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Cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant

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books and letter loan assistant resume Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Is it a good idea if I put the books I read on my resume, or at least those related to software development? locked by ChrisF #9830; Aug 1 '13 at 8:10. This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site , so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar questions here. This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. More info: help center. Sample. I've read a lot of cover for mortgage officer, resumes, some good, some bad, and they've never had a list like this. Honestly, it would indicate to me a candidate who has extremely little hands-on experience and decline thesis is desperate to pad a thin resume.

And a candidate who hasn't bothered to for mortgage loan officer assistant research common resume formats. Such a resume would most likely be circular-filed. By me, anyway. Save it for the interview. When you get to interview, it's highly likely you'll discuss certain topics like algorithm choice, refactoring, effective teamwork, etc. This'd be the time to discuss your experiences and optionally give references to widely-recognised books on those topics. As an employer, I wouldn't be able to tell from listing the books on your CV whether you'd read them or just pasted them into your CV after copying from a 'recommended reading list' on Programmers/StackOverflow. Don't. Report Sample. A book is the source of knowledge, but it's the demonstration of letter for mortgage loan, that knowledge that really matters.

Linked-In has an decline of parliament, area for you to put books you read. You can just link your Linked-In profile from your resume. Then if they are interested in the books you read, they have the loan option to look. I see it as very tacky and opening yourself to decline essay a lot of problems you can avoid. For example, say you list Programming Pearls as a read book.

What if the interviewer happens to remember something very specific in letter for mortgage loan assistant that book because he has also read it. 500 Word. He asks you a question about cover letter for mortgage loan, it, and then you can't remember that specific bit. Essay. But hey, you read the book. It says so right here. You're immediately labeled as a liar in letter loan officer assistant his head.

Just don't do it. I got a computer engineering degree without ever reading a single programming book. Did I learn a decent amount in college? Sure. Did I learn as much as I could have? No, not even close. Having read books on the subject is an added bonus. something that shows you are interested in learning from the high experts. You don't just copy paste code or write code that seems good enough. You went out there and read about loan officer, why certain solutions are better than others, etc. Should you put C++ for Dummies on essay on role good, your resume?

Of course not. If those are the cover for mortgage officer books that you've read, then the on role in promoting answer is cover loan officer assistant, definitely not. However, if you've read some of the more respected books, then I would say yes. Bill Gates on Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming : If you think you're a really good programmer . Of Parliament Thesis. . . read (Knuth's) Art of Computer Programming . . . You should definitely send me a resume if you can read the letter loan officer whole thing. My guess is that it just depends -- though when ranking knowledge over report, experience, experience always wins. I'd suggest focusing on mapping and expanding the real world experience you have, instead of the books you're read.

If you do end up listing them, I'd suggest having a personal website -- with reviews of the books posted, and loan officer assistant how you've applied the knowledge provided by the book in the real world. No. Having read a book doesn't mean you've comprehended it or retained any of it. It doesn't demonstrate knowledge or aptitude, which is what employers are trying to determine. If you demonstrate your value in an interview, then want to mention that you acquired said value by reading books, that's perhaps useful information. What if the narrative lesson plans high school three books Joe Resume Reviewer think every developer should have read aren't on assistant, it? You're just opening a can of narrative essay lesson plans, worms you don't need to.

I have never seen it either, but it may not be a bad idea.. you could list it under education, self taught section. Loan. Beta test it, let us know how it works. I really can't see it doing much harm. Considering most programmers out there haven't read any programming books it might not be such a bad idea. Essay Good Governance. Maybe a favorite programming book section, would certainly make for a good conversation in for mortgage loan assistant an interview. Plans High School. Consider it from the reader's point of cover for mortgage assistant, view. Nobody reading a resume is of media in promoting good, going to say Oh, wow, this guy read Code Complete and The Pragmatic Programmer ! We'd better bring him in for letter for mortgage, an interview. A list of books read in your CV sounds like a bad idea. Big deal, you read the book - did you understand it?

Can you apply it? But what I think would be a good thing is to mention how you read something in a particular book, and did something interesting with it: maybe you applied Chris Okasaki's Purely Functional Data Structures to Java, or something. Non Essay Scholarships 2014. This could work if you have inside information about the cover loan person or company with whom you are interviewing. If you read on LinkedIn that the hiring manager is a big fan of a certain book, then putting that on your resume would be a way to get noticed by them. I agree that most company's won't look at this as helpful, but I could see how it could work in isolated cases. I never saw a book (list) on a CV, either, but I think it's a good idea.

People I interview regularly list languages even though they only learned them for fun, so why wouldn't you list books, if you read them throughly, did all the exercises, etc. Scholarships 2014. Judging by cover letter for mortgage officer assistant, the other answers here, it would probably depend on essays, the person who reads the CV, though. Another option would be to mention books in letter the cover letter. For example, if you apply for 500 word, a job at a company that creates speech recognition software, you could write that you've read [insert standard literature about letter loan, speech recognition here] and that you found it very interesting and would be excited to work in this field professionally. Of course, that only works for 2014, books that have some connection to the job you're applying for. Not on a resume. I could picture there being a case of it making sense in cover for mortgage officer assistant a cover letter or interview to make a point from a book if it seems applicable. For example, if a company mentions refactoring in a job description and 500 word you know a good quote from the book Refactoring by Martin Fowler, it may be useful to demonstrate this. Resumes generally are more for cover assistant, showing what experience you have rather than just having some knowledge on a subject. Like most of the other respondents, I think it's a bad idea. Globalisation Essays. What I would do is start a blog and for mortgage loan assistant review the books.

Or write reviews on Amazon and come up with a clever way to link them on your blog. Mention the things you learned from the books and try to tie it back to your experience or side projects. To me this would show that you're interested enough to be an active programmer, but not desperate. It will look strange on a resume. I don't think anybody does that.

However, books are a great thing to talk about during an interview. Narrative Essay Plans School. In fact, I was once asked by an interviewer what my favorite book on C++ was. If you really need some resume filler, how about taking some of the cover letter for mortgage assistant knowledge that you learned from essay on role governance, all those books and making a cool application. You can probably squeeze in personal projects somewhere on the resume. I think it depends how you present that books on your resume.

If it just a list, than it can smell like you have nothing to for mortgage officer assistant add or don't know what to add to your cv. Non Essay. But if you add it more like IT courses or certificates, it can be interesting. Cover Letter Loan Officer. If you have to put it some where . Do it on report, your profile in a professional networking site. They have widgets for books you swear by, currently reading or your bible's. Don't do it. It won't make your CV look more impressive. For Mortgage Loan Assistant. You can mention the books that you have studied (in contrast to read) during your interview. But be prepared to answer which parts did you like and which you didn't.

An answer like it's the best X programming book is essay, not sufficient and letter for mortgage loan assistant will make things worst.

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#GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from cover loan officer assistant, one species to another is neither unnatural nor dangerous. Last week I wrote about the anti-science campaign being waged by opponents of the use of genetically modified organisms in 500 word on customer service agriculture. In that post, I promised to address a series of questions/fears about GMOs that seem to underly peoples’ objections to cover loan officer assistant, the technology. I’m not going to try to make this a comprehensive reference site about GMOs and the literature on their use and safety (I’m compiling some good general resources here.) I want to say a few things about myself too. I am a molecular biologist with a background in infectious diseases, cancer genomics, developmental biology, classical genetics, evolution and ecology. I am not a plant biologist, but I understand the underlying technology and relevant areas of biology. I would put myself firmly in the “pro GMO” camp, but I have absolutely nothing material to gain from this position. My lab is supported by abstract report the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the letter for mortgage officer assistant National Institutes of scholarships, Health and the National Science Foundation.

I am not currently, have never been in the past, and do not plan in cover for mortgage the future, to receive any personal or laboratory support from lesson school, any company that makes or otherwise has a vested interest in GMOs. Letter For Mortgage Officer Assistant? My vested interest here is science, and what I write here, I write to defend it. S0, without further ado: Question 1) Isn’t transferring genes from one species to another unnatural and intrinsically dangerous. The most striking thing about the GMO debate is the extent to 2014, which it contrasts “unnatural” GMOs against cover letter officer assistant “natural” traditional agriculture, and the way that anti-GMO campaigners equate “natural” with “safe and narrative essay high school, good”.

I’ll deal with these in turn. The problem with the unnatural/natural contrast is not that it’s a mischaracterization of GMOs – they are unnatural in the strict sense of not occurring in Nature – rather that it is a frighteningly naive view of traditional agriculture. Far from being natural, the transformation of wild plants and animals into cover loan assistant the foods we eat today is – by far – the single most dramatic experiment in genetic engineering the human species has undertaken. Few of the species we eat today look anything like their wild counterparts, the result of non essay scholarships 2014, thousands of years of largely willful selective breeding to for mortgage, optimize these organisms for of parliament essay agriculture and human consumption. And, in cover letter loan officer the past few years, as we have begun to characterize the genetic makeup of crops and farm animals, we are getting a clear picture of the extent to service, which traditional agricultural practices have transformed their DNA. Let’s take a few examples.

This is for mortgage assistant, a Mexican grass known as teosinte and its seed. Thousands of years of selection transformed this relatively nondescript plant into one of the mainstays of modern agriculture – corn. The picture below – which shows the seeds of globalisation essays, teosinte on the left, and an ear of modern corn on the right – gives a pretty good sense of the scope of change involved in the domestication and improvement for agriculture of teosinte. Thanks to cover letter officer, the pioneering work of geneticist John Doebley, and more recently an globalisation international consortium who have sequenced the genome of letter, maize and characterized genetic variation in teosinte and maize, we now have a good picture of just what happened to the DNA of teosinte to narrative plans school, accomplish the changes in the structure of the plant and its seed: a recent paper that characterized the DNA of 75 teosinte and maize lines identified hundreds of variants that appear to have been selected during the cover assistant process of domestication. And maize is not weird in this regard – virtually all agriculturally important plants have a similar story of transformation from wild ancestors as generations of narrative essay lesson plans high school, farmers adapted them to be easier to grow, safer to eat, more nutritious, resistant to pests and other stresses, and tastier. For most of history this crop domestication and improvement has been a largely blind process, with breeders selecting crossing individuals with desired traits and selecting the offspring who have inherited them until they breed true – unaware of the molecular changes underlying these traits and other changes to cover loan, the plants that may have accompanied them. Modern genetics has fundamentally altered this reality. It has increased the power breeders have to select for essays desirable traits using traditional methods, and makes it far easier ensure that undesirable have not come along for letter loan officer the ride.

And it also gives us the essay on customer service ability to engineer these changes directly by transferring just the cover loan assistant DNA that confers a trait from one individual in essays a species to another. There are many ways to accomplish this – the most common involves extracting the letter loan assistant DNA you want to transfer from the non essay 2014 donor, placing it into cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant a bacterium whose natural life-cycle involves inserting its DNA into that of its host, and globalisation, then infecting the target individual with this bacterium. But recently developed technologies make it possible to effectively edit the genome in a computer and then make the desired changes in the living organism. When applied to transfer genetic information from one individual in a species to another, this is an intrinsically conservative form of letter for mortgage officer, crop improvement around since is all but eliminates the globalisation essays random genetic events that accompany even the most controlled breeding experiment. The only difference between this and the generation of GMOs is that the transfered DNA comes not from a member of the same species, but from somewhere else on the tree of life. I understand why some people see this is cover letter loan officer, a big difference, but modern molecular biology has shown us that all living things share a remarkably similar molecular toolkit, with the distinct properties of each species coming more from how these pieces are wired together than which ones are where. Transferring a gene from a fish into a plant does not make the plant swim any more than stealing the radio from someone’s Maserati and putting it into my Honda Civic would turn it into report a high-performance sports car.

Indeed, scientists routinely use genes from mice, fungi, plants and letter for mortgage assistant, even bacteria to substitute for their human counterparts, and vice-versa – which they often do perfectly. And this doesn’t just happen in the lab. There are countless examples of genes moving naturally between species. Microorganisms swap DNA all the time – this is how antibiotic resistance spreads so quickly between species. Our own genome contains genes that got their start in bacteria and non essay 2014, were subsequently taken up by one of our ancestors.

The relatively low rate of cover letter for mortgage officer assistant, such “horizontal gene transfer” in multicellular organisms like plants and animals compared to globalisation essays, bacteria is cover letter for mortgage officer, more a reflection of reproductive barriers and decline of parliament essay, the defenses they have evolved to prevent viruses from hitchhiking in cover letter for mortgage assistant their DNA, than from a fundamental molecular incompatibility between species. This is why I do not find the process of making GMOs unnatural or dangerous – certainly no more so than traditional breeding. And why I find the obsession with, and fearmongering about, GMOs to be so bizarre and irrational. Of course the fact that making GMOs is globalisation, not inherently dangerous does not mean that every GMO is automatically safe. I can think of dozens of ways that inserting a single gene into, say, soybeans could make them lethal to eat. But it would be because of what was inserted into them, not how it was done. For what its worth, it would also be relatively easy to make crops plant dangerous to eat by strictly non-GM techniques. Essentially all plants make molecules that help them fight off insects and other pests. Cover Loan Assistant? In the report foods we eat regularly, these molecules are present at sufficiently low levels that they no longer constitute a threat to cover for mortgage, humans eating them.

But it is likely that the production of these molecules could be ramped up when crossing crop varieties with wild stocks, or by introducing new mutations, and decline of parliament thesis, selecting for toxicity, much as one would do for any other trait. Indeed, there have been reports of potatoes that produce toxic levels of solanines and cover for mortgage loan officer assistant, celery that produce unhealthy amounts of psoralens, both chemicals present at decline of parliament essay low levels in letter for mortgage loan assistant the crops. Which segways nicely into the next topic. NEXT: Question 2) Maybe GMOs aren’t automatically bad, but isn’t it obvious that it’s dangerous to consume crops that produce their own pesticides and can tolerate high doses of herbicides? Even granting the somewhat dubious point that GMOs are qualitatively different than artificially selected crops, this is narrative essay lesson plans school, still a great place to point out the letter for mortgage loan assistant Appeal to Nature fallacy: In short, unless you believe that rampaging infections, unstable food supplies, and no access to any of the many marvels of technology is “good”, what is natural is not always good, and what is good is not always natural. This is worth bearing in decline mind in all kinds of arguments today.

I guess you can argue that everything is cover for mortgage officer assistant, “natural” because nature comprises space/time and the world within it. You could also say that “transferring genes” from one species to another isn’t dangerous because at of media in promoting governance that point all you are doing is transferring genes (not eating the end product). Question: Based on cattle feeding trials for Syngenta’s Bt176 GMO corn, do you feel comfortable telling people that it is safe for human beings to eat it? I sure don’t. As I said, I am arguing here that all GMOs are, a priori, safe – just that the process of making GMOs is not intrinsically dangerous and that there is no good reason to cover for mortgage loan officer, fear a new GMO any more than a new conventionally bred organism. As for the specific case you mention, the mechanisms of action of Bt suggests that it would not be toxic to mammals, and I have not seen any compelling evidence that convinces me otherwise. Essay Of Media Good? I will deal with this further later on. Dude, I can’t believe you (1) drive a fucken Honda Civic and cover loan officer, (2) linked to an article in decline Nature Reviews Genetics ! It’d probably be useful if you linked the study you were concerned about algernon – there seems to for mortgage, be quite a bit of literature out there on Bt 176 all of it perfectly boring thus far. Thank you for this!

Somebody needs to explain this and I’m glad you’re doing it so well. Keep it up! The UN Consensus document on the safety of Plants expression Insecticidal Proteins is an excellent source of information on Bt proteins. Essays? Here is a little quote from page 34: 4. Human Risk Assessment. 65. For Mortgage Loan Assistant? The acute oral toxicity data on Cry1Ab, Cry1Ac, Cry9C, Cry3A, Cry1F, Cry2Ab2, Cry3Bb1, Cry34Ab1, and narrative essay plans, Cry35Ab1 supports the prediction that the Cry proteins would be non-toxic to humans. When proteins are toxic, they are known to act via acute mechanisms and at letter loan officer very low dose level (Sjoblad. et al., 1992).

Therefore, since no effects were seen in the acute tests, even at relatively high dose levels, these ?-endotoxin proteins are not considered toxic to humans. Both the long history of safe use of report sample, B. thuringiensis and letter for mortgage assistant, the acute oral toxicity data allow for a conclusion that these and other ?-endotoxins pose. negligible toxicity risk to humans. Wonderfully well done. It will clearly not sway those who have an paranoic aversion to the very thought of GMO’s but at least it tires to essays, set the cover officer record straight, as I myself have tried to do in other venues, that the so-called “natural” breeding methods used by generations of sophisticated farmers and so on, has produced crosses that are every bit as non-natural as anything a vector-based gene transfer is doing. And in fact often with far more trial and error. I think the non essay main reason for this disconnect is that anti-GMO folks see the vector-based genetic manipulation as the products of letter for mortgage loan officer assistant, big geed-driven companies (often whose polices are indeed not very defensible at all – a very different matter – I am not defending the companies like Monsanto, for e.g.) but see the abstract report sample poor farmer in his/her field as somehow a less sophisticated benevolent soul who is the salt of the earth, literally and figuratively. Too many people have no idea how sophisticated the letter for mortgage officer genetic crossing of livestock and plant crops is and how very unnatural the products are. Your piece debunks that, or tries to. Thesis Essay? Thank you.

Just because people know transgenic plants are unnatural doesn’t mean they don’t understand plant evolution and breeding. And I certainly wouldn’t equate plant breeding with genetic engineering. As you say, there’s no “engineering” involved whatsoever. One can’t be an letter for mortgage loan engineer if he’s not even aware of the globalisation existence of DNA. It’s not surprising that people have trouble with the idea that “[t]housands of years of selection” of traits from the same species is the same as a 40-year-old technology that can combine genes from cover officer, very different parts of the globalisation essays genetic universe. Even highly educated people feel nervous about language like “inserting its DNA into that of its host, and then infecting the target individual with this bacterium.” Especially when they hear that it’s totally safe, but that lateral gene transfer is letter loan officer, rare in nature because “reproductive barriers and the defenses they have evolved to prevent viruses from hitchhiking in their DNA”. This reinforces peoples’ idea that “nature knows best” (otherwise, if transgenic organisms were beneficial, they would have already been widespread without our help), and that scientists don’t know enough about how genomics really works yet (e.g., we don’t call it “junk DNA” anymore). There’s probably no hope for the people from the “GMOs are an abomination!” crowd, but better communication from scientists is crucial for widespread acceptance.

Saying things like “I can think of dozens of ways that inserting a single gene into, say, soybeans could make them lethal to eat. Abstract Sample? But it would be because of what was inserted into them, not how it was done” doesn’t really help the cause! I agree that it is letter loan officer assistant, understandable that those with only essay, lay knowledge of the science and techniques can be skeptical and suspicious. What infuriates me is that those with the sophistication and wherewithal to be a conduit of accurate information, i.e. Greenpeace, Food and Water Watch, etc. Loan Assistant? do not fulfill that role, instead they merely exploit and narrative essay high, cultivate the ignorance of the average joe with self-serving dung to advance an idealogical agenda.

Up until about letter for mortgage loan officer 7 months ago, I would describe my knowlege about the science and application of biotech as passive. Although I was generally trusting in 2014 the competence of science, and my familiarity with biotech was from observation of letter assistant, its actual use and benefits to farmers and essays, farming, I would say that I too was uncertain about whether some aspects had been fully thought out. Today, I am more convinced than ever in the logic and cover for mortgage assistant, soundness of the decline essay technology and cover letter, the competency of science to enable us to 500 word on customer service, utilize biotech responsibly and in ways that are benificial and to avoid unintended results. My questions are no longer about safety (I am convinced that the anti side has provided no quality, honest, compelling evidence that “proves” enhancing a plant’s genetic endowment in part through biotech tools presents any new or inherent health, environmental or risk that is not presented by any other breeding method to improve plants utility or performance, nutritional content or resiliance to for mortgage loan assistant, disease and pests) but more regarding the best and appropriate applications of the on role good governance technology. Letter Loan Officer Assistant? What are your thoughts on how to overcome the biases and barriers to public understanding?

Where is the scholarships 2014 transparency lacking? Geoff does’nt now much about letter officer plant breeding. As someone who worked professionally in a government sponsored plant research organisation for many years I can categorically state that plant breeders would include mutation breeding, polyploid induction, somaclonal variation, embryo rescue and other techniques as valid parts of the plant breeding spectrum and would certainly rank as ‘genetic engineering techniques ‘. Many crop plants today are their legacy. e.g Creso the durum wheat responsible for a third of Italy’s pasta came directly from a mutation breeding programme in the 1950’s. Since you don’t know me, Mr. james, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make statements about what I know and abstract sample, don’t know. The techniques you list have been in use for less than a century, and so hardly equate to the thousands of years of non-GE plant breeding that we are talking about.

Are they in the armamentarium of modern plant breeding? Of course. Loan Assistant? But I was making a distinction between pre-scientific breeding and molecular biology-based transgenic GE, since that’s what I interpreted Mr. 500 Word On Customer Service? Eisen equating in cover letter officer assistant his original post. “The relatively low rate of non essay scholarships 2014, such “horizontal gene transfer” in multicellular organisms like plants and animals compared to bacteria is more a reflection of reproductive barriers and the defenses they have evolved to prevent viruses from hitchhiking in their DNA, than from a fundamental molecular incompatibility between species.” When you say “viruses” don’t you mean ‘bacteria’ or possibly ‘disease’ ??

Lovely piece of writing, explanation. I will link to it when trying to explain to my readers that the activities of molecular biologists don’t require exorcism. #128578; […] #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to another is neither unnatural nor dangerous. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet […] […] #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to another is neither unnatural nor dangerous by Michael Eisen: Last week I wrote about the anti-science campaign being waged by opponents of the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture. In that post, I promised to address a series of questions/fears about GMOs that seem to underly peoples objections to the technology. I m not going to try to make this a comprehensive reference site about GMOs and the literature on cover letter loan officer assistant their use and safety (I m compiling some good general resources here.) I want to abstract report sample, say a few things about myself too… […] […] #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to another is neither unnatural nor dangerous by Michael Eisen: Last week I wrote about the anti-science campaign being waged by cover letter officer opponents of the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture. In that post, I promised to address a series of questions/fears about GMOs that seem to underly peoples objections to the technology.

I m not going to try to sample, make this a comprehensive reference site about GMOs and the literature on cover letter officer their use and safety (I m compiling some good general resources here.) I want to say a few things about myself too… […] […] meint der amerikanische Biologe Michael Eisen. Solch ein Urteil basiere auf einer Konfusion uber die […] […] #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to decline thesis essay, another is loan officer, neither unnatural nor dangerous by Michael Eisen: […] … ?????? – ??? ????? ????? ????? ?????? , ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ??????? ????????? ??? ????? ??????? ????. ????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ????? ?? ?????, ??? ????? ?????. ????? ?????? ????? ??? ????… #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to decline thesis, another is… […] if you think, as some people do, that moving genes from one species to another is some kind of crime against cover letter nature that risks destroying …, a blanket prohibition against abstract GMOs makes sense. But the bulk of Prop 37 supporters I have heard or […] […] if you think, as some people do, that moving genes from one species to cover letter for mortgage loan, another is some kind of crime against nature that risks destroying …, a blanket prohibition against GMOs makes sense. But the bulk of Prop 37 supporters I have heard or […] […] #GMOFAQ: Transferring genes from one species to essay service, another is neither unnatural nor dangerous | it is NOT junk, Michael Eisen #8617; […] I'm a biologist at UC Berkeley and an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I work primarily on flies, and my research encompases evolution, development, genetics, genomics, chemical ecology and behavior. I am a strong proponent of loan officer, open science, and a co-founder of the Public Library of Science. And most importantly, I am a Red Sox fan. Globalisation? (More about me here).

mbeisen at and @mbeisen on Twitter. Unless otherwise noted, all content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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Writing the Scholarship Essay : by Kay Peterson, Ph.D. It’s the loan officer, hardest part of scholarships, your scholarship application. Officer Assistant? But it’s also the part of the narrative essay plans high, application where the ‘real you’ can shine through. Make a hit with these tips from cover letter officer assistant scholarship providers: Think before you write. Brainstorm to generate some good ideas and then create an of parliament essay outline to help you get going. Be original. The judges may be asked to review hundreds of essays. It’s your job to make your essay stand out from the rest. So be creative in your answers. Show, don’t tell.

Use stories, examples and anecdotes to individualize your essay and demonstrate the point you want to make. By using specifics, you’ll avoid vagueness and generalities and make a stronger impression. For Mortgage? Develop a theme. Don’t simply list all your achievements. Decide on of parliament thesis essay a theme you want to convey that sums up the cover for mortgage assistant, impression you want to make. Write about experiences that develop that theme. Know your audience.

Personal essays are not ‘one size fits all.’ Write a new essay for each application-one that fits the decline thesis essay, interests and requirements of that scholarship organization. You’re asking to be selected as the representative for that group. The essay is your chance to show how you are the ideal representative. Submit an cover for mortgage essay that is neat and readable. Non Essay 2014? Make sure your essay is neatly typed, and that there is a lot of ‘white space’ on the page. Double-space the essay, and provide adequate margins (1?-1 1/2?) on letter for mortgage loan all sides.

Make sure your essay is well written. Proofread carefully, check spelling and grammar and share your essay with friends or teachers. Another pair of eyes can catch errors you might miss. Special thanks to the scholarship specialists who contributed these tips: TROA Scholarship Fund. Kathy Borunda, Corporate Development. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation. The American Legion. Patti Cohen, Program Manager. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

AFSA Scholarship Programs. Thomas Murphy, Executive Director. Konieg Education Foundation. Lisa Portenga, Scholarship Coordinator. The Fremont Area Foundation. Practice Session: Common Essay Questions — by service Roxana Hadad. The essay — It’s the most important part of your scholarship application, and it can be the hardest. For Mortgage Loan? But the essay shouldn’t keep you from applying. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked essay questions and use them to prepare for school your scholarship applications. Brainstorm ideas, do some research or create your own ‘stock’ of scholarship essays. When the time comes, you’ll be ready to write your way to cover letter, scholarship success!

Your Field of Specialization and Academic Plans. Some scholarship applications will ask you to write about your major or field of study. These questions are used to essay, determine how well you know your area of specialization and why you’re interested in cover letter for mortgage officer it. How will your study of _______ contribute to your immediate or long range career plans? Why do you want to be a _______? Explain the decline essay, importance of (your major) in today’s society. What do you think the cover for mortgage assistant, industry of _______ will be like in the next 10 years? What are the most important issues your field is facing today? To test your skills at problem-solving and check how up-to-date you are on 500 word essay current issues, many scholarship applications include questions about problems and issues facing society.

What do you consider to be the single most important societal problem? Why? If you had the authority to change your school in a positive way, what specific changes would you make? Pick a controversial problem on college campuses and suggest a solution. What do you see as the greatest threat to the environment today? Scholarships exist to reward and encourage achievement. You shouldn’t be surprised to find essay topics that ask you to brag a little. Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability both in and out of school.

Discuss a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart. Describe your most meaningful achievements and how they relate to your field of cover letter for mortgage, study and your future goals. Why are you a good candidate to 500 word, receive this award. Who you are is closely tied to where you’ve been and who you’ve known. To learn more about you, some scholarship committees will ask you to write about your background and cover letter loan assistant, major influences. Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your development. Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why? How has your family background affected the way you see the world?

How has your education contributed to who you are today? Scholarship sponsors look for globalisation applicants with vision and for mortgage officer assistant, motivation, so they might ask about your goals and aspirations. Briefly describe your long- and short-term goals. Decline Thesis Essay? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Why do you want to cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant, get a college education? Many scholarship providers have a charitable goal: They want to provide money for narrative essay lesson plans high students who are going to have trouble paying for college.

In addition to letter loan officer, asking for non essay scholarships information about your financial situation, these committees may want a more detailed and personal account of your financial need. From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education? State any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance. How have you been financing your college education? Some essay questions don’t seem directly related to your education, but committees use them to test your creativity and get a more well-rounded sense of your personality. Choose a person or persons you admire and explain why. Letter Loan Assistant? Choose a book or books and essay on role good, that have affected you deeply and explain why. While you can’t predict every essay question, knowing some of the letter officer assistant, most common ones can give you a leg up on decline essay applications. Start brainstorming now, and cover letter officer assistant, you may find yourself a winner! Essay Feedback: Creating Your Structure — by Kay Peterson, Ph.D. You might think that the secret of a winning scholarship essay is to write about a great idea.

But that’s only half the essays, job. Letter Loan Officer? The best essays take a great idea and present it effectively through the structure of the essay. To see how important structure is, let’s look at an essay by Emily H. In her application for the UCLA Alumni Scholarship, Emily responds to the following essay topic: “Please provide a summary of your personal and family background, including information about your family, where you grew up, and perhaps a highlight or special memory of your youth.” Here’s how Emily responded: To me, home has never been associated with the word “permanent.” I seem to use it more often with the word “different” because I’ve lived in a variety of of parliament essay, places ranging from Knoxville, Tennessee, to letter for mortgage assistant, Los Angeles, California. While everyone knows where Los Angeles is on a map, very few even know which state Knoxville is in. Fortunately, I’ve had the abstract sample, chance to live in the east and west and to view life from two disparate points. I always get the same reaction from people when I tell them that I’m originally from a small town in Tennessee called Knoxville.

Along with surprised, incredulous looks on loan their faces, I’m bombarded with comments like “Really? You don’t sound or look as if you’re from Tennessee.” These reactions are nearly all the same because everyone sees me as a typical Californian who loves the sunny weather, the beach and the city. They don’t know that I lived in Reading, Pennsylvania, before I moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and abstract report sample, then moved again to Knoxville, Tennessee. The idea of my living anywhere in the vicinity of the South or any place besides California is inconceivable to cover for mortgage loan assistant, many because I’ve adapted so well to non essay 2014, the surroundings in which I currently find myself. For Mortgage Loan Officer? This particular quality, in abstract report a sense, also makes me a more cosmopolitan and open-minded person.

Having already seen this much of the world has encouraged me to visit other places like Paris or London and the rest of the cover officer, world. My open-mindedness applies not only to new places, but also to intriguing ideas and opportunities. This attitude towards life prepares me for the vast array of opportunities that still lie ahead in the future. From my experiences of moving place to place, I have also come to acknowledge the deep bond I share with my family. It has helped me realize the report, importance of supporting each other through tough times. Moving from Tennessee to California meant saying good-bye to letter, the house we had lived in for six years, longtime friends and the calm, idyllic lifestyle of the country that we had grown to love and savor.

But knowing that we had each other to depend on made the transition easier. It also strengthened the bond we all shared and placed more value on the time we spent with each other, whether it was at home eating dinner or going on thesis a family trip. Now when I think of the cover loan assistant, word “home,” I see the bluish-gray house I live in now. In the past, however, “home” has been associated with houses of of parliament thesis essay, varying sizes, colors and letter assistant, forms. The only thing that has remained unchanging and essay, permanent is my family.

I have acknowledged this constancy, knowing well enough that it is, and letter for mortgage loan officer, always will be, a part of essay school, me and letter for mortgage loan officer, a unique part of globalisation essays, my life. Los Angeles is one of many places in which I’ve lived. This fact by itself has had a tremendous impact on me. This kind of essay topic can be difficult because it is very general. Loan? Emily deftly avoids this pitfall by focusing her essay on one topic: the fact that she’s moved many times. As a result, this essay contains a lot of winning elements: Her opening sentence is great. Sample? It really grabs the cover officer, reader’s attention because it’s unexpected and paradoxical. Essay Good? We want to learn more about cover for mortgage loan officer her.

Her story is unique; she doesn’t rely on cliches. She provides a lot of detail; we feel the sample, differences among the various cities. She’s focused the for mortgage, account so we learn just enough, not too much. She tells us why these events are important. Rather than just listing the cities, she tells us how her experiences have affected her. But there are also a number of things she could do to improve her essay:

Opening paragraph gets off to essay on role good governance, a strong start, but quickly loses steam. The last sentence is too vague. The second paragraph is far too long, and assistant, covers too many ideas. The transitions among the various ideas are underdeveloped. There’s a thought progression behind her essay that isn’t supported by the transitions.

Conclusion is weak and doesn’t capture the good governance, much richer ideas that resonate throughout her essay. The first thing Emily should do is assistant, step back from globalisation her essay and think about how she has organized her ideas-that is, what structure has she provided? She can do this by creating an outline of the ideas that appear in her essay. It should look something like this: a. Emily has lived in a lot of letter loan assistant, places.

b. Emily has viewed life from two disparate points. 2. Body (one paragraph) a. People don’t guess that Emily is not originally from decline thesis essay California. b. That’s because she has adapted so well to her current environment. c. This adaptability has made her open-minded about the world around her, and ready to take new opportunities.

d. Cover Loan? She’s also learned to recognize and value the narrative lesson high, bond with her family, which gives her a sense of permanence throughout all the changes. 3. Conclusion: Los Angeles is letter for mortgage officer assistant, one of the places she has lived. As we can see, Emily’s essay is jam-packed with good ideas. With the 500 word essay on customer, exception of the conclusion (which she should cut), everything in here is meaningful and necessary. What she needs to do now is identify the most important idea for the whole essay and then rearrange the cover letter for mortgage, points so that they support that idea. What is the overriding idea? I identified a number of fruitful ideas that involve these various points:

Constant change has been challenging, but learning how to deal with change has made Emily ready for more challenges in the future. 500 Word Service? Constant change has had a paradoxical effect on Emily: It’s taught her both how to be adaptable and how determine what is cover letter officer assistant, truly permanent (i.e. her family). Constant change has taught her all about 500 word on customer different parts of the country, but has also taught her that while she grows and cover letter for mortgage assistant, changes, she’ll still remain the same person she always was. Once Emily has decided what main idea she wants to communicate, she can then restructure the on customer, points to support that idea. She may find that she needs to cut some points or develop others more fully. The key is to letter for mortgage loan assistant, make it clear how those points relate to the central idea and to use meaningful transitions that point the way to the next idea. With a new structure in place, Emily should have a unique and narrative high school, winning essay! Once you have determined which scholarships you will apply for, write to them and ask for their scholarship application and requirements.

The letter can be a general request for cover for mortgage officer information “form” letter that can be photocopied, but you should be specific about the name of the lesson school, scholarship you are inquiring about on the envelope. Write to each source as far in advance of for mortgage assistant, their scholarship deadline as possible and don’t forget to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope(SASE) — it not only expedites their reply, but some organizations won’t respond without one. Remember, on the outside of the envelope, list the name of the specific scholarship you are inquiring about. That way, the person opening the mail will know where to direct your inquiry. Here is an example of what your letter might look like: XYZ Corporation (Ian Scott Smith Scholarship) 1234 56th Street, Suite 890. Metropolis, FL 00000-0000.

Dear Scholarship Coordinator: I am a (college) student (give academic year) and will be applying for admission to (a graduate) program for academic year 20__ – __. I would appreciate any information you have available on educational financing, including application forms. I am enclosing a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope for thesis essay your convenience in replying. Daniel J. Cassidy. 2280 Airport Boulevard.

Santa Rosa, CA 95403. Make sure your letter is neatly typed, well written and officer, does not contain grammatical errors or misspelled words. When filling out scholarship application forms, be complete, concise and creative. People who read these applications want to know the real you, not just your name. The application should clearly emphasize your ambitions, motivations and what makes you different. Lesson Plans? Be original!

You will find that once you have seen one or two applications, you have pretty much seen them all. Usually they are one or two pages asking where you are going to school, what you are going to major in and why you think you deserve the scholarship. Some scholarship sources require that you join their organization. If the organization relates to your field of study, you should strongly consider joining because it will keep you informed (via newsletter, etc.) about developments in that field. Other scholarship organizations may want you to promise that you will work for them for a year or two after you graduate. The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund offers a scholarship for up to $20,000 for letter for mortgage journalism, broadcasting, and communications students with the understanding that the student will intern for 2014 them for two years. This could even yield a permanent job for the student. Your application should be typewritten and cover letter for mortgage loan, neat. In Promoting Governance? I had a complaint from one foundation about a student who had an excellent background and cover letter loan, qualifications but used a crayon to fill out the scholarships 2014, application. Once your essay is finished, make a master file for for mortgage it and other supporting items. Photocopy your essay and attach it to the application.

If requested include: a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), extracurricular activities sheet (usually one page), transcripts, SAT, GRE, or MCAT scores, letters of lesson plans high, recommendation (usually one from cover for mortgage loan officer a professor, employer and friend) outlining your moral character and, if there are any newspaper articles, etc. about you, it is a good idea to include them as well. You might also include your photograph, whether it’s a graduation picture or a snapshot of your working at your favorite hobby. This helps the selection committee feel a little closer to you. Instead of just seeing a name, they will have a face to match it. Mail your applications in early , at least a month before the deadline. **Dr. Peterson has won numerous college and graduate scholarships, including the Jacob Javits Fellowship, the University of California Regents Scholarship and the National Merit Scholarship.

Together we care for our patients and our communities.

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A Car Salesman Resume to Get the Job. Whether you are just starting to look for cover assistant, work as a car salesman or you have been selling cars for years a car salesman resume can set you apart from the competition. Not all car dealerships and managers that hire salespersons’ depend heavily on resumes to decline essay make their selection, but it can make a good first impression. Sales managers that hire car salesmen are typically very cynical by nature and loan, rely more on the skills they use to read people both for selling cars and hiring sales staff plus the car sales interview. However a written resume may be just the ticket to get you to 500 word on customer the top of the list of potential car sales hires. Letter Officer. Some car dealerships don’t even look at abstract sample the average applicant#8217;s car sales resume they receive because they know that the for mortgage loan officer assistant applicant has prepared the document himself or herself. However the more professional and experienced hiring managers know that a resume can say more about a person than just the words that are printed on the paper. Essay On Customer Service. The need for a car salesman resume cover letter is for mortgage loan assistant a matter of personal choice, but not nearly as critical as it is abstract sample with other professions. Preparing Your Car Salesman Resume. A car salesman resume description includes the name, address, contact information past work experience including the dates and education.

Even if you have never been a car salesman this work experience is still important and it should be included. I have included several resume templates for car salesmen that you can use to cover letter for mortgage loan assistant prepare your resume (see below). Service. I have also posted some resume samples you can use as a reference to formulate your document. For Mortgage Loan Officer. Of course you can have someone write your resume for you for a price, but remember you are looking to report sample land a job selling cars. If you can’t put together a simple resume maybe you should rethink your desire to for mortgage loan officer sell cars for abstract, a living. The resume is your first chance to sell yourself to your prospective dealership.

A quick tip here, it doesn’t need to be a book or even a chapter in a book, but it should sell you in as few words as possible. Resume Tips for cover assistant, Becoming a Car Salesperson. When you write your automotive sales resume follow these simple tips that are specific for the automobile industry and the way sales managers or hiring managers read resumes for future car salesmen and car saleswomen. Limit your resume to one page. Use quality paper for printing your resume. Of Media. It should be easy to read. Use bullet points and headers. Include all contact information, home phone, cell phone and email. Include computer familiarity because today’s car salesman will be using online CRM systems and email to perform the job. Don’t use specific dates for work experience and education only years. Have a friend or family member read your resume for assistant, an objective appraisal.

Explain any gaps in employment. Its OK to omit some work experience when it’s over ten to fifteen years in essay lesson plans school, the past and not critical to the position for letter for mortgage loan, which you are applying. If you had ten jobs in the 10 years you better have a good explanation prepared. Don’t lie and make things up on your resume. Use a template to create your car salesman resume by adding your information and then adjusting for readability.

Sections of a the Car Salesman Resume. Information : This section is globalisation essays self-explanatory you just need to include all your personal information, name, address, zip code, home phone, cell phone and email address. Objective: This section of the cover letter officer resume is where you tell prospective employers why you are applying to work at globalisation their dealership. It should be simple and consist of one or two sentences. If you never sold cars before you should address your desire to start a car sales career. If you have sold cars before you should be looking for a bigger, better dealer that will allow you to cover for mortgage loan officer assistant excel and put your sales skills to good use. Non Essay 2014. Experience: This is cover loan assistant where you will list your work experience and the years worked. The most recent will be first and the rest listed in reverse chronological order. If you are an experienced car salesperson you will list the dealerships where you sold including the address or at non essay scholarships least the city and state. However if you have never been a car salesman your work history is cover letter loan officer still important and should be included on your resume.

Skills: This section will include anything that you think might be of value to a car salesperson. If you have sold automobiles in essay on role good, the past you could list any special training that was provided by the dealer and/or auto manufacturers. Include any automaker certifications or awards you may have received or skill levels achieved. You could list average cars sold per month over the past year, ranking at cover for mortgage assistant current dealership and essay on customer, your average car salesman salary if appropriate. For those of you that never sold a car in your life list any skills, experiences or special training that could be transferred over to the profession of letter loan officer, car sales or anything skills listed in the car salesman job description.

Good buzzwords to use on your car salesperson resume are consistency, positive attitude, goals, energetic, communication skills and computer skills such as Microsoft Office and email. Education: This section contains a chronological list of your formal education like college, high school, tech schools and any special skills training even if it does directly pertain to car sales including the on role of media years completed. Cover. References: In most cases you car resume should say “References available upon request”. However if you have some personal references in the business and especially at the dealership where you are applying for a sales position by all means include them. If you were referred by a current employee that could influence the person that is non essay scholarships doing the hiring include them. If you have a recommendation letter for letter loan officer assistant, car salesman by all means include with your resume. When it comes to hiring car salespeople the car salesman resume will rarely be the 500 word deciding factor, but if it is letter loan officer assistant easy to non essay scholarships 2014 read and on one page it will be read.

If it contains pertinent information and letter for mortgage, it looks like it has been prepared by a potential employee that is willing to go the extra mile it will make you stand out from the decline thesis crowd. Anything to improve your chances of becoming a car salesman should be worth the effort. Officer. If you have a computer with word processing capabilities you can use the salesperson resume templates below. Later Fresh Up on the Lot. 500 Word On Customer. Sample Car Sales Resume Examples. 2017 Car Sales Professional.

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Essay mills: university course work to order. David Matthews investigates the scale and threat of the custom essay industry. The damage contract cheating can inflict on society is clear. Graduates emerge from university with huge (and in some disciplines, potentially dangerous) gaps in their learning and knowledge. Picture the letter officer assistant, following scenario: marking an essay by one of your more underwhelming students, you grow suspicious. You would like to be pleased by essay on customer, the unexpected quality of the work, but instead you feel “a twinge that a sentence is too neatly framed”, as one scholar who has found herself in this position puts it.

The analysis is for mortgage, superb, the writing style good - but is of parliament thesis essay, it too good? It bears little resemblance to assistant, previous work by the same student: indeed, it is in a different league. But it has been through Turnitin, the academic plagiarism checker, and come back clean. Has the abstract report, student miraculously improved, or are you looking at a particularly pernicious problem afflicting today’s higher education sector: the paid- for, custom-written essay? Custom essays, usually bought through websites known as essay mills, are in some ways an cover letter for mortgage loan assistant, academic’s worst nightmare. Report? Unlike standard examples of copy-and-paste plagiarism, they cannot be detected using software because they are “original” pieces of work - just not the assistant, student’s. 500 Word Essay On Customer Service? They also arguably represent an even more cynical form of cheating than, for example, regurgitating unattributed passages in a piece of submitted work. For many years, essay mills have been brazenly advertising their wares online, although they are always careful not to letter for mortgage loan officer, condone customers handing in bought pieces of work, arguing that the essays purchased are intended simply as useful guides or reference material. No one knows how big the market in custom essays is, or whether universities are managing to detect those students who do hand them in. There are also concerns that in non essay 2014, an age of mass higher education and high student-to-staff ratios, lecturers are less able to get to know their students’ work, making this form of cover for mortgage officer, cheating more difficult to detect. And there are fears that the pressures of the job might encourage some academics to turn a blind eye to the practice.

But perhaps the most important question is whether it is abstract, possible to prevent this form of cheating in the first place. Asking how many custom-written essays are being bought and sold in the UK is letter loan, a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?”, argues Thomas Lancaster, senior lecturer in computing at Birmingham City University. For obvious reasons (including the narrative high, fact that cheats do not want to be caught, essay mills operate online, and there are no official statistics), it is cover letter for mortgage loan, difficult to come by reliable figures. However, Lancaster, along with his former colleague Robert Clarke, has attempted to quantify the on role of media in promoting good, scale of the problem. The pair studied a large sample of cover letter officer, essay mill sites between March 2005 and abstract sample, June 2013, and identified nearly 19,000 attempts at cover letter loan contract cheating by students.

While they examined websites that could be used by anyone anywhere in narrative high, the world, a more detailed study of 59 postings in 2011 on one website,, found 18 references to assignments at for mortgage loan UK universities. “What we detected is the tip of the iceberg,” cautions Lancaster. Essay? No one even knows how many essay ghostwriting sites there are on the web, but five years ago Lancaster and Clarke listed 158. In addition to the online activity, there is an assistant, unknown number of essay writers who advertise their work offline - even on campus. “You get flyers pinned up on university noticeboards that say: ‘We’ll do your work’,” Lancaster explains.

Then there are those who arrange contract essays socially, for friends, family members or students one or two years below them, who leave no public trace at all. Prices vary dramatically. An upper-second, five-page undergraduate history essay will set you back ?70 at the cheaper end of the market, but some sites charge in the region of ?150-?160. On Role In Promoting Governance? One website, which sells itself as a “premier” service, charges ?50 an hour. This may sound expensive, but it is loose change compared with the cost (particularly for international students) of letter for mortgage officer assistant, having to retake a year. At the top end of the non essay 2014, scale, postgraduate dissertations of 25,000 words cost in the region of cover letter for mortgage officer assistant, ?2,800. Some essay writing companies are willing to provide more specific estimates of the scale of essay on role good governance, demand for letter for mortgage officer assistant their services, although the figures are self-reported and some academics say that the firms may exaggerate their popularity to attract publicity and gain more custom. Jennifer Wiss, business development manager at All Answers (which trades under a number of names on the web, including, says that the report, company dispatched 11,470 custom essays in 2012, of loan officer assistant, which three-quarters were ordered from UK IP addresses. This figure is essay on customer, difficult to verify, but the for mortgage loan assistant, firm’s accounts appear to be consistent with a company selling essays in such quantities. Wiss estimates that a further 4,000 custom essays are written in lesson plans school, the UK by rival agencies each year (although students at British universities can also order from cover letter loan officer assistant abroad).

In 2005 Barclay Littlewood, who was then chief executive of All Answers (which promoted itself as UK Essays), estimated that the business was worth ?200 million a year and of parliament essay, boasted that it had allowed him to officer, buy a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Robert Eaglestone, professor of contemporary literature and scholarships 2014, thought at Royal Holloway, University of London, believes that custom-written essays are a problem, but thinks that some essay mills choose to exaggerate their size through the press “because it’s good advertising. It’s a very media- friendly problem.” Whatever the number of essays being commissioned and the scale of the companies involved, information gathered by Times Higher Education under the Freedom of letter loan assistant, Information Act suggests that the number of custom-written essays being detected and essay on role good governance, officially reported is tiny. THE asked UK universities to provide details of the cover for mortgage officer assistant, number of students they had disciplined in the academic years 2011-12 and 2012-13 for handing in custom essays or assignments bought from essay mills.

Among the universities that responded to the request within 20 days, just 29 students were disciplined in 2011-12; in 2012-13, 30 students from narrative essay school 15 institutions were penalised. More than half the offenders hailed from cover letter officer outside the decline essay, UK. Some argue that the high fees paid by international students and cover letter loan officer assistant, the need to write in of parliament essay, English (if this is cover letter assistant, not their first language) create greater incentives to cheat. Chasing plagiarists can be ‘too much effort’, Carroll says. In any case, she is scholarships 2014, unsure if her institution would back her up if she uncovered cheating. Wiss reports that for a significant number of All Answers’ customers, English is a second language. She claims that “many of these struggle to put their thoughts and ideas across, or to interpret their course material and lectures. I believe this is why they choose to for mortgage loan officer assistant, use a service like ours.” In Lancaster’s experience, both domestic and international students use essay writing services, but he believes that a particularly serious and related issue is the matter of students paying for the translation of an essay written in a foreign language before handing it in, a practice that can obscure plagiarism. As THE reported in August, some universities still lack clear policies on whether international students may use proofreaders or translators to help them with their work.

The damage contract cheating can inflict on society is clear. Graduates emerge from university with huge (and in some disciplines, potentially dangerous) gaps in their learning and knowledge. Lancaster even discovered one student who had attempted to 500 word essay on customer, outsource an assignment on nuclear engineering. Cover For Mortgage Loan? One of the scholar’s presentations on the subject asks: “Do you want to sample, live within five miles of this person?” But there is also a more specific form of loan, damage to the university. You need only one student to go “to a job and not be able to do it” for an employer to “write off” other graduates of that university, Lancaster argues. He believes that employers have long memories and will warn other companies that certain alumni are not to be trusted. So contract cheating “has the effect of penalising honest students”, he adds. Given the ethical issues, who agrees to work for the sites?

The companies advertise themselves as employing graduates with good qualifications: an anonymous essay writer who wrote for THE in August says he is 2014, a recent Oxbridge graduate who was asked to provide evidence of his qualifications and samples of his writing when applying for the job. Some companies claim to employ staff with at least 2:1 degrees, interview potential candidates and ask them to cover letter officer, complete trial assignments. Many contract essay companies justify their trade by 2014, arguing that they are simply showing uncertain students how to write. “Many students just want to see how it’s done,” says Wiss, who also claims that the “vast majority” of for mortgage assistant, All Answers’ customers do not hand in their purchased essays. This might be more convincing if All Answers did not run its essays through plagiarism checkers before sending them on to clients - a common practice in the industry. Globalisation? Why do this unless customers want to hand them in? Wiss claims that this is to make sure that its writers are “spending the time they are paid for on the project and not cutting corners”. In line with many in the business, All Answers tries to blame universities for the rise of the essay mill. Institutions admit international students who can “barely string a sentence together”, Wiss claims, while others are “thrown in at the deep end” when they start university.

However, claims that custom essays merely help students with their own original work are “disingenuous”, according to a spokesman for Universities UK. “Such essays often cost several hundred pounds, will specify the grade they require [2:1, 2:2, etc] and are purchased invariably to meet clear deadlines,” he says. The anonymous essay writer offers a number of clues that he says may help to alert academics to cover letter for mortgage, custom-written essays. Essay writing agencies generally require writers to submit their work in a standard format, he explains, often including a contents page and chapter headings, regardless of length. “If you didn’t ask your students to submit a 2,000-word essay in this format and you get a contents page, etc, then this might raise an alarm,” he says. Ghostwriters often lack access to full journal articles, and so rely heavily on first-page previews from journal sites or Google Books. “Really probe the references, because this is the essay lesson plans high school, weak part,” he advises. Jude Carroll, an education consultant at Oxford Brookes University and for mortgage assistant, a plagiarism expert, thinks academics should not be afraid to be aggressively “investigative” if they smell a rat. If there are suspicions, she suggests, staff should call students in and ask them to explain unusually complex words or obscure references they have used.

The “biggest worry” for academics who have such suspicions is that they lack proof, she says - but that is on role governance, no excuse for cover loan officer assistant inaction. “There’s no support for the argument about proof. Abstract Report Sample? Students can’t question academic judgements. Cover Letter Loan? You don’t have to be [100 per cent] sure, you have to weigh the balance of 500 word essay on customer, probabilities - and be at least 65 per cent sure,” she thinks. But for another academic, who asks to remain anonymous, launching an investigation is not that simple. “I’m ashamed to admit it but you simply don’t have the time to launch a plagiarism case,” she says. One colleague, the same academic recalls, had to letter, “almost google every line” of a suspect essay and make several trips to the library to ascertain whether her fears about a piece of narrative lesson school, work were genuine.

In a competitive research excellence framework environment, chasing plagiarists can be “too much effort”, she says. In any case, she is cover letter loan assistant, also unsure if her institution would back her up if she uncovered cheating. Sample? Universities have a “real anxiety about the litigation culture” and are “anxious” about letter for mortgage officer, academics exercising their judgement. When offenders do get caught, Carroll says, the thesis essay, punishments for handing in letter for mortgage loan officer assistant, contracted essays are “highly variable”. Governance? She finds this worrying because penalties are a major determinant of letter loan officer assistant, how likely students are to cheat. “I believe students should be thrown out” if caught, she says. “It’s fraud.” However, according to non essay scholarships 2014, the results of cover letter loan officer, THE ’s FoI request, most students who cheat in this manner can expect to remain on their courses. Of the 59 students who were caught handing in bought essays in 2011-12 and 2012-13, just 13 were expelled.

In one case at Newcastle University, for example, an international student suspected of 500 word, handing in cover letter loan officer, work purchased from the site was given a “final written warning” but no other punishment. Many believe that academics’ first line of defence against custom essays is to set assignments that are difficult, if not impossible, to abstract sample, outsource. The anonymous ghostwriter advises scholars to ask their students to draw on lectures and class discussion when setting essays. “This is cover loan officer assistant, something that is either less visible or invisible to the ghostwriter,” he explains, and therefore much more difficult to achieve. Questions that require close engagement with a particular text are also more difficult to thesis essay, outsource, he says. “Chances are I won’t be able to do this as well because I won’t have that book to hand.

If asked to, I have a problem.” He also cautions against sending out cover letter loan, lecture notes in essays, electronic formats or putting them online, because this only makes it easier for ghostwriters to give the impression of having attended courses. However, the Equality Challenge Unit points out that students with disabilities might find taking notes during lectures difficult or even impossible, and some departments require academics to cover letter for mortgage loan, provide lecture notes to 500 word essay on customer, all students for this reason. Some essay questions appear time and time again, making them easier for contract writers to complete, so one obvious piece of advice from plagiarism experts is to avoid setting assignments on cover letter for mortgage officer predictable topics such as “women in Dickens”. Scholars might also set students presentations or tests based on their written submissions, which can identify those who have not done the work themselves. In 2007, Google banned advertisements for non essay essay writing services on its website, a move welcomed by UUK. Couldn’t the cover for mortgage officer assistant, government introduce a blanket ban on the companies? A spokeswoman for the Department for Business, Innovation and globalisation, Skills suggests that this would be impossible under current law. “Whether a student and/or ‘writing service’ have committed an offence would be for a court to decide and depend on the individual circumstances of the case,” she says. “There is no action BIS could take to address this.”

Another drastic option is suggested by assistant, the tale of a US professor, recounted by Lancaster, who set himself up as a contract essay writer to non essay, test the waters, only to find one of his own assignments out to tender. He wrote it, and when one of cover loan officer assistant, his students handed it in, he revealed himself as the author. Wiss maintains that All Answers is “very keen to decline thesis, work with universities to provide a service that can’t be abused in the first place” - but only if universities agree that the company is “a legitimate source of cover for mortgage assistant, academic help”. The UUK spokesman declines to comment on on customer this and says: “More should be done to cover loan, clamp down on these essay companies.” He adds that the body does not have any specific proposals to tackle the problem (although suggestions are welcome).

So there does not appear to non essay 2014, be any systematic solution to essay mills on the horizon, and letter loan assistant, responsibility for detecting and dealing with the 500 word essay service, issue continues to rest with individual academics and their universities. “If academics really want to for mortgage loan officer, catch these essays, they are going to non essay scholarships 2014, have to spend more time engaging with their students’ submitted work,” concludes the anonymous essay writer. Some may be left wishing that they had more time to do just that. Nothing to hide (except your details) “Although using our service is not cheating, and you have nothing to hide if you use the cover, service responsibly, we still take your privacy very seriously … We never share details of your order with your university.” “First class in my chemistry coursework was unbelievable. thanks.” - Theo, Manchester. “Universities sometimes warn students against using companies like ours, which goes back to the days when the custom essay industry was underhand and untrustworthy. We’re actively involved in re-educating them and changing their perspective.” “Just wanted to send a note to say thanks. Your paper helped me get a 2:1 for my degree!! I can now apply for my Masters! Thanks ever so much!! Do you write to Masters level?” - Lucy, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Set students short tests or presentations based on essay on customer their essays. Loan? Ask students to write their essays with reference to lectures or class discussions. Decline Thesis Essay? Set unusual questions or ask for analysis of set texts as this could put off potential ghostwriters. Cover Officer Assistant? If you suspect an essay may not be a student’s work, ask them to explain the key words, concepts and research. Check references: ghostwriters often do not have access to full journals or books, so may be able to reference only the of parliament essay, preview pages of online articles. If an essay seems overly formatted, for example, with a contents page and chapters, this could be because of a standard format used by essay companies. Google your assignment questions: you may find that they are out to tender. Click here for more on preventing plagiarism. Registration is free and only takes a moment. Once registered you can read a total of letter loan officer, 3 articles each month, plus: Sign up for report sample the editor's highlights Receive World University Rankings news first Get job alerts, shortlist jobs and save job searches Participate in reader discussions and post comments Register.

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Research Assistant/Research Fellow in Modelling Root Traits to Bio-engineer Soil. Lecturer in Data Science - Data Sciences with Analytics. Digital Marketing and letter for mortgage officer, Recruitment Executive. Last week, the report sample, UK’s universities minister threatened to fine institutions that pay their v-cs more than the prime minister without a strong justification. We present three perspectives on the debate. The bullying and subsequent suicide of a talented Ivy League scientist exposes ugly truths about the cruelty and dysfunction at the heart of academic science. No tax inspector or police officer can claim rights over what they write for their jobs, so why should academics, asks Gabriel Egan. We need to call off the witch-hunt and trust in the capacity of letter for mortgage officer assistant, our students to learn, says Bruce Macfarlane.

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checklist homework I created these to use as weekly homework checklists. You can tell the children what to work on each day or they can pick and choose, based on their needs. Cover For Mortgage Loan Assistant. These weekly homework checklists are aligned with the narrative essay high school first grade 2014 edition of cover letter loan, Journeys. However, since they are fully editable, they can be used with or without any reading program. Here is what's included: -30 pre-written homework checklists, labeled with the first grade sight words and essays spelling words. (These are not. Editable Weekly Newsletter and Homework Checklist. Great to send home at the beginning of the week. I attach this to my student's weekly homework packet.

Edit homework activities and info for the parents. Please make sure to look through all the pages to cover for mortgage loan officer find the one that best fits your needs. Each has different editable areas. All editable areas say text here. Looking for something different this year? Take a look at my Editable Homework Bingo. It has 3 different size boards with fully editable text. Let me know if you have any. Editable Weekly Homework Checklists. I created these to use as weekly homework checklists. Report Sample. You can tell the children what to cover letter for mortgage assistant work on each day or they can pick and choose, based on their needs.

These weekly homework checklists are aligned with kindergarten Journeys. However, since they are fully editable, they can be used with or without any reading program. Here is what's included: -30 homework checklists, labeled with the kindergarten Journeys sight words. These are editable for homework choices only. (The 2014 version uses. Homework Checklists Are your students too young for school agendas? Are they too expensive? My students would take too much time to fill out an service, agenda and letter loan officer some families couldn’t find the time to visit our class website every week.

These checklists are a quick and easy way to keep your students and their families on task with homework expectations for the week. Includes: • 66 pages of editable homework checklists (Monday - Thursday) • 66 pages of editable homework checklists (Monday - Need an easy way to assign student spelling words and 2014 homework each week? These homework checklists will save you time and loan officer assistant energy! Just type in your personal information, student spelling words, and student homework. You can print these and staple them into student agendas or slide them into binders. Non Essay. 3 options are included: 1) editable with permanent titles 2) editable with editable titles 3) Completely editable (Except for days of the cover for mortgage loan week!) This product is scholarships 2014, made using PowerPoint.

Enjoy! The Homework Checklist is a printable Microsoft Word document that will help you document your students' homework progress. It is completely editable so that you can type in your students name, date, etc. You can use the document to do a quick daily check to loan officer document whether or not your students have returned homework. Essays. This can be used in parent conferences to cover letter for mortgage let parents know of on customer, their student's homework participation. Editable Instant Homework Checklists. Enter your class list once and you're done! This fillable PDF will save tons of time creating homework lists for your gradebook this year. Includes: - Math - Reading - Writing - Spelling - Science - Social Studies - Blank Checklist - Checklist for 22+ students.

This homework checklist checks homework for one school week. You can add the cover for mortgage loan name of the assignment and then either have a student check off homework as a classroom job or you can do it yourself. At the end of each day and at the end of the week you will see how many homework assignments students missed. You can keep these sheets to bring to parent teacher conferences to show parents how much homework students are missing. This daily homework checklist includes the following subjects (which can be edited): Reading, Math, and Word Study.

The homework checklist is non essay 2014, broken down into 4 Weeks on one page and includes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Editable Weekly Homework Checklist For the Whole Year. Thank you for purchasing my homework checklist. Often there are things that we want our primary students to for mortgage officer practice that are not paper and globalisation pencil activities. I created this checklist so that the parents and students could be reminded daily of cover for mortgage, what these activities are. I provided one copy that was filled out the way I created it for my class and narrative lesson plans a blank copy so that you could fill it out with your own needs.

There is a new version for cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant each month to add a little variety and narrative high a generic one to use. Keep easily track your student's homework completion by using this daily checklist. All you have to do is add your students' names! This product can be modified to cover letter for mortgage meet your own personal needs also. Help kids (and parents) stay organized and on top of their homework assignments with this homework checklist! Write in the child's homework and narrative essay lesson plans high date on Monday. For Mortgage Loan. Students hand in on Friday. Great for non essay 2014 building independence with daily homework and reading. Edit this Publisher document to make it suitable for your classroom. A great visual organiser for your students to cover loan officer assistant make sure they complete all the set tasks for homework.

Need an easy way to walk around the room to abstract check off who did their homework? Attach this form to a clipboard, and you're all set! Here is a great checklist for letter homework assignments each day. This can be edited to fit the essays needs of your classroom. Wonderful way to keep track of student homework completion! If you like this product check out others at letter loan assistant, my store by clicking here: Count On Me. Grade Book Template and Homework Checklist. ***Note***Thumbnail may look off, but the product is fine when downloaded! This download consist of the following: 1-Grade Book Template 2-Homework Checklist---One checklist is for whole class the other is per globalisation student All three can be edited.

I have added Mth/Read/Spelling/Other for the Homework Checklist ***Note***I like to for mortgage loan officer assistant highlight/check when student turns them in. I highlight when on narrative lesson plans time, check when late, circle if absent. Letter Officer Assistant. Just like to let you all know how I use the product in non essay 2014, my. End of Day Checklist Homework Checklist. End of Day Checklist to help organize students backpack for homework.

Student completes the checklist, on their own, and signs it at the bottom. Homework Checklist for the week. Cover Letter For Mortgage Assistant. Students are able to write their names and then check off if they did the homework for that subject throughout the week. Essay On Customer. The checklist can be laminated, and used with a dry/wet erase marker, to letter officer reuse each week! It is 2014, very helpful for a student and officer really helpful as a teacher! I use this as a weekly homework checklist for 500 word essay on customer service my students! I ask that families complete any five items from the checklist. My checklist includes reading a book, cooking a meal as a family, and for mortgage loan assistant any number of activities that relate to what we are doing in class. 500 Word On Customer. Worksheet is editable so you can add and change according to what works in cover loan officer, your classroom! Font used is KG Be Still and Know.

This is a simple form for narrative essay lesson plans school teachers, parents and students to use when they are checking homework for the week. Need a simple way to keep track of your student's weekly homework? This simple checklist is an easy way to maintain a running record of cover letter for mortgage officer assistant, your student's homework throughout the lesson plans fall and for mortgage loan spring semester. FREE Homework Checklist for decline of parliament thesis essay Middle School or High School. Homework Checklist for Middle School or High School. Cover. FREE Use this form to check off homework as it is completed daily.

Just write in the names of your students and class period at the top, and put it on a clipboard. Easy way to abstract sample keep track of loan officer, student compliance, and may be modified to suit your needs. Globalisation. You can keep track of homework due Monday through Friday. Be the first to know about officer, my new discounts, freebies and product launches: • Look for the green star near the top of essay of media in promoting, any page. Add your students' names to this checklist to help keep yourself organized of each homework assignment. This checklist allows for 3 assignments per day, except for Mondays which allows for 2. Enjoy! This is for mortgage assistant, a check list to go with my S.T.A.R.

Folder cover. This is an at home night checklist for students. This is a great checklist to use with your whole class or with just a few students who need a way to help them keep their homework organized. Non Essay Scholarships 2014. Students need to put a check mark in the column when they are done with an assignment and then have either a teacher or parent sign their checklist. This checklist helps parents stay accountable.

This document is easy to edit to your classroom homework expectations. Cover Officer Assistant. In kindergarten we do not use assignment notebooks. This is a great alternative to stay organized. Students continually forgetting something to abstract have their homework complete? This one-page checklist can be posted somewhere in their house or slid in the front of a binder to cover for mortgage officer assistant help students make sure they've remembered the basics.

The reminders are complete sentences, but the basic ideas are enlarged to abstract report see from a distance. Spanish and English Homework Checklists! This homework checklist makes it easy to keep track of completed student homework. This download contains 2 homework checklists in officer, Spanish and in globalisation, English! Enjoy and please provide feedback! Thanks! Monthly Homework Checklist- Editable. Are you looking for a way to keep track of when your students turn in their homework?

Then this is the cover officer perfect resource for decline of parliament thesis essay you! I have included a weekly checklist and a monthly checklist for cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant every month. Both weekly and monthly checklists are editable! Need a simple and scholarships easy way to check off completed homework? This simple and easy homework checklists allows you to for mortgage loan assistant use easy checklist symbols to organize who has turned in their homework. This cuts down homework charts by half the time! Follow my IG: @afashionablynewteacher. Weekly Homework Checklists For Different Class Sizes. Use a simple checklist to help manage and organize your homework system! Includes: • 29 Different Weekly Homework Checklists • Student Class List of: 5, 8, 10, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 students • Two Different Themes: One with “Checked By” option for classroom jobs and one without “Checked By” for a simple class list. Decline Thesis Essay. How To Use: 1. Print the page for the number of students in your class 2. Write student names on the list and cover letter for mortgage loan officer make extra copies 3. Clip all onto a clipboard.

This checklist is designed to support students with homework. It can be stapled into report, a daily plan book or attached to a homework folder. The student should be taught how to complete each step. This is a great tool for students with ADHD or poor organization skills. Electronic Homework Checklist Bundle (Editable) This Electronic Homework Record will keep you organized, and allow you to collect data on student homework completion!

You are able to edit and cover letter for mortgage loan officer add your own students into the checklist! Included in this Electronic Homework Checklist Bundle: Excel 2011 and later compatible file, Excel 2004-2009 compatible file, and Google Sheets file. As you type yes or no when checking for essays homework completion, the cell automatically changes colors to letter loan assistant green or red. This color display will provide quick. Spanish English Homework Checklist Schedule. Help your bilingual and ELL students and parents stay on the same page in of media in promoting good governance, terms of homework.

This schedule doubles as a checklist and can be laminated and used by families daily! The .doc format allows teachers to make edits to customize for specific needs. Great checklist to letter loan officer help students develop homework skills while allowing them to non essay 2014 make choices that meet their individual learning needs. German Homework checklist Hausaufgaben checkliste. A colorful printable pdf that u can hand out to your students after each lesson so that they can check/ what they did each day : Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Listening and write down their Homework! Make sure that they understand the words in German. If not u should explain them. Suitable for ages between 7-15. You can even use it for yourself as a small lessonplan Have fun!

You can use the single page to record homework for two subjects. The page can also be cut in letter for mortgage loan, half to create two separate weekly homework checklists. Stay up to date with who has turned in their homework with this simple homework checklist. All you need to do is enter your students' names and you are all set! Teachers!

Send this checklist home with students on Mondays to track what they are reading and non essay 2014 how they are studying their weekly spelling words. Letter For Mortgage Loan Assistant. Parent and student signatures required. This checklist will help you keep track of student homework, classwork, projects, and essays tests/quizzes. Classroom organization and grading will be easy when you can easily see who did and did not turn in an assignment for cover loan officer a given day. As a Word document, you can type in non essay scholarships, the names of your students alphabetically for easiest use. Here is a quick way to keep up with students' homework returns. The checklist saves time and can be used weekly. This is an EDITABLE Checklist for homework. This can be used to reward a child for having their homework Signed and Returned and for Completing their homework.

Great tool to use for a student who has difficulty remembering to do their homework on a nightly basis. Here is a Reading Homework Checklist and Book Summary Log. I created it because I wanted to cover for mortgage loan make my completing reading homework fun. Essay Governance. You can also attach it to your weekly newsletter and homework packet. This page is in Word Publisher format so you can change the minutes and requirements to match your needs. Please see my Math Language Arts Homework Choice Menus.

Thanks for looking! :-) Homework Checklists for all Subjects. Included with this purchase you will find task checklists to use with your students who struggle with maintaining attention or recalling all the steps required to cover letter officer complete a task and decline of parliament thesis essay avoid frustration. There are 2 sets of checklists for each subject that can be used by teachers or parents selected depending on for mortgage loan officer the student's needs. I put mine inside plastic sleeves and use dry-erase markers to either draw pictures or write words for each steps. Please rate me and give me some feedback! Enjoy! This checklist includes visuals and provides students with step by step procedures for completing homework, with a focus on organization and time management.

I have created a Homework Checklist for globalisation students to fill out at cover loan officer, the end of the hour so they can be accountable for their unfinished work. They can list the activity due and check it off once completed and turned in. Let's make them accountable not the teacher or mom and dad. Of course, we could always have a parent or yourself initial the form once complete. I use this sheet for organization in the child's classroom/take home binder. © , This is a weekly color coded homework checklist. It can be used to send home to essay of media good governance parents or for student use specifically. Weekly Homework Checklist (black and white) Teachers! Weekly Checklist to track what you students are reading and how they are studying their spelling words.

Also available in color! Weekly Assignment Homework Checklist. This is a great checklist to use for helping students get caught up with missing work. It teaches them how to get their missing work when absent from their teachers and record it on their tracking sheet. The student checks the first box when they have the materials to cover letter for mortgage loan officer complete the assigned work. Essay Good. Then, they check the second box when they complete the cover letter officer assistant assignment.

Special Needs Weekly Homework Checklist. Homework in my room is not mandatory, but some of my parents request work for their students to report do at home. I wanted an easy checklist for these parents and students. Parents can choose which work their students will do each evening, whether it be accessing one of the abundant resources I offer on my teacher webpage, practice a specific needed skill, or read aloud/listen to cover letter for mortgage loan officer assistant parents read. I created this checklist to essay in promoting good governance motivate students to work at letter for mortgage, home with their parents by tying it to narrative lesson plans school the token. This is just a homework check list to keep up with who has turned in letter for mortgage assistant, their homework. Enjoy!

Psst. it is on customer, editable! This is a handy organizer for students to be able to keep up with their homework and upcoming things to remember. Please note that you're heading to a part of our site that's not yet optimized for mobile.