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Introduction julius caesar essay

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Linux ultra fast command line download accelerator. Introduction Julius Essay! Usually I use wget, which is ultimate command line downloader. However, wget failed to accelerate my download speed. I was downloading 1.4GB file around 800KB/s download speed (this box is hooked to uplink port speed 10 Mbps ). Paper! However, remote server was restricting me. Julius Essay! Therefore, I decided to get rid of wget.

I have downloaded axel a light download accelerator for Linux command line. Future Research Paper! Axel does the same thing any other accelerator does: it opens more than one HTTP/FTP connection per download and each connection transfers its own, separate, part of the file. It may sound weird, but it works very well in practice. For example, some FTP sites limit the julius essay, speed of each connection, therefore opening more than one connection at a time multiplies the essay, allowable bandwidth. Be forewarned that some FTP operators don#8217;t like it when you do this. Introduction Caesar Essay! It is better to open the additional connections on several servers and download from dissertation, all of them simultaneously. Axel supports this feature too. Introduction Julius! You may either specify a list of mirrors to use or tell the fellowships, program to search for mirrors.

This is a perfect tool over remote ssh session for introduction julius, downloading large file. If you are using Debian, type the following command to future research install axel: # apt-get install axel. Or you can download axel from julius caesar essay, official website: $ tar -zxvf axel-1.0b.tar.gz. Configre and compile axel: On the other hand, just upload a newly build axel binary to remote Linux server using scp. Usually I do not install gcc c/c++ compilers collection on any of my production web/ftp/MySql servers for coursework, security reasons. Caesar Essay! Just type the advisors, command as follows: You can also specify a speed (bytes per sec) for julius, axel so that it will not eat up all your bandwidth. For example following will try to keep the average speed around 5242880 (5120 Kilobyte per/sec): $ axel -s 5242880 Limit a number of connection. You can also specify number of connection you want to open.

For example open 3 connections for downloading: $ axel -n 3 -s 5242880 Here is sample test that demonstrates how fast is axel. As you see axel downloaded same file in rainforest thesis, 4 seconds. Another great thing its binary size, I can put axel on boot disk and replace a wget. prozilla another good program with GUI frontend. One of the introduction caesar essay, drawback of axel is you can not specify ftp username and research, password. You can use prozilla program, which also makes multiple connections and downloads a file in multiple parts simultaneously thus enhancing the download speed and dwnloading the file faster than a download with a single connection. FTP passwords can be specified with the URL, or can be obtained automatically from. /.netrc if it exists. # yum install prozilla.

To use prozilla just type the following command (command line version): (click to enlrage image) The author is the creator of nixCraft and a seasoned sysadmin and a trainer for the Linux operating system/Unix shell scripting. He has worked with global clients and in various industries, including IT, education, defense and space research, and the nonprofit sector. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Share this on introduction julius essay, (or read 62 comments/add one below): Your support makes a big difference: I have a small favor to ask. More people are reading the nixCraft. Many of you block advertising which is your right, and advertising revenues are not sufficient to cover my operating costs.

So you can see why I need to ask for your help. The nixCraft, takes a lot of my time and hard work to produce. Gcse Coursework! If everyone who reads nixCraft, who likes it, contributes to support it with donations: another good download accelerator for linux is not a standalone program, but a firefox extension: downthemall. it works great, and the acceleration rate is impressive. Download downthemall is a very good download extention, I have a slow internet connection but it#8217;s a real helper when downloading things. Also flashgot helps grabbing video files while browsing firefox. Bytes per introduction julius essay, sec#8230;.ffs#8230;who thought that one up?? can you repeat the test with a different download file, and. do the axel download first and the wget second? it seems likely. that the file was cached in a transparent web proxy which could. account for the speed difference.

Noop, I am directly connected and not using a transparent proxy appliance or server. If I run wget axel wget axel I am getting same result. Appreciate your post. I#8217;ve always used lftp for this purpose #8212; and in my two informal tests on two different boxes #8212; it seems to be superior to axel: Downloaded 39.4 megabytes in 15 seconds. (2673.72 KB/s) 41292428 bytes transferred in research, 13 seconds (3.00M/s) Downloaded 39.4 megabytes in 16 seconds. Julius! (2376.57 KB/s) 41295932 bytes transferred in 13 seconds (3.06M/s) you`re missing the dissertation, fact that your ISP propably has a Proxy-Server wich has then a copy of the file in it`s cache so you donA?t proof that anything gets speeded up. A transparent proxy is introduction julius essay, just that transparent. You wouldn#8217;t know if you were using one or not. That is future, why ajs recommendation of repeating the test with a different file and introduction caesar, using axel first makes sense. Your ISP (or your ISP#8217;s ISP) might be using a transparent proxy. Rainforest Essay! Cisco routers use WCCP (Web Cache Control Protocol) to implement transparent caching (there are lots of other ways to introduction julius do it as well). If transparent caching was in use, #8220;wget#8221; would have populated the cache and #8220;axel#8221; would have retrieved from the cache. Also, I agree that connecting to multiple mirrors and pulling a #8220;piece#8221; of the file from each could speed things up but connecting multiple times to rainforest essay the same server to avoid #8220;bandwidth limits per connection#8221; is julius, silly.

A smart admin would limit bandwith per essay and contrasting poems, IP not per connection. Nalley I am aware of both transparent proxy and WCCP. This entire article is not about your home dsl or adsl connection. My box is hooked to 10Mbps uplink and other few boxes I managed they are hooked to introduction julius 1000Mbps. This is a collocated box and my dedicated hosting service provider does not use caching.

In fact, they sell content caching as a different product (which is quite expensive ) . And yes I did the test as I said earlier in following order: And result are almost same only 1 second different. You could at least put a caveat about the increased resource usage on servers that using an accelerator causes. If someone is providing something to you for free, don#8217;t ve an asshat and coursework, just use wget/curl. Hmm, are you sure Axel can#8217;t download from FTP sites that require a password? I wrote the program and I#8217;d be very embarassed if that functionality would really be missing#8230; It#8217;s interesting to introduction caesar see an article about a program I don#8217;t maintain for gcse coursework, four years already. I don#8217;t use it myself anymore, but it#8217;s nice that other people are still happy about it. #128578; Thanks for comment. Sorry to say but whenever I use url, axel bumped my back with Segmentation fault error. That is why I am using proz.

If you get time, try to julius essay fixA?a‚¬A¦ Axel is extremely tiny and part of my rescue disk as well. I LOVE IT,I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. Essay Poems! Nice! FlashGet is introduction julius caesar, a similar tool for Windows but this is definitely useful tool to essay thesis use under Linux. Thanks for sharing. i got same results w/ both wget and axel sticking to wget. Not a fan of the crazy status printouts done by introduction axel. In my opinion lftp is much better because it supports both http and ftp and has tons of options and commands. lftp just works! lftp is alot faster for me.

I love it! From all those posts above, I think I will still keep to using wget. Another fast command-line download accelerator worth looking into is aria2. It also supports bittorrent and relationship, has a very, very low memory footpring (even less than rtorrent. For people using SUSE Linux, I maintain aria2 RPMs here. Thanks for introduction julius essay, pointing out aria2! Also works great on dissertation advisors, mac using Fink!

A simple /sw/bin/apt-get axel had me up and running in no time. Essay! Thanks for the tip #128521; I noticed you used url when in fact it would be correct to gcse biologe coursework use the @ symbol between the password and julius caesar, server like this. ftp://username: [emailprotected] /file url. well something abou t download accelerators. 1st the DON#8217;T really accelerates some times BUT they ALLways try to use your MAX bandwidth. 2nd They can accelerate your download because the make more than one single connection. Its because when you connect just once you connection may slow down and itA?s slower to one connection speed up when the traffic is about relationship, up again, so if you have 4 connections is fastter to reuse the bandwidth. 3rd they resume support works better#8230; #128578; I love download accelerator cause I#8217;m allways doing some kind download#8230; and be moving to windows just to do that is boring. So I developed my own download acelerator, based on axel#8217;s code the new download accelerator for linux has released called doKa, it is made for KDE (I love it) and is working pretty well with some problens that you can faind on introduction essay, the projects page#8230;

If you have interest check out#8230; Thanks for pointing out your porting. Comparing And Contrasting! I will check it out later on. Julius Essay! #128578; do any of the above programs tune the TCP stack to use maybe a greater window size? And there is that scale option too, if I recall right, to essay about teacher student increase the introduction caesar, granularity of the specified window#8230;.could be in gigs now i think#8230; Wonder if doing that might help#8230;?I do think there are some #8216;knobs#8217; given by the stack to rainforest adjust these parameters#8230;. And just to introduction essay add to that #8216;smart admin will limit BW per dissertation advisors, IP not connection#8217;, smarter download accelerators could use multiple IP#8217;s assigned to the same NIC and vary the connection at L3 instead of L4. Can you not specify a username pass via the URL? how can I adjust or increase the size to introduction be downloaded in future research paper, my smoothwall linux ? All Praises to Allah.

I have found lftp is the only right tool. I tried prozilla (proz and introduction caesar, prozgui), axel, aria2c and wiki dissertation, these are good but don#8217;t have resume support. Introduction! Prozilla has resume support but you have to quit the program mentioning your intention to resume later (for proz press Ctrl + R, and for prozgui click on Abort, resume later). Gcse Coursework! If you press the computer#8217;s reset button in the middle of a download and try to julius resume the broken download, it can#8217;t be done with prozilla. Prozgui will go on downloading the dissertation advisors, rest but at the end it completes the download with wrong size. Introduction! But with lftp you can download and accelerate download with multiconnection and resume a broken download later. I have tested with version 3.5.2 and earlier version may not work to wiki dissertation resume download with pget (pget is needed for acceleration/opening more connection). So, get 3.5.2 or later version. Some lftp commands are as follwos: Continue broken download:

Get file with 7 connection: Enter to caesar essay lftp shell by entering command lftp and get a file by: change setting for essay and contrasting poems, saving downloading status teporarily (only available for the session, get back to default value after exit): set pget:save-status 5s. change setting for number of downloading connection teporarily (only available for the session, get back to default value after exit): set pget:default-n 7. * To change the setting permanently edit /etc/lftp.conf. set pget:save-status 5s. set pget:default-n 7. Default time for pget save status is 10s, and introduction julius, connection number is 5. What about d4x ? I have used aria / aria2c , axel , d4x , downthemall in essay about teacher relationship, firefox and I find aria2c highly fast and helpful. i use axel since half a year or so and i#8217;m really quite happy with it. it does not spawn too many connections (you know i don#8217;t wanna fall on sysadmin#8217;s nerves) and never made a mistake until now. very reliable. Introduction Julius Caesar! i use it mostly to download iso images. the md5#8217;s are always alright. i might give aria2c a try#8230; i#8217;m new to using prozilla.i followed the two above mentioned steps to install it, # yum install prozilla. but i thought it was a GUI.and even then i need to rainforest know to download any file how do go about it. will the following work. Julius Caesar! if it does where are the files being saved. this doesnt make sense. it is on home folder. how can we use axel to download file from Rapidshare (how to put rapidshare username and password in essay, axel?), any idea? Here is introduction essay, my axel.2-3 patch for rainforest, cookie loading from Firefox 3. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! It is extremely buggy. #128578; I Hope you enjoy it. What I want to mention is prozilla (2.0.4) really does not work in my case! Neither it can download from youtube nor from rapidshare! With rapidshare it fails to comparing persist the julius, connection. I think prozilla is not well implemented and it has many bugs around.

Anyway, I#8217;ll look at the code of prozilla when I have time. I want the source code for some Linux comands. Axel was working good but it has an 2gb file limit. I can see that aria2 can resume downloads, so that is my choice for now. The speeds are comperable. Essay! No matter what tools we use, we can#8217;t beat the ISP load balance and increase our download speeds. I was just downloading a file over FTP through wget#8230; their server slowed me down to 300KB/s, I used this program and set the caesar essay, connections to 5 and I am getting 1670.6KB/s works for me#8230; Try the latest axel-2.4, the limit of 2Gb file is no more. hahaha. Essay Poems! i think it#8217;s just only introduction essay, taste #128512; some people think aria2 is better, lftp, axel .It #8216;s your choice to use it. remember, network has bursty traffik #128512; Do agree that Axel#8217;s printouts are a bit wild. But its in teacher relationship, a visor on introduction, mac so doesn#8217;t bother me. Wiki Dissertation! Where i find axel downloaded files? I#8217;m in introduction, a this type of dissertation fellowships, situation,I dont know how to go working on Fedora 9.looking for ur help,, thnxzz. The strip option is enabled.

This should not be a problem usually, but on some. systems it breaks stuff. Binary stripping enabled. mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/ cp axel /usr/local/bin/axel. Julius Caesar! cp: cannot stat `axel#8217;: No such file or directory. make: *** [install-bin] Error 1. i had the same problem. try to type #8220;apt-get -f install#8221;. after that you can install it. A nice one to try for linux would be SKDownloader. It is future research, a download accelerator having an excellent gui with themes support (not sure how many would be using it though #128578; ). It is fully free and unlike other download accelerators, it allows you to choose the introduction caesar essay, number of simultaneous connections you can make and it is not limited to wiki fellowships 3 or 4 which is the case with most others. Their link is. Just tried wget on a file from introduction julius, a friends box in the UK to essay about student my server in NZ and was getting a total download time of 8 hours + Switched to my windows server and used firefox with downloadthemall and introduction, was getting 4 streams down and rainforest, total download time est around 5 hours. Installed axel and julius caesar, tried however I was getting proxy issues and wiki dissertation, being requested for my domain and user + password, this is a pain as I had my http_proxy already exported but it did not use it.

Then tried aria2 and amazing at this time it is sayinfg 2 hours 30 mins that blows all the above away and my windows firefox to essay boot. Gcse Coursework! Yet to see if the file md5sums match and caesar, if the download time is real and paper, not an extimate but it#8217;s looking good for julius, now especally as from the wiki fellowships, remote box I am lucky to get anywher near 50k usually around 30k #128578; [ SIZE:19.7MiB/538.8MiB(3%) CN:5 SPD:58.2KiBs ETA:2h31m59s]] Thanks a lot . Caesar! I also though wget is the research paper, ultimate downloader but axel is so much faster out the box. This really improved my life #128512; Hi. I#8217;m using axel to download a 4 GB software. When it downloaded 98%, it suddenly gives #8220;write error#8221;.

I tried it again, but it still gives write error. It says. File size: 4314152960 bytes. Opening output file Xilinx_ISE_DS_Lin_13.1_O.40d.1.1.tar. State file found: 4251837514 bytes downloaded, 62315446 to go. Downloaded 10.7 kilobytes in 0 seconds. (24.90 KB/s) I still have more than 30 GB space and introduction caesar essay, the partition is ext3. How to fix this? Thanks. I tried axel #8212; for me it works thrice as fast as wget. (I tried wget and axel on different huge files and measured the biologe coursework, speed difference so the transparent proxy issue is not there.) This is julius, ideal for someone who wants to download a huge file onto some remote Unix computer in the cloud. (1) Cannot fire-up mozilla on the remote computer even using ssh -X (painfully slow). (2) Cannot download huge file on about student, to local lap-top and julius caesar essay, then re-up-load to remote compute in essay comparing and contrasting poems, the cloud (idiotic). Therefore #8212; go go go axel ! Love it!

I haven#8217;t tried aria and the other softwares mentioned here but they may well be just as good. Thats pretty amazing. Can download files at a speed more than my max download limit. Sorry i am unable to julius essay install axel.Plz can any one help me? @rafi : use apt-get install axel. dont try to use the GUI interface, it dont work here (ubuntu 11.10) use the command line: it really impressed me how it#8217;s fast, i#8217;ve unistalled it the first time i#8217;ve used it because it dident show me anything! the console opened in black! but i#8217;ve reinstalled it and essay about teacher relationship, used it directly from the bash using the command line #8220;alex#8221; (without quotes) and it worked #128512; Does axel support resuming partial downloads, like wget -c. If so, how do I resume a partial download with axel. for instance the connection was lost, cancel the download by CTRL+C. after that, enter same command in your previous download of axel. it will resume automatically.

For the people complaining about the verbosity of axel, they should try the options. Introduction Julius Essay! This will show an alternate progress indicator. A bar displays. the progress and essay thesis, status of the essay, different threads, along with. current speed and an estimate for the remaining download time. No output to stdout.

If you are using firefox , you can use #8220;axel-downloader#8221; firefox plugin.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for Internships. Written by Laura Riley. Updated April 10, 2017. Laura Riley is a writer who specializes in career advice and professional development. Essay! She has a Master’s degree in Student Affairs and future, Higher Education from Miami University. You’ve heard it before: “No one actually reads a cover letter.” “Cover letters are pointless.” There’s actually proof that writing an introduction julius caesar outstanding cover letter can get you an internship. If you’re thinking, “Hmm I’m really not sold on essay comparing and contrasting poems, this whole perfect cover letter thing.” Or maybe you’ve heard that college students don’t really need them.

Hang tight. I’m going to julius essay, explain exactly what a professional cover letter is, why you need one, and most importantly, I’ll outline a step-by-step process to help you write an outstanding cover letter. And the best part? This article includes multiple, full-length cover letter samples. These samples will help you write a solid cover letter from advisors, beginning to introduction julius caesar essay, end.

One that’s good enough to secure your dream internship. Before we jump in, let’s take a look at relationship exactly what’s included in this article : I’m sure this comes as no surprise: As a college student, you will likely apply for internships (if you haven’t already!) As you may know, students who have internship experience increase their chance of securing a full-time job offer upon graduation. Introduction Essay! Many interns actually accept offers before they even graduate. According to dissertation, a study conducted by Vault, 73% of student interns said they received or expected to receive a full-time offer from their internship employer . Internships and cooperative education programs (co-ops) give you an opportunity to gain experience in your desired career field prior to graduation. Introduction Julius Caesar! By gaining hands-on, specialized experience, you become more competitive in the job market. Internship experience is important. To secure an internship, you need to submit a quality resumé, cover letter, and at times, additional application requirements. If you submit an outstanding application, you’ll receive an invitation to interview.

And if you hit your interview out of the park, you’ll receive an internship or job offer. This means that believing the myth that cover letters are irrelevant can be detrimental to your professional success. Your resumé and cover letter are the foundation of your success as a job applicant. Your cover letter basically exists to tell a company, “Hey, I really, really, really want this internship.” In a more professional way, of course. A professional cover letter is an important document to send in with your résumé when applying to a job. Biologe Coursework! It provides additional information about introduction julius why you are the advisors best candidate for julius the job. After the employer reads your cover letter, you want them to read your resumé, check out your LinkedIn profile, visit your online portfolio, or better yet, do all three. On nearly every social media site, the first thing you do is create a profile, or at minimum, a username. Let’s take Instagram for example. When you land on an Instagram profile for the very first time, you quickly scan the user’s bio and the photos at the top of dissertation advisors, their feed. If you aren’t immediately engaged by what you see, you probably won’t come back.

Follow for a follow? No thanks. The same thing happens in the job search. Your cover letter acts as your Instagram bio. Julius Essay! Your cover letter offers a first impression of who you are as a professional and what you’re all about. It’s your chance to grab a recruiter’s attention. This means your cover letter has to be good! While you unfortunately can’t use emojis to amplify your cover letter, you can still make your cover letter interesting to read. Rainforest Essay! It’s your job to engage the hiring manager, recruiter, or search committee.

In a sense, you want them to follow you. You want them to double-tap your activity and introduction caesar, leave comments like, “We would love to hire you!” If you’re thinking, “ But that’s not always the essay case. People don’t always read cover letters .” You’re right. Introduction Caesar! There are definitely recruiters who don’t read cover letters.

But for every recruiter who doesn’t read your cover letter, there’s a recruiter who bases their entire hiring decision on how good your cover letter is. I recently talked to a hiring manager who was shocked at the number of applicants who didn’t submit a cover letter along with their resumé. She said, “I will NEVER hire an applicant who doesn’t submit a cover letter. It’s not that they’re unqualified, but I can’t put the experience on their resumé into context.” Don’t make that mistake. Particularly if your previous work experience doesn’t say a lot about how you’ll be a great fit for the company that you’re applying to. If you truly want an essay and contrasting poems internship, you need a cover letter. Not spending time on your cover letterbecause you assume it’s not going to be readcan be incredibly costly. And not hearing back from julius, a company after you submit your application gets old really quickly.

So, what’s the dissertation purpose of a cover letter anyway? The purpose of a cover letter is 3-fold: Introduce yourself to a prospective employer. Communicate your interest in a specific position and introduction caesar essay, company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for the internship position.

If done right, your cover letter will serve an actual purpose (beyond checking off an dissertation application requirement or turning in a class assignment). Your cover letter can get you an interview. If you’re familiar with how to write a resumé, you know the purpose of a resumé is to communicate your achievements to a potential employer. Unlike a cover letter, a resumé never uses personal pronouns like “I” or “Me”. Instead of saying, “I created a social media campaign,” a resumé states, “Created social media campaign”. Julius Essay! Because of this traditional formatting, it can be difficult for internship applicants to rainforest, express their personality.

“I feel like my resumé makes me sound super boring.” Guess who’s here to save the day? The misunderstood cover letter. For some reason, cover letters don’t get the love they deserve. But cover letters are actually pretty cool. Julius Caesar! They can help you tell your professional story.

Let’s look at an example. Say your resumé includes the following entry: Volunteer, Community Food Pantry. Inspect and sort 100 pounds of food donations per week to ensure they meet quality and safety standards. While that’s a solid resumé bullet point, it doesn’t tell the entire story of why you chose to volunteer and what your experience with the food pantry taught you. The bullet point doesn’t discuss how volunteering changed you as a person, or influenced your professional goals, and most importantly, it doesn’t discuss how volunteering will help you excel at your internship position. If we assume this volunteer experience is relevant to the internship you’re applying for, your cover letter provides a great opportunity to gcse coursework, tell this story in more detail.

Here’s a good example of what you could write in your cover letter: “Through my volunteer work with the Community Food Pantry, I discovered my passion for nonprofit business. Each week, I collaborate with ten other volunteers to sort food donations. I am dedicated to ending poverty and hunger and introduction caesar, would be thrilled to intern with the Hunger Relief Organization.” Being able to tell your story is what makes a cover letter incredibly valuable. This can set you apart as an applicant and essay teacher student, most importantly, help you secure your dream internship or job! Before I explain how to format your cover letter , let’s review the introduction julius three primary goals : Introduce yourself to a prospective employer. Essay And Contrasting Poems! Communicate your interest in a position and company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for the position. Let’s look at each goal in more detail. Goal 1: Introduce yourself to a prospective employer.

The first goal is pretty straightforward. In your cover letter, you need to formally introduce yourself to introduction julius, the hiring team. Thesis! You can accomplish this in julius caesar essay, a single, well-crafted sentence. Below are two good examples: Example 1: “As a sophomore majoring in social work at and contrasting University of Southern California, I am passionate about supporting vulnerable individuals and essay, groups.” At a minimum, you should include your year in school (or when you plan to graduate), along with your degree, major, minor, or area of study. Goal 2: Communicate your interest in a position and company. A second requirement is to communicate your interest in the position and company. Paper! Always tailor your cover letter with the exact position title and the name of the company you’re applying to. Here are two great examples: Example 1: “When I discovered the psychology internship with the Counseling Center on, I was excited by the opportunity to gain exposure to the field of psychology alongside experienced psychologists and counselors.”

After you introduce yourself and communicate your interest in the position and introduction caesar, company, there is one additional piece of information you must include. Don’t miss this step: Goal 3: Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate. This is the rainforest essay most common mistake students make. You need to connect the dots for an employer of how your journey and julius, experiences make you the best candidate for and contrasting poems the position. Don’t just say, “I’m the essay best candidate”. Prove it. Explain what makes you well-qualified. Share the future research experiences and courses that have prepared you to be an effective, productive, outstanding professional with their company.

Let’s look at an example. Say a company is seeking a graphic design intern. In the julius caesar essay job description, the company outlines their minimum requirements: an intern who understands how to about student, use Adobe Creative Suite, can effectively collaborate with a dynamic team, and julius caesar essay, understands basic design and marketing principles. Here’s one way to dissertation fellowships, demonstrate how you’re the right pick for the job: My coursework, campus involvement, and professional experience make me a well-qualified applicant for this position. Coursework . I have completed courses in Graphic Design and julius, Photoimaging. As a result, I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.

Campus involvement. For the past two years, I have been a member of the Graphic Design Club. Future Research Paper! We collaborate to introduction julius caesar essay, create websites and marketing materials for nonprofit organizations. Essay! Professional experience. As an employee with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, I design marketing materials for on-campus events including Greek Week, along with various philanthropic events.

There you have it! Introduce yourself to a prospective employer, communicate your interest in a position and company, and essay, most importantly, explain why you’re a well-qualified applicant. Now that you understand the core components to any cover letter, let’s explore what makes each type of future, cover letter unique. What types of cover letters are there? As a college student, you should know about three different types of cover letters: Internship Cover Letters Entry-Level Cover Letters Cover Letters for jobs where you do not have any relevant experience. I’ll outline what makes each of introduction essay, these cover letters unique and explain exactly how to write a cover letter tailored to rainforest thesis, an internship and an entry-level position. I’ll also show you how to introduction caesar, solve the problem of not having “relevant” experience. What makes an internship cover letter unique? By definition, an internship is essay thesis a position in an organization where a student or trainee can gain work experience.

While the organization does not expect you to come in with years of experience, they expect you to come ready to learn. Though you’re undoubtedly contributing to the organization as an intern, internships provide an opportunity for you to learn while gaining hands-on experience in your desired field. So what’s the bottom line? An internship cover letter must explain what you want to essay, learn and why you want to learn it. Tell the organization how their specific internship complements your academics. Outline why you’re interested in joining the organization. Research! Explain how the internship will help you develop as a professional and set you up for julius caesar success upon dissertation, graduation. But don’t forget, you also need to caesar essay, communicate mutual benefit. While you want to grow as a professional, you need to add value to their team too.

So it’s important that you tell the dissertation company exactly what you can bring to their organization (in addition to what you want to learn). Let’s look at a couple of julius caesar, examples: Example 1: “I am excited by the chance to contribute to ABC Company and am prepared to gcse, engage in continuous learning. I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by the internship description.” Example 2: “Shadowing case managers and attending mental health meetings seems like an incredibly beneficial experience. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in continuous learning.”

Both examples not only explain what the applicant is excited to learn, but also each applicant mentions how they’re excited to introduction caesar essay, contribute to the organization. Explaining what you want to learn is an essential component to and contrasting, writing a cover letter for an internship or co-op experience. What makes an entry-level cover letter unique? If you’re in introduction julius, your last year of college, then this section is for you. You’re preparing to start a full-time job upon graduation. Congrats! An entry-level cover letter differs slightly from an internship cover letter. While it’s still important to communicate how the position aligns with your professional goals, you need to essay, emphasize why you’re well-qualified for the position. At the beginning of caesar essay, this article, I outlined how to demonstrate your qualifications.

You need to explain what experiences and courses have prepared you to be an effective, productive, outstanding professional with their company. Your cover letter should answer the following questions: Why are you well-prepared for the position? What specific experiences prepared you for the position? How has your academic coursework provided the knowledge to excel in essay and contrasting poems, this entry level role? Entry-level positions are undoubtedly competitive. You need to market yourself effectively and communicate your value to an employer.

Convince them to hire you! How do I write a cover letter if I don’t have relevant experience? If you don’t have “relevant” experience, come on down off that ledge. I’ve heard it before: “I can’t get a job without experience, but I can’t get experience without a job.” Yes, you can. Here’s how: Let’s say you want to apply for a marketing internship.

Below are the requirements of the internship as outlined by the job description: Sophomore or junior standing Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in business, communications, advertising, or related field Strong teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite Experience with SPSS. Pretend you’re currently a sophomore at a large, public university. Introduction Julius Caesar! Because classes fill up quickly, you haven’t taken any major-specific courses. This year you completed Business 101 and gcse biologe, Management 105, but you have zero marketing experience.

Beyond classes, you’re an active member of an julius essay on-campus organization called Women in Business, but in terms of future research paper, work experience, you only have a part-time waitressing job on the weekends. You’re still qualified. This is where transferrable skills come in. A transferable skill is introduction julius caesar a skill that is relevant regardless of the position you are applying for. You take these skills from job to about teacher student, job.

Common examples of transferable skills include teamwork, organization, communication, time management, and leadership. Think back to caesar essay, the example above. Rainforest Thesis! As a waitress, you collaborate with wait staff, provide customer service to introduction julius caesar essay, restaurant patrons, and communicate effectively to ensure orders are submitted correctly. Are you thinking: “Okay, but how is that relevant to marketing?” The internship outlined above requires strong teamwork skills. You have those. It’s your job to demonstrate your ability to work in a team. Here’s an example of what you could write in your cover letter: “As a member of essay, Women in introduction julius caesar essay, Business, a 60-person student-run organization, I collaborate with my peers to dissertation advisors, plan leadership events and bring speakers to campus. In addition, as a waitress at Good Food Restaurant, I work with a 6-person team to ensure high-quality service and introduction julius, satisfied guests. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and would appreciate the essay about teacher opportunity to learn alongside your team of introduction, experienced marketing professionals.”

You have the skills. You just have to prove it. Even if you don’t have hours of biologe, specialized work experience in your field of introduction julius caesar essay, study, you have more transferable skills than you realize. Give yourself some credit. At this point, we’ve already covered quite a bit. You understand what a cover letter is, what purpose it serves, and why you need one as a college student. You know three types of cover letters and what makes each type unique. You also understand how to leverage transferable skills when you don’t have “relevant” experience. Let’s get to dissertation advisors, the actual writing. How should you format your cover letter?

Whichever type of julius essay, cover letter is most appropriate for youinternship, entry level, or no relevant experiencethe fundamentals remain the same. While you want to stand out and essay comparing and contrasting, be creative, there are a few specifications you need to julius, abide by. In this section I’ll discuss the following: length, margins, font size, font style, color, quantity of paragraphs, and bullet point usage. (We've gone into even more detail about the different cover letter formats in future paper, our Cover Letter Format Guide for Internships article) Length: As I’ve mentioned, a cover letter gives you a chance to tell your story. Introduction Julius! But slow down. You aren’t writing a novel. Advisors! A cover letter should never be longer than one, single-spaced page. In terms of word count, your letter will typically be only 200-400 words.

Margins : It’s best to introduction julius caesar essay, use standard 1-inch margins, but you may use margins as small as .5 inches. Whatever you choose, be sure the margin size is consistent on all sides. Font : When choosing a font, make sure it’s easy to read. Fellowships! Some appropriate fonts include Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Georgia, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Stay away from fancy curls and fonts that only belong on horror movie posters. As a way to brand yourself, you may choose a different font for introduction essay your name in the header of essay and contrasting, your cover letter. Other than this exception, be sure to use the same font throughout for consistency’s sake. Font Size: Use size 10- to introduction, 12-point font.

This will ensure the font is about student relationship large enough to read, but small enough to create a professional and polished look. Color : Unless you’re a graphic design major or a creative professional, you’ll typically use black font. If you’re applying to a creative industry, a tasteful splash of introduction julius caesar, color may be appropriate (recommendations are covered at the end of this article in gcse biologe, more detail). If you’re printing your cover letter to mail or use at caesar essay a career fair, use black ink on white, cream, or ivory paper. Left align each paragraph. Fellowships! There is no need to julius, indent the first sentence of each paragraph. Instead “Return/Enter” between each paragraph.

This will create a balance of text and biologe coursework, whitespace, making your cover letter easier to read. Bullet Points: Some resumés use a lot of bullet points to outline someone’s accomplishments, but can bullet points be used on a cover letter? Sparingly. Use bullet points to briefly summarize information where appropriate. For example, you may write something like this: My academic background, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for this computer science internship.

Academic background. I have completed courses in computer science, statistics, and systems programming resulting in a 3.9 Major GPA. Communication skills. As the professional development chair of introduction julius caesar essay, University of Southern California’s Computer Science student organization, I develop and facilitate computer science presentations. Leadership experience. Advisors! This year, my classmates elected me as the sophomore representative for the college student government assembly. Bullet points can be an effective way to communicate multiple qualifications, while abiding by the one-page length requirement.

Those are the basic style guidelines when it comes to julius caesar essay, creating a cover letter. Now let’s check out the key sections of a letter. What are the key sections of your cover letter? The following are essential cover letter sections: header, date, greeting, company address, and salutation. I’ll define each section and discuss exactly what to include. I’ll also share detailed examples of research, what to write. Header : A cover letter header is the introduction julius essay information at the top of your cover letter. It includes your name and contact information, the date you’re applying, and the company’s mailing address. In the header, it’s important to thesis, include your full name. Introduction! If you’re in the process of changing your name, plan to change your name during the recruitment process, or recently changed your name, it may be appropriate to include your new name with your former name in parentheses.

If your name is “Elizabeth” and you go by “Beth,” then it’s entirely acceptable to dissertation advisors, use Beth on your documents. If your legal name is caesar essay “Wayne” and you prefer to go by essay “Thomas,” then you may write it as “Thomas (Wayne) Johnson” to introduction caesar, avoid any confusion. When it comes to contact information, you should include your email address and a phone number where the company can reach you with follow-up questions, or to schedule an interview. You may also choose to dissertation fellowships, include a URL link to introduction caesar essay, your LinkedIn profile or an online portfolio showcasing your work. Here’s the rainforest essay most important part: You must use a professional email address.

Your school email address is julius caesar a good option. If you prefer to paper, use a personal email, make sure it’s professional. While you want to stand out, a creative email address like alliecat@ or iwantajob@ isn’t the way to do it. Introduction Essay! Create a generic johnsmith1@ account, or use the .edu email address provided by your university. Unprofessional email addresses get resumés rejected more than 75% of the time. Date : After you include your name and contact information, you need to include the date you’re applying for the position.

Right-align the date in the space below below your name and contact information. Company Address: While you probably won’t snail mail your cover letter, as a professional document, tradition tells us to essay teacher relationship, include the company mailing address. Although you’re not typically submitting a hard copy of your resumé, after sending off your application, it’s in julius caesar essay, the possession of human resources. You don’t know if it will be printed, mailed, sent to another department for review, or any combination of these scenarios. Determine the advisors company name, mailing address, and department (if applicable). Left-align this information after the introduction essay date. Greeting : The most appropriate option for a greeting is ‘Dear’. About Teacher! It’s also advantageous to julius caesar, refer to the hiring manager by their name in your salutation.

For example, “Dear Ms. Mary Johnson,”. When writing the future salutation, ensure the introduction name and title are correct. For example, a person with the name ‘Taylor’, may prefer the title Mr., Ms., Mrs., or none of the essay teacher relationship above. Make sure you use the correct title before their surname.

If you don’t know what to use, opt for their first and last name only. Salutation: Don’t use “To Whom It May Concern”, or “Dear Sir/Madam”. Do your homework and figure out the “Whom” actually entails. If you’re lucky, a company will list a contact person near the bottom of the job description. Use this contact name in your cover letter.

If the company does not specify who the hiring manager or recruiter is, still do not resort to, “To Whom It May Concern”. In this case, here’s what you should do: After thoroughly reviewing the job description, work up the courage to call human resources. HR is julius caesar essay your friend, so there’s no need to research, be anxious. Here’s what you could say: “Hi, I’m preparing an application for your open internship position #12345.

I’m wondering who the hiring manager is for this position.” Oftentimes, human resources will provide you with the information. Other times, they may say, “Just address it to introduction, HR.” In this case, I recommend using “Dear Hiring Manager and Search Committee” as your salutation. Now that we’ve covered the basic formatting rules and essay about teacher, the core sections of julius essay, a cover letter, let’s talk about an incredibly important rule for every cover letter you write. Don’t forget this: You must tailor your cover letter to every single position and unique company you apply to. What does it mean to tailor a cover letter? Tailoring a cover letter is exactly what it sounds like. A tailor, or a person who alters clothing, adjusts clothing to fit unique, individual people.

A shirt tailored for Person A will not fit Person B as well as it fits Person A. Paper! You should take the julius essay same approach when writing a cover letter. It’s kind of like giving a birthday gift. While you could safely give any person a gift of cash, it can come off as impersonal (like you forgot it was even their birthday). Why? Because it’s a generic gift. Just as you would avoid giving a generic gift to your best friend. You should avoid giving a generic cover letter to your dream employer. In short, you should never submit the future research exact same cover letter to more than one position or company. Tailoring a cover letter requires additional effort on your behalf.

You need to conduct company research and understand the position inside and out. You’ll use this information to create a unique cover letter that is appropriate for a specific job and a unique company. If you’re thinking, “How would one company know if I send them the same exact cover letter I sent another company?” Truth be told, they probably won’t find out. But that’s not the point. If your cover letter is so generic that you can submit it to multiple positions at different companies, it’s not unique enough. The recruiter will immediately recognize your cover letter as a generic template, and julius caesar, it will end up in paper, the trash can.

Let’s go back to the birthday gift analogy. When you purchase a birthday gift for your best friend, you most likely base your decision on a few things: What are they interested in? What do they enjoy? What do they need? What do they want?

You then use what you know about your friend to inform your decision of what to buy. It’s the same when it comes to writing a cover letter. You must conduct company research to answer similar questions: What type of candidate is the company interested in? What does the company value and introduction julius, enjoy? What needs and pain points does the company need to solve? What does the company want from you as an applicant? To be successful, you must integrate the answers to these questions into your cover letter. While some of the content in each letter will undoubtedly overlap, do your best to create unique content for each position. While the term ‘research’ can be intimidating, I have good news: You don’t have to be a scientist to do good research.

To conduct company research, there are a few key resources: Explore the company website. Google the company to discover current events. Visit websites such as, where candidates, current employees, and dissertation, former employees rate companies. Some examples of what you may research are the company mission, vision, or recent news. You’re looking for information that is relevant to julius, the position and details that make you excited about the rainforest thesis company. At this point, you understand what a cover letter is and what it means to tailor your cover letter.

This cover letter template is not tailored to any specific company or position. This is julius a bad, scratch that, TERRIBLE cover letter: To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to apply for and contrasting an internship I recently found on your website. Caesar Essay! I believe I am the best candidate for this position based on my academic coursework and teacher student relationship, my relevant experience. I match exactly what you are looking for in a candidate. As a college student, I understand how to use Microsoft Word and Excel. I am passionate, detail oriented, and hard-working.

I am really excited about the opportunity to join your company. Introduction Caesar! Attached you will find my resumé which explains my experience in rainforest essay thesis, further detail. Thank you for your time. I look forward to the possibility of interviewing. It may be more appropriate to end that letter with, “I am sincerely boring,” but you get the point. In brief, this is what is wrong with the above example: X No header (i.e. applicant name, contact information, date, company address) X Generic and outdated salutation (i.e. Essay! “To Whom It May Concern”)

X Cliché and boring introduction. X No mention of the internship title. X No mention of the company name. X No proof as to why the applicant is the thesis “best candidate” X Applicant includes generic skills (i.e. Microsoft Office and Excel) Don’t write a cover letter like this. You will put the recruiter to sleep. Minneapolis, MN 12345. Fashion and Design. New York City, NY 56789.

Dear Ms. Debra Glod, When I discovered the julius essay fashion internship with XYZ Company on, I was excited by advisors the opportunity to complement my coursework with experience in a fast-paced environment. As a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising at introduction julius caesar University of Southern California, I am passionate about rainforest thesis creating original concepts and executing designs. My leadership experience, design coursework, and creative portfolio make me a well-qualified applicant for this position. Leadership experience. As the President of the on-campus student organization, Fashion and Business, I produce an julius caesar essay annual fashion show with over 30 models and 250 attendees. Essay Comparing And Contrasting! Design coursework. I have a 3.9 Major GPA after taking introduction to caesar essay, textiles, fashion sketching, computer-aided fashion design, and advanced apparel development. Creative portfolio.

My portfolio includes original sketches and drawings created in Adobe Illustrator. It can be viewed by visiting As described by research paper the internship description, I am eager to grow into a bold and julius, interactive designer. Research! I believe your organization provides a rewarding opportunity to engage in continuous learning. My enclosed resumé expands on caesar essay, my leadership experience and essay comparing, academic coursework.

As I prepare for a career in fashion, I am dedicated to understanding the field by essay collaborating with an experienced design and rainforest essay thesis, production team. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. In brief, this is a great example because it includes the following: ? Name, contact information, date, and company address. ? Tailored salutation including the introduction julius caesar essay hiring manager’s first and rainforest essay thesis, last name. ? Unique introduction that communicates the applicant’s interest and passion in the position, company, and industry. ? Specific internship title “Fashion Internship” ? Company name, “XYZ Company” ? Use of the term “well-qualified applicant” vs. “best candidate” ? Unique skills that are relevant to the position (i.e. Julius! leadership, design, and creative work) ? Description of the applicant’s desire to grow as a professional. Use this as a model when crafting your letter.

What to include in gcse coursework, your actual cover letter? Now I’m going to walk you through a 4-step process for writing a cover letter. This process helps you narrow down your experience and determine what is julius most relevant to the position and rainforest thesis, company. You only have one page to communicate how you match exactly what the employer is looking for in a candidate. Julius Caesar! Let’s use a 4-step process to accomplish this task. Step 1: Highlight the job description. Step 2: Select three job responsibilities you want to dissertation advisors, focus on in your cover letter. Step 3: Identify three of your accomplishments that are relevant to those responsibilities. Step 4: Connect your accomplishments to the qualifications the introduction employer seeks.

I’ll take you through each step and describe exactly what to do. Dissertation Fellowships! This is an introduction julius effective way to write a cover letter. Let’s jump in! Step 1: Highlight the job description. You may be asking, “What’s the point of this?”. As you already know, the purpose of a cover letter is to get a potential employer to read your resumé. You do this by future research demonstrating how you match exactly what they’re looking for.

Well, what are they looking for? The answer to this question is in julius essay, the job description. The purpose of essay thesis, this step is to introduction caesar, determine the most important requirements. Research Paper! To highlight the introduction caesar essay job description, either print a hard copy and grab an future research actual highlighter, or copy and introduction essay, paste the contents of the wiki dissertation fellowships job description into your favorite word processing program. You should make note of the following: Core responsibilities Required qualifications Preferred qualifications Keywords Patterns and themes.

A job description will typically label the core responsibilities, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications. Those should be easy to caesar essay, determine. That being said, there won’t be a section labeled “Keywords” or “Themes.” This is advisors where you have to do a little work. It’s your job to read through the job description and determine what is most important to the employer. Ask yourself the following questions: What words are repeated throughout the job description?

What responsibilities are emphasized in the job description? Let’s look at introduction caesar essay the following example of a job description for a marketing internship. The example outlines responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and coursework, preferred characteristics. Carefully read through each section. Marketing Internship Job Description. Conduct social media marketing campaigns Collect quantitative and qualitative data Perform market analysis and research on competitors Collaborate with co-interns and essay, marketing team to analyze data Support marketing team in daily administrative tasks Present findings to marketing team. Sophomore or junior standing Pursuing a bachelor’s degree Interested in marketing and/or business-related career Effective writing and verbal communication skills. Pursuing a degree in marketing, business, graphic design, communications, or a related area of essay student relationship, study.

When you review this job description, a few things should be obvious. You know the employer is looking for an intern who is interested in julius caesar, social media marketing and wiki dissertation fellowships, data analysis. After further review, you can also make an additional conclusion: Conclusion : The company seeks an intern who is an julius caesar essay effective communicator. Clues : The job description not only requires someone with “effective writing and verbal communication skills”, but the intern must also be able to collaborate with colleagues and present findings to the marketing team.

Both of these responsibilities require a heightened level of communication. That’s a pattern or theme. After reviewing the essay job description in detail, you observe a common thread, pattern, or theme regarding one skill across multiple bullet points. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Dedicate several sentences in caesar essay, your cover letter to proving how you’re an effective communicator. For example, you may write: “After reviewing the research paper job description, it is clear that XYZ Company values effective communication. If hired as the Marketing Intern, I would leverage my experience in Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization dedicated to essay, helping members develop public speaking and leadership skills. I have a proven ability to communicate messages effectively and would apply this ability as a Marketing Intern.” Let’s say you highlight the job description and determine there are ten core responsibilities and qualifications the future employer wants.

Do you write about all ten? Probably not. If you remember correctly, a cover letter can only be one page long. You cannot adequately cover ten different requirements in julius caesar, a single page. So how do you determine which skills to focus on? This is where step two comes in. Step 2: Select which job responsibilities you want to gcse, focus on.

After you review the job description in detail and highlight the most important parts, you need to choose which of the many responsibilities you want to focus on in your cover letter. Unless the introduction julius caesar job description is and contrasting very shortand the company only introduction highlights three requirementsit’s unlikely you will be able to discuss every single requirement in your cover letter. Here’s what you do: Determine what the company values the most . What does the company emphasize in the job description? Take into consideration your own experience and qualifications.

If the job requires communication, teamwork, accounting, and customer service, and you’re not confident in your accounting skills, then you don’t need to focus on that requirement in your cover letter. Research! At the same time, if accounting skills are listed as a minimum required qualification, then you’re not qualified for the internship. Take time to narrow down not only what is most important from the company’s perspective, but also what you are most qualified for. Essay! To simplify the essay writing process, I recommend choosing three job responsibilities to julius caesar, focus on. Gcse Biologe Coursework! Once you do this, you’re ready for caesar step three. Step 3: Identify specific accomplishments that are relevant to those responsibilities.

After you’ve identified three job responsibilitiesas outlined in the job descriptionyou now need to identify specific accomplishments that are relevant to those responsibilities. You should only highlight the most relevant accomplishments. Not necessarily the dissertation advisors most exciting achievement, but instead, the introduction julius caesar accomplishments and and contrasting, activities that are closely related to essay, what you would actually be doing with the company. After choosing three requirements and three accomplishments, you’re ready for step four. Step 4: Connect your accomplishments to the qualifications they seek. In a sense, you need to put together the pieces of the puzzle. You need to demonstrate how your skills and accomplishments match what the company is looking for.

You have three responsibilities and three accomplishments. Connect the dots. We’ll look at additional examples of how to do this in the next section. How do I write the introduction, body, and gcse, closing? As with any good story, the cover letter has a beginning, middle, and end. Introduction Julius Essay! I will refer to these as the introduction, body, and essay and contrasting, closing. Let’s look at each section in caesar essay, further detail. I’ll describe how to relationship, write each section and show you real samples of what you could write. Th intrduction two a covr leter is julius caesar essay crushal. If you want your cover letter to poems, end up in caesar, the trash in record-breaking time, make an ugly spelling error in your first sentence. Hiring managers quickly disqualify candidates from consideration because of spelling errors.

The core components of your introduction include the following: 1) Briefly introduce why you’re writing. 2) Give a short overview of who you are. 3) Tailor the introduction to rainforest essay thesis, the company and position. If you want to immediately bore a recruiter, open your letter with, “I am writing to apply for”. As one of the introduction julius essay most common introductions, that’s not an effective way to stand out from the other applicants. Even if you spend significant time tailoring the rest of future paper, your cover letter, a recruiter may assume you submitted a template because the introduction julius caesar essay phrase is so overused. It’s cookie cutter and rainforest essay thesis, unfortunately, we’re not making cookies.

Avoid this phrase and julius caesar essay, replace it with something more creative. Begin your cover letter with a sentence that communicates your personality, while still remaining professional. You can accomplish this by future research paper starting with a personal anecdote. For example, you could write: “When I was a teaching assistant at julius caesar essay my local middle school, I discovered my passion for working with kids. I am committed to” Don’t feel confined by what is essay poems considered standard or traditional.

As long as your content is professional, you can be a little creative. This is your opportunity to infuse your personality. Think of introduction julius essay, it this way: If you were reading a cover letter, what would engage you? As you explore samples, make note of the gcse cover letters that seem boring and those that inspire you to keep reading. After you engage the reader, it is important to demonstrate two things: You did your research. You tailored the letter to the specific company and position. Here are a few great examples: “When I discovered the environmental science internship on, I was immediately excited by essay the opportunity to join a sustainable organization like XYZ Company.” This opening sentence indicates your interest, why you’re writing, and demonstrates that you researched the company. Advisors! By including the single word “sustainable,” the company will know that you did your research, provided they’re truly a sustainable company.

It may be tempting to say, “I believe I am the introduction julius caesar essay best candidate for the position.” This is an empty claim. Instead, use the remainder of the letter to prove that you are well-qualified for the position. Those are the building blocks of a quality introduction. One succinct, yet engaging paragraph where you do the following: State why you are writing. Provide a brief overview of who you are. Tailor to company and position. Give a brief overview of what you’re about to discuss in the body.

If done well, the advisors introduction will invite the recruiter to continue reading. Caesar Essay! Let’s talk about what you include in the body. How do I write the body of a cover letter? After you grab the recruiter’s attention with an dissertation advisors engaging introduction, it’s time to craft a compelling body. The purpose of the body is to julius essay, prove your qualifications to dissertation, the reader. It’s important to be specific about your qualifications and julius, clearly describe how they relate to the position.

This is where you need to match the wiki dissertation fellowships requirements outlined in the job description with your most relevant skills and qualifications. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! Let’s look at two different examples. Here’s an example using bullet points: My academic coursework, communication skills, and essay, leadership experience have prepared me well for introduction julius essay this position. Academic coursework.

I have completed courses in business communications, marketing, and strategic human resource management, resulting in a 3.8 GPA. Communication skills. As the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s SHRM Chapter, I develop and essay about, facilitate presentations on behalf of the organization. Leadership experience. This year, my classmates elected me as the junior representative for the college student government assembly. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in continuous learning. Julius Caesar! I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by the internship description. Here’s a traditional example (without bullet points): As outlined in the job description, it is dissertation fellowships clear you seek an julius essay intern who is familiar with human resources. Over the past two years, I have completed courses in business communications, marketing, and strategic human resource management, resulting in a 3.8 Major GPA.

I would leverage this understanding to advance the Human Resources division with your company. Additionally, as the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s SHRM Chapter, I develop and facilitate presentations on behalf of the gcse biologe organization. I have a proven ability to communicate effectively in writing and in person. I am well prepared to present information on behalf of human resources and would enjoy learning alongside your skilled team of representatives. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to introduction julius caesar, engage in research paper, continuous learning. The most important part of the body is demonstrating how you match the requirements outlined in introduction caesar essay, the job description . If you can do that, you will set yourself up for success. How do I write the conclusion of a cover letter? Finally, like any good letter or story, you need a well-crafted conclusion. In the closing section, you should do a few things: Summarize why you are qualified for fellowships the position.

Express your appreciation for their time and consideration. Here’s a solid example of how to wrap up a cover letter: My enclosed resumé expands on my academic coursework, communication skills, and introduction julius caesar essay, leadership experience. Future! As I prepare for a career in human resources, I am eager to gain a more detailed understanding of the field. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from introduction julius caesar essay, you soon. That’s it.

An introduction, body, and conclusion tailored to the company and position. Prove that you can do the job and you’re incredibly excited by wiki dissertation the opportunity. We’ve covered a lot so far. By this point, you understand what a cover letter is, the purpose, why you need one, and a step-by-step process for writing an outstanding letter tailored to a unique position and company. Now let’s check out the top 10 tips for julius caesar essay crafting your cover letter. Top 10 cover letter tips and dissertation advisors, hacks.

Be a person. If you think back to earlier in this article, you’ll remember a common resumé concern is: “I feel like my resumé makes me super boring.” The same can happen with your cover letter. I highly recommend infusing your personality. In addition to highlighting your skills and caesar essay, campus involvement, your cover letter should express your individual personality. And Contrasting! You’re a human after all. Make sure your cover letter expresses who you are. Address the right person.

I shared tips for finding the correct person to introduction caesar essay, address your cover letter to. Make sure you not only find the correct person, but adjust the salutation for each letter you write. It can be an awful mistake to essay and contrasting, tailor your entire cover letter and forget to introduction julius, look up the correct contact person. Worse yet, you leave the contact person from the essay poems last company you applied to on your letter to a new company. Make sure you address the correct person and spell their name correctly. Engage the reader at the beginning. Just like a good book, the first sentence of your cover letter needs to julius essay, draw the biologe coursework reader in. Avoid cliché phrases like, “I am writing to apply for your internship.” Or, “I’m writing in response to your recently advertised position.” Instead, write something unique, yet professional. Share your passion. If you have a connection with the company, don’t be afraid to name drop.

Name dropping is when you include the name of a friend, family member, or acquaintance who is connected to the company. If done correctly, this may improve your credibility and your chances of introduction essay, securing the essay internship or full-time position. For example, you may write: “After speaking with the introduction julius essay current principal, Kathy Johnson, at your meet-and-greet event, I am incredibly excited to comparing poems, apply for the summer school teaching position with Unicorn Unified School District.” Name dropping can showcase your professional network, while signifying an extra level of introduction caesar, effort. Focus on the most relevant examples. Do not include a comprehensive list of your college involvement. Your cover letter should not look like you turned the contents of your resumé into complete sentences and paragraphs. Instead, choose a few relevant examples and tell a story. Be specific.

Don’t write, “I conducted in-depth marketing research”. Instead write, “I used SPSS to analyze survey data.” Using generic claims and buzzwords does not add value to your cover letter. Tell the hiring manager exactly what you did and why it matters to their company. Showcase the results of your work. Let’s extend the previous example, “I used SPSS to analyze survey data.” Why did you do that? What was the result of your work? And most importantly, why does it matter to the employer? To strengthen that sentence, you could write, “I used SPSS to biologe coursework, analyze survey data and caesar essay, better understand the target audience. This experience will be incredibly beneficial as a Marketing Intern with ABC Company. Include key ideas as outlined in the job description.

Earlier in the article, I told you how to determine keywords and patterns by reviewing the job description. Here’s a trick for future paper finding keywords. Use the ‘Find’ function. The ‘Findrsquo function is a keyboard function where you press and hold Control+F (Windows), or Command+F (Mac). After you release the buttons, a search box will appear on your screen. Type in likely keywords such as “communication” or ldquo;communicate”. Your computer will highlight every appearance of this word. Determining where the word is used will help you tailor your cover letter.

Keep it brief. No cover letter should be longer than one page. Introduction Julius! By focusing on the most relevant skills and not reiterating your entire resumé, you’ll be well on your way to paper, writing a succinct cover letter. Introduction! At the same time, you need to future paper, find a happy medium. Your letter should not be several sentences. Create 3-5 well-written, concise, yet detailed paragraphs. Follow the employer’s instructions. The employer’s instructions outweigh any recommendation you find online (or in this article). If the introduction caesar employer asks you to answer a specific question, or share your availability in the cover letter, follow their instructions. Advisors! There are a few exceptions to this rule.

It is against the law for an employer to ask you for the following information: What country are you from? Is English your first language? Do you drink socially? Are you married? Have you ever been arrested? What religious holidays do you observe? Do you have children?

If an employer requests this information (or any other information you feel uncomfortable sharing), you do not need to include that information in your application. It may be a red flag and you probably do not want to julius caesar, work for comparing poems that company. Those are the top 10 cover letter tips and tricks! Be sure to check out our seperate article regarding cover letter tips and tricks. Next let’s check out some common cover letter pitfalls and introduction julius caesar, how to avoid them. Top 10 cover letter mistakes to avoid. Typos. I can’t say this too many times.

Ensure that your cover letter is free of typos. Poems! Review the julius caesar essay letter yourself, read the letter out about teacher student, loud, and have a friend check it over. You will kill your chances of being interviewed if you make one too many mistakes. Focusing too much on yourself. A cover letter is your chance to explain why you’re qualified and passionate about the job opportunity, but it is not ALL about you. The key to introduction, a great cover letter is dissertation advisors explaining how you can solve a problem for the employer. You need to explain why you’re interested in the company. Be careful not to focus on yourself too much.

Not tailoring your letter to the company or position. Generic phrases such as “Dear employer” or “I would love to work for your company” can create an altogether weak cover letter. Take my advice and tailor your cover letter to the specific position and company. Dissect the julius job description and essay student relationship, conduct company research. Julius Essay! You will quickly stand out as a quality applicant if you can prove your interest in essay comparing poems, the position and organization. Including taboo topics. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s allowable and what is taboo. Julius Essay! While you want to add personality to your cover letter, you must avoid writing about things that are uncomfortable or irrelevant to the position. Dissertation Advisors! Do not include information that is considered protected class such as your religion or race.

Unless these are integral to the positionfor example, you’re applying to essay, be a choir director at a churchthese are unnecessary additions. Being cliché. Paper! I get it. It can be tempting to Google, “cover letter sample” and use a ready-made template found on the internet. While this may seem like the easy option, it will hurt your chances of securing an internship or full-time job.

Recruiters review resumés every day. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! They can immediately spot a template cover letter. If you found the cover letter example online, so can they. Take time to write a unique cover letter that expresses your personality and communicates your qualifications. Rewriting your resumé. Dissertation Fellowships! A cover letter is not a resumé. It serves an entirely different purpose.

Don’t waste cover letter space by simply reiterating what is on your resumé. Include a story, integrate your personality, talk about the company, and julius, discuss your passion. Over-explaining. Don’t be a rambler. Rainforest Thesis! Take time to caesar, cut out unnecessary words and phrases. Refrain from repeating the dissertation same skill multiple times with different examples. If you want to discuss how you’re an julius essay excellent public speaker, share one example. Thesis! Remember, you submit a cover letter and resumé in hopes of julius caesar essay, securing an interview. Gcse Biologe! If you receive an invitation to interview, you’ll have the opportunity to describe your experiences in further detail. Being too pushy. Introduction Julius Essay! If you search the web for cover letter samples, you’ll inevitably come across samples that say something like, I will call your office in a week to schedule an interview.

While you want to present yourself as an assertive and confident professional, that approach is typically too pushy and can hurt your chances of getting an advisors interview. An alternative is to introduction julius caesar, say, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how I can contribute. Or “I look forward to hearing from gcse coursework, you soon.” You can communicate your sincere interest without being pushy. Starting with your name. While your name is an important piece of introduction julius, information to include on your cover letter, opening a letter with “My name is Casey Smith” takes away prime real estate. Instead, start with a relevant skill or qualification to grab their attention.

Unless you’re a celebrity and everybody knows your name, it’s not the best option. Sharing irrelevant information. I get it! You care about ALL the experiences you have gained. This attachment can make it incredibly difficult to let things go. But letting go of irrelevant information is key to writing an outstanding cover letter. Yes, it’s awesome that you volunteer with ten different organizations, but not all ten volunteer experiences are relevant to every internship or job you apply for. You need to narrow down your accomplishments and delete what is irrelevant. This will not only cut down on the fluff, it will highlight what’s truly important. There you have it.

Essential tips and mistakes to avoid. Before we wrap up, I want to discuss two nontraditional cover letters and share a helpful sample. What do nontraditional cover letters look like? By now, you understand how to make your cover letter unique and why it’s important to infuse your personality. There are a few industries and advisors, positions that call for introduction julius caesar an extra level of creativity and design. If you’re pursuing a creative degree, this is for advisors you. Graphic Design Cover Letter . If you’re a graphic design major, or another creative type, it’s advantageous to reflect this in your cover letter. Introduction! But don’t forget the basics. Before you attack the design, ensure the and contrasting poems spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is solid. Then, take a few liberties with your design. Caesar! Adjust the layout, choose the perfect typography, and add a splash of color.

While you don’t want to go overboard, you should use your letter as an future research paper opportunity to demonstrate your skills. As a creative major, you should also include a link to your online portfolio. The hiring team will review your portfolio for design basicsfrom color choice to typography, white space usage to contrast. While this is an awesome opportunity to introduction julius essay, showcase your work, it requires a heightened attention to student relationship, detail. Check for spelling and grammar throughout. Video Cover Letter. A video cover letter can be a unique way to showcase your skills. Some IT companies and tech-based startups are opting for video cover letters in place of traditional letters.

Just like a traditional letter, you want the essay content to engage the viewer and encourage them to biologe, check out your resumé and portfolio. You’re essentially creating a movie trailer. Where a traditional cover letter is bound to one page, a video cover letter rarely exceeds 60 seconds in introduction julius, length. Brevity is still important. Keep in mind the purpose of a cover letter and craft your content around these three primary goals: Introduce yourself to essay about student, a prospective employer. Introduction Julius Caesar! Communicate your interest in a position and company. Explain how you’re a well-qualified candidate for coursework the position. What’s key here is that your personality and caesar essay, energy come through. Unless you’re camera-shy, there’s no need to write an entire script.

Choose a few bullet points to focus on and discuss your qualifications. You want to come across as genuine as you can, without trying too hard! 456 Business Road. Phoenix, AZ 85001. Ms. Essay Thesis! Nichole Favret. 123 Business Street. Phoenix, AZ 85001. Dear Ms. Nichole Favret,

When I discovered the accounting internship with XYZ Company on, I was excited by the opportunity to complement my coursework with practical experience. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! As a junior majoring in wiki fellowships, Accounting at University of caesar, Southern California, I am enjoy compiling reports and completing audits. Rainforest Essay! My academic background, communication skills, and leadership experience have prepared me well for this position. Academic coursework . I have completed courses in intermediate accounting, cost accounting, business law, and essay, individual income tax, resulting in a 3.9 Major GPA. Communication skills . About Student Relationship! As the professional development chair of University of Southern California’s Accounting Club, I develop and julius, facilitate presentations on behalf of the organization. Leadership experience . As a chapter leader of essay teacher student relationship, Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity on campus, I recruit new members and discuss the value of the organization. I am excited by the chance to contribute to your organization and am prepared to engage in julius, continuous learning. I intentionally pursue professional development and value non-stop growth as described by the internship description. My enclosed resumé expands on my academic coursework, communication skills, and leadership experience.

As I prepare for an accounting career, I am eager to gain a more detailed understanding of the essay thesis field. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. That’s what a solid cover letter looks like from introduction essay, beginning to end. Dissertation! Check out more professional cover letter examples here. People read cover letters. As you now know, an outstanding cover letter can get you an internship.

You have every tool, example, and introduction essay, piece of advice necessary to write a superior cover letter. You understand exactly what a cover letter is, why you need one, and thesis, most importantly, you have a step-by-step process to help you write an outstanding cover letter. Whether you’re applying for a summer internship, or submitting your first application to essay, a full-time position, you’re well prepared. Congratulations on getting this far. Set aside time to write an dissertation advisors outstanding letter.

It will be easier than you think and more rewarding than you imagine.

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A Level Art Project: Obesity #038; Junk Food 98% February 8, 2017 by Amiria Gale. This outstanding A Level Art project (A2 Painting Coursework, CIE 9704) was completed by Nikau Hindin in 2009, while studying at ACG Parnell College, Auckland, New Zealand. Nikau achieved a final A Level Art result of essay 98%. An example of two A Level Art sketchbook pages analysing the work of artist Janet Fish. Nikau began her A2 Painting Coursework by selecting the topic of junk food, focusing in gcse biologe coursework, particular on the excessive consumption of junk food by young people and the health risks that are linked to the consumption of additive-laden, calorie-rich products. Nikau’s initial sketchbook pages (visible in the video at julius essay the bottom of this post) are filled with notes and drawings exploring this theme. These include mixed media drawings of junk food items and children as well as an analysis of the visual potential of her theme.

Here, Nikau clarified her ideas and about teacher student relationship, established the ‘starting point’ of introduction caesar her project. Essay About Teacher Student Relationship. Following this, Nikau analysed the artwork of Janet Fish. Julius. Nikau was drawn to her paintings of bright, reflective surfaces (something that would be particularly helpful when painting glossy, seductive junk food packaging) and for her ability to create busy, vibrant works that are successful, despite an overload of sensory information. Nikau completed diagrammatic sketches of compositional structure and imitated parts of paintings by future research, Janet Fish, as in the sketchbook page shown above (note that copying parts of an artwork is introduction julius, often all that is needed for advisors, a student to gain an understanding of technique…slavishly copying an julius caesar essay entire work wastes precious time; note also the use of dissertation advisors ‘I’ within the text and the inclusion of personal viewpoints and opinions, linking of comments to her own project – this reassures the examiner that the writing is the student’s own and julius caesar, is not simply copied from a textbook). Using a mottled mid-tone acrylic ground on heavy wet strength cartridge paper, Nikau created realistic drawings of people: children enjoying a gluttonous feast of unhealthy food. With Janet Fish as inspiration, Nikau set up a picnic in a local park, providing a group of essay about young children from her local primary school with junk food such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and lollies. Nikau then documented these children as they gorged themselves, taking hundreds of introduction julius caesar photographs (additional photos were taken throughout the year, as required). A selection of these were analysed in her sketchbook, discussed in terms of their visual potential and how they might lead to and contrasting paintings that successfully communicate ideas.

Indian ink techniques: Using another mottled acrylic mid-tone as a ground, Nikau used Indian ink and white paint to add dark and light tone to her second drawing. The works on Nikau’s first A1 preparatory sheet are observational drawings and paintings of this picnic scene, giving Nikau ample opportunity to introduction julius caesar essay demonstrate her outstanding ability to accurately render shape, proportion and form. Extremely detailed, these images provided a wealth of visual material which Nikau is able to explore within her project. Of particular importance are the reaching hands, which support the idea of hunger, desire and the addictive ‘needing’ that accompanies the consumption of about teacher student relationship junk food; the expression of julius joy on rainforest essay thesis the children’s faces as they eat, unaware of the health afflictions that may befall them later; the sharp, clear, enticing images of junk food (with attention given, for introduction julius, example, to the shine on the ketchup snaking across the hot dog) and the sense of distance and depth that is achieved in the images due to the use of wiki dissertation foreground / background and overlapping of forms. These initial drawings and paintings were completed with the aid of a grid to introduction julius ensure a very high level of realism. Biologe. As the A1 sheet progresses, the grid and pencil sketch lines take on greater importance, in the style of portraits by artist Raymond Ching, who, at times, leaves pencil lines visible in his paintings, with tone applied only in certain areas of the work.

This balance of ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ areas, allows Nikau to create emphasis within the painting, as well as providing visual relief (a break for the eyes) in the busy, detailed works. Julius Essay. The first of these A Level Art sketchbook pages shows analysis of the work of New Zealand artist Kelcy Taratoa. The second page shows composition development for works on the larger A1 preparatory sheets: collaged photographs, drawn and painted over, with the bottom work manipulated digitally. The third artist that influenced Nikau’s A2 Art Coursework project was Kelcy Taratoa. He was an important artist, as he was the one that Nikau based her Personal Study on. Nikau visited and interviewed him in person, and research paper, was able to see many of julius caesar his critically acclaimed artworks in the flesh. After analysing his artwork within her sketchbook, Nikau created composition studies that were a combination of hand cut and glued photographs (see the student relationship, sketchbook page above).

She drew onto these and painted over parts, blocking out areas and playing with scale in the style of Kelcy Taratoa. Some of these were scanned and then digitally manipulated further. A small composition study, completed using black biro and julius caesar, acrylic on an coloured ground. The hand (to the left) was cut from a separate piece of paper and glued on top. Research Paper. This painting of caesar children eating junk food was created on an acrylic ground, with tape used to create the sharp edges. Areas of advisors flat tone (in colours that echo that of the lollies and bottles) are interspersed with varied surfaces (such as smeared and dripped paint), to provide a visually interesting backdrop for introduction caesar, the children and junk food.

Nikau continued to develop her work, learning from artist model Bill Barminski, who was probably the most influential artist model in her project. This led Nikau to embrace space in her work, as well as to essay about relationship extensively explore surface texture. Caesar Essay. Bill Barminski paints on peeling wooden surfaces; Nikau began to paint over wiki dissertation fellowships disassembled fast food packages, with the cardboard shapes and caesar, text upon them remaining visible through layers of paint. Much of the text on the packages contains lists of artificial ingredients; these words became integral to her compositions. Nikau smears paint over realistic figures, obscuring children’s eyes, as if to indicate that they are blind to the health risks that are linked to what they are eating. These two paintings have paint smeared across them using the flat edge of a piece of card, with a MacDonald#8217;s fries packet featuring prominently in the background. As her work develops, Nikau experiments with stencils and cardboard cut-outs, mimicking the text on packages, enlarging ingredients and flavouring codes, as well as writing almost invisible words such as FAT in the background layers (text is also an integral component of many of Bill Barminski’s works). Many of these words are only visible when the paintings are viewed closely. With an oddly beautiful fat-stained hamburger package and a portrait that trails away into bare pencil lines, this understated work is one of the most successful in the whole submission. The A Level Art Sketchbook is a place for media trials and essay comparing, composition development.

On the second sketchbook page, a semi-complete work is photographed, analysed and caesar, experimented upon, prior to completion. Paper. A Level Art sketchbook ideas: a mixed media collage and painting, experimenting with stencils and integration of text. Mixed media sketchbook pages, showing the introduction julius caesar, integration of collaged fast food packages. One of the most technically competent works in this art project, this painting depicts a child devouring unhealthy food, the bottom half of about a hot dog dripping away in a mess of tomato sauce. Painted onto a textured ground of glued on fast food packages (the outlines of these are faintly visible in the photograph), this is an introduction exciting and creative work. This image has beautiful textures created by thick, painterly layers.

The fast food packages showing through the paint (listing processed high energy ingredients, flavourings and artificial additives) help to reinforce the need for healthy eating and the risks associated with eating junk food. Eating MacDonalds: Fat Art. Essay. This small experimental work has a good balance of rough, irregular texture with tight, controlled painting. Five x A1 sheets of supporting work plus an A1 final piece for julius essay, Nikau#8217;s A2 Coursework project. A level Art Final Piece! A1 in size. When viewing Nikau’s A Level Art project you are immediately struck by essay comparing and contrasting poems, the joyful images of children eating…however closer examination of the julius caesar, work brings a slow unease and dissertation, eventual horror as you see the names of julius caesar essay artificial additives and ingredients leaching through the painting surface. Conveying a message cleverly, while retaining absolute attention to the production of wiki fellowships aesthetically pleasing images: an excellent A Level Art project. The following video showcases Nikau’s A2 Coursework project in caesar, its entirety: If you enjoyed this article, you may also be interested in viewing Nikau’s AS Art Coursework and AS Controlled Test. Essay Comparing And Contrasting. This article was written by Amiria Gale. Amiria has been a teacher of Art Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools.

Amiria has a Bachelor of introduction Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching. She is about teacher student relationship, a CIE Accredited Art Design Coursework Assessor. Follow Student Art Guide on introduction essay Pinterest. Join over comparing 15,000 people who receive our free newsletter. You will be notified first when free resources are available: new art project ideas, teaching handouts, printable lesson plans, tips and advice from experienced teachers.

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Compare And Contrast Mcdonalds And Burger King Essays and Research Papers. McDonald’s and Burger King are similar; they have evident differences in their advertising models, food and their commitment with . the community. Introduction Essay! II) *Topic sentence 1: McDonald’s and advisors Burger King invest a lot of money in their advertisements. A) Evidence #1: Golden arches, Ronald McDonald , Big Mac, extra cheese and introduction essay the guy who promote Burger King . III) *Topic sentence 2: Their food seems to be the research same, but it isn’t. A) Evidence #1: McDonald’s hamburger weighs less than Burger King’s. B) Evidence. Burger King , Difference , Fast food 687 Words | 3 Pages.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST MCDONALDS AND BK. ?MCDONALD’S VS. BURGER KING COMPARE AND CONTRAST VS. MCDONALD’S VS. Julius Caesar! . BURGER KING COMPARE AND CONTRAST Michael Hemeleski EVEREST COLLEGE ONLINE 2014/08/2014 MCDONALD’S VS. Rainforest Essay Thesis! BURGER KING COMPARE AND CONTRAST This paper will be about the caesar similar and the differences of two burger places. Dissertation! This will compare the prices and sales and product quality. Julius Essay! McDonalds is more famous than Burger King , and the former has a wider presence than Burger King . Wiki Fellowships! When going to the McDonalds restaurant.

Burger King , Customer service , Difference 722 Words | 6 Pages. Comparison Mcdonalds and essay Burger King. McDonalds and Burger King are two separate entities with a lot of differences, but the two have been competitors . for decades. In order for one to know why the essay and contrasting two have come to compete over julius caesar the years, he or she must first understand the two entities and their entirety. This paper will analyze the essay about student relationship differences of the corporate cultures of McDonalds and Burger King , Analyze the ways in which the two have benefitted from one another’s competition, and discuss the ways in which the companies will continue.

Burger King , Company , Corporation 1079 Words | 3 Pages. by two men, Dick and Mac McDonald . At first, it was called McDonald’s Bar-B-Que. In 1948, the restaurant was shut down for introduction caesar, three months for . alterations. The menu was reduced to nine items: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, coffee, potato chips, and coursework a slice of pie. They then changed their name to McDonalds as they changed their menu and stop serving Bar-b-Que.

In 1954, Burger King was first opened by introduction julius, Keith Kramer and his wife. It was first named Insta Burger King , because they used an dissertation insta. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1071 Words | 3 Pages. compared to the taste Of Burger King , I prefer Burger King . I have always been curious about the . nutritional value of some of these items, but always worried I was making the wrong choices. I started by noticing the julius toppings and wiki dissertation fellowships servings of a few of my personal favorite menu items. After looking at the toppings, I found items that compared in the way they are prepared. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! After, looking at the preparations, I noticed the differences in wiki the nutrition facts. Although Burger King and McDonald’s have similar.

Chicken , Glucose , Hamburger 1287 Words | 4 Pages. cook at home. This is the main reason behind the tremendous success of fast food giants such as McDonalds and Burger . King . McDonald's Corporation is the introduction julius caesar world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. Headquartered in essay thesis the United States, the company began in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant operated by the eponymous Richard and introduction julius caesar essay Maurice McDonald ; in 1948 they reorganized their business as a hamburger stand using production line principles. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1366 Words | 4 Pages. McDonald’s vs. Biologe! Burger King Wendy Raypush Comm/155 March 17, 2013 Bryan Narendorf McDonald’s and Burger . Introduction Essay! King are both fast food restaurants in a demanding world. They are both franchises which mean each is owned by an individual and operated under the name and guidelines of the franchise. They are known for their hamburgers and french fries.

McDonald’s and Burger King compete who serves the better nutritional hamburger, who provides the best service and who has the better atmosphere. Both. Burger King , Cooking , Fast food 1466 Words | 4 Pages. and Maurice McDonald at 1398 North E Street at biologe, West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California. Introduction Julius! Their introduction of the Speedee Service . System in 1948 furthered the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant that the White Castle hamburger chain had already put into practice more than two decades earlier.

The original mascot of McDonald's was a man with a chef's hat on top of biologe a hamburger shaped head whose name was Speedee. Speedee was eventually replaced with Ronald McDonald by introduction caesar, 1967 when. Burger King , Drive-through , Fast food 1552 Words | 4 Pages. Mcdonalds Corporation Burger King. | |Instructor: | Qi Jun . | |Homework: | McDonalds Corporation Burger King Corporation | |Name: |??? | |Student ID No.: . Burger King , Fast food , Hamburger 595 Words | 3 Pages. Burger King vs. McDonald’s Burger King and McDonald’s are two of the most popular fast food . restaurants and have been in competition for years. Both of the paper restaurants have been in business for julius caesar, over 50 years, though Burger King was started before McDonald’s. Burger King was established in 1953 as Insta- Burger based in future Florida.

The company ran into financial issues and was bought out by David Edgerton and James McLamore in 1954, and the name was then changed to Burger King and a year later, the king. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1083 Words | 3 Pages. MCDONALD OR BURGER KING Remember when eating out julius, used to comparing and contrasting poems, be a treat? Over the caesar essay past 40 years, we have moved out . of the kitchen and into the car for mealtime. Nearly one-quarter of dissertation fellowships all meals are eaten away from home. The odds that frequently eating fast food meals can super size you are real. Essay! But to prevent unwanted and gcse biologe coursework unhealthy weight gain, is introduction julius caesar essay it enough to change your choice of food, drink, or portion sizes at fast food restaurants? Or do we need to change your attitudes about eating and the. Burger King , Fast food , French fries 1002 Words | 3 Pages.

When she was younger, she could remember having her choice to future, either eat at julius, McDonald’s or Burger King . ‘At the gcse biologe coursework time’, she really . did not pay much attention to the menu prices or the nutritional value. Although McDonald’s and Burger King are two of the largest fast-food franchises in the world, they have dollar menus and different nutritional value. If she had a choice between the two popular fast-food restaurants which one would she choose? Basing her decision on the restaurants’ years of experience. American sandwiches , Big Mac , Burger King 1101 Words | 3 Pages. Executive Summary Burger King which started of as a partnership organization between James Mclamore his partner David Edgerton . in 1954 is now owned by a group of investors led by Texas Pacific Group, and this has been the case since 2002. Burger King does not only essay seek to maximize profits, but also customer satisfaction. Since it was just recently introduced in the Middle East and precisely in Egypt, one of its major objectives is to increase awareness to its new market. Burger King started of with. Customer service , Fast food , Hamburger 2267 Words | 7 Pages. ? McDonald's And Burger King Compare And Contrast Essay Ariel Mosebar COM/155F3 August 23, 2013 . Judy Rottsolk University Of Phoenix McDonald's and Burger King remain two of the most popular fast food restaurant choices for those looking for food on the fly.

Both of these establishments serve a variety of hot sandwiches, fries, and sodas as well as offering some healthy alternatives, such as salads and fruit. However, whether they call it a Whopper or a Big Mac, the components make it a hamburger. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1090 Words | 6 Pages. Brief history about Burger king Burger King ?s business dates back more than a half-century, having . Poems! been founded in introduction julius caesar 1954 when James McLamore and David Edgerton opened the gcse biologe first Burger King restaurant in Miami, Florida. The Whopper sandwich was introduced in 1957 and introduction julius essay became an instant success, leading the founders to develop the Burger King , HOME OF THE WHOPPER campaign in 1958. In 1961 McLamore and Edgerton acquired national and international franchising rights for gcse biologe, the Burger King brand, which was.

Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1912 Words | 7 Pages. Does Burger King or Mcdonald Serve Cheap and Healthy Fast Food? Research and introduction caesar essay decision making Project Does Burger king or McDonald serve cheap and healthy Fast Food? Does . Dissertation Advisors! Burger king or McDonald serve cheap and healthy Fast Food Abstract There are number of players in this fast food business like McDonald , Burger King , KFC, Wendy’s all are fast food restaurant which deals with variety of calorie intake food, some of them are nutritious while some of introduction caesar essay them are just fat intake. Research only McDonald and Burger King which has the comparing poems healthy food. There has been.

Burger King , Fast food , Fast Food Nation 1243 Words | 7 Pages. Since the 1950's, Burger King has been offering its famous flame-broiled fast food burgers throughout the introduction essay United . States and, eventually, the dissertation fellowships world. Burger King , also known by julius caesar essay, the initials B.K., has evolved from a small Florida-based hamburger chain to advisors, one of the most well-known and recognizable fast food franchises on earth. Introduction Caesar! The first Burger King restaurant opened in essay about relationship Jacksonville, Florida under the julius caesar name Insta- Burger King in 1953. Essay Comparing Poems! In 1954, the Burger King Corporation was founded by Miami-based. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 1905 Words | 7 Pages. Information Burger King was founded in introduction julius caesar essay 1954 in about teacher student relationship Miami, Florida by introduction essay, James McLamore and fellowships David Edgerton. There are more than 11,000 . globally in more than 60 countries.

In 1957 the WHOPPER is their most famous menu item, and caesar essay has been their signature item ever since. In 1958 the gcse Burger King Corporation aired their first television campaign. Then in introduction julius 1963 two restaurants opened in Puerto Rico for their very first international market. 1975 was the introduction of the essay and contrasting “Drive-thru service” in introduction julius caesar essay the U.S. Burger King. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Customer service 1310 Words | 5 Pages. 1. When comparing McDonalds ’ service to advisors, Burger King’s, the service at Burger King is faster. Essay! 2. . Burger King is known to provide the customer with many choices and also to provide quicker service. 3. burger king uses a grill to cook their meat while mcdonalds just uses an industrial stove top, the meat is more greasy at mcdonalds 4. McDonald’s had over 21.6 billion dollars in revenue last year. Burger King had only about 10% of that with the sales totaling 2.06 billion dollars last year.

5. Comparing. Big Mac , Burger King , Fast food 706 Words | 3 Pages. “Hey, let’s get some McDonald’s? We hear this all too often. Before you say “Yes” to thesis, this question, you need to julius caesar, think about how the essay comparing and contrasting poems food . Julius Essay! compares in nutrition and will the nutrition of essay poems fast food have effects in the future. Let’s look at fast food restaurants. When you hear someone say, “Let’s go to McDonalds or Burger King ,” what comes to introduction julius essay, mind would you consider the Big Mac or a Whopper? Think of how many calories that goes into each one. When you look at the Big Mac your calorie. Big Mac , Burger King , Burger King products 2419 Words | 6 Pages.

Burger King International expansion. Introduction Burger King is the biologe world’s largest flame broiled fast food restaurant chain. As of 2011, Burger . King operates restaurants in 12,300 locations serving over 11 million guests daily in 76 countries and territories worldwide ( Burger King , 2011). Introduction Julius Caesar! Burger King’s core competency is its unique flame-broiled burgers . This process is difficult to imitate and helps differentiates Burger King from future, other fast food chains that fry their burgers instead. So much so in fact, no other fast food provider. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 2112 Words | 4 Pages. Presented BY: Walid ElKateb Burger king . is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world with more than 12,174 restaurants across 76 countries 60% of which are located in the US amp; 90% of its restaurants are franchised. Caesar Essay! By looking at gcse, the industry, we can see that Burger king is operating within the introduction fast food hamburger (FFHR) category of the coursework quick service restaurant in introduction julius the restaurant industry. Customer , Customer service , Fast food 1538 Words | 6 Pages. Case Study: Burger King Beefs Up By Janet Mosha Burger King is the world’s largest chain of . flame-broiled fast food restaurants. Its core competency is its flame-broiled burgers ; whereas other fast food hamburger joints serve fried burgers or no burgers at about student, all, Burger King offers the julius essay unique flame-broiled burgers with any options that a customer might like, consumers have the benefit of having a burger they cannot find elsewhere.

Initially Burger King only sold burgers , fries, shakes, and sodas;. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 1179 Words | 3 Pages. McDonalds vs. Burger King Which fast food restaurant is gcse your favorite? McDonald’s or Burger . King , these two fast food restaurant have been around for many years serving over introduction essay billions of research paper people.

Fast food is currently one of the biggest businesses in the United States due to the hectic schedule people have this days. McDonald’s and Burger King were established in different years. McDonald’s was established a year after Burger King was established. McDonald’s was introduced by Dick and Mac McDonald’s. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 592 Words | 2 Pages. companies create value for customers and build strong customers relationships in essay order to capture value from customers in return, Kotler amp; Armstrong . (2010). Burger King Corporation (BKC) is one of the world’s leading fast food restaurants with more than 12,170 restaurants in rainforest 76 countries throughout the world. The chain offers a range of burgers , sandwiches, salads and breakfasts, french fries, soft drinks and other food items. The company generates revenue from three sources: retail sales at introduction caesar essay, company.

Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1176 Words | 4 Pages. Who Is Helping to Reduce America's Belt Size- Burger King or Mcdonald's. America’s Belt Size- Burger King or McDonalds ?” Christine Jefferson Com/155 April 7, 2013 Dr. Research! Gray “Who is introduction caesar . helping to Reduce America’s Belt Size- Burger King or McDonald’s?” With 1.6 billion over dissertation advisors weight adults, and introduction 400 million obese, it is imperative to know what is in the fast food that is consumed today. Essay Comparing And Contrasting! McDonalds and Burger King both serves the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, the Ranch Grilled Chicken Wraps, and julius the Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich. This paper will compare the nutritional value.

Caesar salad , Carbohydrate , Cardiovascular disease 1150 Words | 3 Pages. ? Burger King Client Brief Prepared For: KJFaubert Agency Kathryn Faubert MRK317MT 01 Nov, 2013 . Future! Marketing Information Market Profile (Background/Overview) Burger King is julius caesar essay one of the largest fast food restaurants retailing chain. The company is recognized for wiki dissertation fellowships, its signature Whopper burgers , which are sold through more than 12,512 restaurants globally (Quest to reverse slumping sales). Introduction Caesar Essay! Burger King has recently been overtaken by Wendy’s, losing its second place within. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 841 Words | 4 Pages. | Burger King | | BA330 Marketing Communications | | Burger King | | BA330 . Dissertation Advisors! Marketing Communications | grantham university October 4, 2012 Felix E Rivera grantham university October 4, 2012 Felix E Rivera 1. Do you think using an alternative digital media approach to reaching the target audience would be a long-term strategy or is just a short-term tactic? In our case study reading, Burger King uses the Facebook social network as their alternative digital media. Advertising , Affiliate marketing , Burger King 719 Words | 3 Pages. Burger King , often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated . Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Burger King Holdings is the parent company of Burger King ; in the United States it operates under the Burger King Brands title while internationally it operates under the Burger King Corporation banner.

The company began as a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain in 1953. Originally called Insta- Burger King . After the company. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Burger King products 1424 Words | 5 Pages. operations.• Scattered Marketing Campaign -Fail to efficiently promote products, because they are too busy trying to promote “The King ” . character .• Declining market share• Slowed revenue and income growth Have it your way 18. SWOT Analysis Cont.… Opportunities:• New products development -BK value menu featuring six items at introduction caesar, less than $1, breakfast sandwiches, and specialty burgers .• New opportunities in growing economies -India, China, Singapore, and Malaysia• Positive outlook for restaurant industry. Brand , Burger King , Fast food 1857 Words | 7 Pages.

doesn't sound like Burger King . There's a quiet whir of blenders crafting made-to-order smoothies with real strawberry, banana . and future mango pieces. Nor does it taste like Burger King . Not when one of its three new salads is topped with tangy apple slices and dried cranberries, and julius essay covered in an apple cider vinaigrette. You can even get made-to-order frappA©s. • PHOTOS: See Burger King's new food and essay student look • VIDEO: People check out Burger King's new menu But this is Burger King , all right aˆ” with. Burger King , Fast food , Hamburger 1606 Words | 4 Pages. Marketing Strategies of Burger King in caesar Introductory Stage . In 2008, Fortune magazine ranked Burger . Essay Thesis! King Corp. among America's 1,000 largest corporations and Ad Week named it one of the top three industry-changing advertisers within the introduction caesar last three decades. The Burger King Corporation moves proudly into the future with over research 50 years of experience tucked safely under our belt. As a brand, our company has never been stronger. We've got millions of customers, who we love to bits. And our Executive. Burger King , David Edgerton , Fast food 1476 Words | 5 Pages. Burger King reinvents flame broiling The fast food chain is julius caesar essay testing a new broiler designed to research, save time, energy, and money, and essay . - some say - makes the Whopper taste better.

Fortune's Matt Boyle reports. Essay Comparing! By Matthew Boyle, Fortune writer October 12 2007: 1:44 PM EDT NEW YORK (Fortune) -- At Burger King , flame broiling will never be the same again. Introduction Essay! After spending three years in development, the advisors number-two fast food chain is quietly rolling out powerful new broilers that reduce utility costs. Burger King , Chicken , Cooking 1080 Words | 4 Pages. ?Introduction Burger King or McDonalds ? In the United States, these two companies equally compete for consumers. Introduction Caesar Essay! . Americans usually favor one company over the other or just choose to future, eat at essay, whichever is more convenient to them.

For the advisors American people, Burger King is as common of a household name as McDonalds . However, in Japan, the introduction caesar Burger King brand is one that is not very well known. Burger King has been trying to tap into the Japanese market for some time now. McDonalds , KFC, and Pizza Hut are. Brand , Burger King , Fast food 1727 Words | 6 Pages. MARKETING SEGMENTATION, TARGETING AND POSITIONING OF BURGER KING. SEGMENTATION, Targeting and future positioning of BURGER KING Background The following is the essay analysis the segmentation, targeting . positioning of wiki dissertation Burger King . Burger King Corporation is founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton, beginning the legacy of flame-broiled beef and commitment to quality ingredients and friendly service. BURGER KING is the introduction caesar second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world.

Nowadays, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING Restaurants around the dissertation fellowships world. Julius! When back to. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 1076 Words | 4 Pages. Burger King International MBA 6601 International Business By Wendy B. Machana Burger . Dissertation! King International Burger King , previously known as InstaBurger King in 1954, is the world’s largest flame-broiled fast food restaurant chain (Daniels, Radebaugh Sullivan, 2011). Burger Kings core competency lays in the way it cooks its burgers - by its flame broiled method as opposed to grills that fry and introduction also the option that it offers its customers as to how they want their burgers (“have. Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 1284 Words | 4 Pages.

Background According to rainforest essay, Burger King’s 2012 Annual Report, Burger King Worldwide, Inc. ( Burger . King ) is a Delaware corporation formed on April 2, 2012 and introduction julius caesar the indirect parent of Burger King Corporation, a Florida corporation that franchises and operates fast food hamburger restaurants, principally under the Burger King brand. The company is the world’s second largest fast food hamburger restaurant (FFHR) based on dissertation advisors total number of restaurants. As of December 31, 2012, Burger King owned or franchised a. Burger King , Fast casual restaurant , Fast food 876 Words | 3 Pages. Case Study #6 Burger King and julius Crispin 1. What are Burger King’s communication objectives for its tar-get . Biologe Coursework! audience? In 2004, Burger King’s CEO Brad Blum realized that in order to compete with large chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s, the company needed to market their product in introduction julius essay ways that their target market would perceive better. Essay Poems! The first set of commercials that Crispin produced for BK where targeted more towards the mainstream media in a series of introduction essay offbeat ads that were a takeoff on the comedy.

Burger King , Burger King advertising , Fast food 969 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and dissertation Contrast Essay Over half of the introduction caesar essay adults in America are overweight Being overweight or obese affects your emotions . Obesity is the second leading cause of biologe death of adults 1 out of 3 kids end up with diabetes Kids who are in shape do not eat as much They also perform better in school They have more energy Able to focus on tasks better than overweight kids. Over the introduction caesar years America has become the most overweight country in about relationship the world. Introduction Essay! The times have changed, people used to. Dieting , Eating , Fast food 888 Words | 3 Pages. Compare and dissertation Contrast Gandhi and Dr. Introduction Caesar Essay! King. Compare and rainforest Contrast Gandhi and Dr.

King There exist societal paths which differ based on introduction julius caesar time and . place. These paths may have similar topography and may frequently converge, but each creates a separate journey. The belief in passive resistance is defined through the life choices of two great emancipators: Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Passive resistance is a means of bringing about the essay teacher student end to legally executed injustice, specifically through peaceful resistance. Scholars have.

Civil disobedience , Leo Tolstoy , Malcolm X 1084 Words | 3 Pages. McDonald's vs Burger King: Which is Healthier. McDonald’s vs. Introduction Julius Caesar Essay! Burger King : Which Menu Is Healthier? September 15, 2013 COM 155 The United States has the essay . largest fast food industry in the world, and American fast food restaurants are in over 100 countries. That alone tells you that millions of consumers partake in fast food. By definition, fast food is food that can be prepared and served very quickly. A typical fast food meal in julius caesar the United States includes a hamburger, French fries, and a soft drink.

Out of research paper all of the fast. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1660 Words | 5 Pages. 1 Analysis Structure 1-Executive Summary Burger King Holdings,inc. was been founded in 1953. Introduction Essay! Burger . King is the world's #2 hamburger chain after Mc Donalds. By the early 2000s Burger King is a little left behind. “years of under-investment left it struggling in its rival's shadow by biologe, the early 2000s.” although a lot of consumers agree that it meals taste better than McDonald ones but It doesn't have the introduction julius caesar essay excellent perception created the administrative power and the aggressive marketing of research his. Chief executive officer , Chief information officer , Fast food 949 Words | 4 Pages. Working groups and team This essay is going to introduction caesar, examine the difference between the work environment in IKEA and Burger King . Some . organisational or business functions are too large for individuals to carry out. Therefore groups are essential features of dissertation advisors any organisation. A work group is a collection of people who share some of the following characteristics: definable membership, group consciousness, interdependence. (Mullins 2008,218) Teams occur when a number of people have a common goal though. Behavior , Human behavior , Leadership 1603 Words | 5 Pages. Introduction 1. History of Burger king Burger King was first started in 1954, it was found by julius caesar essay, James . McLamore and David Edgerton in thesis Miami, Florida.

It has become one of the popular fast food chains in the world. They offer variety choice of hamburgers, dessert and drinks on the menu. 2.1 Strategic purpose (Sources: Lecture slide week 4) 2.1.1 Vision The vision of Burger King is “Offering reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings.” ( Burger King home page, N.D) In. BK Veggie , Burger King , Fast food 1181 Words | 4 Pages. Burger King Beefs Up Global Operation 1. Introduction Julius! By mid-2009, Burger King was not in any of the comparing following . five countries: France, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Caesar Essay! Compare these countries as possible future locations for Burger King . To me the first preference will go to the countries that have good amount of Non-Vegetable consumption in it. Wiki Dissertation! As Burger King is known for its Non-Vegetable products e.g. Beef and caesar Hamburger and other beef products. Which can be famous in all the countries whose. Brazil , Burger King , Fast food 888 Words | 3 Pages. International distributor | Weaknesses - small target market- unhealthy environment | Opportunities - product improvement- branding | Threats - . competitors ( McDonald /Wendy’s)- health concern | Introduction: Over the years, Burger King has successfully grown simply through integrated marketing communication system.

Today, Burger King is essay poems showing healthy profits, rising stock prices, and introduction essay strong international growth. In past, BK’s advertising and corporate strategy failed mainly because they. Advertising , Burger King , Fast food 660 Words | 3 Pages. SamoyitaYasmin MBA-II-“B” 1275765 What opportunities and threats did McDonald face How did it handle them What . alternatives could it have chosen? Answer: Opportunities 1) Going green - energy management, improving packaging efficiency, environmentally friendly refrigerants, and partnering with Greenpeace for rainforest protection Charity - The Ronald McDonald House provides a cheap or free place to biologe coursework, stay for caesar essay, parents of sick children.

Over 250 worldwide in dissertation 48. Burger King , Chicken , Fast food 1650 Words | 5 Pages. Crushes Burger King Year After Year After Year by Marcus Sheridan I love talking about food. Caesar! And I love talking about business. Dissertation Advisors! . Even better, most of the people that read this blog share these same passions and so today I’m going to deviate a little from the norm and have a little fun analyzing two household names that we’ve all grown up experiencing quite a bit of:McDonald’s and Burger King . The other day, as I was standing at a gas station I looked out to see a McDonald’s and Burger King on opposite. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1026 Words | 3 Pages.

Prin. Of Marketing Burger King Case Study In the fast food world the market for julius caesar, the consumer’s dollars is as cutthroat as . in any market out relationship, there. So far McDonald’s and its golden arches have reined supreme, leaving the julius caesar essay leftovers for the likes of Wendy’s and Burger King . Coursework! After several years of steadily declining profits, and introduction caesar essay upset franchisees, Burger King decided it was time for a change, both in coursework its approach towards it marketing structure to introduction essay, the way it built and supplied new locations. With. Burger King , Burger King franchises , Fast food 1453 Words | 4 Pages.

scores. Burger King’s EFE Matrix Opportunities Weight Rating Weighted Score Operates in essay and contrasting fast growing industry 0.07 . (7%) 3 0.21 Increase in introduction julius essay demand of healthy products 0.08 (8%) 3 0.24 Cost competition 0.09 (9%) 2 0.18 Merger and acquisition 0.06 (6%) 2 0.12 Incorporate healthy food in its menu 0.10 (10%) 3 0.30 Globalization 0.10 (10%) 3 0.30 Threats Strong competition especially from Burger King 0.10 (10%) 3 0. Burger King , Factor analysis , Fast food 330 Words | 2 Pages. Compare and essay Contrast Wendy's vs. Julius! Mcdonalds. between these two places is dissertation advisors menu options. McDonald’s serves breakfast and lunch. Julius Caesar! For breakfast, one can order hot cakes and sausage with orange juice to . drink.

The hotcakes are a common purchase for essay comparing poems, the early risers. Lunch and dinner selections include burgers , wraps, salads, chicken nuggets or chicken sandwiches, and even fish sandwiches. McDonald’s offers a wide selection of beverages. Introduction Julius Caesar! It has coca-cola products and specialty drinks from their McCafe line including lattes, iced coffees, smoothies and other. Caesar salad , Chicken , Fast food 903 Words | 3 Pages. Comparing Fast Food Giants Burger King and McDonald's. Burger King Versus McDonald’s Fast Food Franchises have raised many questions or debates that have risen because of . obesity issues and health concerns in our society to coursework, this day. This has led me to introduction julius essay, compare Burger King and McDonald’s.

Comparison of these two companies to see exactly what they have to offer and the fact that people seem to look at all fast food the same. About Relationship! It is all bad for essay, you and dissertation causing health issues. Burger King and McDonald’s are the top two fast food chains and introduction essay are. Fast food , Fast food restaurant , Hamburger 1207 Words | 4 Pages. popular burgers : The Big Mac and The Whopper. Comparing And Contrasting! So the question is which would you prefer? The Big Mac was first introduced by Jim Delligatti, . Caesar! a McDonalds franchise owner on August 22, 1967 in his Uniontown Pennsylvania for only 45 cents. It was not until a year later that it made its appearance on comparing the McDonalds national menu. Julius! The Big Mac is composed of: two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and served on a three part sesame seed bun.

According to the McDonalds nutrition. Big Mac , Burger King , Hamburger 584 Words | 2 Pages. Burger King: Selling Whoppers in Japan. ? Burger King : Selling Whoppers in Japan “International is where it’s at,” said Ron Paul, a Technomic consultant. “The fast-food . Essay About Teacher Student Relationship! burger category is going to julius caesar, find its better growth opportunity overseas. We’re close to saturation in the United States.

That’s why McDonald’s has been so aggressive in overseas markets.” That’s also why Burger King has to dissertation, be so aggressive in Japan. McDonald’s entered the Japanese market 25 years ago and now has 2,000 outlets there generating $2.5 billion in sales – that’s. Burger King , Fast food , Fast food restaurant 1406 Words | 4 Pages. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia: A Compare and Contrast Essay Com/170 Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mesopotamia: A . Compare and Contrast Essay Ancient Egypt, known as “The Gift of the julius essay Nile,” and ancient Mesopotamia, known as the land “Between the rainforest Rivers,” were the first two civilizations developed by mankind. Essay! Not only this is a double-negative that you do not need.] These were they the first civilizations to form, andbut they were also the first river-valley civilizations using the. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history , Euphrates 1533 Words | 6 Pages. Compare and Contrast the gcse biologe coursework Epic of introduction caesar essay Gilgamesh and dissertation the Legend of King Arth. The Epic of Gilgamesh has many similarities to introduction julius caesar essay, The Legend of King Arthur. Fellowships! Although Gilgamesh and King Arthur have comparison they . also have differences. The main difference is that one is an Epic and the other is a Legend. To compare and introduction caesar contrast The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Legend of King Arthor, one must first know what the words, Epic and essay about teacher Legend mean.

Primarily, epic is a long narrative poem about the deeds of a semi-god, also known as a superhuman hero who's actions are depended on as. Cedar Forest , Enkidu , Epic of Gilgamesh 980 Words | 3 Pages. Burger King: Promoting a Food Fight. BACKGROUND Burger King History and introduction caesar essay success is essay a proof of excellent franchising and advertising strategies. The company starts in julius caesar . 1954 thanks to James McLamore and David Edgerton that have the idea of a fast-food store with always low prices. First in Miami, then this two entrepreneurial guys realize that advertising was the way to expand its business beyond Florida, with its first commercial on TV in 1958, when the fellowships television was in excellent popularity. With the product known by julius essay, almost everyone. Burger King , Burger King advertising , David Edgerton 1451 Words | 4 Pages. Swot Analysis of Mcdonald's vs. Comparing And Contrasting Poems! Burger King. The McDonald brothers' first restaurant, founded in caesar essay 1937 in advisors a parking lot just east of Pasadena, Calif., didn't serve hamburgers.

It had no . playground and no Happy Meals. The most popular item on the menu was the hot dog, and most people ate it sitting on an outdoor stool or in essay their cherished new autos while being served by teenage carhops. That model was a smashing success--for about rainforest essay a decade. Then America's tastes began to change, and the Golden Arches changed with them. As cars lost some of. Eastman Kodak , Fast food , Hamburger 1455 Words | 4 Pages. remake * Lecture - Compare / Contrast Essay * Lecture Compare / Contrast Essay - Text . Transcript of Audio * Readings Readings | * Find out more about coherence and introduction transitions between ideas. * Introduction to Transitions and dissertation Connecting Words. * Visit organizational chart for transitions. * Read about the introduction caesar essay nature of Comparative Writing. * Explore Comparison/ Contrast as a pattern of development. Teacher Student Relationship! * See Patterns for introduction caesar essay, Comparison and Contrast . * Notes about.

Bruce Catton , English language , Internet 467 Words | 3 Pages. Marketing Strategy of Burger King. Advertising , Brand , Brand equity 1825 Words | 6 Pages.