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Digital camera essays

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bj fogg resume Prior : Research intern at Microsoft Research Redmond's VIBE group working with Merrie Morris, Dan Morris, and digital camera essays, Mary Czerwinski on ClassSearch, a search instruction environment. Prior : Inventor and lead researcher of thinking, Microsoft Mouse Mischief. Moraveji, N., Russell, D., Bien, J., Mease, D. (2011). Camera! Measuring Improvement in User Search Performance Resulting From Optimal Search Tips. ACM SIG-IR. Beijing, China. Moraveji, N., Morris, M., Morris, D., Czerwinski, M., Riche, N. (2011). ClassSearch: Facilitating the Development of mahat phd thesis, Web Search Skills through Social Learning. ACM CHI, Vancouver, Canada. (acceptance rate 26%) - Best Paper Honorable Mention Moraveji, N., Ahmad, S., Kita, C., Chen, F., Kamvar, S. (2011). Camera! Weblines: Enabling the cell Social Transfer of Web Search Expertise using User-Generated Short-form Timelines. Digital Camera! ACM CSCL, Hong Kong, China. (acceptance rate ?%) Amershi, S., Moraveji, N., Morris, M., Balakrishnan, R. (2010).

Multiple Mouse Text Entry for Single-Display Groupware. ACM CSCW, Savannah, GA. (acceptance rate 20.3%) - Best Paper Nominee Moraveji, N., Inkpen, K., Cutrell, E., Balakrishnan, R. (2009). A Mischief of quotations within, Mice: Examining Children's Performance in Single Display Groupware Systems with 1 to 32 Mice. Camera Essays! ACM CHI, Boston, MA. (acceptance rate 24.5%) Moraveji, N., Kim, T., Pawar, U., Ge, J., Inkpen, K. Pukar Mahat Phd Thesis! (2008). Mischief: Supporting Remote Teaching in Developing Regions. ACM CHI, Florence, Italy. (acceptance rate 22%) Li, J., Ding, J., Moraveji, N., O'Keeley, P., Woolf, S. (2007). Designing Games to Address 'Mute English' Among Children in China. HCI International, Beijing, China. Camera Essays! Christel, M., Moraveji, N., Huang, C., Papernick, N. (2004).

Exploiting Multiple Modalities for and creativity Interactive Video. ACM International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing. ICASSP, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (acceptance rate 50%) Siewiorek, D., Smailagic, A., Furukawa, J., Moraveji, N., Reiger, K., Shaffer, J. (2003). Digital Essays! SenSay: A Context-Aware Mobile Phone, IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers. ACM ISWC, New York, NY. Short Papers.

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The Influence of camera, a Female Journalist on thinking and creativity, Journalism and Women or the Story of Nellie Bly. In many societies of the past, women have been relegated to very few roles including nanny, maid, teacher, factory girl and housewife. Essays! These roles were unfulfilling, and were generally very poorly paid. Cell Division! Women were expected to eventually find a husband then stay home to care for her children, so very little time and money was put into camera essays educating girls. Philippines! Some women, despite these challenges and expectations, managed to become successful in traditional “men’s fields.” One such field was journalism. One of these women was named Elizabeth Jane Chochran, but was known to the world as Nellie Bly. Bly was the first “woman stunt reporter.” This role would later influence the field of investigative journalism.

However, Bly used her role to not only to show some of the horrors of the world but to convey herself as a strong, competent, fearless woman. Bly’s two most famous stunts, recorded in the books “Ten Days in a Madhouse” and “Around the World in camera essays Seventy-Two Days” help to critical convey this thought. Nellie Bly is more than just a name in a history book, her efforts prove that she was a major influence in digital essays both the field of journalism and an essay the field of feminism. Before Bly entered the world of journalism, other women had already left their mark. The book “Great Women of the digital, Press” mentions the women who all participated in roman civilization essay “firsts” for women journalists.The female journalist is thought to be Anne Newport Royall, who became a journalist at digital essays the age of fifty-five. She is the first woman journalist to “initiate her career and not merely to inherit one as a widow.”[1] Before Royall, other women had been employed in critical thinking and creativity the field but had mostly gained employment after their husbands had died. She was a travel correspondent, and camera journeyed throughout the United States, reporting on phd thesis, stories. She was an activist as well. She argued for laws such as tolerance for states’ rights in the matter of slavery, free public education and rights for Native Americans.

She was editor of digital camera essays, her own newspaper “The Huntress.”[2] Her title of “First Female Journalist” is forgotten. Sometimes it is mistakenly given to Bly, which is an incredible disrespect to Royall’s memory and creative writing syllabus undermines what she did for future female journalists. Royall died in 1854. [3] Other notable newspaper woman include: Sarah Josepha Hale who was the first women’s magazine editor as well as the essays, author of the an essay, beloved children’s rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”[4] The magazine she was in camera charge of, Godey’s Ladies’ Magazine , was considered the “Bible” of ap bio essays, nineteenth century women’s culture.[5] She was editor for forty years. Hale’s magazine focused on fashion, literature, entertain and digital camera morals.[6] Margaret Fuller was the editor of the New York Tribune , the first woman literary critic and the first woman foreign correspondent. She certainly would have done much more but she died at the age of forty.[7] Cornelia Walter was editor of the writing philippines, Boston Transcript, making her the camera, first woman editor of a daily newspaper.[8] Jane Grey Swisshelm was one of the first female journalists to write for the Tribune under Horace Greely’s editorship as well as the first woman to sit in the Senate press gallery. Besides those she was also “a feared and respected lecturer on women’s rights, abolition and temperance.” [9] Had it not been for these women, Nellie Bly would have never been able to quotations an essay enter the world of journalism in the first. Each of these women had been the digital camera essays, first woman journalist to do something, and Nellie Bly was not to be out-done.

Her experiences ended up creating an and creativity, entire new field of journalism for both men and women. Bly wanted to camera call attention to the issues that plagued her day. She was especially observant of the mistreatment of the poor and those less fortunate. Her favorite causes were widows, single mothers and abused or orphaned children. These charitable feelings, as well as her career as a journalist, were both due to Bly’s difficult childhood. The book, “Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist” by Brooke Kroeger remains the only comprehensive biography on Bly’s life and confirms the civilization, truth of her sad childhood. Bly was born on May 5, 1864 in Pennsylvania. She was the thirteenth of fourteen children. When she was seven, Bly’s father died.

Her family was left with very little money, as her dad had not left behind a will. Her mother eventually remarried, as she did not have another way to care for her family.[10] The man Bly’s mother married was poor, abusive and essays constantly drunk. Her mother was able to divorce Bly’s stepfather, in 1879 though the united constitution what it means to me, process was long and humiliating.[11]Eventually, she and her children tried to erase the events from their family history by pretending they never happened. Her mother’s experience with divorce became the inspiration for digital Bly’s second article for The Pittsburg Dispatch , “Mad Marriages.” But at this time, Bly still had no idea that she would become a journalist. Due to a desire to go away to school and get a job, Bly went to train as a teacher at the State Normal School in Indiana, Pennsylvania. This dream failed. Bly was forced to drop out of the school before the end of her first semester in 1879, because of financial issues. While at the school, Bly attempted to reinvent her identity. She dropped her childhood nickname “Pink” and added an “e” to the end of her last name. The “e” gave her the thinking, same last name as a prominent but unrelated family from her town.

Her mother and digital camera essays two of her brothers eventually followed suit.[12] This name change would not matter, as in within an essay a few short years she would become Nellie Bly. However, the camera, change showed how readily she could adapt to new situations, an important skill for a journalist. Though it was the norm, Bly did not marry when she returned home. There is no record of the jobs worked for the five years between leaving school and getting hired as a reporter, but it appears that she was not successful at any of them. Bly’s struggles to united constitution to me essay maintain employment echo those of the children of camera essays, “Anxious Father.” Anxious Father was a man who wrote to The Dispatch wondering what he could do about his five unmarried daughters. Within! “Quiet Observer,” a columnist, also known as Erasmus Wilson wrote back to the father. His article talked about how horrible it was that children were not being reared correctly, especially girls. In an earlier column Wilson wrote that women should not be allowed in the workplace; “Her sphere is defined and located by camera, a single word-home.” [13] His articles provoked many readers to united constitution to me papers respond, including Bly who wrote a reply under the pseudonym “Lonely Orphan Girl.”

Wilson and his editor read Bly’s letter. Both decided to give “Lonely Orphan Girl” an opportunity to write a new response to Wilson’s article. This was the beginning of Bly’s careers as a journalist. Her first article was called “The Girl Puzzle” and remains the only article she wrote that is not under the pen name “Nellie Bly.” Her article focused on Anxious Father’s letter and asked the readers to camera essays his question not in terms of the quotations within, wealthy and privileged, but in terms of digital camera, those “without talent, without beauty, without money” and of course, those who were widowed. [14] This article demonstrated Bly’s feminist beliefs. Roman Civilization Essay! Rather than saying that girls should get married, or take on jobs as teachers or factory girls they should be given similar opportunities to boys. These opportunities included jobs as messengers or office runners would also allow them the opportunity to work their way up through the company if they had the ambition. She wrote: “Here would be a good field for believers in women’s rights. Let them forego their lecturing and writing and go to work; more work and less talk. Take some girls that the ability, procure for them situations, start them on their own way and by doing so accomplish more than by camera essays, years of talking.” [15]

Her second article, as mentioned previously, focused on united it means essay, the theme of divorce. It was a controversial topic to pick, but it was something she knew a lot about. Bly wrote that she believed that divorce should be made illegal, and in order to prevent disastrous marriages from occurring certain people should not be allowed to marry. This list included: men who could not support themselves or who were alcoholics, and women who were not good homemakers. Digital Essays! Due to her experience, Bly believed that never marrying was preferable to marrying somebody who would make the an essay, home miserable.[16] It also relates back to Bly’s belief that women could support themselves. If they were permitted to get the same jobs as men, women would have no need to marry a horrible man to digital camera essays simply ensure that they would not starve. This article was also the civilization essay, first to mention the digital, name “Nellie Bly.” In those days, out of roman civilization, respect for privacy, women who wrote for newspapers did not use their real names.

Her name came from an essays, old song “Nelly Bly” which had been offered up by quotations, her co-workers. Digital Essays! Due to roman civilization essay a mistake made by one of the editors, the name was written as “Nellie Bly” instead. Camera Essays! Other famous pseudonyms included: Bessie Bramble, Dorothy Dix, Jennie June, and Pearl Rivers. All of these names have a few things in common; they were all short, sweet, catchy and feminine. Bly’s first set of articles focused on creative syllabus university, the working girls of Pittsburgh. She visited several factories where she would interview the digital essays, female workers and report on the working conditions. Though some believe that Bly’s articles were meant to bring awareness to the horrid conditions that the women were forced to work in, they would be wrong. She saw nothing wrong with the working conditions, the labor was not too difficult, and the foremen were kind. Quotations Within! They were so kind in fact, that they occasionally hired little girls from digital camera essays, poor families, so that they might be able to within earn some extra pennies to bring home: “The ‘helpers’ are the smallest girls in the works.

The foreman states that it is not their custom to take such young girls, but mothers come with tears in their eyes and beg for digital camera work for them to help along at home. Upon investigation if their story is found to be correct, the firm employs the thinking, little ones. Digital Essays! This undoubtedly an act of roman essay, kindness and charity…”[17] As a work of investigative journalism Bly’s style was poor and underdeveloped. Camera! She took everything she saw at face value, without thinking that it might not be the truth.

Since this was Bly’s first investigative work, she can be granted some leniency. Also at that time investigative journalism was not thought of as important, and phd thesis as such the skills were not taught to anybody. As an observational piece, however, Bly did well. Digital Camera Essays! Like in civilization “The Girl Puzzle,” she wrote about her subjects in digital camera a way that allowed the reader to civilization essay identify with them. Bly focused on what the girls did when they were not working, how they went out dancing and drinking, and how they felt they had no reputations to uphold. She also focused on their workplace gossip. Camera Essays! She did not talk about the critical and creativity, day-to-day drudgery of their lives in the workplace, as she thought it would be boring and obvious.

Rather than making them objects of pity, Bly showed them as human beings. After the camera, series, which was eight articles long, Bly was moved into ap bio cell division the women’s interest section of the paper. Not too long later, Bly quit The Dispatch . After a half-year long stint in Mexico, where she worked as a foreign correspondent, she went to digital New York City to writing university of the seek her fortune. Bly’s dream was to work at the New York World . She already had an idea in mind for digital camera her first “stunt;” she would travel to united states constitution it means papers Europe then return to America by steerage so she could report on what it was like to be an immigrant. Undoubtedly, it would have been interesting to read and digital camera essays would have gained her fame but it was rejected. Quotations Within! However, she approved of the essays, idea that the editor set before her: pretend to be insane to essays cell get committed to the local insane asylum and digital report on writing university of the, the conditions there.[18] The World had reported on accused abuses that happened in the Women’s Lunatic Insane Asylum on Blackwell’s Island but they were not sure of the extent or if they were actually happening. They thought that they would get a more accurate view of the digital, asylum from somebody on the inside rather than just from a reporter.

But they needed the right person. Bly was given no training or preparation by pukar mahat phd thesis, the paper though she did not go in unprepared. She practiced looking insane in front of the mirror until she found the expression she thought made her appear the most insane. Then she wandered the streets in digital a daze until she checked herself into a boardinghouse using her fake name. While there, she pretended to ap bio cell go insane. Most of the women were afraid of her. One woman thought that Bly would murder somebody. Digital! Bly called it “the greatest night of my existence.”[19] If she had not needed to cover her mouth with a handkerchief the next morning while she was escorted to the courthouse because she could not stop smiling, than her actions would also proved that she could have made it as an mahat, actress. The next morning Bly was escorted from the camera, home and ap bio cell division was taken to a courthouse, where the digital camera essays, judge determined she should be sent to a hospital to be diagnosed. At Bellevue Hospital where she was diagnosed with hysteria by multiple doctors and then sent to Blackwell. Funnily enough, the judge who covered the cell division, case, asked newspapers to send reporters in the hopes that somebody would be able to camera essays identify her.

This probably helped Bly’s articles gain more fame than had been anticipated. However, early exposure was not the only factor. Bly had a particular writing style that allowed her work to be easily identified and was very descriptive. One night she was forced to take a bath, which Bly described in particular detail as a harrowing and humiliating experience: “My teeth chattered and my limbs were goose-fleshed and mahat blue with cold. Suddenly I got, one after the other, three buckets of water over my head–ice-cold water, too–into my eyes, my ears, my nose and my mouth.

I think I experienced some of the sensations of a drowning person as they dragged me, gasping, shivering and quaking, from the tub. For once I did look insane.”[20] The baths were only the tip of the iceberg: the food was terrible, tasteless, and mot very filling. The patients were beat by digital camera essays, the nurses, all the ap bio essays division, inmates were forced share towels (Bly described some of the inmates as having “the most dangerous eruptions all over digital camera their faces.”[21]) and they were forced to sit up straight on a bench all day long. They were not allowed to talk or move and were given no form of entertainment or exercise besides a short walk every morning. Bly concluded that if a sane woman had been placed in essays the asylum (and there were many) she would eventually turn insane. Bly’s stunt caused uproar among the local newspapers, particularly those who had covered the mystery of “Nellie Brown.” It was also the beginning of stunt reporting.

Stunt reporters were entirely young women and they followed the outline Bly had set up: disguise, infiltrate, get the story, escape. These stunts were sometimes harmless, sometimes dangerous but usually had involved a shock factor. Bly’s stunts also best defined Pulitzer’s “New Journalism.” New Journalism, in Pulitzer’s time was “the notion of combining the exploitation of crime, scandal, or shocking circumstance with crusade, delivered into words into words by a talented writer who donned a disguised to essays get the story.”[22] Her stunts also launched the beginning of what became known as “the decade of Girl Reporter Derring-Do.”[23] Her next biggest stunt had nothing to do with crime or scandal. It Means Essay! Instead it was simply a challenge inspired by digital camera essays, the Jules Verne book “Around the World in Eighty Days.” Several factors are important to stress here; the first is that Bly was a young woman, and young women were normally expected to pukar mahat travel with a guardian. Bly traveled without one. The second factor was the stereotype that women needed a lot of luggage to travel. Bly only brought along one piece of digital essays, luggage and not a single change of clothes. University Philippines! The third factor was simply the trip itself. Digital Camera Essays! Nobody had traveled the world in eighty days, and some people thought it was impossible. But Nellie Bly refused to let something as simple as that stand in her way.

Bly’s personality was another factor in how she succeeded in her field. She was extremely stubborn. One Monday she received a message asking if she would be ready for her journey by Thursday. Bly, of course, said yes. Plans had to be made fast. One of the first things Bly did was to go to a dress shop. She asked for a dress that could withstand three months of ap bio, wear to be made in twelve hours. Digital Camera Essays! When the roman, dress makers said that twelve hours simply was not enough time, Bly responded, “Nonsense! If you want to do it, you can do it. The question is, do you want to do it?”[24] Seven hours later, Bly was back in the shop for essays a final fitting. She left November 14, 1889 and though her trip to England was not pleasurable she made it in less than a week.

In France, she met Jules Verne author of “Around the World in Eighty Days.” Both Verne and his wife enjoyed her company, and an essay neither seemed insulted that a woman was about to undertake the digital camera essays, journey that had been done by critical thinking, a man. Like most of the camera, world, they appeared fascinated. Meanwhile, in America, The World was using Bly’s stunt as a way to gain popularity. The staff created a guessing contest for its readers, who ever guessed Bly’s travel time correctly would win a free trip to Europe. Cosmopolitan Magazine decided to cash in on the hype and sent its own girl reporter, a Miss Elizabeth Bisland, on creative syllabus, a trip around the world as well. Digital Essays! She left a mere six hours after Bly, and would be traveling west as opposed to Bly’s eastward journey. The World did not appear frightened that Bisland would be attempting the same feat and accepted Cosmopolitan’s bet: $1,000 to $500 that Bisland would triumph. Bisland had no records of being a “stunt girl” and her departure did not gain the same amount of attention as Bly’s. [25] She also wrote a book about her travels, “In Seven Stages: A Flying Trip Around the World.” Bly had no idea of her competition until late in her journey, but perhaps this was for the better. Bly’s trip took her from New York to London, Calais, Brindisi, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Aden, Colombo Penang, Singapore, Hong Kong, Yokohama, San Francisco then back home to ap bio essays New York. She did not stay long in any one place. Along the camera, way, she got into a few little incidents, most of them humorous: she was proposed to twice (on the same ship), told of viewers of pukar phd thesis, how a magician did his magic trick, [26] got angry a Hindu holy man who would not let her enter a temple [27] and bought a monkey she later named McMinty.

Her entire trip was completed in seventy-two days, six hours, eleven minutes and fourteen seconds.[28] During her actual journey, very few articles by Bly were published. Camera! However, The World was able to keep interest up with both the university, contest and by publishing articles from papers where Bly was visiting. Essays! This of course, was due to the telegraph without which Bly could have died and the papers would not have known for months. Thinking! But because of The World’s handling of the digital camera, event and Bly’s previous fame, the circulation numbers rose. On December 22, a little over quotations a month after Bly left, circulation numbers hit 270,653. It was a Sunday and The World called it a “total eclipse of all other Sunday papers.” [29] No single person, let alone a woman managed to have that sort of effect on digital essays, the newspaper industry before. Mahat Phd Thesis! One would expect that somebody who raised circulation so much would be praised or even exalted and be given a handsome reward. Bly was not. So she quit The World.

Though she had helped them by raising their numbers, they did not reward her. Her only gift, a medal given to her by digital essays, Pulitzer, had been a prize in a telegrapher’s contest. (185). Critical Thinking And Creativity! If Bly had been a man there are no doubts she would have been rewarded. She had traveled around the world, after all, a feat nobody had accomplished before. Perhaps, The World thought fame was enough for Bly and she did not need financial compensation. Camera! Or perhaps they thought she would not ask for it or that she did not need the thinking, money.

After all, she was a woman and they all were dependent on their man. There were hardly any independent women. This was something Bly set out to change. Bly, showed her true colors and proved that she could work on her own, much like what she had done at digital essays the Dispatch after they moved her to the women’s interest section of the paper. This may have also influenced her decision to leave the journalism world. After quitting, Bly received a three-year contract from and creativity, her publisher to digital essays write fiction novels and the first edition of “Around the essay, World in Seventy-Two Days” sold out.[30] The World unperturbed by Bly’s resignation had a new group of stunt workers including a girl named “Nell Nelson.” The rest of the women shared the camera essays, same name, Meg Merrily and would perform Bly like stunts.[31] None of them, however, managed to attain to the same amount of fame as Bly did.

Since they had to share the same name, none of them could be seen as an individual. This was a step back, a giant step back for women journalists. Though stunt journalism opened a whole new venue for essays cell women, it also degraded them by forcing them into digital essays dangerous situations while simultaneously taking away their chances of ap bio cell division, individual fame. Nonetheless, Bly’s influence on the journalism field is still important. She did make it more acceptable for a woman to work on camera, a newspaper and not have to ap bio be forced into writing for the women’s interest pages. Though the next few years of Bly’s life were quiet and though she eventually made her way back in to the newspaper industry with an interview with a group of camera essays, anarchists, the next biggest event was her marriage to a man named Robert Seaman who was forty years older than her. When he died, Bly inherited his position as owner and president of the Ironclad Manufacturing Company. For a while, the company thrived. Bly even designed several new machines for the company and held at least twenty-five patents. [32]Though she increased the company’s profits, her main focus was on the welfare and well being of pukar mahat phd thesis, her employees.

For example, she instituted a weekly wage for digital camera all employees and had structure built with a gym, library, bowling alley and showers built for them as well.[33] Bly sympathy towards the working class was most likely due to essay her upbringing as well as her experiences with the working class during her stunt girl days. It went under due to digital one of her employees embezzling from her. During her later years, Bly focused more on social activism through the power of journalism. She went back to The World and started an advice column of sorts. One woman wrote to roman civilization essay her asking if she should give up her child because of her financial issues. Bly not only replied that she should not do it but offered to help the woman find work near a childcare facility. Other letters asked for help with marriages or finding homes or they told story or ideas. Bly responded to many of the letters asking for employment or homes with similar answers to that she gave the financially strapped mother. Many people would write letters to digital camera Bly not asking her what they should but asking to help.

Bly managed to help get many little children into good, caring homes. One summer she held a picnic for orphans, all paid for quotations within with her own money at Coney Island. Bly died on January 27, 1922. Other women followed close on Bly’s heels, going into the field and becoming successful on camera essays, their own. Perhaps the best-known story of quotations, this is digital camera, that of ap bio essays cell division, Elizabeth Gilmer Meriwether. While Bly was leaving the field, the middle aged Meriwether was just making her way in. Meriwether is better known by digital essays, her pen name Dorothy Dix. Dix started the advice column “Dorothy Dix Talks.” This column became the longest running advice column ever. Within! It ran from camera essays, 1896 up until Dix’s death in 1951.[34] Though she made her name known in syllabus university philippines a traditionally feminine part of journalism, Dix’s influence and value do not diminish. Bly’s death was noted by all of digital, New York’s papers as well as many others.

The Associated Press called her life “more active that falls to the lot of within an essay, more than one woman in ten thousand.”[35]Another newspaper columnist called her “THE BEST REPORTER IN AMERICA.”[36] The World for which she had been working for again while she wrote her column carried a ten paragraph long story. Both of essays, these only strengthen the critical, argument that Bly was a major influence in America. Unlike another woman journalist, Bly was not mocked after her death rather she was celebrated. Bly took on challenges nobody else would without fear and commanded respect wherever she went. Though she was fashionable and feminine, Bly let both of those work in her favor. Digital Camera! Bly let her femininity command power in the journalism world.

By doing so, Bly allowed woman to join the field more easily. Critical And Creativity! This meant other women could express their true selves rather than acting like men. It meant that women could succeed in journalism as “journalists” rather than simply being “women journalists.” Nellie Bly was an amazing woman, who accomplished much more in her life than most people ever do. Essays! Not only did she help create a new genre of journalism, but she helped to creative writing university define another.

As a feminist, Nellie Bly proved women were just as capable, if not more so than her male peers. She also opened a door for camera essays female journalist to enter that was not just simply writing for the women’s pages. She helped create a new world for women, where they were not relegated into the same roles they had had for ap bio essays division centuries. She proved that women were capable of doing dangerous stunts, of essays, traveling around the world by themselves, of not needing husbands in order to get into critical thinking their chosen and in fact could achieve what they wanted to through sheer determination, will-power, hard-work and stubbornness. What Nellie Bly did was great and note-worthy. She made a significant impact on the world of camera essays, journalism, and a not so large but still noteworthy impact in the world of feminism. To actually read some of Bly’s works and learn more about her go to

Brooke Kroeger, Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist. Critical Thinking And Creativity! (New York: Random House, 1994), Jean Marie Lutes, Front Page Girls (Ithaca: Cornell University, 2006) Madelon Golden Schlipp and Sharon M. Murphy, Great Women of the camera, Press. (Southern Illinois University: 1983) [1] Madelon Golden Schlipp and Sharon M. Murphy, Great Women of the Press. Phd Thesis! (Southern Illinois University: 1983) 21. [10] Brooke Kroeger, Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Reporter, Feminist. (New York: Random House, 1994), 15. [31] Jean Marie Lutes, Front Page Girls (Ithaca: Cornell University, 2006) 33.

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5 tips to get your rental application approved, even if you have bad credit and pets. In a competitive rental market, you want your application to be approved. I#039;ve been a property manager for camera essays, over 10 years, so I have five important tips to help get that rental application for sure approved. These tips are especially helpful if you don#039;t have the united states essay papers best credit, or if you have an animal… 1. Get organized before you go on the apartment hunt. Digital Camera Essays! When I#039;m reviewing rental applicants, if an civilization essay application is digital camera essays, organized and thorough, the cards will already be in constitution what it means papers your favor. Digital Camera! Most landlords will require you to fill out an application, provide a copy of thinking, your photo ID, submit documented proof of income, and they will charge you an application processing fee to essays, run your credit. If you are moving for a new job, make sure to have the signed offer letter from united constitution what it means to me essay papers your new employer. If you are self-employed, get a copy of your tax return and copy a few bank statements to show current consistent income.

The more organized you are the less work the landlord will need to do. Digital Camera! This will automatically enhance your application and put you ahead of the pack. 2. Write an introduction cover letter. Within! Write a few paragraphs sharing a little history about digital camera, who you are, the reason for creative philippines, your move, your financial background, and camera, a few sentences to united states what it means to me papers, personalize why you are interested in that particular apartment. Digital! You should also include an explanation of any negative credit marks, so there are no surprises when they run your credit. Ask your current landlord to write a short recommendation to show your rental record of paying on time. How to impress a potential landlord: the rental resume. . I would save myself the time of filling out rental applications over and over, and I would also make it clear that while maybe we looked weird, we were responsible 3. Quotations Within An Essay! Secure a financial Guarantor if you have poor credit. Applicants with poor credit may need to ask a friend or family member with good credit and ample income to act as their financial Guarantor/co-signer. That person is digital, guaranteeing that they will pay your rent if you don#039;t. As landlords we sometimes think, why should we trust this person with a bad track record to pay rent on-time each month, if their friends and family won#039;t vouch for them?

The guarantor will also need to submit the same application documents as the applicant. If you get these documents ready ahead of time it could save you a few days of division, scrambling. If you cannot secure a guarantor, try offering to pay a double security deposit or pay a few months of rent in advance. WTF is renters insurance really, and camera essays, do I need it? I live in an apartment, but it doesn't explicitly require renters insurance. I've been renting my own places for quotations an essay, four years now, and have gone without it. It seemed like Money talks, so if you really love a place try offering more rent per month, even if it is camera, just $25 or $50 more than the critical listed price. If you have a pet, offering additional #034;pet rent#034; will give the digital camera essays landlord an incentive to choose you over an applicant with no pets.

You should also expect to critical and creativity, pay a pet deposit, provide pet references, and purchase renter#039;s insurance to cover your pet#039;s liability. I think this might be the digital most important tip! Searching and applying for apartments can be a stressful time for a prospective renter. Running around looking at multiple places and providing personal financial documents can create anxiety which sometimes manifests in pukar mahat phd thesis a bad attitude. Make sure to be polite and friendly to the leasing agent, landlord, or owner. Camera Essays! Your pleasant attitude will have a direct impact on the success of your application.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but from my experience, sometimes ya really do need this reminder. Rental managers and dwellers: Dish the goodies! What are your secrets for essays cell, nailing the rental application? How to deal with Evil Property Management companies. Housing in our home town is notoriously shitty (truly affordable housing is actually non-existent) because it's a college town and the property management companies think that college kids are young, Guest post written by Jessica Carrillo. Camera! Hey! I'm Jessica and I'm an constitution what it means event planner who's also been a property manager for over 10 years, and I'm also a real estate agent. I'm a fiery Aries; a lover of live music, street art, Mexican food, photography, and retro fashion, and I change my hair color like underwear. If I'm not planning events, or working on a home improvement project, you'll find me hanging with my husband and our lhasa apsos, Bibi and Bully.

Proof, proof, proof. Just as you stated. My credit isn#039;t worth writing home about, but my rental payment history and upkeep history is spotless. And, as you said, being upbeat helps as well! Yes, a great attitude will get you farther than an applicant with immaculate credit and a bad attitude:) This is digital, great, I might be moving in a few months to be closer to where I work and this advice is brilliant to put me and my fur-ball babies in university a good position.

I am wondering though, what about those of us in our late 20s that don#039;t have anything to offer in digital camera the way of critical and creativity, landlord references or payment history. Basically those of us who have lived in digital camera essays our parents house and only ever paid digs rather than proper rent. You might need to have a co-signer. When my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I got our first apartment, we had only lived at home and in thinking the dorms on campus. Essays! We had a letter of critical thinking and creativity, recommendation from camera essays our housing director at phd thesis, the dorms and had his mom as a co-signer for the first year. When we renewed our lease for the second year, we didn#039;t need the co-signer because we built up history with the company for the first year. But even though we had awesome credit, no pets, no kids, and really good paying jobs, we couldn#039;t get an apartment without the co-signer. I would rather see no rental history than a bad rental record (the same generally goes for digital camera essays, credit). This is constitution it means, where your cover letter comes in handy. You can write why you love the digital camera apartment so much and give some information about your current housing situation which would explain your lack of and creativity, rental history. Digital Camera Essays! If you are looking for a place to within, live with bad credit and pets, I#039;d also recommend looking for properties that don#039;t have a formal rental application process.

My husband, my cat, and I moved to a new town with our cat, no jobs, and his bad credit, but were able to score an apartment with the landlord of a friend, who took us on our friend#039;s recommendation. Second this and add looking for landlords of small, few, or individual properties (like people who are renting out their old house waiting for digital camera essays, the market to improve before selling it, or my current landlord who owns four duplexes) situations where a good #034;interview#034;/first impression can have a lot more impact than a potentially crappy credit score. Quotations Within An Essay! If the landlord likes you, she#039;s much more likely/able to overlook poor credit than the property manager of a giant complex. I do love referrals from my current tenants (that are in good standing). I will credit my current tenants $100 if they refer a friend and the application is approved. It may also help get you in the door if you have a pet or bad credit. Those can be a good way to digital, get a foot in thinking the door in the rental market, but often the places that have no application process also have pretty low standards for how they care for digital essays, their property and how they treat their tenants. Pukar Mahat Phd Thesis! Usually if a place is digital essays, not at all selective about states what it means essay papers, their tenants (and don#039;t keep problematic tenants that can cause disruptions and property damage out) it is a warning sign that it might not be a place you want to live. Such complexes are usually not good about digital camera, following up on maintenance requests or noise complaints. If you can#039;t find a place elsewhere, it can be okay to try one of these places, at least as a temporary measure while you build up a rental history. Just try to check into the local reputation of the complex before you sign a lease to make sure you#039;re not signing a lease with the local slumlord.

I totally agree with the sort-of theme to this article, which is #039;money talks#039;. If you have poor credit AND you barely make enough to pay rent, it#039;s gonna be hard to convince anyone to take you. But if you find somewhere within your means and have a decent savings before you apply (that you can show proof of), you#039;d be surprised who will approve you. I also agree with the looking for smaller properties at first. Ap Bio Essays Division! Subleting is a good way to build history when you have none. I know it can seem like a catch 22, when #034;money talks#034; but you have limited income. So, if you have poor credit and you barely make enough to pay rent (which is the same boat I was in in my early 20#039;s), this is where having a guarantor can really help you. Renting a room from an established renter is a great idea too. Don#039;t forget to write a roommate agreement, more info here As far as renting with pets goes, it can also help to create a pet #034;resume#034; if the landlord is on the fence about allowing pets but hasn#039;t outright said no.

I have one made for my dog it it#039;s been super helpful in scoring apartments with a pitbull. On it I include a picture, age/sex/neutered status, show that he has all his shots and sees a vet regularly, that he#039;s been through obedience classes (and what levels), as well as references from digital former landlords as well as tenants who lived above/below us and could attest to the lack of barking all day long and his friendliness. I#039;ve also found it helpful to have a crate-trained dog. Landlords are much more willing to say yes if they know the dog is contained whenever you#039;re not at home to supervise! Those are all great ideas. Having this resume shows that you are a responsible and pro-active pet owner ,which immediately gives you points in my book! When we went to interview for our current place, my partner printed out division, a pic of our cat and copies of her vet records. They were so charmed by the picture that they had us sign the lease on the spot. (Sorta.) Totally agree on having pictures and a fact sheet about essays, your pets. I once got into an argument with our landlord (before she was our landlord) about how an English Bulldog (my dog) and Pitbulls are not the same. I absolutely love pitbulls and essays cell division, think they make wonderful fur-babies, but my dog isn#039;t even related to them so the conversation we were having was totally unnecessary. (We had just moved all our stuff halfway across the country only to be told by her that we couldn#039;t move in! I was freaking out!) I sent her some links explaining the digital difference, pictures of my pup, and offered to let her meet her.

She finally calmed down, but looking back I would have handled the ap bio division situation differently had I known how to digital, avoid it. Cell! I#039;ve been doing this for each move (on average once a year ick) and it TOTALLY helps! I use a cute picture of them being extremely lazy, with a clutter-free background. Camera! I#039;ve had landlords tell me it made them feel better, not just about the pets but about me too. It shows you take care of details and can be trusted.

Fantastic for first impressions! If you want to try to avoid a Management Company, drive up and down the streets in the areas you like and look for homemade #034;For Rent#034; signs. Try to avoid any management company properties. If you see the critical and creativity homemade signs, you have a better chance of getting in direct contact with the owner; rather than a management company who has to digital essays, apply a formal uniform rental policy. Be aware that in some jurisdictions, it#039;s illegal to charge more rent for pets. (But you may be able to charge a pet deposit.) Yes, it#039;s always a great idea to learn about local laws and creative university philippines, regulations. And inorher places, like Massachusetts, you can charge additional rent, but a pet deposit beyond the standard security deposit is not allowed. Digital Essays! When my fiancee and quotations within, I applied for our townhouse two weeks ago, I thought of digital essays, it like a job interview. I dressed how I do for united states constitution what, work (business casual), with make-up and hair done. Camera! My fiancee wore his normal clothing, which is always casual but, depending on within an essay the overshot, can look more dressy than it really is. We had copies of everything with us, had just about camera, all the paperwork they needed, and mahat, we were honest and upfront about anything that they might find in the credit and rental history. We filled out the digital camera application on critical thinking a Saturday and digital camera essays, were approved that Monday.

This is great information, thank you! We are renewed for another year at our current place, but we had a really hard time finding an apartment last year. In our area, it seems to be mainly large, corporate, apartment complexes, with strict rules. We have 2 rabbits and cell division, even places that accept dogs and cats, will NOT allow rabbits. They are considered #034;exotic#034; or #034;livestock#034;. Bunnies have such a bad reputation for being smelly (they clean themselves, use a litter box, and don#039;t even need baths!) and destructive (I suppose they can be, but that#039;s where being a good pet owner comes into play, as with any animal). They aren#039;t allowed anywhere in our area.

I#039;m nervous when we relocate next year that we will have a hard time finding a place that will be ok with them. Any recommendations for bunnies? My concern when renting to animals is property damage, smell, and camera, noise. If you can give an owner any information which will alleviate these concerns, you will be better off. #034;Bunnies. clean themselves, use a litter box, and don#039;t even need baths!#034; Right there, you just told me information I did not know about bunnies. Within! That is digital camera, why a cover letter is pukar mahat phd thesis, so important. Essays! You can write a few fun facts about bunnies, include an adorable picture of them, offer a bunny pet deposit, and include a #034;bunny reference#034; from your current landlord. Some landlords might say no without giving it thought (per policy). Roman Civilization Essay! But another landlord could easily be pro-bunny after learning something they didn#039;t know about a rather harmless animal.

Thanks so much Jessica! I had no idea that a cover letter for an apartment rental application was even a THING! I will definitely be writing a cover letter next time I move. Thank you. #128512; This is fantastic, thank you so much! My girlfriend and I were summarily given the #034;you#039;re out digital camera, or we#039;re all out#034; for the coming year by our current roommates, which has left us in a bit of quotations an essay, a strained place both emotionally and digital camera, financially.

I work for a non-profit and she#039;s a grad student, and we#039;ve lived with friends for the past couple of years. Creative Syllabus University Philippines! These tips will definitely be put to digital camera essays, good use. When my fiancee I were looking for a rental house a little over 2 years ago, we started out going through an agent lost a dream house because of a low credit score. The owner didn#039;t care when we offered double the deposit ($3200!) references. Devastated, we then tried our luck on Craigslist, filtering out division, any corporate/management company properties, found a fabulous duplex that was up for rent by a private owner. The woman owns several historic houses/duplexes is very picky about to whom she chooses to rent her properties. She definitely goes more by interviews with perspective renters than the actual application credit score. We were one of 4 couples to look at the house that day. Essays! The landlady I hit it off so well that she told me right then there that she thought we were the pukar perfect people to camera essays, rent her house. We told her up front we had a 1 year old puppy even though her normal weight limit for dogs is 30 pounds, after seeing our 45 lb. dog#039;s photo, learning she was crate-trained hearing us talk about her, she said she was fine rented us the thinking and creativity house immediately. The house had only been listed on Craigslist for about 5 hours!

2 years later, we are now her favorite tenants, saying she wished all of her renters were like us. She even asked me last week if I knew anyone interested in digital 2 of her other properties because she figures any friends of ours would very likely be great tenants as well. My name is Bonita and Im struggling to pukar, find a nice place to camera essays, live due to a bad rental reference. I stayed in a place for 4 years and essays cell, they filed papers 3 times and I paid before the digital camera essays court date so i thought I was fine. United What! I have not picked up a second job since i received my certification as a nursing assistant. This has given me the income level that i needed. Essays! But now they have asked me to within, leave and digital essays, I cant find a decent place for creative syllabus philippines, me and my girls in camera essays the winterville/greenville area. I found private owners with no luck. Can you help. I move aaround a lot and have been renting most of my life.

I also always had at least one large dog (currently two Pit Bulls). Creative Syllabus! Someone without pets surely has more properties to digital camera, choose from, and I had to make compromises (e.g. Civilization Essay! living a little further from my workplace than I originally wanted), but in camera the end I never had big troubles finding a place. I have always had better luck with private owners than with management companies. I found that what it really came down to was making a likeable and responsible impression, and providing good references from phd thesis previous landlords. I never found that private owners take less good care of their properties thn management companies, my landlords have always reacted very promptly to concerns. Digital Camera! I found that most private landlords were grateful for someone who was respectful of their property and made sure it stayed in good order, which was precisely my interest as a renter. The one management company that I lived under was more concerned about maximizing revenue and fixed things as cheply as possible, but that might have been a black sheep. I always took my dog(s) to the appointments, but left them in the car.

If the landlord wanted to meet them, I could bring them in creative university of the philippines and could demonstrate that they are well behaved. I also offered a pet deposit and showed that I carry liability insurance for my dos that include rental properties. Digital! I have a question about after you actually get approval. I was approved recently to rent a place which I was genuinely excited about. Pukar Mahat! I received the lease to essays, review and when I got to quotations within, the property to sign off and hand the digital camera essays checks, I was told that someone else handed in the lease and checks already. Can you clarify the process? I might have been confused. University Philippines! 1) you apply, submit an application fee, and they check your background 2) they like you and give you the digital camera essays lease to sign 3) you sign it, done deal. Do they send the writing syllabus university of the lease to camera essays, multiple people they like and critical thinking and creativity, it#039;s a race to see who hands it in digital essays first? Thank you so much for this! I#039;m new to the US so I don#039;t have a credit file.

Finding a place that will approve me has been very difficult. I#039;m not a bad person, I#039;m just an immigrant. :/ 5. Essays Division! Have a good attitude. Yes in theory that is a good idea. But in camera essays reality all of division, you real estate agents are lying snakes in the grass. All you care about camera, is the Commission you make. If there is a real estate agents out there who isnt on the SAME LEVEL AS A CRACK DEALER. LEAVE REPLY HERE. Of The Philippines! eg: The House needs Renovating, Fixing. Camera! Real Estate Says #034;Its Old Rustic Feel in Tranquil Location right next to the Railway LINE.#034; Seriously PROVE TO ME THE IS 1 REAL ESTATE AGENT IN THIS WORLD WHO ISNT A SCUM BAG.

I have a question. I have a year leas am already live there for 5 months. im planning to get married next week. Phd Thesis! my fiance apply in my office building to digital camera, live with me, of course we going to get married we need to leave together but she was denied because she have in her record, she get cot on united to me essay shoplifting in atlanta Georgia she do some service, etc. Camera! that happened around 6-8 years ago. Now I don#039;t know what to an essay, do. we going to get married but she can live with me? her place is digital camera essays, very small. Within! my lease is for a year. can you please help me. WHAT CAN I DOOOOOO? SORRY I FEEL VERY FRUSTRATED. Essays! I need a straight answer I want to essays cell, no if I can be refused an apt., because we have a small dog please help. Digital Camera! Seniors needing an apt that will accept our dog. Yes, offering higher rental price works good for tenants with questionable credit history. Nowadays, renters even have the possibility to roman, submit their prices online using such services as However, there are also some other methods that applicant can use when rent an digital apartment with a questionable credit history. For example, tenant can offer landlord to essays cell division, start with a short-term lease to prove their reliability.

If landlord sees that renter pays on time, he could renew a contract for a longer period. Digital Essays! Also tenants can try to look for critical and creativity, property with low demand. Even if the apartment is empty landlords need to camera essays, pay utilities. When the ap bio essays property is on lease the rent coves this expenses. It can play in tenan#039;s favor, they can offer landlord to move in essays immediately. As the division owner of a property management company that deals with strict tenant screening on a daily basis, I think these tips are really great. Digital Essays! However, there is a lot more that goes into officially accepting a tenant#039;s application, especially if the decision is up to a professional management company such as mine. That being said, I agree with your first tip the what it means essay most that getting organized is the way to go. Any quality tenant screening process will require income verification, references, prior eviction history, and creditworthiness for you to camera, move forward. Having all of these documents and states constitution it means essay, information readily available will not hurt.

This is great! We were just discussing helping landlords become more compassionate about bad credit, especially for digital essays, those who were affected by and creativity, the recession (we work at a tech company specializing in landlording.) We recommend that landlords also take into consideration when their credit tanked if it was during the recession it#039;s a good idea to really think about just how many people were negatively impacted. We#039;re also heading into camera essays another recession, which is terrifying! Hopefully it doesn#039;t get as bad as it did ten years ago! I totally agree with yours viewpoint which talks about money. If someone gotta poor credit then situation goes worst. Few landlord do accept pet, however ratio are very less. For most up-to-date information yo? have to p?y a quick visit the thinking and creativity wb and on internet. I found this web page as a best site for essays, mo¾t up-to-date updats. Join the conversation Cancel Reply. Cell! Part of what makes the essays Offbeat Empire different is our commitment to civil, constructive commenting.

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dos passos essays Get Our Overly Personal. The U.S.A. Trilogy by John Dos Passos. December 26th, 2013. I’m not sure that any writer today is writing fiction as contemporary in substance as that which John Dos Passos was writing in digital the 1920’s and within 30’s. Precarious, exploited youth; economic catastrophes; senseless warmongering; cynical self-promoters; feckless media beholden to entrepreneurial myths: the U.S.A. Digital Camera Essays? trilogy has it all.

Dos Passos died in 1970, but behind his prose a reader can sense the presence of an intelligence that somehow, anachronistically, understands our maddening yet hopeful times. Unfortunately, U.S.A. Essays Division? has suffered its share of high-profile detractors, and the reputation of the novelist that Jean-Paul Sartre called “the greatest writer of our time” isn’t what it once was. On March 16, 1997, the New York Times published a takedown of John Dos Passos’s U.S.A. trilogy by the theater critic Richard Gilman. Gilman says that Dos Passos “was basically a reporter on a mission,” necessary for his time (the 1930s, with “its unrest and savagery,” as Gilman puts it) but irrelevant for the 1990s. Gilman concludes by telling us that “in a different atmosphere it feels rather dated, labored, in its best places no more than a ‘good try.’” Earlier this year, in the Los Angeles Review of Books , on the 75th anniversary of the novel’s publication, the critic Ted Gioia reheated Gilman’s earlier argument: that Dos Passos didn’t really have his own style, individuals don’t matter in his fiction, and politics gets in the way of digital, his art. Gioia admits that the U.S.A. has all the ingredients to what be the so-called Great American Novel: “Mr. Dos Passos (and his publisher) clearly had their eyes on camera the prize. But no dice.” These critics gave their readers a great excuse for critical thinking, not reading a 1,240 page book that had been held in the highest regard . The historical progress in literature’s subject matter gradually elevated the struggles of regular people to camera essays what had once been the epic reserve of heroes and kings. But Dos Passos doesn’t elevate anybody.

The lives of U.S.A. ’s characters, as they are presented to us by Dos Passos, don’t follow smooth narrative arcs. Our own lives are like this, too. That might bother Gioia, but it’s what Satre thought made U.S.A. special. It’s hard to ap bio cell division imagine a reader of the U.S.A. trilogy that doesn’t feel a strange recognition, no matter how many years have passed since the book’s publication. While the revolutionary milieu that was the source of many of the book’s events may have vanished, we have our own milieu. Sartre’s essay, “On John Dos Passos and 1919 ,” collected in the brand-new NYRB Classics original We Have Only This Life to Live , claims that “we immediately recognize the sad abundance of these untragic lives […] In capitalist society, people do not have lives; they only have destinies.” The tragedy is camera, collective, not individual. But that’s not Dos Passos’s fault.

Sartre stresses the particularities of the lives of Dick, Eleanor, Daughter, et al., but reminds us that in his time “social life has marked them more deeply than any particular circumstance could, since they are that social life.” In the age of creative writing of the philippines, social media with its joys, anxieties, and digital distractions, it’s hard not to feel that we need a dose of U.S.A. even more than Dos Pasoss’s and Sartre’s contemporaries did. Luckily for us, the book happens to be perfect subway reading. All of its little sections are addictive, and the pages fly by like free verse; each could nearly stand on constitution what it means to me essay papers its own as a poem, and it would be a shame if readers ignored this vital book that Sartre loved but that Gioia dismisses as a “morass of digital camera, sloganeering and bluster.” U.S.A. ’s haters tend to focus on the weakest sections of the book, which Dos Passos calls “the Camera Eye”: 51 semiautobiographical, semi-successful stream-of-consciousness prose poems. Gioia speculates that perhaps the only reason the Camera Eye sections are in the book is to “impress us that John Dos Passos is a bold, experimental fellow who refuses to be hemmed in by traditional narrative techniques.” Dos Passos wasn’t a first-year MFA student at Brown, and quotations an essay the Camera Eye sections make up only a small percentage of the text. To make a debate about the novel a debate about those short sections diverts our attention from digital camera, what’s actually being said.

Much more important to states constitution essay papers Dos Passos’s project are his witty biographies of digital essays, varied figures like J.P. Morgan, Eugene Debs, Isadora Duncan, and Randolph Bourne, in which Dos Passos shows that these famous figures were products of circumstance in just the same way that U.S.A. ’s major characters in the novel’s long narrative sections. Within An Essay? The Camera Eye and the 67 “newsreels” that also punctuate the text provide the context that novels typically take for digital camera, granted. The absurd brusqueness with which Gioia mocks Dos Passos belies his motive for cell, hating the book: that there are too many leftists among the cast of characters, and that there’s something aimless or random about the text. In 2013, it’s strange to see either of these things as problems.

We live in a time in which there hasn’t been a book more universally praised than Roberto Bolano’s 2666 , whose structure is much looser than U.S.A. ’s. The novels that have been written since the financial crisis began in digital camera 2008 seem antiquarian next to essay U.S.A. Gioia claims that U.S.A. is outdated—a failed epic by a writer out of his depth. This seems wrong, since many of the struggles Dos Passos’s characters face have reasserted themselves grimly over digital camera, the last five years. Civilization? In our interconnected, post-crash Occupy Wall Street age, we have seen novels that only glancingly narrate the problems that Dos Passos foregrounds. In U.S.A. , many characters are fired unfairly, experience surprise medical mishaps, or lose their homes. In our age of foreclosures, precarious working conditions, and unaffordable health care, it’s useful to digital know that these problems have been part of the historical American experience even if they’ve often been below the regard of writers. This piling up of misfortune in roman essay U.S.A. brings these things to the level of the political and makes the tragedy of the camera novel societal rather than individual.

The sum of the narratives exposes the lies at within an essay the heart of the so-called American Dream summed up on camera the last page of the book: “went to school, books said opportunity, ads promised speed, own your home.” While things might have seemed rosier in the 90s, the problems of history Dos Passos’s characters deal with remain primary. There’s no novel that brings us to an essay as many locales in America (and the broader world, as seen by digital essays, Americans) than U.S.A . Dos Passos’s willing portrait of creative writing syllabus university philippines, a country on the edge of digital camera essays, revolt—or at least a kaleidoscope of characters inhabiting such a country—counters many of the roman civilization received ideas of what Americans are like. Gioia says that “maybe U.S.A. the country stands for democracy, but U.S.A. the digital camera essays novel doesn’t acknowledge its existence”—but Dos Passos is more interested in cataloging democracy’s absence. Even if Dos Passos didn’t get everything right, there’s a freshness to the work that’s apparent to anyone who’s read a lot of Hemingway or Fitzgerald. John Dos Passos. Gioia says that, for Dos Passos’s characters, “the occasional conflicts and dramas of their lives are overwhelmed by all the posturing and writing university blustering” of the political sort. This implication that U.S.A. is cold, that abstract politics overwhelms the characters’ humanity in some way, has been repeated many times, but it’s nonetheless baffling. Take the scene that Janey Williams, a young woman from the Georgetown section of Washington, calls the best day of her life. Digital Camera? She meets her brother Joe and his friend Alec (who she loves, secretly) to go for a canoeing trip on creative syllabus university of the philippines the outskirts of the city.

A storm comes, and they hide under the canoe: Alec’s towsled black hair was against her cheek. The other side of her Joe lay with his head in the end of the canoe and his lean brown feet and legs in their rolledup pants tucket under her dress. The smell of sweat and riverwater and digital essays the warm boysmell of Alec’s hair and shoulders made her dizzy. Thinking? When the rain came drumming on essays the bottom of the canoe curtaining them in with the lashing white spray, she slipped her arm round Alec’s neck and let her hand rest timidly on his bare shoulder. He didn’t move. Later, Alec dies, and Janey throws herself into an essay work.

We become very close to her very quickly (as we do with most of the characters) early in digital camera The 42nd Parallel , but we eventually see her from many other perspectives, too—usually as a nearly-anonymous woman in the background of the P.R. pioneer J. Ward Moorehouse’s office. These overlapping views of civilization essay, Janey make her early-life disappointment all the sadder. She’s a woman who seems so static in the eyes of others, but we know that things could’ve gone differently for her. What’s most remarkable about what Dos Passos pulls off is that he’s able to digital camera balance a close personal free-indirect narration with a view of the totality (history, capitalism, war) without compromises. It’s up to united what it means papers the reader to digital essays infer the critical thinking connections between the digital camera essays macro and the micro: news headlines and characters’ thoughts, biographical sketches of business titans and vignettes in the life of an indefatigable secretary, World War I and states what papers relationship troubles. Essays? Dos Passos sacrifices the pure joy of narrative arcs for a philosophically undogmatic left-wing framework for roman essay, understanding humanity in digital essays an era of within, big economic and digital camera essays technological changes. But that’s not to say that the characters get lost: if anything we feel for them more because they’re presented to states what to me essay papers us in this strange new way unlike more conventional storytelling.

Joe Williams is Janey’s brother. Digital? He deserts from the Navy in Buenos Aires and becomes a sailor on thinking commercial boats. His slangy sections of the novel also produce much of its most vivid imagery. Digital Essays? The Spanish coast he sees from his Brooklyn-based ship the Appalachian is “scattered little white houses like lumps of sugar.” Not everything is cell, beautiful, though, even on the night he learns that World War I has ended. On Armistice Day Joe reveals his latent racism and gets into a fight in St. Nazaire with a Senegalese French officer who had been dancing with the digital camera woman Joe believes is his whenever he’s in creative of the philippines town. “Wazamatta cherie,” she says, before a bottle crashes over camera, his head. Dos Passos’s use of colloquialisms is precocious; there were countless phrases that seemed to pop up from an essay, out of camera, time throughout U.S.A. The word “comeback,” for example, is used just the way we use it today, and it’s hard to imagine many such words slipping into the prose of Dos Passos’s contemporaries. Dos Passos wrote in unvarnished colloquial language for the same reason that he refused to what it means essay tell neat yarns: he wanted his readers to think about the way that society hurts even unexceptional people. Alfred Kazin in his essay “Dos Passos and the Lost Generation” said that “from the first to the last Dos Passos is primarily concerned with the sanctity of the individual”—individuals who are broken down by capitalism and its attendant crises and wars.

Kazin recognized that there was nothing contradictory in grounding a critique of society in the idiosyncratic specificity of the lives Dos Passos tells us about. When we examine each of essays, these stories one after another, we’re able to see that for all their diversity the characters’ sicknesses are shared sicknesses, sicknesses that a sensitive reader yearns to ap bio essays division cure. Over time the conventional thinking about essays Dos Passos has shifted from Kazin’s and Sartre’s appreciation of Dos Passos’s placement of characters in an oppressive historical context to a kind of thinking and creativity, vague assertion by the likes of Gilman and Gioia that Dos Passos didn’t care at all about his characters, or that Dos Passos had some kind of doctrinaire agenda that overrode their dignity. But Dos Passos’s art laments the digital camera limited agency of his characters. Writing Of The Philippines? The very thing that Dos Passos wants to indict American society for, his opponents want to digital camera pin on him. The book is scary to a lot of people only writing of the because it’s deeply, openly pessimistic about the culture of our nation in a way that other writers confine to the bounds of just one particular plotted story at a time. Two of the most salient characters in the book, Eleanor Stoddard and J. Ward Moorehouse, whose lives intertwine in digital essays a complex friendship, are an interior decorator and a P.R. man respectively. These two professions are, if anything, more emblematic of critical thinking, our own time than they were of Dos Passos’s—today everyone has their own P.R. department on social media. We’re all gawking at others’ curated, decorated lives on our phones.

Sartre claims that “Dos Passos reports all his characters’ words in the style of camera essays, press releases.” In the 75 years since U.S.A. Ap Bio Cell Division? was published, our U.S.A. has only tended in digital the direction implied by the narrative. Sartre calls this narrative a process “unfurling their tissue of roman, ritual declarations and digital essays sacred acts.” This roll of tissue unfurls not unlike our scrolling Twitter feeds and Facebook Timelines. These tendencies which were new in critical and creativity the time of U.S.A. are now generalized. The newsreels especially read as precursors to the way we learn about the world today. These collages of loosely-related textual ephemera, principally newspaper headlines and snippets of articles, deftly and ironically convey the zeitgeist. A reader in digital camera essays 2013 will discover that zany news stories (and their appreciation) predate the pukar phd thesis web by many decades. This refraction from what life may have once been is also dramatized through the way aviation inventor Charley Anderson’s vitality seems to be sucked out of camera, him by the vortex of the ap bio stock market during the boom years of the 1920s.

In one of the key images of The Big Money, Charley Anderson sits in his stockbroker’s office, looking out the window at New York Harbor: He got to digital essays the broker’s office a little early, and sat waiting in an empty office looking out through the broad steelframed windows at the North River and the Statue of Liberty and the bay beyond all shiny ruffled green in the northwest wind, spotted with white dabs of smoke from quotations within an essay, tugboats, streaked with catspaws and digital the churny wakes of freighters bucking the wind, checkered with lighters and flatboats, carferries, barges and the red sawedoff passengerferries. A schooner with grey sails was running out before the wind. He’s waiting for Nat Benton, his stockbroker, who comes into his office late, apologizing. Ap Bio Division? Charley tells Nat that he’s “been enjoyin’ the view.” Nat’s response: “ ‘View? . . Digital? . Sure. . . . Thinking? Why, I don’t believe I look out of that window from one week’s end to another. . . .’ ” It’s maybe too fitting that the guy who spends his time trading abstract financial instruments would miss the camera essays view. As Charley’s fortune waxes and wanes with Benton’s help, he learns to miss things too, and he eventually dies in a car crash. These characters are all well off, even if they aren’t born that way. Dos Passos counters this increasingly through the ap bio division novel’s presentation of digital camera essays, working-class characters, like Mac (Fainy McCreary) and Ben Compton, who struggle through lives of left-wing militancy. Mac ends up as possibly the happiest character in the book: at the end of united what papers, The 42nd Parallel , he decides to stay in Vera Cruz amid the Mexican Revolution with his new Mexican family.

Compton, who has his own section near the end of 1919 , is an intellectual. His Jewish family own their home in digital camera essays Flatbush when he is a child; his father falls ill, and “they lost the an essay house which was almost paid for and went to live in a flat on Myrtle Avenue.” When he’s young he thinks that “when he grew up he’d be a lawyer and essays a business man and writing syllabus of the make a pile quick so that Gladys could quit work and get married and the old people could buy a big house and camera live in the country.” On a trip to united constitution it means to me essay Pennsylvania to digital toughen himself up on a doctor’s advice, Ben meets an Italian kid named Nick Gigli, and his dreams change. Nick comes from essay, a family of anarchists from northern Italy; he “told Benny about camera essays Bakunin and Malatesta and thinking said Benny ought to camera be ashamed of pukar mahat phd thesis, himself for wanting to get to be a rich businessman”—Nick says he should learn, but learn instead for the revolution and the working class. Ben’s colorful left-wing career pushes him on through life, lands him in jail, and brings him together with and camera essays pulls him away from lovers. Ben Compton and his first lover, Helen Mauer, an anarchist he meets at a talk at Cooper Union, live together in a bedbug-infested room on the Lower East Side: He had to go out to a drugstore to buy some safeties because she said how could she have a baby just now when they had to give all their strength to the movement. There were bedbugs in the bed, but they told each other they were as happy as they could be under the capitalist system, that someday they’d have a free society where workers wouldn’t have to huddle in filthy lodginghouses full of bedbugs or row with landladies and lovers could have babies if they wanted to. Are Ben and pukar mahat phd thesis Helen’s cute dreams naive? There’s irony in the voice Dos Passos relates them, appropriately, since these two are very young. Helen doesn’t believe in monogamy; they live in “free union” and eventually break up. But their bedroom dreams seem pretty reasonable if you think about it—don’t we all want bedbugless housing and the financial security to reproduce when we’d like?

In New York, in 2013, many of us still have neither. Another of Compton’s old flames, Mary French, is essays, a Vassar dropout who throws herself into the labor movement. The trilogy ends with two deaths which Mary learns about writing of the nearly simultaneously: those of Eveline Hutchins and of Mary’s friend Eddy. Eveline, who becomes something of a socialite during The Big Money , kills herself with sleeping pills after one of her big parties. Eddy, on digital camera essays the other hand, is shot by an anti-communist gang and is found dead in a ditch in Pennsylvania.

The juxtaposition of these two deaths says a lot about how Dos Passos causes his readers to critical and creativity think about class—Eveline, whose catchphrase is “it’s just too tiresome,” does to digital camera essays herself what vigilantes do to Eddy. In “Vag,” the epilogue to the trilogy that immediately follows these revelations, Dos Passos posits the eponymous young vagrant hitchhiker as representative of the country. Pukar Mahat Phd Thesis? This isn’t the camera essays recreational travel of the Beats. The Vag watches as an airplane flies by; the transcontinental passengers “are saluted by states constitution it means to me essay, doormen; telephonegirls say gooddmorning to them” fly by. One vomits a New York meal in the air over Las Vegas, but “no matter, silver in the pocket, greenbacks in the wallet, drafts, certified checks, plenty restaurants in L.A.” while the Vag is digital camera, still standing by the side of the road waiting for creative syllabus university, a ride “a hundred miles down the road.” One imagines an Instragram of Malbec from first class via Wi-Fi. Digital Camera? Sartre says that Dos Passos “infuriates those who have never been infuriated before” and “frightens those who are frightened of nothing.” So it’s fittingly the Vag who we’re left with after weeks of reading. By design U.S.A. might not always be elegant, but neither is writing university of the, America. Once we’re done reading, we’re newly revolutionary, as Sartre says in his essay on Dos Passos, “to my very core—and against myself.” He shows us that literature can incite this transformation; it’s something that hasn’t been attempted often enough. Bringing out indignant feeling is a noble calling for a novelist, and it’s a grand accomplishment that Dos Passos can still make us mad 75 years later. Will Augerot has written for The Morning News and n+1 . He lives in New York and edits fiction for the KGB Bar’s website.

He tweets at @willy_auge. Camera? More from this author →

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LaSalle Park Marina seeks joint venture loan, letter of support (Apr. 18) The LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) is digital essays, seeking federal and provincial funding, and a $4 million loan from Infrastructure Ontario (IO), for its plans to build a permanent wavebreak and additional 100 slips for the marina (currently 219 slips). The marina has requested the city write a letter of support, signed by constitution what it means to me essay, the mayor, for the IO loan. IO lending rates are lower than rates for sport and recreation organizations. The LPMA has also requested a $250,000 loan from the city repayable over 10 years in digital camera Joint Venture Financing for Finger Dock Replacement. Both requests are supported by staff and require committee and council approval. Critical Thinking. See dates and details below under Next Steps. Information and links to documents on the detailed design of the permanent wavebreak, the conditions on the project imposed by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, and risks to the city and the LPMA of the wavebreak project are below. Six organizations within the community depend on essays the marina: LaSalle Park Marina Burlington Sailing Boating Club BSBC Open Public Sailing School Iron Duke Sea Cadets on water summer program City of Burlington’s free public trailer boat launch ramp Burlington Able Sail for mahat phd thesis residents with physical challenges.

My Take : I’m supportive of the request for the Joint Venture loan, though have asked what the interest rate would be if the loan was not provided by the city. I am less convinced about the letter of support for the IO loan, given city staff have not had an opportunity to verify the LPMA’s ability to camera essays repay. I have a number of questions about an essay what the letter locks the city into, so will make my decision once those are answered. Your Take: Do you support the requests? Reply or leave a public comment by clicking the link below? Request for Letter of camera essays, Support for Permanent Wave Break Loan. Federal Government $ 4M. Provincial Government $ 4M. Infrastructure Ontario Loan/City $ 4M. LPMA has spent over essay $735,000 over the past 10 years to replace main docks and digital camera essays, finger docks and with this proposed replacement, will have replaced all in-water infrastructure in that time. In June 2015, LPMA submitted an application for Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) for ap bio division funding to replace 60 finger docks and was successful in camera essays securing $109,000 for this project.

LPMA has requested Joint Venture Financing from the city of $250,000. The city’s Joint Venture Loans policy requires loans to be paid back to the City over a 10 year period including interest and that 10% of the project cost is required as an roman civilization essay, unsecured down payment. The CIP grant satisfies the 10% down payment requirement in digital camera essays addition to the $11,000 being provided upfront by LPMA. Finance staff has reviewed LPMA’s financial statements and confirms that LPMA can meet a 10 year loan repayment schedule with an estimated annual payment of approximately $28,197 at 2.25% interest for the next 10 years. The additional debt can be accommodated within the City’s existing debt limit policy. The Community Corporate Services Committee (CCS) will consider the request for a letter of support for quotations within the IO loan, and request Joint Venture Financing loan for the finger docks replacement April 18, 6:30 pm, Council Chambers, 2nd floor, City Hall.

Read the staff reports on these items in the agenda for the meeting here: CCS April 18-2016. Recommendations from CCS will go to Council for final approval, May 9, 6:30 pm, Council Chambers, 2nd floor, City Hall. Residents can register to digital essays speak at university, committee and/or council here: Register as a Delegation. To read background documents and digital camera essays, previous staff reports on the marina, visit the city’s website dedicated to this project here: LaSalle-Park-Marina-Wave-Break-Study. Environmental Assessment Conditions Imposed: the Proponents will form a Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the purposes of disseminating and exchanging information and discussing issues and concerns raised by its members. Representative(s) from the within an essay following organizations will be invited: Conservation Halton, the Hamilton Conservation Authority, Trumpeter Swan Coalition, Ministry of Natural Resources and digital camera, Forestry, the writing philippines Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan Stakeholder Group, Environment Canada and digital essays, Fisheries and Oceans Canada.As well, the Proponent may invite other members of the public and/or agencies/ministries that expressed interest in the Project. Invitations will be sent out for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee prior to the initiation of detail design for the project.

A Terms of Reference for the Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be established by a third-party Facilitator selected by the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan Coordinator. Civilization Essay. The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will begin to digital camera essays meet during the detail design and critical, continue to meet as required. A minimum of one Stakeholder Workshop will be held during the detail design phase. The third-party Facilitator will facilitate the workshop. Essays. Prior to construction, the Proponents will prepare an Aquatic Terrestrial Environment Monitoring and Mitigation Plan to monitor project’s effects on the local environment, including effects to acquatic plant growth and states it means to me papers, water circulation within the marina, and digital camera essays, any impacts on fish and civilization, bird species in digital essays the vicinity of the marina including the local overwintering Trumpeter Swans.

Mitigation will be proposed where necessary. The Plan will be prepared in consultation with the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and submitted to the Committee for review. If the Project is found to negatively affect the aquatic environment and/or overwintering Trumpeter Swans in the vicinity, the Proponents must notify the Director of the roman civilization essay Environmental Approvals Branch to identify what measures will apply to mitigate the negative effect(s). Once the conditions above have been satisfied, the Proponents shall notify the Director of the Environmental Approvals Branch. A permanent wave break is a large scale in-water project that presents a number of risks to both LPMA and the City. Risks related to LPMA from LPMA’s perspective include: Funding the detailed design and implementation of digital essays, conditions without any funding secured for construction of a permanent wave break The lease between the City and Hamilton for LaSalle Park expires in 2022 which creates uncertainty related to use of the cell division land past 2022 Boats and Marina infrastructure may continue to be damaged without a permanent wave break as they have recently experienced a higher frequency of wave damage incidents Continual wave damage affects LPMA’s ability to retain existing members and Insurance companies have indicated policies will not be issued for new boaters who use LaSalle Park Marina Continual repair and digital camera essays, investment in the floating wave break due to wave damage incidents negatively impacts LPMA’s operating budget The marina may cease to operate if the floating wave break is not replaced with a permanent wave break Ability to repay a Joint Venture Loan within the parameters of the Joint Venture Policy 10 year repayment requirement. Risks for creative syllabus philippines the City include: The lease between the City and camera essays, Hamilton for LaSalle Park expires in 2022 and there is uncertainty that it will be renewed beyond that date Administering insurance claims for damage to Marina infrastructure as a result of wave damage, (5 times in the last 4 years) The public boat launch located within the marina would not be protected if the marina and wave break were not in united what it means to me papers place Staff’s involvement in this project will be difficult to manage with other work plan priorities The Able Sail program and digital, other boating and sailing programs would not operate without the mahat protection of essays, a wave break Debt limit considerations regarding approval of thinking and creativity, a Joint Venture Loan or any secured loan Any modifications to Joint Venture Loan requirements to assist LPMA e. Digital Camera. longer loan repayment schedule, would establish a precedent for other Joint Venture financing requests.

Recreational Boating and Feasibility Study. A study in 2013, jointly funded by the city and LPMA ($6,754 each), analysed harbour capacity within the GTA/Golden Horseshoe regional and specifically Halton and concluded the need for 430 additional slips in Halton by the end of 2013, increasing to 2,160 by 2031. To read the methodology of the study, visit the link above to the city webpage dedicated to the LaSalle Marina. Want more articles about creative writing university of the Burlington? Have your say?

Get the latest Burlington stories straight into your inbox! I was inspired to seek public office because I believe, like so many of you, “I can do something about that” on camera the issues we face. As councilor, my role is to essays cell division take a stand on what’s best for residents and go to digital camera essays bat for it. Pushback is inevitable from those who don’t have the community’s interests at heart. I will stand with you and for you, to achieve the best interests of our city, without caving to unacceptable compromise in the name of consensus.

I would like to address some other sporting venues in the City of Burlington. How much money did the skaters pay for ice rinks ? Likewise players for ap bio cell division soccer fields ? Swimmers for swimming pools ? I could go on about walkers in parks etc. Yes they do pay for using the rinks, pools and soccer fields. The boat owners pay for the use of their slips and haul out and lift in. There seems to be a misconception about boat owners, that they are all very rich. If you knew some of these people, you would be surprized that they are ordinary folks who like the water and are very committed to digital the environment. Up to date they have paid their way with the BSBC club house, the existing marina and other facilities at La Salle Park.

The boaters do most of their own work in looking after the marina and also hire students to do some duties, as well as running a sailing school for the public. All of Burlington residence can use the ice rinks…not all can use the Marina without belonging to “the club”…Every Child can use the quotations soccer fields…how many can play on the Marina docks….Everyone in essays Burlington can swim in the swimming pools…the most I or anyone else can do is sit at the dock and view “the club”…and you can go on pukar about the walkers in the park…EVERYONE CAN WALK IN THE PARKS, NOT EVERYONE CAN GET PAST THE GATE AT THE DOCKS WITHOUT AN INVITATION….and so you should pay your way especially when the digital percent of “Burlington” residence that belong to the club is under 50 percent and I’m being generous as it is a less… for mahat phd thesis the sailing club… limited sessions with limited enrollment…somehow 40 or a bit more partake .The marina was originally paid for by the membership…it was originally not geared to the “Yachts” of today..your location is digital, not even in an area that draws out of town tourist, visiting boaters are not near any amenities so what money would they spend in the City…. An Essay. .so you want government grant money and digital camera essays, city backing of loan for united constitution it means the benefit of camera essays, a few hundred people and you want to compare that with other venues that service hundreds if not thousands of people who actually live in Burlington. So you can try and say that your “club” is the same as a other venues in the City…its not….your club requires an creative syllabus university, expensive buy in and membership…sorry…not the same…..grant money is for the benefit of the whole, not the few. There is digital camera essays, a marina in Hamilton that can handle the parking of these boats and that’s all it is ….a parking lot for boats. After all this is Hamiton property on within an essay loan so any discussion of an expansion should be conferred with the City of Hamilton. Taxpayers should not be paying for private enterprise looking for a handout ! I cannot support taxpayer funding from federal, provincial or municipal levels for this LPMA project. There are no public benefits in spending all of this money on essays a private boating facility’s infrastructure, yet they are requesting millions of dollars from us from each of our three tax pockets. There are also real concerns about the environmental impacts of expanding this private facility used by a small number of Burlington residents.

I urge the committee to support the letter from essay, Paul Smith on behalf of the 600-member Hamilton Naturalists’ Club, outlining several concerns about the detrimental impact of the breakwater on the harbor and fish habitat, and urging the digital committee not to mahat commit to essays supporting the essays cell division breakwater until alternatives can be re-assessed. I’m sure that many of these concerns are shared by the 160-member South Peel Naturalists’ Club, whose members are also following the issues closely. Another concern that’s been raised relates to the substantial, $8 million commitment being sought from the federal and provincial governments. I agree with observers who believe this money would be best invested in the ongoing and long overdue restoration of the bay through the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan, to essays the overall benefit of the greatest number of people, as opposed to being spent to facilitate a project that would benefit a much smaller number of people. The recovery of the ap bio essays cell bay has been a painfully long process, taking literally a lifetime for residents of camera essays, Hamilton and Burlington, and we should not be undertaking a breakwater proposal that could create well create what Paul Smith describes as a “a whole new set of problems.”

What is missing is a cost benefit analysis relative to other sites for a Burlington Marina. Therefore, NO to funding based on the biased studies and within, reports to date. Essays. I have stated for years Burlington Bay is well served by the numerous Marinas in Hamilton. Burlington and the residents would financially benefit from having a Marina on Lake Ontario. A lake based Marina down by the canal would attract tourism and the associated revenue as well as serve the service clubs, private boat owners and therefor residents of Burlington.

Given Burlington is a destination there are beautiful amenities within walking distance of downtown, such as restaurants, cafes, shops. In stark contrast there is absolutely NOTHING in walking distance of The LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA). NO to funding in any form. Phd Thesis. It is not a cost effective solution to refurbish nor expand the LPMA. It has out served its useful purpose and camera, it is time to creative syllabus of the philippines move on to something bigger and better for the city – as opposed to caving to the needs of a group of self serving boat owners… The Burlington Sailing Club, Open Public Sailing School, Iron Duke Sea Cadets on Elizabeth Street, Able Sail for residents w/physical challenges does not use the “Marina” side for digital essays storage or their activities, I have never seen them on the left side seems to me their boats and launching and sailing out to open waters all takes place on civilization essay the right side, opposite to the LaSalle Park “Private” Marina….the boat launch area is permanent, what has that got to do with LPMA….listing all the other things that occur at LaSalle Park is just bluff to make it look as if all that depends on the private club….that marina operated for years as is, it should remain as originally intended, for digital boats of united states constitution what, modest size for the average boater and not pandering to huge boats that should be moored else ware. How did we ever get to digital camera a point where taxpayers are required to roman civilization fund projects for digital special interest groups and then provide them space and services? If the LaSalle park marina association wants a marina they can buy land and build one themselves and leave the park for critical thinking the use of digital essays, everyone. Last year the united constitution essay LPMA left their wave breakers sitting on the public dock while the rotting zebra mussels created a stink. One would think they could at least clean up the digital stinking mess that the mussels made. “BSBC Open Pubic Sailing School” I think you meant to write BSBC Open Public Sailing School.

Oh give it a rest John! #128578; How is the critical LPMA going to pay back this loan when they can only come up with $11,000 to contribute to the project. I think the camera essays LPMA should be paying for this themselves. Not sure how much this helps Burlington, when private owners, who can afford to essays cell division own sailboats, are getting government handouts to build their marina. Not to digital camera essays mention the environmental effects of a half kilometer break wall.

I think it is civilization, time to look at conservation – of taxpayer money and essays, of the environment.