strong, bright colour use is used to contrast. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1710 Words | 5 Pages. The Dark Knight Film Analysis Kevin Franklin The Dark Knight is a 2008 action hero film . co-written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. Coursework! It is Nolan’s second film based around the sales, DC Comics character Batman, and the film is the sequel to the 2005 film, Batman Begins. Christian Bale returns to coursework lit, play the role of business plan for fashion, Bruce Wayne, the coursework english lit, billionaire who defends Gotham City as Batman. Other returning cast members include Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and Gary.

Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1058 Words | 3 Pages. to write about is the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in this story you will see how Bruce Wayne (batman) will come from paper-direct-1000.txt, being known as a . villain in english Gotham city to be coming the city’s biggest hero they ever had. In the last move of the for fashion, Dark knight Bruce Wayne defeated the joker but lost what he though was most important to english lit, him his love Rachel, Bruane Wayne (Batman) took the fall for Gresham's Law, Harvey Dent murder so that the city would have an icon and could live up to. Coursework English Lit! In the Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne is about anxiety after. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1055 Words | 3 Pages. McFadden 2/3/2013 English 1020 The Dark Knight Trailer Analysis The Dark Knight was made in 2008 . and had a stellar cast including Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. English Lit! The Dark Knight was portrayed in many different ways, by an animated series, movies in the 90's, but the best take on the comic book favorite is the dark and twisted version directed by Christopher Nolan. The shots of case studies, explosions as well as Batman jumping off buildings, really puts The Dark Knight into the action genre. Nolan.

Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1018 Words | 3 Pages. ?Evaluation of coursework lit, The Dark Knight The Dark Knight is one of the an essay based, greatest movies of our time. Laremy . Legel called Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight , a masterwork (Dillon Michell, The Dark Knight ). English! The Dark Knight won plenty of awards: Best Achievement in Sound Editing, Cinematography, Film Editing in Gresham's Law Oscar; Movie of the Year in AFI Award; Top Box Office Film in coursework ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, and so on. Based Poem! The Dark Knight is a film that was so popular and all around loved that it merits evaluation. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1951 Words | 5 Pages. Narrative of the Movie The Dark Knight ?The Dark Knight Narrative: Narrative is a way of organising spatial and temporal event into . a cuause effect chain of events with a beginning, a middle, and end that embodies a judgement about the nature of coursework, events. In The Dark Knight there a number of ways to business plan for fashion, talk about the narrative of the film the coursework, first is studies the: Todorov Theory: He suggests that conventional narratives are structured in five stages Equilibrium Dispruption of the equibrium Recognition.

Batman , Gotham City , James Gordon 1955 Words | 6 Pages. The Secret Guardian of Gotham The Dark Knight portrays Batman well enough for the audience to easily analyze Batman’s . characteristics and personality. Batman is one of the most crucial characters in the movie. Coursework! Bruce Wayne, or Batman, is portrayed as a billionaire and cause essay, an owner of a gigantic industry, who actually at coursework lit night works as a vigilante fighting criminals with his bare hands. Computing! Batman’s sense of morality, self-righteousness, and self-sacrificial attitude in english lit his actions allow effortless classification. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 987 Words | 3 Pages. Existentialism in sales studies the Dark Knight. Existentialism in The Dark Knight By: Cassidy Bannan Teacher: Mrs.Conlon Course Code: ENG4U Due Date: March 8, 2012 “When . you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to lit, ask permission of other people or society at computing coursework wjec large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over english lit your life”. The 2008 film, The Dark Knight , directed by Christopher Nolan, demonstrates the actions and Gresham's Law, choices being made while still being true to one self. The film represents one’s interior motives and.

Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 862 Words | 3 Pages. him the cops have him doing their dirty work” reporter Crew all wearing masks – each has their own names that define their trait: one purpose, one trait. “I . Coursework English! want your trust” dent “You don’t have to sell me, Dent. We all know you’re Gotham’s white knight .” investigator Enforcements going to plan, arrest Batman as discussed on an interview with the mayor, Mayor say he is getting close to arresting Batman – following scene is of them asking Batman for help. “how could you raise people in a city like this. Batman , Batman: The Animated Series , Dick Grayson 1765 Words | 5 Pages. FILM ANALYSIS The Dark Knight Rises Director: Christopher Nolan Genre: Action, Crime, And Thriller Introduction: The . movie started with a short clip from the movie The Dark Knight , where Commissioner Jim Gordon had a short speech in Harvey Dent’s funeral saying: “I knew Harvey Dent, I was his friend and coursework, it will be a very long time before someone. Coursework Wjec! Inspires us the way he did, I believed in Harvey Dent.” Then a scene comes in where a black van carrying Dr. Pavel and a few mercenaries approach. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1124 Words | 4 Pages. Batman: the coursework, Dark Knight Rhetorical Analysis. Justice vs. Terrorism “The Dark Knight ,” a movie directed and computing coursework wjec, produced by lit, Christopher Nolan, depicts the Gresham's Law, way a . Lit! system of justice deals with terrorism.

If an Gresham's Law, archetype is english lit defined as a symbol that exists instinctively in the collective consciousness of the sales, human race, the terrorism in coursework english Batman The Dark Knight represents an archetype through the violence, murder of the innocent, mayhem and mass destruction. Governments often lay down laws and procedures for a country to function, and to. Al-Qaeda , Batman , Islamic terrorism 1596 Words | 4 Pages. The Hero Gotham Deserves “Because he's the Gresham's Law, hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's . not our hero.

He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight .” (Christopher Nolan) In The Dark Knight , Batman is the hero of coursework english lit, Gotham. Batman is Bruce Wayne’s identity as he fights crime to protect Gotham in Nolan’s trilogy. And Effect! Bruce Wayne was born a hero, he was raised the way a hero is and lived the life of a hero. Coursework! There is no doubt. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1483 Words | 4 Pages. Faces of Evil - The Dark Knight trilogy. Batman is almost defeated, but his assistant, Alfred, encouraged him: “And why do we fall, Master Bruce? So that we might better learn to case studies, pick ourselves up.” . (Goyer, 2005, p. 7) Then, Batman outwits the coursework english lit, plan of Ra’s Al Ghul and prevails.

In the Dark Knight we are presented a Gotham that has recovered and is limping on from its chaotic period, only to be hit again by writing an essay on a, the true chaotic force, the Joker. His chaotic nature is clearly visible through his appearance and behavior. He is driven by his madness. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 958 Words | 3 Pages. The Joker In the coursework english, film, The Dark Knight directed by r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, Christopher Nolan, The Joker, one of coursework, Batman's most dangerous enemies whose . aim is too push Batman to his ultimate limits, to break his personal rules and strict moral code.

This, being the Jokers only reason to live, he has no fear of death and pain. The Joker is characterised as a calculating and logical criminal, a rebel with minimal empathy or moral and plan, a nemesis who commits purposeless crime. Together these characteristics are developed through. Arkham Asylum , Batman , Batman Begins 1767 Words | 5 Pages. books and films, Batman’s still a billionaire vigilante out to rid evil in Gotham City. Coursework English! He fights desperately to defend those who are in danger or are in . need of assistance and it is the code that stops him from crossing over the line and into the dark side. Batman’s constant struggle to remain in business plan for fashion control of his mentality shows how relatable he is, reminding everyone that he is just in fact a human. The comics describe and play his morality throughout. Batman’s one rule is that he is not to kill. Batman , Batman Begins , Gotham City 2654 Words | 7 Pages.

Jiggy Patel COMM3321: Critical Reading amp; Writing Section 103 Janet Bertsch “Why so serious?” Is the catch phrase that Joker uses from the movie . The Dark Knight . English Lit! (Nolan, 2008) The scene that is being analyzed is when the Joker crashes Harvey Dent fundraiser party and is looking for Harvey Dent. Writing Based! Prior to the scene, Harvey Dent is the District Attorney of Gotham City and was responsible for locking up half the mob in a single day. The Joker main goal was to wreak chaos in Gotham City and. Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 876 Words | 2 Pages. The Dark Knight Trilogy Hero's Journey. The Dark Knight Trilogy 1. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell . into coursework english lit an empty well filled with bats and developed a major phobia of an essay poem, them. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents get murdered by a mugger by coursework, the name of case, Joe Chill when he was young.

After years of lit, being raised by Gresham's Law, his butler, Alfred, he decides that he is lit going to kill Joe Chill before he testifies against Mob Boss Falcone. At the courthouse, Bruce stands and waits, gun in hand. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1566 Words | 6 Pages. Batman: the Dark Knight Film Analysis. Batman: The Dark Knight Batman: The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan is case studies non-stop action . thriller that continually did the unexpected. The film is based off of the original Batman comic book but additionally changes the perception of the everyday world as good to naturally bad. Throughout the movie, Batman stands for english lit, honesty and Gresham's Law, goodness while the Joker is a symbolism of chaos and evil. Both sides are forced to make quick-witted decisions in order to stop the opposing vigilante from doing. Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 1808 Words | 5 Pages. Comparing Villains: Othello and The Dark Knight.

?HOW ARE THE VILLAINS FROM “OTHELLO” - IAGO “THE DARK KNIGHT ” - THE JOKER SIMILAR? By Palak Gupta “Iago is a portrait of . a practical joker of a peculiarly appalling kind, and perhaps the best way of approaching the play is by a general consideration of the practical joker.” A practical joker is someone who “likes to play God behind the scenes.” Was once quoted by W.H Auden. The similarities between the Joker from The Dark Knight and Iago from Othello are striking. It would seem that, Worthen. Batman , Iago , James Gordon 2143 Words | 5 Pages. The Dark Knight and The Caped Crusader: World’s Greatest Detective. Dark Knight . Coursework English Lit! Caped Crusader. World’s Greatest Detective.

Whatever you know him as, wherever you know him from—the . blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, cartoons, or millions of comics—Batman is proof you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero and the poster boy for what a bad childhood can do to you. Wjec! Millionaire Bruce Wayne was just a kid when he watched his parents get gunned down during a mugging in Gotham City. The crime would define his life, as he dedicated. Batman , Batman Begins , Batmobile 458 Words | 3 Pages. The Dark Knight presents an apparent connection of communication through media’s influence. Coursework English! The movie is an example of a remake . of the business plan, Batman comic book series, which most adults today were either a big fan of or were at least familiar with in their adolescent years. The unique quality of the Dark Knight is the coursework lit, popularity in both the adult age group as well as in the youth.

Also one interesting facet of the movie, as well as in most popular films today, is the presence of strong violence and action. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1945 Words | 5 Pages. Mythological Themes in business plan for fashion the Dark Night. Mythological Themes in The Dark Night Modern day films have recycled ancient mythological symbols and themes that pre-existed many years . Coursework! ago. Studies! Themes in today’s films may appear different than those of english, ancient Greece, but in many ways these themes remain prevalent. One example of writing an essay based on a poem, a movie that contains mythological and archetypal themes is coursework lit “The Dark Knight ” by computing coursework wjec, Christopher Nolan. This film is about the character Batman or also known as Bruce Wayne, who is in a battle to protect Gotham city from. Batman , Batman Begins , Greek mythology 1522 Words | 4 Pages. An Analysis of Dark Night's Harvey Dent. without any explanation which then made it clear who the english lit, protagonists were.” This kind of character does not satisfy human curiosity and reasoning.

The . question still remains at the end which continues to computing wjec, gnaw at our intellect. In the film, Dark Knight directed by coursework, Christopher Nolan, the wjec, writer tries to answer this question with the character of Harvey Dent, otherwise known as the villain Two-Face. Harvey Dent comes out in the second film of a grittier and darker version of the lit, legendary comic. Batman , Batman Begins , Batman: The Animated Series 1175 Words | 3 Pages. Final Draft A Hero for All The book Batman the Dark Night tells a story about the crime fighter the case, batman and coursework lit, how he comes out of . retirement to fight crime again. He does not have to start fighting crime again but after hearing how bad the city has become ridden with crime he makes a decision to come back. The book flashes back to him as a boy when he falls down a hole and r/research 1000, is surrounded by bats and is scared out of coursework lit, his mind from this adventure. He then is burdened by watching his mother.

Batman , Gotham City , James Gordon 1148 Words | 3 Pages. Text: The Dark Knight Director: Christopher Nolan Text Type: Film Gotham City is rapidly becoming a better place. Under the . guard of plan for fashion, Batman and with the help of Jim Gordon and coursework english lit, Harvey Dent, the popular new district attorney, organised crime is being eradicated. In desperation the mob turns to a psychotic mastermind called only ‘The Joker’ and Gotham rapidly descends into Gresham's Law chaos. As Bruce Wayne tries to english, deal with his toughest adversary yet he must deal also with his internal conflicts and the horrific. Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 421 Words | 2 Pages. film texts that exemplify how older texts can still entertain modern audiences as much as today's fast-paced modern texts do. Alfred Hitchcock's film Rear . Computing Wjec! Window was released over half a century ago in 1954, while Christopher Nolan's movie The Dark Knight represents the modern day crime-fiction text, being released just last year. Rear Window, one of Hitchcock's greatest thrillers, is told almost entirely through his use of imagery rather than dialogue. His expert use of camera angles, shots and. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1498 Words | 4 Pages.

was memorable, supporting your points with Examples of visual and / or oral language features in the film “The Dark Knight ” . directed by Christopher Nolan the english, beginning of the film was memorable as it introduced a main character The Joker. Nolan used many visual features to business plan for fashion, capture the audience’s attention and to portray The Joker’s character. In the opening scene of lit, “The Dark Knight ” Christopher Nolan uses to build tension before Joker is introduced to us throughout the business, whole scene the sound of. Batman , Christian Bale , Christopher Nolan 708 Words | 2 Pages. ?David Henry Sheehan 9th lit 7 22 September 2012 Heroes Journey: The Dark Knight Campbell’s hypothesis about the monomyth . is, that there is one myth and twelve components to coursework, that myth.(Campbell 1)The Dark Knight is a story that seems to possess all twelve components of Campbell’s hypothesis, and proves that Campbell’s hypothesis is right. One of the components that fits in with The Dark Knight is “the call to adventure”. Computing Coursework! Once the joker robs the bank, Batman knows he must help in any way he. Batman , Batman: The Killing Joke , Christian Bale 417 Words | 2 Pages. Character Evolution of Bruce Wayne and Batman. only shows inventiveness and curiosity, but as shows a more cautious approach to things, and coursework english, people, that are considered close. The interaction between the Gresham's Law, . personas shows through on coursework lit, several occasions in Gresham's Law the movie series, but specifically in The Dark Knight Rises (Nolan, 2012), when he encourages the english lit, character of Blake to dawn a mask in order to Gresham's Law, provide protection for the ones he cares about.

The choice to coursework lit, utilize a mask in order to r/research 1000, protect the loved ones of Bruce Wayne was clearly evident and english, further. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 926 Words | 3 Pages. Francis Villatoro December 10, 2013 ARH 2740 Cinema Appreciation Tuesday 5:40 – 8:50 PM Room #8203 The Dark Knight . Rises The Dark Knight Rises is a “Neo Noir” film. This movie contains crime drama, mystery, and has an paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, ambiguous, corrupt, dangerous woman “femme fatale” cat woman, flash backs, murder, detective, low key lights, shadows and rain. The Dark Knight is a 2012 British American superhero film director by Christopher Nolan, who co wrote the coursework lit, screenplay with his brother. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1285 Words | 4 Pages. Christopher Nolan: Director or Something More? Michael Bergonzi Mr. Shafer Film as Literature 18 December 2008 Christopher Nolan: Director or Something More Director Christopher Nolan has made a . total of business plan, six feature films, including the ever popular Memento (2000) and The Dark Knight (2008). English! People who are merely fans say that he is an auteur.

Film majors, however, disagree and believe that he doesn’t have enough movies out and that he is just good in relation to computing coursework wjec, box office results and should not be considered an english, auteur. I have to coursework wjec, disagree. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1600 Words | 4 Pages. uses most of the same actors in his films, he has different ways to shoots his films as any director but I like his films the best as they have this sense of . Coursework! difference to them. Christopher Nolan has typical trademarks such as: using the same actors, dark storylines, and he leaves people guessing about his films. Here I’m going to paper-direct-1000.txt, talk about three of his films and coursework, explain about the structure.

The Prestige The narrative structure of The Prestige is non-linear meaning that the storyline is mixed up. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 2247 Words | 7 Pages. ?Psychological Essay on Gresham's Law, “The Dark Knight ” Hypothesis- The main characters of lit, The Dark Knight is coursework wjec a . portrayal of the parts of us that we don’t like to acknowledge. Christopher Nolan the director of coursework lit, ‘The Dark Knight ’ and many other psycho-thriller films such as ‘Inception’, ‘Following’, ‘The Prestige’. He very effectively directs each film in writing an essay poem a way that is never going to be predictable, each one of Nolan’s films always leave you with questions that demand answers and make you think much deeper into. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 920 Words | 3 Pages. Thomas, who is coincidentally his longtime producer in 1997. Nolan’s movies do in fact portray many themes and coursework, conventions from a postmodernistic angle, . putting a slight angle on a traditional conventions. A most recent example can be seen in The Dark Knight . Of course we have antagonist, The Joker, who’s sole goal is to cause havoc in Gotham City and show them that their hero, Batman is not a perfect flawless soul as they had previously held true. R/research Paper-direct-1000.txt 1000! Batman is for the most part a good guy, but his internal. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1692 Words | 5 Pages.

Nolan's Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight and lit, won a posthumous Oscar for business for fashion, his performance. He was also ranked 8th on the . Greatest Comic Book Character of All Time list, which was released by Empire (notably being the coursework, highest ranked villain character on the list), as well as being the fifth Greatest Comic Book Character Ever in Wizard Magazine's 200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of all Time list, once again being the highest ranked villain on the list. Essay About Anxiety! In The Dark Knight , the Joker is coursework lit depicted as. Batman , Christopher Nolan , Gotham City 1339 Words | 4 Pages. ?EN 110 Analysis of: The Dark Knight Rises Batman is a wanted criminal for murdering Gathom city’s district . attorney, Harvey Dent. But hasn’t been seen or heard of business, since the lit, events of the wjec, murder eight years ago.

In the mean time, the few years of peace enjoyed by Gathom are ruined at the arrival of coursework, Bane, a ruthless mercenary determined to an essay based poem, fulfill the lit, destiny of his master, Ras-Al-Ghul, and destroy Gathom once and for all. Once again Batman must come to the rescue and cause and effect about, save the. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1056 Words | 6 Pages. ?The Dark Knight came out in 2008, when George W. Bush was President, so I was 14 at the time and english, Emily was 12. I remember going . to the theater the day it came out because I was never more excited for a movie. I have been a fan of the Batman franchise since I was a kid; my older sister and I would constantly watch the Batman VHS's that we had until they were too scratched up from use.

Emily watched the Gresham's Law, film with all of her boy cousins because they wanted her to see it with them. I was so intrigued. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 689 Words | 1 Pages. Criminology, A Sociological Understanding. ?Kayla Cochran 4/03/14 CrimJ 012: Criminology Theoretical Application/Video Paper The movie “The Dark Knight ” portrays a . large amount of criminal behavior throughout the entire plot. The movie takes place in Gotham City, which was originally described as an ominous place to live. The City is portrayed as dark and full of crime, grime, corruption, and a sense of urban decay.

The plot of the movie is that The Joker, who is a deviant character and a criminal mastermind, seeks revenge for Batman. Arkham Asylum , Batman , Bill Finger 1188 Words | 4 Pages. Alexis Hamlett Good and lit, Evil Essay 9/29/12 Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is sales a reflection of coursework english, how the good responds to . the sales case, nature of coursework lit, evil. The Joker is the ultimate evil character and Gresham's Law, throughout the film he puts other characters in a tough situations that force them to choose between right and wrong and coursework, ultimately good and evil. Writing An Essay On A! Examples of this are seen with the characters Harvey Dent, Batman, and in the lifeboat scenario scene. The Joker’s main goal is to prove that people are truly. Arkham Asylum , Batman , Batman Begins 998 Words | 3 Pages.

Report on coursework english, the Joker The Joker is a fictional character originally appearing in the DC comics’ Batman Series created by plan for fashion, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. English Lit! The Joker . was and is Batman’s arch-nemesis. Gresham's Law! Most recently he appeared the major motion picture, The Dark Knight (Nolan et al., 2008). This most recent appearance shows the coursework english, Joker in a way that allows a study of his persona. Sales Studies! The Joker is a Male, his age is unknown and he is a criminal occupationally. He always wears heavy makeup giving him the appearance of. Antisocial personality disorder , Batman , Christopher Nolan 1318 Words | 4 Pages. Principles of coursework english lit, Investigation Research Paper 2012 Aurora, Colorado Dark Knight Shooting So picture this; imagine thinking that . you are going to go see the r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, much anticipated movie, The Dark Knight Rises. This might as well be a good night as any to english, ask the girl, who you have been eying for 1000, a couple of weeks, out on your first date.

Nervously, you go up to her and ask her if she would like to go see the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and get some dinner before the show, and she happily says. Capital punishment , Dark Knight , Film 1816 Words | 5 Pages. will use the mythology of the 2008 film, “The Dark Knight ” to provide specific examples of archetypes. The hero is one of . the central characters in mythology. Heroes are often, but not always, associated with bravery and self-sacrifice. The hero will undertake a journey to change and grow. They will encounter mental and physical challenges that will complex their path and ultimately pay a heavy price to coursework english lit, achieve their goal. Paper-direct-1000.txt! In “The Dark Knight ”, the english lit, hero is called Batman. His real name/alter.

Alfred Pennyworth , Arkham Asylum , Batman 659 Words | 4 Pages. shown at r/research 1000 the Cambridge Film Festival in lit 1996, and case studies, his other 16mm shorts include a three- minute surreal film called The Doodlebug. Major films that he has . directed are The Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight , The Dark Knight Rises and he is coursework currently producing the Man of Steel, a remake of Superman, set to be released in 2013. Cause And Effect Essay About! Most of coursework english lit, his movies are based in action and adventure but still have a little bit of science fiction, which gives the film a surreal. Action film , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 2794 Words | 7 Pages. Batman Essay Everyone enjoys the story of the super hero vigilante Batman, and Christopher Nolan did a great job at creating a more modern and realistic . Coursework Wjec! series of films (Batman Begins, The Dark Night, and coursework english lit, The Dark Night Rises). With them being more modern its makes things easier for us to relate too. I also believe Nolan did this to try and give the audience a a more relatable perspective to our own world and wjec, reality. This type of coursework english lit, comparison can really begin to expose the subliminal messages of.

Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Robin 1307 Words | 3 Pages. [pic] Film Duration: 153 minutes Name: Jane Doe Form: 11K Due Date: 06/08/09 Introduction The purpose of the Gresham's Law, following report is . to critically analyse and deconstruct the character of the Joker within the lit, film the Dark Knight and discuss the reasoning of why this character was interpreted in such a way. The Joker, played by late Heath Ledger, is a terrifying villain who will stop at nothing to manipulate and corrupt his victims. However it is not the Jokers sinful. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 1003 Words | 4 Pages. capable of doing. I think the Joker won in the end because he seriously did some serious damage. He got what he wanted he turned Gotham’s hero into a . villain, and wjec, he ruined Wayne’s life by english, taking the people he cared about the most. In the first movie the Dark night the Joker made such of a big of an cause and effect, impact that it went on in The Batman Rises.

But then again, like the english lit, Joker said This is based on a what happens when an lit, unstoppable force meets an unmovable object Which means it is in deadlock. Cause And Effect Anxiety! No one is winning, no. Bane , Batman , Catwoman 951 Words | 3 Pages. first appearance in May 1939. The car has evolved from coursework, comic books to business plan, television and coursework, films reflecting evolving car technologies. It is now a modern land . vehicle that first featured in Batman Begins (2005), and Gresham's Law, also featured in The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Design a model Tumbler to the general specifications outlined below. The Tumble should be your own unique design and should: (a) Have a rear wheel propulsion unit (b) Incorporate an automated door for easy access (c). Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 1266 Words | 12 Pages. as to make his father proud and coursework english lit, help keep Gotham safe away from the hands of the League of Shadows. Christopher Nolan creates a successful portrayal of business, . Coursework English! batman in batman begins mood and atmosphere he created in the scenes as most of the scenes where dark and at night time as that helped keep the viewer connected to the movie and live what is happening as Nolan is known to focus on dialogue and suspense as he chooses to zoom in on the character during an important scene and by saying that he always. Batman , Batman Begins , Epic Cycle 1134 Words | 3 Pages. But conflict is ultimately based on writing on a, perceptions, so it also exists whenever one party believes that another may obstruct its efforts, whether or not the . other party actually intends to do so. There are lots of english lit, conflicts in this movie- The Dark Knight . Characters faced conflict once troubles or problems happened as everyone has their own concern and idea which is business for fashion sometime the coursework english, same but sometime not the same.

There are also conflicts when corporation or collective decision is needed because of. Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 719 Words | 3 Pages. Jessica Jackson Film Review (Batman) 13 November 2012 Batman rated PG-13, released in 1989 was directed by Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton as Bruce . Wayne/Batman, Jack Nicholson as Jack/The Joker, and Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale. The movie’s dark theme and so-so effects and paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, stunt left me less than impressed. English! Throughout this summary, I’ll go over the plot, key character roles, and film techniques. And Effect Essay Anxiety! Although I did not particularly enjoy the film, I’ll leave my opinions until the english lit, end. The. Batman , Catwoman , James Gordon 1071 Words | 3 Pages. Heros and business plan, Villains - Batman and Joker. wealthy industrialist identity.

The first time I was interested in The Dark Knight series was when the boredom of summer holiday . annoyed me so much, I had to watch something to get me awake. It just so happens that The Dark Knight Rises was coming out and I thought it would be better if I had watched the previous installments, so I did indeed. Everything is more than a superhero movie franchise, it’s about the humanity and realism with a dark tone inside. It engages me in english the very moment when Bruce grows. Arkham Asylum , Batman , Batman Begins 1160 Words | 3 Pages.

Bros had never thought about. It was clear then that Nolan was the sort of talent Warner Bros could trust with such a big picture. They liked him so much . that after Batman Begins they offered him to direct, co-produce, and write The Dark Knight in 2008. After The Dark Knight's success, Warner Bros signed Nolan to direct Inception. This particular film is coursework what interested me Nolan’s works. Inception is a master-piece of a film, a trip into coursework the creative subconscious or Nolan. Cause And Effect Essay! The movie is a perplexing. Batman , Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan 1203 Words | 4 Pages. Works Cited The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Dir. Christopher Nolan. Coursework! Perf. Computing Coursework! Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger, . Aaron Eckhart, Tom Hardy. Warner Bros Entertainment, 2012. DVD. Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Kruzoe. Trans.

Stanislaw Stampf’l. Warsaw: Nasza Ksiegarnia 1999. 56-80. Coursework English Lit! Gethin, Hugh. Introduction. And Effect Essay Anxiety! Grammar in Context. By Gethin. Coursework English! London: Collins ELT, 1990. 5-8. Logan Decker. “Game of the business for fashion, Year”.

PC Gamer 10 Aug. English! 2012: 12-15. Pope, Alexander. “An Essay on Criticism”. Norton Anthology. Aaron Eckhart , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 684 Words | 3 Pages. Power and Influence in Batman – the Dark Knight Power is the capacity of paper-direct-1000.txt 1000, a person, team or organization to influence others. In . this superheroic story, the main characters– Batman (Bruce Wayne) and The Joker are very powerful in Gotham city. The relationship among characters can be pertinently depicted using theories under the power and influence topic. Batman – a superhero in the city, he has sufficient wealth, superior physical strength and familiarity of the criminal underworld, making him capable. Arkham Asylum , Batman , James Gordon 1195 Words | 3 Pages.

Nolan is, studios want him to make what works, not take any risks or attempt something out of the box. It would have been so easy for him and he would have . been so loved by both audiences and english lit, studios for jumping into another Batman right after The Dark Knight . Writing An Essay Based! To add to that if this movie flops it could be detrimental to coursework english, the sales of the next Batman. Nolan stepped away from a guaranteed hit and took a big risk on case studies, this film by following his dream and making something reminiscent of Memento but on the. Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan , Cillian Murphy 1355 Words | 4 Pages. The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother . Jonathan Nolan and the story with David S. Goyer. Featuring the coursework english, DC Comics character Batman, the film is the final installment in Nolan's Batman film trilogy, and it is the sequel to Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008). Christian Bale reprises the lead role of case studies, Bruce Wayne/Batman, with a returning cast of his allies: Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as. Alfred Pennyworth , Batman , Batman Begins 409 Words | 2 Pages.

should be the theme song of english, The Avengers…. for the $220 million budget was a complete waste when the result are cheap Halloween like costumes, The . Dark Knight on the other hand used it $250 million budget wisely. About! It’s hard to compare these two movies, for it’s a shame to compare such a great movie to such a waste of time (The Avengers). Coursework Lit! The Dark Knight follows Harvey Dent; Gotham’s new district attorney as he tries to take on cause and effect essay anxiety, the mob who is led by the Joker, Gotham has a hero whom the Joker is trying. Batman , Christian Bale , Christopher Nolan 559 Words | 2 Pages. that we realize something was actually strange” (Inception).

Christopher Nolan strikes again in this exciting thriller about dream extractors in the business . world of corporate America. Nolan is a director of critically acclaimed films such as The Dark Knight and The Prestige. Coursework Lit! This 2010 film directed by Christopher Nolan has a well-developed cast, stunning Cinematography and business plan for fashion, sound mixing, and thought-provoking plot twists that engages with the audience at every moment throughout this mind-blowing experience. Batman Begins , Christopher Nolan , Cillian Murphy 1072 Words | 5 Pages. killing the Oscars as something to be excited about…Which brings me to The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark . Knight Rises is a brilliant movie and, unless The Life of Pi does the complete opposite of what I expect it to coursework, do, it will be my favourite movie of coursework, 2012. Coursework English! The Dark Knight Rises, predecessor leaves us at Harvey Dents Death as two face, and 2 awards, unfortunately not the studies, one for the best movie, let’s see if the Dark Knight Rises breaks the boundaries and lit, lives up to, and hopefully go past, the expectations. Academy Award , Academy Award for writing on a, Best Actor , Batman 548 Words | 2 Pages. also developed self-seriousness and doubt, adding a welcome layer to the comic-book enterprise.

The Dark Knight of english, four years . ago had a villain, the case studies, Joker (Heath Ledger), whose evilness had no affiliations and whose incendiary insanity burnt everything in its way. That included Batman (Bale), Police Commissioner Gordon (Oldman) and a District Attorney, Harvey Dent, who was almost the 'White Knight ' everyone wanted till the burden proved too much. It hinted at the pointlessness of terror and the dilemmas. Batman , Batman Begins , Christian Bale 720 Words | 2 Pages.

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Divine Comedy-I: Inferno Summary and coursework english Analysis of Cantos XXI-XXIV. Canto XXI: Summary: The next valley held a pool of poem boiling tar, which reminded Dante of the pitch the Venetians used to patch up their ships. While Dante was watching the lit tar, Virgil warned him to look out. Turning around, he saw a black demon racing up, carrying a sinner which he cast into r/research 1000, the pool, calling out to the other deomns, the coursework Malebranche, that it was an elder of Saint Zita. R/research? He said he was going back for more, and english lit that there were plenty of grafters in case studies, that city. The sinner tried to get out of the pitch, but other demons thrust him down with long hooks, taunting him all the while.

Virgil told Dante not to english, be afraid of the demons, and went over to speak with them. Sales Case? At first they looked menacing, but when Virgil told them that they were there by coursework divine will, the head demon, Malacoda, gave them an escort made up of the demons Alichino, Calcabrina, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Libicocco, Draghignazzo, Circiatto, Graffiacane, Farafrello and Rubicante. Dante was not pleased to have an escort, but Virgil again told him not to be frightened: the computing wjec demons' growling faces were meant to scare the sinners. As a signal to begin, the coursework english lit leader, Barbariccia, made a trumpet of his ass. Canto XXI: Analysis: The sinners here are being punished for the civil equivalent of sales case studies simony: they have sold offices and have been generally corrupt. While this is perhaps not as serious as simony ­ since officials are not entrusted with the well-being and morality of the holy Church ­ it is coursework, nonetheless a serious matter.

Interestingly, when Dante was exiled the charges laid against him were of this nature. Whether or not they had any validity is an essay poem, not necessarily clear. The Venetians, mentioned here in relation to the pitch they use to caulk their ships, were famous sailors, and Venice derived its power during this period mainly as a result of english its merchant ships and strong navy. The elder of Saint Zita is an official from for fashion, Lucca: the elders were ten citizens who sharde executive authority with the chief magistrate. Lit? Just as Florence had a reputation for inner strife and Bologna was a city of sexual immorality, Lucca is sales case studies, associated here with widespread corruption. The various names of the devils, which take up so much of this canto, have a variety of fantastic meanings: Malebranche: evil-claws, also a family name in coursework lit, Lucca. (This describes the cause devils as a group: they are the Malebranche.)

Alichino: same root as harlequin. Calcabrina: he who can walk on brine. Cagnazzo: big dog, also a family name in Lucca. Libicocco: winds, from the two winds libeccio and sirocco. Barbariccia: curly beard. Draghignazzo: big dragon. Rubicante: he who grows red. Graffiacane: he who scratches dogs, also a family name from Lucca. Even without their meanings, the names have a wild and frightening sound. Canto XXII: Summary:

The canto opens with Dante's meditation on the rareness of the coursework english lit bugle by which the cause about anxiety devils marched. As they went along Dante noted that the sinners stayed out of the coursework english pitch as much as they dared (like dolphins showing their backs out of water or frogs by Gresham's Law the side of a pond) but dived back in when they saw the demons coming. One was too slow, however, and Graffiacane pulled him up by his hair; the demons wanted to tear him to pieces. Dante asked Virgil to coursework english lit, find out who he was, and Gresham's Law accordingly Virgil asked him. Coursework English Lit? He answered that he was from Navarre and had taken graft in the household of King Thibault.

He said there was an Italian under the pitch close by, a Fra Gomito of Gresham's Law Gallura who was a sovereign swindler, also another Sardinian, Don Michele Zanche. Then the demons could hardly be held off any longer. The Navarrese said that if they would stand back, he would whistle and by that signal other Italians would come close. The devils reluctantly agreed, and the Navarrese craftily dove back in the pitch. Calcabrina and Alichino, fighting over whose fault the escape was, fell into the pitch themselves, and Dante and coursework english Virgil left during the confusion. Canto XXII: Analysis: This is one of the few cantos that justifies the name Divine Comedy: most of this Comedy is not very funny at all. Dante's mock-solemn discussion of Barbariccia's tremendous fart makes it clear that these demons are rather comic despite their frightening appearances.

They are far removed from the pure and inexorable heavenly messenger, for example. The crafty escape of the Navarrese barrator from the demons is another exceptionally comic element. Trickster tales were important throughout the middle ages, and Dante was familiar with Aesop's fables. The theme of a weak but unscrupulous character escaping through trickery from the authorities is on a poem, played out coursework english here, and despite the trickster's faulty morals, we cannot help but admire his unwillingness to get his companions in trouble. Also, the fairly complicated social network developped by these barrators is quite striking: they have alert signals to warn of the demons' coming and when it is all clear.

Perhaps the vitality of these sinners results from the coursework wjec nature of their punishment: they are pitted against the terrifying but evidently stupid devils, rather than an inexorable rain of fire or a red-hot tomb. It is to their advantage to band together and cooperate, which seems to relieve the natural state of despair of a damned spirit. Canto XXIII: Summary: Dante continued on english lit silently, and Dante compared the cause and effect essay anxiety adventure of the last canto to Aesop's fable of the mouse and the frog. However they were afraid that the devils would chase after them, enraged by their humiliating experience.

Indeed the Malebranche were in pursuit, so Virgil took up Dante like a mother carrying a child out of a burning house, and slid down to the next valley, where the english lit devils were unable to follow. The sinners there were dressed in magnificent gilded robes, but the robes were made out of heavy lead and so the spirits wept as they trudged around. Dante asked Virgil to find someone he knew; a spirit overhearing them called out for them to wait for him. Two spirits came up and r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 saw that Dante was alive, then they told him that they and their fellow-sufferers were hypocrites. Dante said he was from Florence, and coursework asked them who they were. They said they were the based on a Jovial Friars, Catalano and Loderingo, who had been chosen to coursework, keep the peace in Florence, and had acted hypocritically. Dante began an invective against them, but his attention was caught by a sinner crucified on the ground, so that the lead-bearing spirits walked over him. Fra Catalano said that that man had counseled the Pharisees to let one man, rather than a nation, suffer, and that others in the same cousel were also impaled here. Virgil asked Fra Catalano how to get out, and he answered that it was possible to cause and effect essay anxiety, climb across the ruins of the bridge that the Malebranche had told them about. Virgil was angered to hear that the devils had lied to them, and he strode off, followed by Dante.

Canto XXIII: Analysis: Dante's reference to coursework english lit, the fable of the mouse and the frog makes it clear that he was familiar with Aesop's works, and that the events in the preceeding canto were intentionally fable-esque. The relationship between Virgil and Dante is business plan for fashion, rather peculiar. English Lit? Dante emphasizes the sales paternal nature of Virgil's love for him; all the same it is strange to hear about Dante, a grown man of 35, being picked by by Virgil and coursework english lit tenderly carried around. If we remember Canto IV, the spirits of Homer and his companions (of which Virgil is one) are described as being giant, so perhaps Virgil really is a huge and imposing character. Sales Case Studies? In that case, the image of Virgil carrying Dante makes more sense.

It might still be interesting to investigate possible homoerotic undertones: since Dante was well educated in english lit, classical culture, he was presumably not a stranger to the bizarre heroic relationships between men and Gresham's Law boys which crop up so frequently in Greek literature. Of course, Dante is devoted to Beatrice: but she is almost more of an ideal of goodness than a person, and lit so far Dante has been much more physically intimate with Virgil than with her ­ although this doesn't necessarily mean anything. A good way to look at this problem would be to find the instances where the love between Dante and Virgil is mentioned, and to Gresham's Law, compare them both to coursework english, the parts where Beatrice is mentioned, and to descriptions of Ancient Greek homosexuality, and, if possible, to Renaissance paternal and filial discourse, to and effect about anxiety, see what matched what. It might also be good to coursework, look at the talk between Dante and paper-direct-1000.txt Brunetto in Canto XV: while Dante affectionately mentions Brunetto's paternal attitude toward him, we are aware that Brunetto is homosexual. The Jovial Friars, also known as the Knight's of Saint Mary, were an order founded with the intention of keeping peace between warring factions. However the Friars often neglected their duties: the two that were in charge of maintaining peace in Florence instead oversaw a period of increased violence. Coursework? The fact that cities were known to submit their political systems to outsiders is an indication of their divisions: neither faction was willing to let someone from the other exercise power, so they would choose some neutral from somewhere else. This did not always have the business plan desired results. The man who was crucified on the ground is the high Jewish priest under Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas. The one man who suffered instead of the coursework english lit nation is of course Jesus Christ. Canto XXIV: Summary:

The canto opens with a carefully developed metaphor: a shepherd in early spring is discouraged to see the fields white with frost, but a couple hours later it is warm and green and he takes his flocks out to graze. Just so did Virgil's anger pass quickly and r/research paper-direct-1000.txt 1000 turn into the sweetness with which he usually treated Dante. They clambered up the great crags between the pouch of the coursework english lit hypocrites and the next, a difficult labor. When Dante ran out of breath, Virgil encouraged him to computing, keep on manfully. They climbed down almost to the next valley, and to his horror Dante saw masses of venemous serpents there. As he watched, he saw naked sinners running terrifiedly among the snakes; one sinner was bitten and flamed into ashes, but his dust then reformed itself into human shape, like the phoenix. Virgil asked him who he was, and he answered that he was Vanni Fucci from Pistoia. Dante knew him, and the sinner was ashamed. Coursework Lit? He said that he was damned for stealing ornaments from the sacristy. Then, lest Dante enjoy the sight of his damnation too much, Vanni Fucci predicted the misfortunes of the White Guelphs, which he told Dante to make [him] grieve.

Canto XXIV: Analysis: The shepherd metaphor at the beginning of this canto deserves to cause about anxiety, be read with great attention. English? Although the description of spring itself is very florid and literary, the account of the shepherd who slaps his thigh in disgust and despair when he sees the frost is startlingly vivid. Cause And Effect About Anxiety? We remember then that Dante lived among ordinary people whose livelihood depended on coursework english the seasons ­ not just with the heroic shades of long-dead poets. The phoenix is Gresham's Law, a mythological bird who burns itself to lit, death every five-hundred years, only to rise from the ashes unharmed. Sales Studies? There is only one phoenix. Vanni Fucci stole from the lit treasury of San Jacopo, which was kept in the sacristy of the business for fashion Cathedral of Pistoia. Rampino Foresi was accused of the crime and was nearly executed, while Fucci escaped. Vanni Fucci's prediction is extremely complicated and coursework english lit unclear, dealing with clouds and vapors and tempests. It will make more sense if one realizes that in contemporary meteorology, thunderstorms were caused by the interaction of computing coursework a fiery vapor and watery clouds. Here the vapor from Val di Magra is lit, a Black Guelph commander who defeated the misty Whites in a metaphorical thunderstorm.

How To Cite in MLA Format. Study Guide Navigation About Divine Comedy-I: Inferno Divine Comedy-I: Inferno Summary Character List Summary And Analysis Cantos I-IV Cantos V-VIII Cantos IX-XII Cantos XIII-XVI Cantos XVII-XX Cantos XXI-XXIV Cantos XXV-XXVIII Cantos XXIX-XXXII Cantos XXXIII-XXXIV Related Links Quizzes - Test Yourself! Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Citations Related Content Study Guide Essays Q A Mini-Store Dante Alighieri Biography. Divine Comedy-I: Inferno Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for 1000 Divine Comedy-I: Inferno is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the english novel.

Virgil explains they were hearing the laments of the and effect essay anxiety morally neutral people, the sorry souls of those who lived without disgrace and coursework english without praise, as well as the angels who sided neither with God nor with Satan in Satan's rebellion. Virgil leads Dante up to the Gate of Hell. There they see a rather depressing sign, “ABANDON ALL HOPE, YOU WHO ENTER HERE.” Virgil does tell Dente that Charon really didn't want to cause and effect about, ferry him, which is a good sign because Charon only transports. What section of the text does this question pertain to? Study Guide for Divine Comedy-I: Inferno. Divine Comedy-I: Inferno study guide contains a biography of Dante Alighieri, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Essays for Divine Comedy-I: Inferno. Divine Comedy-I: Inferno literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by coursework students and provide critical analysis of Divine Comedy-I: Inferno.