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Loss of innocence lord of the flies essays

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How is the loss of innocence shown in Lord of the Flies? | eNotes

Loss of innocence lord of the flies essays

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Loss of Innocence in Lord of The Flies by William Golding Essay

brett whiteley essay Inside the Brett Whiteley Lavender Bay fakes trial. Guy Morel was suspicious. At the art conservatory in which he worked, he began hearing whispers of mysterious paintings being made in his boss’s storeroom. “I thought you knew,” a colleague told Morel in 2006. Morel did not, but he wanted to. Soon, his curiosity would become alarm. Encouraged by his colleague, Morel waited for an opportune time to loss lord of the essays, inspect the room. It was often locked, but the room’s separating wall did not reach the ceiling – it was a tall partition, leaving a gap at the top. While his boss was away, Morel placed a chair on a bench and, standing on the chair, with an extended arm blindly snapped photos of the room.

Then he stepped down and of school essay, inspected the loss of innocence lord of the essays digital images. Makes Us Happy Essay. He was shocked. During our long conversation, Peter Gant’s claims of innocence sometimes existed as footnotes, so secondary did they seem. The room contained works in of innocence of the flies essays, progress that appeared to strongly emulate the style of the late artist Brett Whiteley. This wasn’t a subjective opinion – an original Whiteley sat nearby, seemingly as a template. As Morel stared at alcoholism essay and effect, his photos, he knew something wasn’t right. Of Innocence Flies. Morel’s boss was Mohamed Aman Siddique who, until his arrest in college term outline, 2014, was one of the most respected art conservators in Australia. Siddique had previously advised a host of galleries, including the National Gallery of Victoria, and had restored countless works for lord of the flies wealthy collectors. If you owned a valuable painting that required restoration, I was told by essay about to being famous more than one person familiar with his work, Siddique “is maybe the best person in the country for loss of the flies the job”.

A painter himself, with a style described to me as “meticulous but dull”, Siddique had studied at London’s Chelsea College of Arts before moving to Australia in 1983. About Rich To Being Famous. “He has great skill and discipline,” an art figure, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me. Loss Of The Flies Essays. “In fact, he’s a great recipe for a forger – someone who has both the art and the science.” Siddique’s conservatory, in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, was a two-storey workshop stuffed with valuable pieces being retouched or reframed. The studio was filled with specialists. Guy Morel’s expertise was paper. Since the 1970s, he had studied bookbinding, chemistry and alcoholism essay cause, archiving, to better evaluate and loss lord, preserve artworks and documents. College Paper Outline. Morel first met Siddique in the early 1980s, when they were both working at a conservation laboratory attached to a regional gallery. They lost contact until about 2001, when Morel was referred to clients who had approached Siddique for paper conservation.

It had been a profitable and collegial partnership, but now Morel was sure his boss was a forger. In 2007, Detective Sergeant James MacDonald was working the fraud desk. On September 4, he received an anonymous phone call. The man on the other end hinted that he worked at a gallery, and that he had evidence of large-scale art fraud. It was Morel. Of Innocence Lord. He had agonised about going to police for essay being to being months. Morel was lucky to find MacDonald, an officer with an interest in art and loss essays, forgery. As a rule, Victoria Police doesn’t have the time, interest or expertise to properly investigate art fraud, especially given the small chance of a conviction.

But now the paper conservator would begin secretly co-operating with its investigation, leading, for a while, a risky and duplicitous life. MacDonald would visit the studio with Morel, posing as a client. Soon, another detective, Senior Constable Justin Stefanec, was visiting the premises. The detectives knew, however, that at what us happy essay, this stage no crime had been committed. It is not illegal to paint in the style of others, to copy works, nor to loss of innocence lord essays, use another artist’s signature. For one, plenty of artists are inspired plagiarists. Artists constantly bend, borrow and refine their influences.

The threshold for a crime was to knowingly sell counterfeited work. What Makes. But in December 2007, when Andrew Pridham, chairman of the loss of the Sydney Swans, purchased what he believed to be a large Brett Whiteley, titled Blue Lavender Bay, it started a chain of events that culminated in the Victorian Supreme Court this month. Pridham paid $2.5 million for the work, via the art consultant Anita Archer, who had secured the painting from art dealer Peter Gant. Gant is copyright notorious in Melbourne. The mention of his name to most Victorian curators or art dealers will elicit derision or a wry shake of the head. In 2010, a judge found Gant had sold three fake artworks, purportedly by Charles Blackman and Robert Dickerson. Loss Of Innocence Of The Flies. “They were deliberately contrived to deceive unsuspecting members of the public,” the judge said, and ordered the construction site works destroyed.

But in art forgery cases, mens rea is hard to prove. While the judge found the works to be counterfeit, he could not find that Gant knew them to be fakes. Despite this, Gant was found to of innocence lord of the flies essays, have breached the Fair Trading Act. In April 2008, Brett Whiteley’s widow, Wendy, visited Pridham’s home to inspect his new acquisition. She didn’t have good news – she thought it looked strange; didn’t feel right. Pridham kept the painting, but his suspicions grew. In 2010, he secured the services of Professor Robyn Sloggett, the director of Melbourne University’s centre for cultural materials conservation. Sloggett and her colleagues began examining the work.

Meanwhile, the previous year, Peter Gant sold another “Whiteley”, this time to Sydney car dealer Steve Nasteski. As with Pridham’s purchase, Orange Lavender Bay purported to belong to a late and papers, beloved period of Whiteley. It sold for $1.1 million. Within a year, Nasteski had gone to police and Detectives MacDonald and Stefanec would become re-engaged. It would appear as if the crime brought to them by Morel, at that stage still embryonic, had hatched. In March 2014, Gant and Siddique were arrested. I first met Gant at a bar in September 2014. He had just been charged with multiple counts of fraud. Beside his glass of red wine was a copy of Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana , a hilarious spy farce. I wondered if the book was a hint. Lord Flies. All around him there seemed to be hints.

Sly references to crookedness. Before meeting Gant, everyone who knew him seemed to be winking at me, coyly declaring their knowledge lest they be thought naive. What. And here, placed before a man charged with ornate deception, was a novel about a man who embarrasses British spy agencies with ridiculous lies. I wondered. Gant has always gambled. With money, the law, his health and freedom. He has spent large sums at the track, indignantly and of innocence lord of the essays, serially offered his middle finger to authority, and engaged a war of essay about being rich to being attrition on his liver. Meeting me was another gamble. He had offered me an exclusive interview, apparently on the grounds that I was well read. Lord Essays. He told me he wasn’t looking for any favours, and never dictated what I could ask. Gant resembles an old trackside bookie – profane and proudly disreputable.

His friends say he is a bright and essay about famous, charming raconteur. Many other people – and of innocence of the essays, the public gallery for makes us happy essay Gant’s trial was filled with them – see him as an amoral conman who has been able to play the law for of innocence lord of the flies too long. During our long conversation, Gant’s claims of innocence sometimes existed as footnotes, so secondary did they seem. It was denunciations of college term paper his critics and loss lord of the, alleged victims that truly enlivened him. These were wicked and venomous, and he emphasised his insults by slamming his hand on the table. On experts: “Robyn Sloggett is paper outline a stupid bitch.” On his clients: “Andrew Pridham is a fucking moron. Lord Of The Essays. Don’t tell me it’s worth paying $2.5 million and then it’s suddenly worth nothing.

How dare he buy it and deprive others of buying it? Fucking moron.” This seemed incongruous to me. Being Famous. If he had been charged with a crime he didn’t commit, one might expect his most passionate monologues to of innocence lord of the flies, concern his innocence. They didn’t. What reliably excited him was the philistinism of art collectors, the sickly triumph of art as status. Laws Papers. I made a note wondering if Gant was mentally constipated – desperate to loss lord flies essays, share his anarchic manifesto but compelled to construction site, avoid prison. “Why do people buy art?” he asked me. “It used to be because you loved it. No more.” Then he would speak at length of the of innocence flies “genius” of Rothko. “I love his mind, I could spend half a lifetime looking at Rothko. There’s no bullshit. It’s sincere. He was a poet and a scholar.” A month before Gant and Siddique’s trial started, I began reading the unfinished memoir of the late critic Robert Hughes.

Early on, he writes: “Art prices are largely about voyeurism and toxic snobbery. Essay About Being To Being. They are what you see when you peer up the anus of ‘culture’.” I thought immediately of Gant. Of course, this is a subjective appraisal, and faintly romantic in that it excludes greed from Gant’s motivations. Loss Of Innocence Of The Flies. Watching the trial, I wondered if my appraisal was the product of another con. Copyright For Research Papers. If I was another mark.

For a man seemingly contemptuous of wealth, Gant had befriended and depended upon businessmen for decades. The trial also revealed he had let many of them down. Gant was either on the make or engaged in of innocence lord of the flies, a long and bizarre game of subversion. It’s possible that both are true. Uses Library. The next time I spoke with Gant was in the courtroom’s lobby, about loss of the flies two weeks into college term outline, the trial. Of Innocence Essays. Eighteen months had passed since our interview. “I’ve been meaning to contact you,” he said. “I hear you’ve put a book out.” Gant was flattering as ever. He told me he didn’t have my number anymore, but I assured him that I had his and that I would call after the trial. “I’ve changed that number a few times since then,” he told me, and smiled. “It’s what happens when they bug you.” He suggested a person I could get his current mobile number from, before walking into court with his lawyers.

During the us happy trial, the paintings rested close behind me on loss lord essays a wooden bench. Before the verdict, Blue Lavender Bay ’s worth was either $2.5 million or a few bucks. It existed in a sort of limbo of value, a limbo recognised by Gant’s barrister when he complained to the judge that the prosecution had not treated the paintings respectfully. “I don’t know whether any directions should be given,” Trevor Wraight, QC, said to the judge, “but [the jury] touching them with fingers and handling them, just because the Crown has a view about them – I know the way they’ve been storing them, they’ve assumed the guilt already.” To which Justice Michael Croucher replied: “The presumption of innocence in a sense applies to these objects in the same way [as the accused].” Created upon alcoholism essay cause and effect, conjoined doors, both paintings are more than two metres wide and more than a metre high. Their size and of innocence lord of the flies, weight posed a logistical difficulty to the court. They could not fit through the jury room’s door, where exhibits are examined, and the cramped nature of the what makes us happy essay court left few options for of innocence flies essays their hanging. So, for of school more than four weeks, they occupied a press bench before the gaze of the jury. Ignorant of art, I twisted my body around to inspect Blue , idly hoping to of the flies, spot some sign of authenticity or chicanery. All I found was astonishment that someone might pay $2.5 million for it.

To me, it was crude and lifeless. I turned to the court illustrator to my left. “I’m a philistine,” I said, “but these look fucking terrible.” He smiled. “You’re only half a philistine now.” But whether the paintings were “good” or “bad” was not the matter being decided by the court; all that mattered was whether they had been confected and alcoholism cause, fraudulently sold as Whiteleys. “Art forgery is among the least despised of crimes – except by its victims,” the of innocence lord of the art critic Peter Schjeldahl has written. Cause And Effect. “The forger gratifies class resentment … Unlike the subversive gestures of a Marcel Duchamp, say, his outrages will not become educational boilerplate in lord flies, museums and universities. They are impeccably destructive, tarring not only and effect, pretensions to taste but the credibility of lord taste in general.” Would the copyright papers jury think similarly? And if so, could they wrest diligence from their apathy? The Crown had amassed considerable circumstantial evidence. Gant had purchased a genuine Whiteley, for $1.6 million, which two witnesses testified to being a template for the Whiteley-esque paintings in Siddique’s storeroom. Siddique had purchased 10 doors with clean-faces and loss of the, odd sizes, prior to us happy essay, Morel photographing those progressive works. And, perhaps most suggestive of all, Gant admitted he had forged the signature of Robert Le Tet on a letter testifying to of innocence lord flies essays, Le Tet’s purchasing Blue Lavender Bay directly from Whiteley in the late 1980s.

To this, the uses of school Crown could add the assertions of Robyn Sloggett and Whiteley’s widow, Wendy, who both believed the works to be fake. But in time, each argument would dramatically collapse. It is largely accepted by curators, dealers and auctioneers, if only privately, that forgeries riddle the art market and our galleries. And they always have, for as long as humans have made art. “There are so many phonies and doctored pieces around these days,” the former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Thomas Hoving, wrote in flies essays, his 1997 book False Impressions , “that at times, I almost believe that there are as many bogus works as genuine ones.” To seriously forge a painting is to also forge its provenance – its history of ownership. This might be suggested by invoices and and effect, exhibition catalogues. An ideal provenance would be a verifiable trail of ownership from the of the flies essays artist’s studio right through to its most recent handler, whereas a hazy provenance will devalue a piece and invite suspicion.

The necessity of provenance opens another door of risk to the forger, another web of fiction that must be weaved to essay being rich famous, suggest the of innocence of the essays forgery’s authenticity. There are certain ways to determine a forgery. Time will splinter varnish, oxidise frames and stain canvases in college term paper, signature fashions. Loss Of Innocence Lord Of The Flies Essays. Dud works can betray themselves by containing paint developed decades after their ostensible creation. Various scanning techniques can reveal other anachronisms. But the science is imperfect and harder to deploy when the makes us happy essay work in of innocence of the essays, question is not that old. The Whiteleys in question were allegedly from 1988, and none of the forensic analysis could determine that they weren’t. Sloggett’s team had also subjected the works to infra-red scanning, to reveal the dark underdrawings which would hopefully match Morel’s photos of the cause works in progress.

In this way the skeletal sketching beneath the paint was revealed, but it was impossible to align it with the shaky photographs Morel had taken over the partition. Ideally, the Crown would have had images of of innocence lord essays Siddique’s works-in-progress that were of a quality and perspective that they could be neatly laid over images of the paintings in court in about rich to being, order to prove they were the same works. But the Crown didn’t. Lord Essays. Subsequently, the judge thought it would be a dubious exercise for cause the jury to attempt such a comparison. “It would be probably asking them to experiment, and, if not, it would be asking them to speculate.” Science hadn’t returned anything useful for the Crown. And even if tests had determined, definitively, that these paintings could not have been made in 1988 – and lord of the essays, they couldn’t – it would be yet another thing to prove they had come from what makes essay, Siddique’s workshop. Scientific examination had also yielded the trial’s greatest irony. Guy Morel, the man who had blown the whistle, was asked by lord of the essays Siddique to independently examine a catalogue for an exhibition called A Private Affair . The exhibition was to be held in 1989, argued Gant, and would have displayed the Whiteleys in question. The exhibition was cancelled, Gant said, when his business partner died suddenly and he “had a breakdown”. Morel was now awkwardly working for police and his boss on determining the term authenticity of these paintings. More awkwardly, Morel found the catalogue was indeed from the late 1980s. Loss Of Innocence Lord Of The. “This throws a spanner in manager cover letter, the works,” MacDonald told Professor Sloggett when they learnt of Morel’s report.

And so it was that the loss lord essays Crown relied heavily upon uses library, the subjective testimony of Sloggett and loss of innocence flies, Wendy Whiteley, intelligent witnesses whose certitude about the falseness of the paintings seemed to struggle to meet the court’s high mark for evidence. For a long time Sloggett discussed the recurring motifs of Whiteley paintings, and how distinct and fluid his hand was in rendering them. Then, aided by a laser pointer, Sloggett isolated for term paper outline the court the paintings’ various breaches of those virtues. “Whiteley is known for his extraordinary ability to paint birds,” she said. “If you look at this close up, it signifies a bird but it’s actually painted as if it was, I don’t know, a wet rag being thrown out of of innocence lord of the flies essays a window or something. Us Happy. It just has none of the of the essays velocity or fineness or the sense of being a bird and it’s this idea of sensibility [that’s] important in terms of Brett Whiteley’s work…” She would later say of the copyright painting: “It’s dead. It has a dead hand.” The Crown had offered a witness who could say it was a poor and loss lord flies essays, contrary painting but could not say it had been created by the accused. Library Essay. This was the burden of proof upon the Crown. Sloggett’s cross-examination by the defence appeared to irritate her, so jarring or unfamiliar was the questioning of her expertise. But her expertise itself was never in question, only its relevance in this courtroom. The verisimilitude of loss lord of the Whiteley’s birds may be appreciated by scholars, but it is of scant relevance in a criminal trial.

Average painting might cause an expert to question authenticity, but it does not prove a work to be fake. In the absence of the jury, the judge put it another way: “That’s perfectly okay in discussion in cafes in Fitzroy. Being Rich Famous. It’s all very interesting and I’m sure very enlightening and it may well be accurate, but this is a criminal trial.” The defence sought to expose this subjectivity, and proposed that creative expression was, by lord of the essays nature, inconsistent. Great artists can paint poorly; styles fluctuate and decay; drugs can both enliven or cripple talent. The fact of Whiteley’s heroin addiction – he fatally overdosed in what us happy, 1992 – was introduced to suggest the unreliability of his work and, by loss of the essays extension, of Sloggett’s certainties. Of School. Gant’s barrister read to Sloggett an excerpt of an interview Wendy Whiteley had given to a scholar of her husband’s work a few years after his death. “Don’t you really want to ask me if I think heroin had a detrimental effect on his work?” she asked her interlocutor. Loss Lord Flies Essays. “Yes, I think it did… I felt that some of the paintings were dead, sitting solidly on the canvas, heavy, overworked.” The defence drew attention to the fact Wendy had described some of her husband’s work in the same way Sloggett had described the paintings in the courtroom – that they were painted with a dead hand.

How might the jury sit with this discrepancy and be satisfied of a guilt beyond reasonable doubt? When Wendy took her oath in the courtroom, she registered a physical revulsion at the paintings sitting nearby. This seems common. Us Happy Essay. When first seeing fakes of his own work, the ones sold by loss lord of the Gant in the early 2000s, Robert Dickerson said he felt disgusted and a “little bit sick”. Thomas Hoving describes how an art historian of the early 20th century, Bernard Berenson, once testified in court about the inauthenticity of a work. “Berenson was able to say only that his stomach felt wrong. He had a curious ringing in his ears. He was struck by a momentary depression.” Wendy was both muse and model for essay cause and effect Brett, and lord essays, today speaks eloquently about his legacy. She is paper outline intimate with his work and said emphatically that Brett “didn’t underdraw, he worked with the paint that he was using” – a technique deployed in the suspect paintings before her. Unfortunately for the Crown, video evidence of Brett Whiteley using just that technique was shown to the court.

Wendy later told me her comments on of innocence lord of the flies underdrawing referred specifically to Brett’s Lavender Bay series. “That’s why they look so spontaneous and alive, unlike the paintings in court,” she said. But things were unravelling. A former business partner of Gant’s, Jeremy James, had taken the stand, pointed to the paintings and said with assurance that he had photographed them in 1989 for the A Private Affair catalogue. The Crown had no response to this. As evidence, it could not be extinguished.

The defence lawyers were buoyed; the prosecutor forlorn. On Friday, April 29, Justice Croucher said he would spend the weekend deliberating on whether to dismiss the entire case. It was a difficult decision, he said on Monday. Construction Site Cover. He said he didn’t understand how it was possible for the jury to return a guilty verdict, especially given Jeremy James’ evidence about the of innocence flies catalogue. Croucher said the Crown’s case was so weak that to continue might lead to of school library essay, an “unsafe verdict”. But, by the “barest margins”, he decided to leave it before the 12 men and women. His apprehensions about the evidence were eclipsed by his reluctance to usurp the authority of a jury. Of Innocence. However, Croucher effectively signalled his beliefs to the jury by makes essay offering them a Prasad direction. It’s a mechanism rarely deployed, and used only when the Crown’s evidence is especially weak.

It is an loss of innocence lord of the flies essays, invitation to the jury to return an early “not guilty” verdict, before hearing the construction manager cover defence’s evidence or closing statements. Once it was explained to the jury, the loss lord of the court adjourned for lunch. I assumed a “not guilty” verdict was imminent. “What do you think?” Gant asked me, and makes, I replied to him and his barrister that they must be very confident. They weren’t, for loss of innocence of the essays the simple reason they knew not to assume a jury’s decision. Experience had taught them to respect a jury’s unpredictability. We re-entered court to receive the jury’s decision. The trial could be over. By chance, I was sitting between two of the makes us happy accused’s children, who were tense with anticipation. Lord Essays. They wanted this finished. But the jury’s foreman declined the direction, and announced a desire to hear the case out. Siddique sighed loudly; his son slumped in construction manager cover letter, his seat.

Another fortnight would pass before the jury would share its verdict. The trial had lasted five weeks – six including the committal hearing. Loss Essays. I had watched an enormous amount of circumstantial evidence whittled down to scarcely anything. So had the paper public gallery, the one so often filled with people hoping to see Gant’s day of reckoning. Late on loss lord of the essays Thursday, May 12, the jury returned to deliver its verdict. It had found both men guilty on all counts. I wondered if the verdict rattled the judge’s faith in juries. The maximum sentence is 10 years’ prison. The conviction of Peter Gant and Mohamed Aman Siddique makes this Australia’s largest art fraud. For many, it was a long time coming. Wendy Whiteley tells me “so far, so good”, but she understands there will be an appeal. “Hopefully the paintings will be destroyed,” she says.

It seems the us happy essay story is loss of innocence lord of the essays not over, though. Given the past month, it would be a brave man who ruled out an essay, erasure of the Gant-Siddique conviction. This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on May 21, 2016 as Fraud almighty. Subscribe here. is The Saturday Paper ’s chief correspondent. Thursday, October 05, 2017. Lawyers’ groups and civil liberties organisations have criticised the federal government’s planned overhaul of anti-terror legislation, saying allowing terror suspects to be held for up to loss essays, 14 days … The news you need.

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Mike Seccombe Legislation for same-sex marriage overseas provides a series of natural experiments on social, economic and of innocence lord flies, personal benefits.For reasons unknown, the ‘Yes’ campaign has not put a lot of emphasis on the economic benefits of changing the Marriage Act. It’s odd, given all the evidence from other areas of social policy… Karen Middleton Thirty years late, and with a haste that surprised the industry, Malcolm Turnbull is taking Australia into space. Alex McKinnon The death of an Aboriginal man in a NSW correctional centre has brought to light broader failings in the system of preventing – and recording – Indigenous fatalities in custody. John Power Whistleblowers suggest a senate committee’s failure to recommend the laws for research papers establishment of loss of the a federal anti-corruption body is another sign of a system unwilling to subject itself to scrutiny. Of School. Emily Bitto Known as a fearless documentary filmmaker, Eva Orner has shone a light on tragic situations in Iraq, Kabul and Nauru.

In her latest work, she turns her attention to the problem of mobile phones. ‘If I think it’s compelling, important, interesting, worthwhile, that overtakes everything else.’ Andrew McConnell The warmer weather is not the only indicator of loss of innocence lord flies spring. For me, the sign that spring is copyright laws papers here is the appearance of certain vegetables. Broad beans represent the season perfectly, and always find a place on of innocence lord of the the menu when they’re available. Richard Ackland There is a tension between lawyers championing the cause of a free press and what the free press does once it gets its hands on the information. Copyright Laws Papers. Last year, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal made some important in-principle rulings about loss of the essays take-down orders affecting news media websites. Even though these judgements contained important rulings on the relevant law, they were themselves subject to non-publication orders because of trials that were under way. Paul Bongiorno It is completely disingenuous for Turnbull to accuse Labor of not heeding warnings eight years ago on how the cover intense export drive could affect domestic supply and prices.

Those warnings were offset by assurances from the exporters that it would not happen. Hollow assurances as it turns out. Flies. Sound familiar? It was uplifting to see Father Paul Kelly , editor-at-large of construction site manager cover letter The Catholic Boys Daily , beating the of the essays drum for a religious freedom bill. Never mind that already we have too much religious freedom; Father Kelly wants more. Peter Dutton does not argue when Ray Hadley says the first refugees to leave Manus for resettlement in the United States, “looked like a fashion show on a catwalk somewhere in for research papers, Paris or New York”. Of Innocence. Instead, he lies. Karen Middleton Belvoir artistic director Eamon Flack on cuts to arts funding in Australia and the significance of art and what essay, culture in our lives. Hamish McDonald Shinzo Abe seeks military mandate. Australia’s support for Iran deal. Germany’s far-right party splits.

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Full website access Access iPad iPhone apps Access Android app. OR GET IN TOUCH WITH A PERSON. The subscriptions office is loss lord essays open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm on Friday. Subscribe now to read the current edition. Edition No: 176 September 30 – October 6, 2017. The money case for gay marriage Mike Seccombe. Last in space: our late agency plans Karen Middleton. The death in custody of Tane Chatfield Alex McKinnon. Why we're not getting a federal ICAC John Power. Belvoir's Eamon Flack on why the arts matter Karen Middleton.

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Oscar-winner Eva Orner on what drives her Emily Bitto. ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Helen Razer. Composer Him Sophy Jennifer Down. Manhattan Beach Reviewer: CR. The Necessary Angel Reviewer: ZC. A Life of Adventure and loss lord flies essays, Delight Reviewer: WZ. Catalan-style braised broad beans with smoked lardo Andrew McConnell. The best wine of spring 2017.

Nashville’s AmericanaFest Katrina Lobley. Alcoholism Essay Cause. Shot caller: Caitlin Bassett, 29, netballer Cindy MacDonald. Who was vice-president of the United States from 1989 to 1993? Cindy MacDonald. Mike Seccombe Legislation for flies essays same-sex marriage overseas provides a series of natural experiments on essay being famous social, economic and personal benefits.For reasons unknown, the ‘Yes’ campaign has not put a lot of emphasis on the economic benefits of changing the Marriage Act. It’s odd, given all the evidence from of innocence lord of the flies essays, other areas of social policy… Karen Middleton Thirty years late, and with a haste that surprised the industry, Malcolm Turnbull is copyright laws taking Australia into space.

Alex McKinnon The death of an Aboriginal man in a NSW correctional centre has brought to light broader failings in the system of preventing – and loss flies essays, recording – Indigenous fatalities in custody. John Power Whistleblowers suggest a senate committee’s failure to recommend the establishment of a federal anti-corruption body is another sign of for research a system unwilling to subject itself to of innocence lord flies essays, scrutiny. Emily Bitto Known as a fearless documentary filmmaker, Eva Orner has shone a light on tragic situations in Iraq, Kabul and rich to being, Nauru. In her latest work, she turns her attention to of innocence lord of the flies, the problem of mobile phones. ‘If I think it’s compelling, important, interesting, worthwhile, that overtakes everything else.’ Andrew McConnell The warmer weather is not the only indicator of spring. For me, the sign that spring is here is the appearance of certain vegetables.

Broad beans represent the term season perfectly, and always find a place on the menu when they’re available. Richard Ackland There is a tension between lawyers championing the cause of lord of the essays a free press and what the construction site letter free press does once it gets its hands on the information. Last year, the loss lord flies essays NSW Court of us happy Criminal Appeal made some important in-principle rulings about take-down orders affecting news media websites. Even though these judgements contained important rulings on the relevant law, they were themselves subject to of innocence essays, non-publication orders because of trials that were under way. Paul Bongiorno It is completely disingenuous for of school library essay Turnbull to accuse Labor of not heeding warnings eight years ago on how the loss of innocence lord flies intense export drive could affect domestic supply and prices. Those warnings were offset by assurances from the exporters that it would not happen. Hollow assurances as it turns out. Sound familiar?

It was uplifting to see Father Paul Kelly , editor-at-large of college term The Catholic Boys Daily , beating the drum for a religious freedom bill. Never mind that already we have too much religious freedom; Father Kelly wants more. Peter Dutton does not argue when Ray Hadley says the first refugees to of innocence lord of the essays, leave Manus for resettlement in the United States, “looked like a fashion show on a catwalk somewhere in construction manager cover letter, Paris or New York”. Instead, he lies. Karen Middleton Belvoir artistic director Eamon Flack on loss lord of the flies cuts to arts funding in cause and effect, Australia and the significance of of innocence flies essays art and culture in our lives. Hamish McDonald Shinzo Abe seeks military mandate.

Australia’s support for copyright papers Iran deal. Germany’s far-right party splits. Larry David’s return as a cantankerous version of flies essays himself in a new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm is a chance to reflect on the roots of comedy and the discontent that produces it. A conversation with Him Sophy, creator of Bangsokol: A Requiem for Cambodia. A guide to site manager letter, the season’s top wines, from the experts at Cutler Co, Supernormal, Cumulus Inc, Cumulus Up, the Builders Arms Hotel and Meatsmith. Of Innocence Flies. Katrina Lobley On a long-awaited trip to Nashville, the author soaks up her fill of country music. What Us Happy. But while it more than satisfies, she takes a dimmer view of loss lord flies her fellow fans’ headwear. Cindy MacDonald Australian Diamonds captain Caitlin Bassett on papers her childhood struggles with body image, how she got mentally and physically stronger, and why she’d like to become a magician. Cindy MacDonald Test your general knowledge with our weekly quiz.

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Loss of Innocence in Lord of the Flies Essay Example for Free

Maine State Police find no gaming law violations in loss of innocence lord of the Center Lovell Inn essay contest. Investigators interviewed the current and future owners and the judges, but some critics remain unsatisfied. The highly publicized essay contest to win the Center Lovell Inn Restaurant did not violate state gaming laws, according to an investigation by us happy the Maine State Police, but some of the unsuccessful entrants remain skeptical. Sgt. Michael Johnston of the loss of innocence lord flies, state police Special Investigations Unit said the investigation included a review of the essay about being to being famous, contest rules as well as interviews with the current and future owners of the inn, Janice Sage and Prince Adams, along with the two judges who reviewed the essays and picked the winner. “We determined it was clearly a game of skill and it was conducted in accordance with the loss of innocence flies, rules that were set out alcoholism essay cause and effect, prior to the contest,” Johnston said Tuesday. “There was no predetermination of a winner.” The property has seven guest rooms and lord of the flies essays, views of the White Mountains and Kezar Lake. Essay Rich To Being Famous! Sage held the 200-word essay contest to determine the loss of innocence lord of the essays, next owner of the inn and restaurant and to fund her retirement. She sought to receive at least 7,500 entries, charging $125 each, which would yield $937,500.

Investigators reviewed 15 complaints they received about the contest from contestants who did not win and were skeptical that the rich, winning essay was really the best. Lord Of The Flies Essays! The contestants also questioned whether a prior relationship might have existed between Sage, 68, and cause and effect, Adams, who already runs a restaurant in the U.S. Loss Of Innocence! Virgin Islands. “We found no evidence there was any connection between them,” Johnston said of construction site, Sage and lord flies essays, Adams. Construction Cover! That conclusion was based on separate interviews with both of them, he said.

Police did not have probable cause that a crime had been committed, a standard that would have been necessary for a more intrusive examination that would merit subpoenaing telephone records, he said. Sage did not respond to loss of the flies essays a telephone message left at the inn Tuesday. She has not responded to several attempts to construction manager cover reach her over the past few weeks, and a neighbor last week said she had not seen Sage at the inn in of innocence flies several days. Johnston said the judges “did exist. They were real people,” and both were interviewed. He said he was unaware of any special credentials they had for judging the essay contest, but that was not a requirement. “There is no state certification for judging an essay contest,” Johnston said. Essay Cause! “They certainly appeared to be honest and credible people.” Johnston would not identify the loss of innocence lord flies, judges or release any other information about them, nor would he release written results of the investigation. The Maine Attorney General’s Office reviewed the results of the state police investigation and determined there was no violation of the makes us happy essay, state’s consumer protection laws. The Special Investigations Unit regulates games of chance, such as bingo, which outside of licensed casinos can only be operated by of innocence of the flies nonprofit, community or fraternal organizations.

Johnston assigned veteran state police gaming inspector Barry Hathaway to the investigation. A game of chance is any contest in which a person risks something of alcoholism cause and effect, his own for of innocence lord of the flies essays a chance to win something of term outline, value and the outcome isn’t determined by skill. When Sage acquired the inn by winning an essay contest in 1993, the state also reviewed complaints then and found no improprieties. Cortney Potts, a contestant from lord of the flies essays Nebraska and spokeswoman for what a Facebook group that was critical of the competition, said she received a call from the of innocence lord of the flies essays, state police inspector Monday but he did not clear up some vexing issues. “I was asking specific questions we hadn’t gotten answers to: Who the judges were and whether they were qualified to judge a contest,” Potts said Tuesday. “We still feel there was an what, enormous amount of problems that went on with this competition.”

The group has about loss flies essays 200 members, some of whom are supporters but not entrants. Potts said the group wanted to make sure the construction site cover letter, matter was looked at in “a thorough manner, which we don’t believe the state police have done.” Some members of the group have taken the additional step of loss lord essays, filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Criticisms of the contest include the fact that the property did not have 12 acres as advertised, although neighboring parcels are reportedly going to copyright laws for research be added to it in the aftermath of the contest. There apparently is also a mortgage on the property that was to be paid off with contest proceeds, Potts said. According to flies Potts, the contest was also purportedly held to give the inn to someone who might not be able to afford a restaurant. Potts is a single mother who works as a chef in Nebraska. The winner and the first runner-up already own restaurants, she said.

“I can understand why you want someone like that to construction cover take over loss of innocence lord flies your business, but advertising to people like me is kind of sketchy,” she said. “It’s people like me that $125 hurts the most.” About 10 percent of the of school, people in the Facebook group complained that they mailed money orders or cashier’s checks with their essay and of the, received no numbered ticket stub indicating that their entry was received and logged, she said. The state police said none of those complaints was within their purview to investigate, according to Potts. On Monday, authorities contacted each of the library essay, complainants to inform them of the investigation’s conclusions. Most were appreciative of the inquiry and the response, though some were still disappointed and frustrated, Johnston said. He said the investigation did not involve reading any of the essays. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion.

To ensure conscientious dialogue we have implemented a strict no-bullying policy. Loss Of Innocence Lord Flies Essays! To participate, you must follow our Terms of Use. Laws Papers! Click here to lord flag and report a comment that violates our terms of use. This whole thing could have been easily avoided had the being to being famous, following statement never been made: “There’s a lot of very talented people in the restaurant business who. would like to have their own place but can’t afford it,” said Janice. Sage, who took possession of the business in 1993 after dashing off a. few handwritten paragraphs that would change her life. “This is lord of the a way. for them to have the term paper, opportunity to try.” (Quoted from loss of innocence lord of the another Portland Press Herald article) The contest was marketed incorrectly, even if it did not violate laws or. rules. If you are going to hold a contest, it would be in your best. interest to laws avoid making any statements like the one above.

I am sure. many people who are talented/experienced, but do not have the money to. start their own businesses felt encouraged by that statement. When the. winner was chosen and loss lord of the flies, it was obvious they COULD afford their own place, it was a slap in the face to those who felt they were being encouraged.

to enter the contest/felt they had a chance to win. The whole thing could have been avoided if it had only been entered by people able to for research papers read simple rules and comprehend them. Not surprising to see there’s still no grace, much less an apology from you people. Your several comments have made the most sense of loss essays, any of those written. And you were an essay being rich to being famous, entrant. Congratulations on your common sense. We need more of that.

I just read that the innkeeper started a Facebook page during the contest that was not advertised to all entrants AND it offered rule changes! Now that sounds fair… NOT. is it against the law in a crowd funded contest to make changes and post them on Facebook? Sounds to me like stupid does stupid things. Treat this as a $125 lesson learned the hard way. does that make it right? I read and comprehended the rules. Prince didn’t though–his essay was not a formal essay with an intro, body, and loss lord of the flies, conclusion.

It also did not answer the prompt, “Why I would like to of school library own and operate a country inn.” Therefore, according to the rules, it never should have been judged. Reading more into a comment that was made was not the problem. There is loss of the still no proof what-so-ever that the reason the essay was picked was because of “prior experience”. Library! The problem is there are just some people that think everything has an angle or a conspiracy if they are not on the winning end of lord essays, things. Uses Library Essay! I still have yet to see one good reason anyone had other than their own suspicious minds why an investigation was ever needed. I read and comprehended the rules. Prince didn’t though–his essay was not a formal essay with an intro, body, and conclusion. It also did not answer the prompt, “Why I would like to own and loss of innocence of the flies, operate a country inn.” Therefore, according to the rules, it never should have been judged.. The rule did not say anyone that did not obey what I call is a “guideline” for the essay would be disqualified. Also, I keep hearing that the essay did not meet the requirements but no one has proven that as not seen the site manager cover letter, essay (and from what I have heard, a “snapshot” was posted but no proof of where that even came from), however, the end result is, it was not anyone’s opinion on the best essay other than the owner when picking the ones to be judged to send on to the other two judges, and then its in their hands.

And this investigation looked into lord of the essays, that and said no wrong doing. Term Outline! I still don’t see the proof everyone is of the flies saying so that is what I am basing my thoughts and opinions on being to being, – not heresay. If heresay is right and loss of innocence lord of the flies, proof can be shown, then that will happen I suppose in due time. How much did this investigation cost the essay rich, Taxpayers? Could our taxes have been used more effectively elsewhere? In the end, this is irrelevant. Enough people complained that warranted the examination of the contest outcome. We should be glad that people are able to have their concerns addressed, even if nothing comes of it. If nothing was ever examined when it was called for, a lot of people would be the victims of scams. I agree – if the complaints have some truth or validity to them.

I haven’t seen one yet on of innocence flies, this one that did. rowdy….There are several complaints as listed here since you posted. Take a look. MUCH fraud to go around.Shame. Whatever happened to integrity and honesty in business? Innkeeper took advantage of these people due to sheer greed possibly corruption from copyright laws all the loss lord essays, stories I’ve read.

Truth will come out. Give it time. My point is, I haven’t seen it yet. What I have seen is the rambling of a few and college outline, if there is some proof to loss of the the validity of wrong doing, those few are not helping the cause of the others. I will say, if there are over 7,000 entries and only 15 complaints from what the article says, I don’t think the manager letter, law of averages is lord of the there is evidence to back wrongdoing. From facts (and not accusations) I have read, right now, my thoughts are no proof; if that occurs and is shown, then that is a different story. Rowdy how do you expect to “see” without a proper investigation? State laws weren’t broken, but federal laws were. Essay! Hence the need for federal investigation. Right now, all you’re doing is defending someone else’s business practices that you don’t know anything about.

Why are you doing that? Why not just sit back and watch, wait and see if the feds can find anything? This is personal to me because I paid for something that I don’t believe I received (a fair shot). Why is this so personal to you? This is of innocence of the flies a comment section where many debate and copyright papers, have conversation.

So far no one that has cried foul has shown a good reason yet and if you read my other comments, I have said that. Is it personal to me? Not really – but so what? There are those it was personal to that have also said they entered the contest, they didn’t win and loss, they are fine with outcome. There have been those out here that have taken the accusations to an incredible level and if there is wrongdoing, it has taken away from what they was. If there is a federal investigation, there will need to be something more than what I have read on these comment sections and the articles I have read to get that accomplished. As usual, we are wasting our time with the Maine State Police. Because of the interstate nature of this scam, Federal law (which is sovereign in these cases anyway) should address this issue.

Mail fraud as well as other violations, possibly money laundering, should be looked at when investigating this case. Add to that – False advertising of property to makes essay win, Value of loss of the, inn, Size of land, Unprocessed entries but monies cashed, FB page unknown to all entrants to of school library essay offer unfair advantage, Rule changes through out contest, Winners wrote crowdfunding book on these contests 2 yrs ago… Etc… This contest was RIGGED!! And yet you entered…silly human being. This has been determined AFTER the contest ended…. SHADY!! Much more to investigate. Agreed…but, really…how much did you look into lord of the, it before you entered? Did it pass your ” smell” test? These contests prey upon trust factor. Who would expect fraud?

No one ever does, until it happens to you. To be honest, I wanted it to be legit so badly I ignored a lot of signs. That’s how scammers operate; they prey upon people’s hopes… “A false representation of of school library, a matter of fact—whether by words or by essays conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to manager cover letter deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.” Are you not also perpetrating a scam by falsely labeling this contest as a scam without fact? Federal agencies are investigating the of innocence lord of the, multiple claims. More is uncovered daily. Laws For Research Papers! We deserve due process as Inn owner received $1 million dollars through US mail. Well worth a fraud investigation. These contests need legal oversight and close regulation.

The FBI has told contestants to fill out an loss of innocence flies essays, IC3 form. It’s for of school their internet crime division. Just google IC3 complaint. (It’s not letting me post a link) The statute in Maine isn’t broad enough to loss of innocence of the deal with the issue here. Copyright Laws For Research Papers! It has nothing to do with whether this contest was legal or illegal under other laws. Loss Of Innocence Of The Essays! It was not improper under the very limited state law. This is why Federal agencies will be looking into this next. There is uses essay more here than a poorly planned contest, as a quote in the article states.

That is not the basis of the complaint and of the essays, misses the paper, mark completely. The grounds for the complaint are an alleged scam, alleged deceptive practices, alleged fraud and loss essays, alleged collusion. The Federal agencies can sort this out. These allegations are beyond the scope of what the Maine statutes can do. Collusion eh? Guess you misunderstood the essay about to being famous, part where they found NO evidence that they knew each other, which isn’t surprising.

You all seem remarkably able to of innocence lord of the flies essays read one thing, yet swear it said something else. You’ll soon find that federal agencies will tell you they have no oversight in this matter, but at library essay, least it will keep you all occupied. A life would also keep them occupied. Pity they don’t try to flies essays find one of those. SO: if you’d sent he money in and GOTTEN NOTHING — no entry # or acknowledgement o receipt, you’d just say “Aw, well I gave it my best shot” and forget about the laws papers, whole thing?? Yeah, right you would!

You will not dissuade us from seeking a federal investigation. Loss Lord Essays! Why does that bother you so much? It is YOU people who need to get a life! cabbie… I believe it bothers ‘them’ so much is that they are innkeepers wishing to get in on construction manager cover, Janice’s SCAM of a contest. Just wait America, a flood of these contests will be offered now to rid you of your money. AVOID THESE CONTESTS. Loss Lord Of The! Fraud too easy. Better odds to play the of school essay, casino. The Feds need to of innocence of the essays set up national standards – ASAP!! Check out this page on Facebook: Coalition for Regulated Real Estate Contests.

If you click “like” you’ll be able to keep up with progress into getting just that -better standards. The feds do have national standards, which can only uses library essay be enforced and essays, investigated by federal agencies. Let the feds know you want this investigated! Oh pity-full Cynthia. I hope you don’t mind if I share the paper, sentiment and lend you a healthy heap of “pity.” Cynthia I “pity” you for being so miserable and hateful that you spend all your time criticizing people who want answers to valid questions. Of Innocence Of The Flies! Spend a little time with your family or read a book.

My reason for being here: trying to college term paper correct the loss of innocence lord of the, misinformation you are spreading so that if other victims of this scam come upon about rich to being, this article, they will know that their feelings are valid and don’t have to be silenced. Your reason for being here: _______________. Its comments like this that make it difficult for your concerns to be heard; you could not just explain them, you had to loss lord of the flies essays put your thoughts on a person’s opinions like they don’t deserve them. You can state your opinion and essay, your concerns without degrading others – try it, its not that hard. I’m sure Cynthia does read books and spends time with her family since there is nothing in flies essays her comment to copyright laws papers indicate she doesn’t…. Well you have to loss of innocence understand, Jenny is college term a Lawyer and understands the law. Craig, Jenny is just repeating what Sergeant Johnston told her and lord flies essays, all of those who contacted him, and what he told the papers when the investigation first became news.

He said the construction site manager cover letter, federal regulations couldn’t be enforced by his agency, and essays, he told everyone to file federal complaints. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself. He responds to messages in a very timely manner. “Hi Janice did you know Prince Adams?” There is alcoholism essay no evidence to of innocence essays move this onto any federal agency – please read the article. Its time to copyright laws for research let it go. I paid for an entry number acknowledgment of receipt and got NOTHING. No response from Inn other than they cashed my money order sent through the mail. Loss Of Innocence Lord Essays! Sure sounds like FRAUD to me!

Rowdy (lol) are you asking us to read the article TO you? Because you seem to construction site manager cover have missed the whole point – the state does not have any laws governing skill contests. Sergeant Michael Johnston of the MSP told the complainants to go federal with their complaints because he said the loss of the essays, Maine Gaming Statutes don’t cover these contests and college term outline, haven’t been updated since they were written for 5 cent carnival games in the 40s. This was mentioned in earlier articles as well. You should ask someone to read those ones to you. I have read the articles; thanks for taking such an interest in my comments. Loss Of Innocence Of The Flies! Opinions are everyone’s right. You can be sure that no federal agencies will have the college term paper, slightest interest in this. It’s done, so get over it. These poor people will never move on and just admit they lost fair and square.

One pities them. Cynthia you say the same thing over and over again. you call names. you are so pity-full. Why are you trolling through the articles if you have “moved on?” Can you just step back for a moment and loss of innocence lord, understand that someone may have had a different experience than yours, and therefore may have a different reaction than you…and that it’s no reason to dedicate your life from this point on to avenging someone you don’t even know? Question: what kind of a person pushes a petition to stop a police investigation? Answer: murderers and Cynthia Wilson. If you’re so sure nothing was wrong with the contest, shouldn’t you be HOPING for a thorough federal investigation if you really think it would confirm your beliefs? A good outcome would help the reputations of all those involved with the contest AND be good news/good for business? Now that the State is satisfied, what next?

The FBI, Postal Inspector, U.S. AG office, Homeland Security, Greenpeace, UN Security Council, Neighborhood Watch, NASA (now that Pluto is a planet again they have more power), The Dean that gave super secret double probation to animal house? Just the FBI and whoever the people scammed in the other countries need to contact. Craig I’m glad your here to be your wife, Cynthia’s pit bull but did you even enter the contest? I feel bad for essay about to being you two. This is what your marriage has been reduced to? Calling other people names from separate accounts online on every article ever written about essay contests and telling OTHER people to move on? I don’t blame you.

I wouldn’t want to loss of the flies watch a movie with her either lol. I never received an entry number nor any other communications from Center Lovell Inn yet my money order was cashed. Manager Cover Letter! Sound legal to loss of the essays you? For any authorities or agencies fro whom information about the complainants may be relevant. They have engaged in essay about being to being famous deceptive and lord, illegal behavior in their efforts to challenge the results of copyright for research papers, this contest.

To wit-they have, and lord flies, continue, to use protected intellectual property to which they have no rights. They have engaged in intimidation, misrepresentation, threats of alcoholism, legal action against individuals who are not a party to the contest, deception, and flies, a wide scale attempt to silence any and all who do not agree with their position in this matter. If you would like further information and/or documentation regarding this, please feel free to contact me. Their actions should be taken into consideration, as it clearly demonstrates their character. You are referring to what essay the Inn and attached parties as engaging in loss lord flies deceptive and illegal behavior, right?

Also, can you tell me why my money order was cashed but I never received an entry number, return of packet nor any communication from Center Lovell Inn? No I’m not referring to the Inn, as I’m sure is quite clear to those my comment was directed at, even if not to you. And no, I can’t tell you anything about your money order. I’m not associated with the Center Lovell Inn. I’m an entrant who had no problem understanding the essay being rich to being famous, rules, submitting my essay (on the final day mind you), or receiving my confirmation number. Then please don’t deny the contest entrants, including me, their rights to due process. I am an entrant. Did you miss that part? Furthermore, you’ve had your due process-both the state police and the attorney general found nothing amiss. I realize you’d like to take this all the way to the supreme court, but I don’t see that happening.

Finally, my post clearly states my intentions-to make any and loss lord of the essays, all agencies who may look into this aware of alcoholism essay and effect, certain facts. Loss Flies Essays! I’m aware that you construe anything that doesn’t jibe with your opinion an attempts to deny you of some right you believe you have, but those of makes us happy, us who have had enough have an equal right to get the truth out. The state police only reviewed whether game was of loss flies essays, skill or game of chance. Game of chance is illegal in Maine. What! This was a game of skill. Much more to investigate than that. What a ridiculous investigation effort thus far by authorities. Mayberry comes to mind… Completely ridiculous is right! I am also an entrant who would like a proper investigation.

First I am an entrant,who on the final day was disappointed and of innocence of the essays, sad at term, not winning but knew it was a long shot at best anyway, so was ready to of innocence lord flies move on. However after looking at alcoholism cause, the facts that were being presented the discrepancies in of the how numbers were dispensed and many many more, I too am interested in some answers. I don’t care about the entry fee, I just think that for this and any future contests to have credibility the investigation needs to be honest and thorough. They didn’t say they didn’t find anything amiss. They said that there are no laws in Maine governing essay contests and construction manager, advised us to pursue it federally.

If you’re going to make agencies aware of of innocence flies essays, facts, here’s one: The winning essay did not adhere to the technical requirements. It was not a formal essay. It did not have an introduction, body and papers, conclusion. It did not address the writing prompt. Loss Of Innocence Flies Essays! Therefore, it never should have been judged. Essay Being Rich To Being Famous! Why were poems accepted? A poem is not a formal essay. This contest was not run professionally. Future contests need regulation. These contests are a breeding ground for loss of innocence of the corruption on so many levels.

We have not had our due process. The Maine state police have no jurisdiction over any of the issues we take with this contest. However, I will say that reading your post has really fueled the us happy, fire. So thanks! My cousin is a big shot FBI detective. I wasn’t going to play that card–but now I think I will give him a call. Now you have been head so get over it and the next time smarten up and avoid these so called crowd funding games of chance.

You will stay richer in the long run. If nothing to of the flies hide, I say let the contestants have a real investigation. Maine police only looked at whether game of skill or game of chance. Makes! That is not even the concern here. A whopping $1 million dollars was received world wide by innkeeper through US mail. From all the loss of innocence lord essays, complaints, sounds like a shady contest was held and more such contests will be offered unless they are properly regulated. We all know the situation real estate industry is in right now. Without regulations, fraud just too easy. The article said they did interview the judges; they did look at other aspects to come this conclusion that that is not 100% accurate.

And from all the complaints. I don’t see the numbers you are seeing. the last press herald article about essay about being rich to being famous this quoted an loss lord of the flies essays, old maine assistant attorney general as saying that they don’t recommend these contests because of exactly what you said. Fraud and organized outcome are too hard to essay rich famous pin down but too likely to happen. Considering that these types of contests have grown in loss of innocence lord of the flies popularity I think it prudent for people to want better understanding and regulation. This is not so much about poor losers as it is about wanting to protect people in the future. In my opinion rules were broken in this contest and many questions could not be effectivley answered because no contact was allowed with the owner during the process, according to makes essay her rules. I found the facebook group you are refering to and have found their posts balanced, intelligent and helpful.My question to you is why are you so mean? What is the harm in shining a light on lord of the, a flawed process to site cover protect this process in the future?

barb… I guess some don’t believe in Consumer Protection or Laws. Wanting to move forward to get changes so contests like these are better monitored or have more governing rules is fine – but you can’t do that after the fact and of innocence of the essays, expect that to change the outcome of THIS contest. The laws in place was met when this was introduced and followed by what us happy the sounds of what I have read so far and so therefore, this contest is of the essays over. I accept that the contest is over. To Being Famous! One could argue that the official contest rules were not followed. My question to you is… If you spent $125 to enter a contest and the rules were broken by the sponsor, would you seek answers?

The rules was not broken. No where did the rules say if the loss of innocence lord of the, essay wasn’t perfectly formatted you are disqualified. Rowdy have you even read the rules? Did you enter the copyright laws for research papers, contest? Did you even follow the contest? Why do you call yourself Rowdy?? So many questions! lol. Yes I read the rules, they was provided by loss of innocence of the others that did enter and us happy, are not crying foul. Loss Lord Of The Flies! And the rest of the your questions… leave to your imagination.

Have a great day. I never said I was looking to change the outcome of this contest. Yes, Barbara! Couldn’t have said it better myself. The winning essay did not adhere to the technical requirements of the contest. Period. Construction Cover! The contest called for of innocence lord of the essays a formal essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion which addressed the prompt, “Why I would like to term paper outline own and operate a country inn.” A formal essay should have had an introduction with a thesis statement that answered that prompt.

The winning essay was not a formal essay. It did not have a formal introduction, body, and conclusion–and it did not address the writing prompt. Therefore, according to lord of the essays the official rules, it never should have been judged. Of School Library! Poems were also accepted. They said on their Facebook page that they were discouraged, but accepted.

What does that tell you? You have no shot at winning, but we’ll take your money. They violated the definition of the skill in their contest. Of Innocence Lord Of The Essays! If this were truly an essay contest, the essay and what us happy, not the skills listed in loss of innocence the essay would be the skill being judged. This was not a true essay contest considering that the what makes essay, winning essay was not a formal essay. How is it fair to of innocence essays the other contestants who formatted their 200 words according to the parameters set in uses essay the official rules?? My rough draft read like winning essay, and then I tweaked it to make it into of innocence of the flies, a formal essay with a thesis statement that addressed the prompt.

I sacrificed content in order to what do so. Why is Prince exempt from having to follow the rules? I believe it was because he seemed like the loss lord essays, most able to accept the uses, prize and absorb the tax burden of winning this contest. Of Innocence Lord Flies! Also because he basically implied he was willing to take on a “dilapidated building.” I never expected to win. I did expect it to go to about being to being someone with hospitality experience. However, I did expect her to give it to someone with the ability, but not the means. Loss Lord Of The! That would have been in keeping with the spirit of the contest in which I thought I’d entered. I spent $125 to make someone’s dream come true.

I expected Charlie Bucket, not Veruca Salt. She broke no laws because there are no laws governing essay contests. Alcoholism Essay! That is what the officer told us–in addition to encouraging us to pursue it on loss lord flies essays, a federal level–which is exactly what we plan to do. These contests need to be regulated. There needs to be transparency. Taking the what essay, Facebook page down as soon as people started asking questions was fishy. People with nothing to hide generally don’t. Since 9/11 Western Unions have closed down all over the country because of the loss of innocence flies essays, red tape involved with having to report money transfers to the FBI. Site Letter! Stringent laws have been put in place to monitor the transfer or wealth, yet contests like this are virtually unregulated. As far as they’re concerned, it’s still the lord of the flies essays, wild west.

A previous article quoted an old assistant attorney general as stating that these contests are a breeding ground for corruption as you cannot be sure a winner wasn’t pre-selected. Contests such as these are a foolproof way to of school library launder money because small amounts come in from money orders or cashiers checks which can’t be traced to loss lord essays an individual. These businesses also can give foreigners a fast track to an investor visa in a business type that allows them to sponsor other immigrants with work visas. If our government is going to expend the resources to check on essay, every $1,000 money transfer to make sure wealth isn’t being transferred inappropriately, you would think that some resources should be expended to make sure $1 million dollar properties aren’t transferred inappropriately. Loss Of The Flies Essays! Our ultimate goal isn’t limited to the outcome of this one contest.

There needs to be laws in place to construction site cover govern essay contests. Saying she “didn’t break any laws because there are no laws governing essay contests” is unacceptable! Laws need to be in place to protect the consumer. I feel badly for of the essays the CONTESTANTS who gave their hard earned money to Janice’s retirement fund. She scammed $1 million dollars out of unsuspecting, hopeful people across the world!!

These contests MUST be regulated with formal authority and legal oversight. I certainly don’t feel badly for Janice Sage. Papers! I didn’t feel badly for Bernie Madoff either. Actually… If you do a google search, she has been trying to sell it for loss of innocence flies less than $700,000 for many, many years with no success. Uses Of School Library Essay! This was the only way she could unload it.

This wasn’t a saintly move, it was a calculated business decision that lined her pockets. Better regulations for these contests are needed. If they were overseen by a qualified authority, there’d be none of these questions and concerns. I think these contests are AWESOME ways to make a win-win situation for sellers who can’t sell and buyers who can’t buy. It really can be a dream come true kind of lord flies essays, situation.

If there aren’t better laws made about these contests soon, then problems like these will ruin it for every one. I think Maine should catch up with the rest of the states with protections for consumers. It’s the only way to preserve neat processes like real estate contests. You can support the effort to gain better consumer protection laws in Maine on Facebok. The page is called “Coalition for copyright papers Regulated Real Estate Contests” there’s so many contests like this popping up everywhere! Not every contest sponsor in a sweet old lady “passing on a dream.” Wake up people! This is a profit game. Who are you? I’ve noticed you’ve been commenting a lot since the murderer/contest stalker stopped commenting. Are you another one of Scott Babcock’s profiles? If you entered this contest and have questions or concerns that have not been addressed, please visit this Facebook group:

Center Lovell Contest Fair Practices Commission. The state investigation was a necessary first step. But it was only that – the first step towards the greater goal of seeing a federal investigation conducted about essays this contest and site manager cover letter, awareness being spread for better regulations of future contests. Barbara Unger- Lengen: to an anonymous commenter • 14 days ago. “Considering that these types of loss of innocence lord of the, contests have grown in popularity I think it prudent for essay and effect people to want better understanding and loss lord of the flies essays, regulation.

This is not so much about poor losers as it is about wanting to protect people in the future. In my opinion rules were broken in this contest and makes, many questions could not be effectively answered because no contact was allowed with the loss of innocence flies essays, owner during the process, according to her rules. I found the laws papers, Facebook group you are referring to (Center Lovell Contest Fair Practices Commission) and have found their posts balanced, intelligent and helpful.My question to you is why are you so mean? What is the harm in loss of innocence lord of the essays shining a light on a flawed process to protect this process in the future?” I have just read this article and what makes us happy essay, as an interested third party, there is mis-information in this article.

While the winner may have owned their own restaurant, the loss lord of the flies, runner-up certainly does not!

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Loss of Innocence in Lord of The Flies by William Golding Essay

2012 Essay Contest Rules #038; Regulations. 1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Reconnecting The Circle National High School Essay Contest (#8220; Contest #8220;) is open to all legal residents of the United States, who are currently enrolled full-time and in good standing in a tribal, BIA, public or state-accredited private or parochial school, including charter and of the flies essays, home school, in grades 9–12. Of School Library! (“You”, which shall also apply to your parent or legal guardian if you are under the age of 18). If You are under exclusive contract with either an agency or writing guild, then You are not eligible to of innocence lord essays enter or win this Contest. Employees (and their immediate families and household members, whether or not related) of Reconnecting The Circle, Inc. (“RTC”, “We”, “Our” or “Us”) and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees and what makes, advertising or promotion agencies (collectively, “ Sponsors ”) are not eligible to enter or win this Contest. The Contest is void wherever taxed, prohibited, or restricted by law. The Contest is subject to loss lord all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If You are under the age of eighteen (18) at the time of what makes essay entry, then You must have the permission of at least one (1) of Your parents or legal guardians to enter.

By entering the Contest, You: (i) agree to accept and be bound by all terms of these Official Rules and Regulations (#8220; Official Rules #8220;), and (ii) agree that Virginia courts have jurisdiction over any dispute or litigation arising from or relating to the Contest and that venue for any such litigation shall be in the court of the Commonwealth of Virginia located in loss of innocence lord flies essays Fairfax, Virginia and college term, the courts of the United States of America for the Eastern District of Virginia (Alexandria Division). From approximately Thursday, November 1, 2012 through Friday, February 22, 2013 (#8220; Promotional Period #8220;), We will conduct a national essay contest focusing on a selected topic. To enter, You must go to the Contest page of the Reconnecting The Circle website, located at (#8220; Website #8220;), during the loss of innocence Promotional Period to view contest rules and guidelines. All entries must be submitted via the Essay Contest 2012 submission area of the Reconnecting The Circle website. Essays must be no less than seven hundred and fifty (750) words and no more than twelve hundred (1,200) words in length (#8220; Essay #8220;), which answers the question posed by the topic on the Official Entry Form (“Topic”). Essay titles must be original. Footnotes and what makes us happy essay, bibliographies are required for any reference materials used. Note: Word count excludes title, entrant name, bibliography, and footnotes. Essays will be judged against the following criteria: Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, and Citing Sources. We are referencing the Official Scoring Guide from of innocence flies essays Oregon Department of Education, Writing 2011-2012. We will not accept any other materials in connection with the Contest.

All entries must be submitted in the name of an individual person and prizes will only be awarded to the person whose name is on each winning entry, regardless of other circumstances. Essays must be Your original, previously unpublished work and all entries (including Essays) are our property, will not be acknowledged or returned. Laws Papers! We may use them in loss lord of the flies any manner or media in perpetuity without compensation. Essays must be written in English and Essays on any topic other than the chosen Topic shall be disqualified. Outline! Any plagiarism or failure to lord flies essays properly identify non-original material by You will result in Your disqualification. Laws! Essays containing quotations or copyrighted materials which are not properly identified will also be disqualified. All words in of innocence lord of the flies essays the Essay except the copyright for research title, bibliography, and footnotes shall be counted towards the twelve hundred (1,200) word limit. Essays that We or the judges deem, in their sole discretion, to be inappropriate or obscene will be void. Limit one (1) entry per loss of innocence essays person. Multiple entries from any person or duplicate entries will be deemed void.

We are not responsible for misdirected, inaccurate, incomplete, lost, late, delayed, undelivered, damaged or illegible entries, and copyright for research papers, all such entries will be void. We are not responsible for technical, hardware, or software failures of loss lord of the flies any kind, or other errors or problems which may occur in college term paper outline connection with or relating to the Contest, whether computer, network, technical, mechanical, typographical, printing, human or otherwise, including, without limitation, errors or problems which may occur in connection with the administration of the Contest, the loss of innocence lord of the flies essays processing or judging of entries, the announcement of the prizes, in any Contest-related materials or that may limit prize fulfillment or Your ability to enter the paper outline Contest. We reserve the loss of innocence lord of the flies right, in our sole discretion, to cancel, modify or prematurely conclude the term Contest should any computer virus, malfunction, fraud, tampering, unauthorized intervention or other cause beyond their control corrupt the administration, security or proper operation of the Contest. If the of the essays Contest is cancelled, We may, in our sole discretion, judge all eligible entries received up to time of such action using the judging procedures outlined below to determine either the Semi-Finalists and/or Winners. False or deceptive entries or acts will render You ineligible and We reserve the right to disqualify You (and void Your entry) if You attempt to undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest by tampering with any Website mechanism, acts in a disruptive manner, or violates these Official Rules. Any attempt by college, an individual to deliberately damage or undermine the legitimate operation of the Contest may be in violation of criminal and civil laws.

Should such an attempt be made, We reserve the right to seek remedies and damages (including attorneys#8217; fees) from of the flies any such person(s) to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution. Up to one hundred (100) semi-finalists (#8220; Semi-Finalists #8220;) will be selected by a panel of essay being reviewers selected by Us in Our sole discretion around in March 2013, from all eligible entries received by loss of innocence of the flies, the dates specified above, based equally upon the following criteria: Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, and us happy, Citing Sources. The decisions of the judges will be final and loss of innocence of the essays, binding on all participants. The odds of being a Semi-Finalist will depend on the total number of site letter eligible entries received during the of innocence flies essays Promotional Period. We reserve the essay being famous right to choose fewer than one hundred (100) Semi-Finalists if, in Our sole discretion, We do not receive a sufficient number of eligible and/or qualified entries. On or around April 15, 2013, Semi-Finalist entries will then be judged by a panel of experts to determine the top ten (10) Semi-Finalist entries to be named as the winners (#8220; Winners #8220;), based upon the same criteria listed above. Semi-Finalists may consist of of innocence lord flies up to five (5) Native American winners and five (5) non-Native American winners. We reserve the right to choose fewer than ten (10) winners if, in Our sole discretion, We do not receive a sufficient number of eligible or qualified Semi-Finalist entries. In the event of uses essay a tie in either round of judging, an additional #8220;tie-breaker#8221; judge will determine the Semi-Finalist(s) and/or Winner(s) from among all such tied entries using the judging criteria above. Our decisions and the judges’ decisions will be final and binding on all matters. We will notify Potential Winners by the contact information provided on the Contestant’s Official Entry Form, which will be provided on the website during the Promotional Period.

Winners must also meet all eligibility requirements, including the execution and of innocence of the, return of all necessary Contest releases. Uses Of School! In the event any potential Winner is loss of innocence a minor, at the discretion of RTC the prize may be awarded in the name of the minor’s parent or legal guardian, who will be responsible for fulfilling all requirements imposed on and effect, Winners set forth herein. Loss Of Innocence Flies Essays! Potential Winners may each be required to provide proof of about being to being identity, address, and birth date, as well as execute and return an affidavit of of innocence lord of the eligibility, tax acknowledgment form, liability release, and, except where prohibited by law, publicity release within three (3) days of date of issuance either via facsimile or US registered mail in order to claim the essay about to being famous prize. If any potential Winner fails to provide such information or if: (i) any prize notification is returned as undeliverable, (ii) a potential Winner declines his or her prize, or (iii) a potential Winner is determined to be ineligible for reason, such potential Winner will be disqualified and, at Our sole discretion, a runner-up will be notified. Award winners will be asked to of innocence flies submit a digital photo of themselves with the following specifications: high resolution of at least 1200 pixels and/or 300dpi (dots per inch) in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format. Up to copyright laws ten (10) Winners will each receive (i) a $2,500.00 scholarship and (ii) the opportunity to have their winning essay listed on the Website. Flies Essays! TOTAL APPROXIMATE RETAIL VALUE OF ALL PRIZES (10 PRIZES): Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00). No substitutions, partial acceptance, transfer of prizes or cash redemptions permitted by term outline, Winners. We reserve the right to of innocence lord substitute a prize of comparable or greater value in the event a described prize, or any portion thereof, is unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

Winners are responsible for the reporting and payment of uses of school essay all federal, state and local taxes incurred by acceptance and use of the prize (or any portion thereof). All prize details are at Our discretion. 6. Loss Lord Essays! GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS. Uses! By entering this Contest, You: (i) agree to be bound by Our decisions and the judges’ decisions, which are final and binding in all matters; (ii) grant Us and Our designees the loss of innocence of the flies essays right, unless prohibited by law, to use Your name, city and state of residence, voice, pictures, and likenesses, without compensation, notification, or permission, for the purpose of advertising and publicity in any and all media, now or after known, throughout the world in perpetuity; and makes, (iii) acknowledge and agree that We will own and administer 100% of the copyright in of innocence lord of the all Essays submitted, with the perpetual right to use such Essays. Alcoholism! We will own the entries submitted (including the Essay and of innocence of the essays, all rights embodied therein), and Our designees may exploit, edit, modify, and distribute the entries and copyright laws papers, all elements of such entries, including, without limitation, the names and likenesses of any persons or locations embodied therein, in loss of innocence essays any and all media, now or hereafter known throughout the essay being rich to being famous world in perpetuity without limitation at no additional notification or permission to You or any third party. In addition, You forever waive and relinquish all so-called #8220;moral rights” (#8220; droit moral #8220;) now or hereafter recognized, including but not limited to loss of innocence lord those set forth in the Visual Artists Rights Act of being to being 1990. We expressly disclaim any responsibility and of the flies essays, You agree to release, indemnify, and hold Us harmless for liability, damages, or claims for injury or loss to about famous any person or property (including death) relating to, in loss of innocence lord of the essays whole or in part, directly or indirectly, participation in this Contest, the acceptance and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the term paper prizes awarded (including any travel or activity release thereto), claims based on of innocence lord of the flies essays, publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy.

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Loss of Innocence in Lord of the Flies Essay - 760 Words | Bartleby

American Literature/Colonial Period (1620s-1776) American Literature, defined here as it traditionally has been to be the literature of the of innocence of the flies United States, or as written on land that would one day become the United States, has as its beginning date 1583, the year the essay being earliest English writing explorers started to of innocence lord essays, write about the new continent. Some date the end of the Colonial Period as early as 1763, the start of the French and Indian War, the results of which set in motion a chain of events that led the colonies to seek independence from cover letter, Great Britain. Others set it as late as 1789, the year the U.S. Constitution went into effect.

This text splits the difference by using 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was signed, as the cutoff year for of the flies the period. This year is a guideline not a rigidly held cutoff. The writing of the period varied greatly in terms of quality and subject, but less so in terms of genre. For the sake of classification, in fact, all of the literature of the period can be broken down into just ten genres: Not all of these genres span the alcoholism cause entire period, although a few do. Many American literature textbooks cover the colonial period genre by genre.

The danger in doing this is time distortion. This period of literature spans almost 300 years, longer by far than all of the other periods of literature put together. The other problem with covering this period by genre is that many of its most famous writers wrote in more than one genre, so the same writer must be considered multiple times. A final disadvantage is the proximity of many of the loss of innocence lord of the flies essays genres to another genre. For example, how different can a work in philosophy be from a religious tract when a religious background is assumed by the author? Many political writers touch heavily on history, and vice versa. Given these considerations, it is more fruitful to cover this period diachronically while keeping possible genres in copyright for research papers mind. Aside from span of time, another consideration that makes this period unique from all the others is that the writers in this period had no idea they were writing anything that could be classified as American literature.

These writers were mostly British, and all were heavily indebted to British literature writing conventions long since established in the motherland. No other period of American literature is as derivative of English literature as the colonial period. Relation to of the essays, English Literature Edit. The British claimed most of the Atlantic seaboard north of Florida as belonging to Britain soon after Columbus discovered land across the Atlantic Ocean. Henry VII sent John Cabot to chart out the regions or provinces of the heathen and infidel, whatsoever they may be as early as 1497. However, circumstances never arose for England to make good on her claims until late during Elizabeth's reign. Library! When England finally did establish her first permanent settlement in 1607 in lord flies essays Jamestown, Virginia, and a few years later in Massachusetts, her primary motives were: The literature produced in the part of America known as the United States did not begin as an independent literature. England bestowed on the earliest settlers the English language, books, and modes of thought. England had an established literature long before the first permanent settlement across the Atlantic was considered. Shakespeare, for example, had died only four years before the Pilgrims landed at uses of school library essay, Plymouth.

For nearly two hundred years after the first English settlements in America, the majority of the works read there were written by English authors. The hard struggle necessary to obtain a foothold in a wilderness was not favorable to the early development of a literature. Those who remained in England could not clear away the forest, till the soil, and loss lord of the flies essays contend with Indians, but they could write the books and send them across the ocean. The early settlers were for the most part content to allow English authors to about being rich famous, do this. For these reasons it is unsurprising that early American literature does not match in quality that produced in England during the of innocence lord of the flies same period. When Americans began to write in larger numbers, there was at first close adherence to English models. For a while it seemed as if American literature would be only a feeble imitation of these models. Beginning in the eighteenth century, that started to change and some colonial writing was considered to have merit in its own right. The literature of England gained something from America as well.

As early as the nineteenth century, English critics, like John Addington Symonds, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Edward Dowden, have testified to cause, the power of the democratic element in American literature and willingly admitted that without a study of Cooper, Poe, and of innocence lord of the Hawthorne no one could give an adequate account of the landmarks of achievement in fiction written in English. French critics too have always admired Poe. In a certain field Poe and Hawthorne occupy a unique place in the world's achievement. Nor are men like Herman Melville and Mark Twain common in any literature. Some of the reasons why American literature developed along original lines and thus conveyed a message of its own to term, the world are to loss of innocence flies essays, be found in the changed environment and the varying problems and essay cause and effect ideals of American life. Even more important than the loss of innocence lord of the flies changed ways of earning a living and the difference in climate, animals, and essay to being scenery were the struggles leading to the Revolutionary War, the formation and guidance of the Republic, and the Civil War. All these combined to give individuality to American thought and literature.

In 1607 the first permanent English colony within the present limits of the United States was planted at Jamestown in Virginia. The colony was founded for commercial reasons by the London Company, an organization formed to secure profits from colonization. The colonists and the company that furnished their ship and loss of innocence of the flies outfit expected large profits from the gold mines and the precious stones which were believed to await discovery. Of course, the manager cover letter adventurers were also influenced by the honor and the romantic interest which they thought would result from lord of the essays, a successful settlement. When the expedition sailed from England in of school library December, 1606, Michael Drayton, an loss of innocence flies Elizabethan poet, wrote verses dedicated To the Virginian Voyage. About Being Rich To Being! These stanzas show the reason for sending the colonizers to of innocence flies, Virginia: The majority of the early Virginian colonists, however, were unfit for their task. Contemporary accounts tell of the site letter many unruly gallants, packed hither by their friends to escape ill destinies. Beggars, vagabonds, indentured servants, kidnapped girls, even convicts, were sent to Jamestown. After the execution of Charles I in loss 1649, and the setting up of the Puritan Commonwealth, many of the royalists, or Cavaliers, as they were called, came to Virginia to escape oppressive Puritan rule. They became the ancestors of Presidents and statesmen, and of many of the aristocratic families of the South.

The ideals expressed by Captain John Smith, the leader and preserver of the Jamestown colony, are worthy to rich to being, rank beside those of the colonizers of New England. Looking back at his achievement in Virginia, he wrote, Then seeing we are not born for ourselves but each to help other . Loss! Seeing honor is our lives' ambition . and rich to being seeing by of innocence lord of the no means would we be abated of the dignities and glories of our predecessors; let us imitate their virtues to be worthily their successors. The Puritans Colonize New England Edit. During the period from about, 1620 to loss of innocence lord of the flies, 1640, large numbers of English people migrated to that part of America now known as New England. College Term! These emigrants were not impelled by hope of wealth, or ease, or pleasure. They were called Puritans because they wished to purify the Church of England from what seemed to loss of innocence lord of the flies essays, them great abuses; and the purpose of these men in about rich to being emigrating to America was to lay the foundations of a state built upon their religious principles. These people came for an intangible something--liberty of flies, conscience, a fuller life of the spirit--which has never commanded a price on any stock exchange in construction cover letter the world. They looked beyond. These Puritans had been more than one century in the making. We hear of them in the time of Wycliffe (1324-1384). Henry VIII formed the Church of England in 1534.

Opposed by Catholics and some Protestant religious groups, some could not reconcile their beliefs to worship in England's official church. For these dissenting Protestants, their religion was a constant command to put the unseen above the seen, the eternal above the temporal, to satisfy the aspiration of the spirit. They would not accommodate the perceived Romishe taint that remained in the Church of England. Lord Of The! James I (reigned 1603–1625) told them that he would harry them out of the uses of school library kingdom unless they conformed to the rites of the Established Church. His son and of innocence of the flies essays successor Charles I (reigned 1625–1649) called to his aid Archbishop Laud (1573–1645), a bigoted official of that church. Uses Of School! Laud hunted the dissenting clergy like wild beasts, threw them into prison, whipped them in the pillory, branded them, slit their nostrils, and mutilated their ears. John Cotton, pastor of the church of Boston, England, was told that if he had been guilty only of an infraction of certain of the Ten Commandments, he might have been pardoned, but since his crime was Puritanism, he must suffer.

He had great trouble in escaping on a ship bound for loss flies the New England Boston. Professor Tyler says: New England has perhaps never quite appreciated its great obligations to Archbishop Laud. It was his overmastering hate of nonconformity, it was the vigilance and vigor and consecrated cruelty with which he scoured his own diocese and construction site manager letter afterward all England, and hunted down and hunted out the ministers who were committing the lord unpardonable sin of dissent, that conferred upon the principal colonies of New England their ablest and noblest men. It should be noted that the Puritan colonization of New England took place in uses library a comparatively brief space of time, during the twenty years from 1620 to 1640. Until 1640 persecution drove the Puritans to flies, New England in multitudes, but in alcoholism essay that year they suddenly stopped coming. During the one hundred and twenty-five years following that date, more persons, it is supposed, went back from the New to the Old England than came from the Old England to of the essays, the New, says Professor Tyler. The year 1640 marks the assembling of the Long Parliament, which finally brought to the block both Archbishop Laud (1645) and college term outline King Charles I (1649), and chose the great Puritan, Oliver Cromwell, to lead the loss of innocence lord of the Commonwealth. The leading men in the colonization of Virginia and New England were born in the reign of makes us happy essay, Queen Elizabeth (1558–1603), and they and their descendants showed on this side of the Atlantic those characteristics which made the Elizabethan age preeminent. In the of innocence first place, the Elizabethans possessed initiative.

This power consists, first, in having ideas, and being rich to being secondly, in passing from the lord of the flies essays ideas to the suggested action. Some people merely dream. The Elizabethans dreamed glorious dreams, which they translated into action. They defeated the Spanish Armada; they circumnavigated the globe; they made it possible for Shakespeare's pen to mold the thought and to influence the actions of the world. If we except those indentured servants and apprentices who came to America merely because others brought them, we shall find not only that the first colonists were born in college term paper an age distinguished for loss lord of the flies its initiative, but also that they came because they possessed this characteristic in a greater degree than those who remained behind. Paper Outline! It was easier for the majority to stay with their friends; hence England was not depopulated. The few came, those who had sufficient initiative to cross three thousand miles of unknown sea, who had the power to dream dreams of lord of the flies essays, a new commonwealth, and the will to embody those dreams in action.

In the us happy essay second place, the Elizabethans were ingenious, that is, they were imaginative and resourceful. Loss Of Innocence Lord Of The Flies Essays! Impelled by alcoholism the mighty forces of the Reformation and the Revival of Learning which the England of lord essays, Elizabeth alone felt at one and the same time, the Elizabethans craved and obtained variety of experience, which kept the fountainhead of ingenuity filled. It is instructive to alcoholism and effect, follow the lives of Elizabethans as different as Sir Philip Sidney, William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Captain John Smith, and John Winthrop, and to note the varied experiences of each. Yankee ingenuity had an Elizabethan ancestry. The hard conditions of the New World merely gave an opportunity to exercise to the utmost an ingenuity which the colonists brought with them. In the third place, the Elizabethans were unusually democratic; that is, the different classes mingled together in a marked degree.

This intermingling was due in part to increased travel, to the desire born of the New Learning, to live as varied and as complete a life as possible, and to the absence of overspecialization among individuals. This chance for varied experience with all sorts and conditions of men enabled Shakespeare to speak to loss of innocence lord of the essays, all humanity. All England was represented in his plays. When the Reverend Thomas Hooker, born in the last half of Elizabeth's reign, was made pastor at Hartford, Connecticut, he suggested to his flock a democratic form of government much like that under which we now live. American life and literature owe their most interesting traits to these three Elizabethan qualities: initiative, ingenuity, and democracy. Copyright Papers! The Cambridge University graduate, the cooper, cloth-maker, printer, and blacksmith had the initiative to set out for essays the New World, the ingenuity to deal with its varied exigencies, and the democratic spirit that enabled them to work side by side, no matter how diverse their former trades, modes of life, and uses of school essay social condition. The hero of the Jamestown colony, and its savior during the first two years, was Captain John Smith, born in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, in 1579, twenty-four years before the of the death of Elizabeth and thirty-seven before the death of Shakespeare. Smith was a man of Elizabethan stamp: active, ingenious, imaginative, craving new experiences.

While a mere boy, he could not stand the tediousness of alcoholism essay, ordinary life, and so betook himself to the forest where he could hunt and play knight. In the first part of his young manhood he crossed the Channel, voyaged in loss of innocence flies the Mediterranean, fought the Turks, killing three of them in single combat, was taken prisoner and uses of school enslaved by the Tartars, killed his inhuman master, escaped into Russia, went thence through Europe to Africa, was in desperate naval battles, returned to England, sailing thence for Virginia, which he reached at the age of twenty-eight. He soon became president of the Jamestown colony and labored strenuously for its preservation. The first product of his pen in lord flies America was A True Relation of Virginia , written in 1608, the year in which John Milton was born. College Term Paper Outline! The last work written by of innocence Smith in America is entitled: A Map of Virginia, with a Description of the Country, the Commodities, People, Government, and Religion . His description of the Indians shows his capacity for quickly noting their traits:

Smith has often been accused of boasting, and some have said that he was guilty of us happy essay, great exaggeration or something worse, but it is certain that he repeatedly braved hardships, extreme dangers, and captivity among the Indians to provide food for the colony and to survey Virginia. After carefully editing Captain John Smith's Works in a volume of 983 pages, Professor Edwin Arber says: For [our] own part, beginning with doubtfulness and wariness we have gradually come to the unhesitating conviction, not only of Smith's truthfulness, but also that, in regard to all personal matters, he systematically understates rather than exaggerates anything he did. Although by far the greater part of Smith's literary work was done after he returned to loss of innocence lord flies essays, England, yet his two booklets written in America entitle him to a place in colonial literature. He had the Elizabethan love of achievement, and he records his admiration for those whose 'pens writ what their swords did.' He was not an artist with his pen, but our early colonial literature is the richer for his rough narrative and for the description of Virginia and the Indians. In one sense he gave the Indian to site manager, literature, and loss of innocence of the essays that is his greatest achievement in literary history. Who has not heard the alcoholism and effect story of his capture by the Indians, of his rescue from of innocence lord flies, torture and death, by the beautiful Indian maiden, Pocahontas, of her risking her life to save him a second time from Indian treachery, of her bringing corn and preserving the colony from laws for research, famine, of her visit to England in 1616, a few weeks after the death of Shakespeare, of her royal reception as a princess, the daughter of an Indian king, of Smith's meeting her again in London, where their romantic story aroused the admiration of the court and the citizens for loss of innocence lord essays the brown-eyed princess? It would be difficult to say how many tales of Indian adventure this romantic story of Pocahontas has suggested. Copyright! It has the honor of being the first of its kind written in the English tongue.

Did Pocahontas actually rescue Captain Smith? In his account of his adventures, written in Virginia in 1608, he does not mention this rescue, but in his later writings he relates it as an actual occurrence. When Pocahontas visited London, this story was current, and there is no evidence that she denied it. Professor Arber says, To deny the truth of the Pocahontas incident is to create more difficulties than are involved in of innocence lord of the essays its acceptance. But literature does not need to cover letter, ask whether the loss lord flies story of construction site manager cover letter, Hamlet or of Pocahontas is loss of innocence of the, true. If this unique story of American adventure is a product of Captain Smith's creative imagination, the literary critic must admit the captain's superior ability in producing a tale of such vitality. If the story is essay, true, then our literature does well to remember whose pen made this truth one of the most persistent of our early romantic heritages. He is lord of the flies, as well known for the story of to being famous, Pocahontas as for all of his other achievements.

The man who saved the Virginia colony and who first suggested a new field to the writer of American romance is loss flies essays, rightly considered one of the most striking figures in our early history, even if he did return to England in less than three years and end his days there in laws papers 1631. American literature is widely considered to begin with Captain John Smith. Of Innocence Lord Of The Flies Essays! It is best to read him in his own words in order to form your own judgements. Fortunatley, his works are available for free on the Internet. Visit the following URLs, read as much of Smith as interests you, and we'll see you when you return in order to continue our voyage through American literature: A True Relation of Such Occurrences and Accidents of Note as Happened in Virginia (1608) An Accidence, or The Pathway to essay about being rich to being, Experience Necessary for all Young Seamen (1626) is not available currently online. A technical manual, Smith's short pamphlet on loss of innocence lord of the flies, seamanship is illustrated with incidents from his own experiences. It would be enlarged as A Sea Grammar in 1627.

Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New England, or Anywhere (1631) Captain James Smith was not the only Englishman writing in the colonies in copyright laws for research the early seventeenth century. William Strachey, a contemporary of Shakespeare and secretary of the Virginian colony, wrote at Jamestown and sent to London in 1610 the manuscript of A True Repertory of the Wrack and of innocence lord flies Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates, Kt., upon and from the construction site Islands of the Bermudas . Of Innocence Of The Flies! This is construction letter, a story of shipwreck on the Bermudas and of escape in small boats. The book is memorable for the description of a storm at sea, and essays it is possible that it may even have furnished suggestions to alcoholism essay and effect, Shakespeare for The Tempest . If so, it is interesting to compare these with what they produced in Shakespeare's mind. Strachey tells how the sea swelled above the clouds and gave battle unto heaven. He speaks of an apparition of a little round light, like a faint star, trembling and streaming along with a sparkling blaze, half the height upon the main mast, and shooting sometimes from shroud to loss of innocence flies, shroud. Ariel says to Prospero: Strachey voices the current belief that the Bermudas were harassed by tempests, devils, wicked spirits, and what us happy other fearful objects. Shakespeare as Ferdinand with fewer words intensify Strachey's picture: The possibility that incidents arising out of Virginian colonization may have turned Shakespeare's attention to the still vex'd Bermoothes and given him suggestions for lord essays one of his great plays lends added interest to Strachey's True Repertory.

But, aside from Shakespeare, this has an interest of its own. It has the Anglo-Saxon touch in depicting the college term outline wrath of the sea, and it shows the character of the early American colonists who braved a wrath like this. As was the case with Captain Smith, William Strachey's work too is available on the Internet. Enjoy reading your fill and we'll see you upon your return. A true reportory of the wracke, and redemption of loss lord of the flies, Sir THOMAS GATES Knight original-spelling version at Virtual Jamestown.

A True Reportory of the Wreck and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates, Knight modern-spelling version at Virtual Jamestown. Essay About Famous! For The Colony in Virginea Britannia. Lawes Divine, Morall and flies Martiall, c. original-spelling version at Virtual Jamestown. For The Colony in Virginia Brittannia: Laws Divine, Moral and Martial, etc. Manager Cover! modern-spelling version at Virtual Jamestown. The Historie of Travaile Into Virginia Britannia at Google Books.

A Dictionary of Powhatan at loss lord flies essays, Google Books. During his stay in the colony as its treasurer, he translated ten books of Ovid's Metamorphoses , sometimes working by the light of a pine knot. Site Cover Letter! This work is rescued from the class of mere translation by its literary art and imaginative interpretation, and of innocence lord of the flies it possesses for us an additional interest because of its nativity amid such surroundings. Two lines telling how Philemon. show that his environment aided him somewhat in the translation.

He himself says of this version that it was bred in the new world, whereof it cannot but participate, especially having wars and tumults to bring it to light, instead of the muses. Makes Us Happy! He was read by both Dryden and Pope in their boyhood, and the form of their verse shows his influence. The only original poem which merits our attention in the early Virginian colony was found soon after the Revolutionary War in a collection of manuscripts, known as the Burwell Papers . This poem is an elegy on the death of Nathaniel Bacon (1676), a young Virginian patriot and military hero, who resisted the despotic governor, Sir William Berkeley. It was popularly believed that Bacon's mysterious death was due to poison. An unknown friend wrote the elegy in defense of Bacon and his rebellion. These lines from that elegy show a strength unusual in colonial poetry: Clerk of the Council of flies, Virginia, he published in London in 1705 a History and Present State of alcoholism essay and effect, Virginia . This is today a readable account of the colony and its people in the first part of the eighteenth century. This selection shows that in those early days Virginians were noted for what has come to be known as southern hospitality: Colonel William Byrd (1674-1744) Edit. A wealthy Virginian, he was commissioned by the Virginian colony to run a line between it and North Carolina.

He then wrote a History of the lord of the Dividing Line run in library essay the Year 1728 . This book is a record of personal experiences, and is as interesting as its title is forbidding. This selection describes the loss flies essays Dismal Swamp, through which the line ran: These two selections show that American literature, even before the Revolution, came to be something more than an imitation of English literature. No critic could say that they might as well have been written in London as in Virginia. They also show how much eighteenth-century prose had improved in alcoholism cause form. Even in England, modern prose may almost be said to begin with John Dryden, who died at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Loss Of Innocence Lord! In addition to improvement in form, we may note the appearance of a new quality: humor. America's earliest writers have few traces of humor because colonization was a serious life and death affair to them. After the founding of the what makes us happy essay Plymouth colony in 1620, Virginia and loss of innocence lord New England developed along different lines. In New England there were more dwellers in towns, more democracy and mingling of all classes, more popular education, and alcoholism essay cause more literature.

The ruling classes of of innocence flies, Virginia were mostly descendants of the Cavaliers who had sympathized with monarchy, while the Puritans had fought the Stuart kings and had approved a Commonwealth. In Virginia a wealthy class of landed gentry came to copyright laws for research papers, be an increasing power in the political history of the country. The ancestors of George Washington and many others who did inestimable service to the nation were among this class. It was long the fashion for this aristocracy to send their children to England to be educated, while the Puritans trained theirs at home. New England started a printing press, and was printing books by 1640. In 1671 Sir William Berkeley, governor of Virginia, wrote, I thank God there are no free schools, nor printing, and I hope we shall not have these hundred years; for learning has brought disobedience and heresy and sects into the world, and printing has developed them. Producers of literature need the stimulus of town life. The South was chiefly agricultural. The plantations were large, and the people lived in far greater isolation than in New England, where not only the town, but more especially the church, developed a close social unit. One other reason served to of the flies essays, make it difficult for rich to being famous a poet of the plowman type, like Robert Burns, or for essays an author from the general working class, like Benjamin Franklin, to arise in the South.

Labor was thought degrading, and the laborer did not find the same chance as at the North to learn from close association with the intelligent class. The reason for this is given by Colonel William Byrd, from whom we have quoted in the preceding section. He wrote in 1736 of the leading men of the South: William Bradford was born in about to being famous 1590 in loss of innocence essays the Pilgrim district of England, in the Yorkshire village of Austerfield, two miles north of Scrooby. While a child, he attended the religious meetings of the Puritans. At the age of eighteen he gave up a good position in the post service of England, and crossed to copyright laws, Holland to escape religious persecution. His History of Plymouth Plantation is not a record of the Puritans as a whole, but only of that branch known as the of innocence lord of the flies essays Pilgrims, who left England for Holland in 1607 and 1608, and who, after remaining there for nearly twelve years, had the initiative to be the first of their band to come to the New World, and to settle at site, Plymouth in of innocence of the 1620. For more than thirty years he was governor of the Plymouth colony, and he managed its affairs with the discretion of a Washington and the zeal of a Cromwell. His History tells the story of the Pilgrim Fathers from the time of the formation of their two congregations in England, until 1647. In 1897 the United States for the first time came into possession of the manuscript of this famous History of Plymouth Plantation , which had in copyright for research some mysterious manner been taken from Boston in colonial times and had found its way into of innocence lord flies essays the library of the college term paper Lord Bishop of London. Of The Flies Essays! Few of the English seem to have read it.

Even its custodian miscalled it The Log of the Mayflower, although after the ship finally cleared from England, only five incidents of the voyage are briefly mentioned: the death of a young seaman who cursed the Pilgrims on essay, the voyage and made sport of their misery; the cracking of of innocence lord flies, one of the main beams of the ship; the washing overboard in a storm of a good young man who was providentially saved; the death of a servant; and the sight of Cape Cod. Papers! On petition, the Lord Bishop of London generously gave this manuscript of 270 pages to of innocence flies essays, the Commonwealth of site cover, Massachusetts. In a speech at the time of its formal reception, Senator Hoar eloquently summed up the subject matter of the volume as follows: In addition to loss of the essays, giving matter of unique historical importance, Bradford entertains his readers with an account of makes us happy, Squanto, the Pilgrims' tame Indian, of Miles Standish capturing the lord of misrule at Merrymount, and of the loss of innocence lord of the flies failure of an experiment in tilling the soil in common. Bradford says that there was immediate improvement when each family received the full returns from working its own individual plot of ground. He thus philosophizes about this social experiment of the being rich Pilgrims:

Both the subject matter of the early colonial prose in this manuscript compare favirably with that produced in England at the same time. On March 29, 1630, John Winthrop made the first entry in his Journal on board the ship Arbella, before he left the loss of innocence lord of the Isle of Wight for Massachusetts Bay. This Journal was to continue until a few months before his death in 1649, and was in after times to receive the dignified name of outline, History of New England , although it might more properly still be called his Journal , as its latest editor does indeed style it. John Winthrop was born in the County of Suffolk, England, in 1588, the year of the defeat of the Spanish Armada. He was a wealthy, well-educated Puritan, the owner of broad estates. As he paced the deck of the Arbella , the night before he sailed for of innocence lord of the essays Massachusetts, he knew that he was leaving comfort, home, friends, position, all for liberty of conscience.

Few men have ever voluntarily abandoned more than Winthrop, or clung more tenaciously to their ideals. After a voyage lasting more than two months, he settled with a large number of Puritans on the site of modern Boston. For the principal part of the time from construction manager letter, his arrival in 1630 until his death in 1649, he served as governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Not many civil leaders of loss lord flies, any age have shown more sagacity, patriotism, and tireless devotion to duty than John Winthrop. His Journal is a record of contemporaneous events from 1630 to 1648. The early part of this work might with some justice have been called the Log of the Arbella . TRANSLITERATION OF FACSIMILE OF WINTHROP'S JOURNAL ANNO DOMINI 1630, MARCH 29, MONDAY. EASTER MONDAY.

The entry for Monday, April 12, 1630, is: The following entry for June 5, 1644, reflects an interesting side light on the government of what makes us happy essay, Harvard, our first American college: Another entry for 1644 tells of loss, one William Franklin, condemned for causing the death of his apprentice: Winthrop relates how Franklin appealed the case when he was found guilty, and how the makes Puritans inflicted the death penalty on him after searching the Bible for a rule on which to base their decision. Lord Essays! The most noticeable qualities of this terrible story are its simplicity, its repression, its lack of striving after effect. Winthrop, Bradford, and Bunyan had learned from the 1611 version of the construction site cover Bible to be content to present any situation as simply as possible and to rely on the facts themselves to secure the effect. Winthrop's finest piece of prose, Concerning Liberty , appears in an entry for the year 1645. He defines liberty as the power to do that which is good, just, and honest. This liberty you are to loss lord flies, stand for, with the hazard, not only college term outline of your goods, but of your lives, if need be. Winthrop saw clearly what many since his day have failed to see, that a government conducted by the people could not endure, if liberty meant more than this. Winthrop's Journal records almost anything which seemed important to the colonists.

Thus, he tells about loss of innocence flies essays, storms, fires, peculiar deaths of copyright laws papers, animals, crimes, trials, Indians, labor troubles, arrival of ships, trading expeditions, troubles with England about the charter, politics, church matters, events that would point a moral, like the selfish refusal of the loss lord of the flies essays authorities to loan a quantity of gunpowder to the Plymouth colony and the subsequent destruction of that same powder by an explosion, or the copyright laws papers drowning of a child in the well while the parents were visiting on loss of innocence of the essays, Sunday. In short, this Journal gives valuable information about the civil, religious, and domestic life of the early days of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The art of modern prose writing was known neither in England nor in America in Winthrop's time. The wonder is copyright, that he told the story of this colony in flies such good form and copyright papers that he still holds the interest of the reader so well. William Bradford and John Winthrop were governors of two religious commonwealths.

We must not forget that the loss lord Puritans came to college, America to secure a higher form of lord essays, spiritual life. In the construction cover reign of Elizabeth, it was thought that the Revival of Learning would cure all ills and unlock the gates of happiness. This hope had met with disappointment. Lord Of The Flies Essays! Then Puritanism came, and ushered in a new era of what makes us happy, spiritual aspiration for something better, nobler, and more satisfying than mere intellectual attainments or wealth or earthly power had been able to secure. The Puritans chose the Bible as the guidebook to their Promised Land.

The long sermons to which they listened were chiefly biblical expositions. The Puritans considered the saving of the soul the most important matter, and they neglected whatever form of culture did not directly tend toward that result. Loss Lord Flies Essays! They thought that entertaining reading and other forms of laws for research, amusement were contrivances of the devil to turn the soul's attention away from the loss of innocence lord of the flies essays Bible . Even beauty and art were considered handmaids of the copyright laws papers Evil One. The Bible was read, reread, and constantly studied, and it took the place of secular poetry and prose. The New England Puritan believed in the theology of John Calvin, who died in 1564. His creed, known as Calvinism, emphasized the importance of the individual, of life's continuous moral struggle, which would land each soul in heaven or hell for all eternity. In the loss of the New England Primer , the children were taught the first article of belief, as they learned the letter A: Calvinism stressed the doctrine of alcoholism essay cause, foreordination, that certain ones, the elect, had been foreordained to be saved. Thomas Shephard (1605–1649), one of the loss of innocence lord essays great Puritan clergy, fixed the mathematical ratio of the damned to the elect as a thousand to one. Uses Of School Library Essay! On the physical side, scientists have pointed out a close correspondence between Calvin's creed and the theory of evolution, which emphasizes the desperate struggle resulting from the survival of the fittest.

The fittest are the elect; those who perish in the contest, the damned. In the evolutionary struggle, only the few survive, while untold numbers of the unfit, no matter whether seeds of plants, eggs of fish, human beings, or any other form of life, go to the wall. In spite of the of innocence essays apparent contradiction between free will and foreordination, each individual felt himself fully responsible for the saving of his soul. A firm belief in this tremendous responsibility made each one rise the stronger to laws papers, meet the other responsibilities of loss of innocence, life. Civil responsibility seemed easier to one reared in this school. The initiative bequeathed by Elizabethan times was increased by the Puritans' religion. Although there were probably as many university men in copyright laws proportion to the population in early colonial Massachusetts as in England, the strength and direction of their religious ideals helped to turn their energy into activities outside the field of pure literature. Lord Flies! In course of time, however, Nathaniel Hawthorne appeared to give lasting literary expression to construction manager cover, this life.

The clergy occupied a leading place in both the civil and religious life of loss lord flies, New England. They were men of energy and site ability, who could lead their congregations to loss of the flies, Holland or to the wilds of New England. For the purpose in hand the world has never seen superior leaders. Many of them were graduates of Cambridge University, England. Their great authority was based on character, education, and natural ability. A contemporary historian said of John Cotton, who came as pastor from the old to the new Boston in 1633, that whatever he delivered in the pulpit was soon put into an order of court . or set up as a practice in the church. The sermons, from two to uses library essay, four hours long, took the place of magazines, newspapers, and modern musical and theatrical entertainments. The church members were accustomed to hard thinking and they enjoyed it as a mental exercise. Their minds had not been rendered flabby by such a diet of miscellaneous trash or sensational matter as confronts modern readers.

Many of the congregation went with notebooks to record the different heads and the most striking thoughts in the sermon, such, for instance, as the loss lord flies essays following on the dangers of college outline, idleness: The sermons were often doctrinal, metaphysical, and flies extremely dry, but it is about rich, a mistake to conclude that the clergy did not speak on topics of current interest. Winthrop in his Journal for 1639 relates how the Rev. Loss Of Innocence Lord Essays! John Cotton discussed whether a certain shopkeeper, who had been arraigned before the court for extortion, for having taken in some small things, above two for one, was guilty of sin and should be excommunicated from the church, or only publicly admonished. Cotton prescribed admonition and copyright laws papers he laid down a code of ethics for the guidance of sellers. With the exception of Roger Williams (1604?-1683), who had the modern point of view in insisting on complete soul liberty, on the right of every man to of the flies essays, think as he pleased on matters of religion, the Puritan clergy were not tolerant of other forms of worship. They said that they came to New England in order to worship God as they pleased. They never made the slightest pretense of establishing a commonwealth where another could worship as he pleased, because they feared that such a privilege might lead to a return of the persecution from which they had fled. If those came who thought differently about religion, they were told that there was sufficient room elsewhere, in Rhode Island, for instance, whither Roger Williams went after he was banished from Salem. Manager! The history of the Puritan clergy would have been more pleasing had they been more tolerant, less narrow, more modern, like Roger Williams.

Yet perhaps it is loss of the flies, best not to complain overmuch of the strange and somewhat repellent architecture of the bridge which bore us over the stream dividing the desert of essay about being to being, royal and of innocence lord flies ecclesiastical tyranny from the Promised Land of our Republic. Let us not forget that the clergy insisted on popular education; that wherever there was a clergyman, there was almost certain to essay rich to being famous, be a school, even if he had to teach it himself, and that the clergy generally spoke and acted as if they would rather be free among the dead than slaves among the of the essays living. The trend of Puritan theology and the hard conditions of life did not encourage the college production of of innocence lord of the flies essays, poetry. The Puritans even wondered if singing in church was not an exercise which turned the construction letter mind from loss lord essays, God. The Reverend John Cotton investigated the question carefully under four main heads and six subheads, and he cited scriptural authority to and effect, show that Paul and Silas ( Acts , xvi., 25) had sung a Psalm in the prison.

Cotton therefore concluded that the Psalms might be sung in church. The divines in the country joined to translate into loss English metre the whole book of Psalms from the original Hebrew, and essay being rich to being they probably made the worst metrical translation in existence. In their preface to this work, known as the Bay Psalm Book (1640), the first book of verse printed in the British American colonies, they explained that they did not strive for a more poetic translation because God's altar needs not our polishings. The following verses from loss of innocence lord of the essays, Psalm 87 are a sample of the so-called metrical translation which the Puritans sang: This Harvard graduate and essay cause and effect Puritan preacher published in 1662 a poem setting forth some of the tenets of Calvinistic theology. This poem, entitled The Day of Doom, or a Poetical Description of the loss of innocence lord flies Great and Last Judgment , had the largest circulation of any colonial poem. The following lines represent a throng of infants at the left hand of the final Judge, pleading against the sentence of term paper, infant damnation: Wigglesworth represents the loss of innocence of the essays Almighty as replying: When we read verse like this, we realize how fortunate the Puritanism of Old England was to have one great poet schooled in the love of both morality and beauty.

John Milton's poetry shows not only his sublimity and high ideals, but also his admiration for beauty, music, and art. Wigglesworth's verse is inferior to much of the ballad doggerel, but it has a swing and a directness fitted to catch the popular ear and to lodge in the memory. While some of his work seems humorous to us, it would not have made that impression on the early Puritans. At the same time, we must not rely on verse like this for our understanding of their outlook on life and laws papers death. Beside Wigglesworth's lines we should place the epitaph, Reserved for a Glorious Resurrection, composed by the great orthodox Puritan clergyman, Cotton Mather (p. 46), for his own infant, which died unbaptized when four days old. It is well to remember that both the Puritans and their clergy had a quiet way of believing that God had reserved to himself the final interpretation of his own word. Colonial New England's best poet, or The Tenth Muse, as she was called by her friends, was a daughter of the Puritan governor, Thomas Dudley, and became the wife of another Puritan governor, Simon Bradstreet, with whom she came to New England in 1630. Although she was born before the death of loss of the, Shakespeare, she seems never to have studied the works of that great dramatist. Her models were what Milton called the fantastics, a school of poets who mistook for manifestations of poetic power, far-fetched and strained metaphors, oddities of expression, remote comparisons, conceits, and strange groupings of thought. She had especially studied Sylvester's paraphrase of The Divine Weeks and Works of the French poet Du Bartas, and probably also the works of poets like George Herbert (1593–1633), of the English fantastic school.

This paraphrase of Du Bartas was published in a folio of 1215 pages, a few years before Mrs. Bradstreet came to what essay, America. This book shows the taste which prevailed in of innocence lord flies England in the latter part of the first third of the seventeenth century, before Milton came into the ascendancy. Uses Of School Library! The fantastic comparison between the Spirit Eternal, brooding upon chaos, and a hen, is shown in these lines from Du Bartas: A contemporary critic thought that he was giving her early work high praise when he called her a right Du Bartas girl. One of her early poems is The Four Elements , where Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Such a debate could never be decided, but the subject was well suited to he fantastic school of poets because it afforded an opportunity for much ingenuity of argument and for far-fetched comparisons, which led nowhere. Late in loss of the flies essays life, in her poem, Contemplations , she wrote some genuine poetry, little marred by imitation of the fantastic school. Spenser seems to have become her master in later years.

No one without genuine poetic ability could have written such lines as: These lines show both poetic ease and power: The comparative excellence of her work in to being such an atmosphere and amid the domestic cares incident to loss lord of the essays, rearing eight children is remarkable. In 1647, Nathaniel Ward, who had been educated for the law, but who afterward became a clergyman, published a strange work known as The Simple Cobbler of Agawam, in America willing, as the sub-title continues, to makes us happy, help mend his native country, lamentably tattered, both in the upper leather and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take. He had been assistant pastor at Agawam (Ipswich) until ill health caused him to resign. He then busied himself in compiling a code of laws and in other writing before he returned to England in 1647. The following two sentences from his unique book show two points of the religious faith of the Puritans: (1) the belief in a personal devil always actively seeking the destruction of mankind, and (2) the assumption that the vitals of the elect are safe from the loss of innocence lord of the mortal sting of sin.

He is often a bitter satirist, a sort of colonial Carlyle, as this attack on woman shows: He does not hesitate to coin a word. The preceding short selection introduces us to nugiperous and nudiustertian. Next, he calls the women's tailor-made gowns the library essay very pettitoes of lord of the essays, infirmity, the giblets of library, perquisquilian toys. The spirit of a reformer always sees work to be done, and Ward emphasized three remedies for mid-seventeenth-century ills: (1) Stop toleration of departure from religious truth; (2) banish the of innocence lord of the flies frivolities of women and college paper outline men; and (3) bring the civil war in of innocence lord of the England to a just end. In proportion to the population, his Simple Cobbler , designed to mend human ways, was probably as widely read as Carlyle's Sartor Resartus in later days. In criticism, Ward deserves to be remembered for these two lines: There was born in 1652 at Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England, a boy who sailed for New England when he was nine years old, and library who became our greatest colonial diarist.

This was Samuel Sewall, who graduated from Harvard in 1671 and finally became chief justice of Massachusetts. His Diary runs with some breaks from 1673 to 1729, the year before his death. Lord Essays! Good diaries are scarce in makes essay any literature. Those who keep them seldom commit to writing many of the most interesting events and secrets of their lives. Loss Of Innocence Lord! This failing makes the majority of diaries and memoirs very dry, but this fault cannot be found with Samuel Sewall. His Diary will more and more prove a mine of wealth to the future writers of our literature, to our dramatists, novelists, poets, as well as to our historians. The early chronicles and stories on which Shakespeare founded many of his plays were no more serviceable to him than this Diary may prove to a coming American writer with a genius like Hawthorne's. In Sewall's Diary we at once feel that we are close to life. The following entry brings us face to face with the children in makes us happy essay a Puritan household:

Sewall was one of the seven judges who sentenced nineteen persons to flies essays, be put to death for what makes essay witchcraft at Salem. After this terrible delusion had passed, he had the manliness to of innocence lord essays, rise in church before all the members, and term paper after acknowledging the loss lord of the flies blame and shame of his decision, call for uses of school library essay prayers that God who has an unlimited authority would pardon that sin. Sewall's Diary is best known for its faithful chronicle of his courtship of Mrs. Catharine Winthrop. Both had been married twice before, and both had grown children. Loss Of The Flies Essays! He was sixty-nine and college term she fifty-six. No record of any other Puritan courtship so unique as this has been given to the world.

He began his formal courtship of Mrs. Winthrop, October 1, 1720. His Diary contains records of each visit, of loss of innocence flies essays, what they said to each other, of the Sermons, cake, and gingerbread that he gave her, of the healths that he drank to her, the lump of sugar that she gave him, of how they went into the best room, and clos'd the shutters. Acute men have written essays to account for the aristocratic Mrs. Winthrop's refusal of Chief-Justice Sewall. Some have said that it was due to his aversion to slavery and to his refusal to allow her to keep her slaves.

This episode is only a small part of a rich storehouse. The greater part of the Diary contains only the raw materials of construction site manager, literature, yet some of it is real literature, and it ranks among the great diaries of the lord flies essays world. LIFE AND PERSONALITY. Cotton Mather, grandson of the Reverend John Cotton (p. Essay Being Rich To Being Famous! 14), and the most distinguished of the old type of Puritan clergymen, was born in Boston and died in his native city, without ever having traveled a hundred miles from lord of the flies essays, it.

He entered Harvard at the age of essay, eleven, and took the bachelor's degree at fifteen. His life shows such an overemphasis of of innocence of the, certain Puritan traits as almost to presage the coming decline of clerical influence. He says that at the age of only seven or eight he not only composed forms of prayer for his schoolmates, but also obliged them to makes essay, pray, although some of them cuffed him for his pains. At fourteen he began a series of fasts to crucify the flesh, increase his holiness, and bring him nearer to God. He endeavored never to waste a minute. In his study, where he often worked sixteen hours a day, he had in large letters the sign, BE SHORT, to greet the of innocence lord eyes of visitors.

The amount of writing which he did almost baffles belief. His published works, numbering about of school, four hundred, include sermons, essays, and books. During all of his adult life, he also preached in the North Church of Boston. He was a religious fantastic, that is, he made far-fetched applications of religious truth. A tall man suggested to him high attainments in Christianity; washing his hands, the desirability of loss of innocence lord of the essays, a clean heart. Although Cotton Mather became the essay most famous clergyman of colonial New England, he was disappointed in two of his life's ambitions. He failed to become president of Harvard and to bring New England back in religious matters to the first halcyon days of the colony. On the contrary, he lived to see Puritan theocracy suffer a great decline. His fantastic and strained application of loss lord of the essays, religious truth, his overemphasis of many things, and especially his conduct in zealously aiding and abetting the and effect Salem witchcraft murders, were no mean factors in causing that decline. His intentions were certainly good. He was an loss of innocence apostle of altruism, and he tried to improve each opportunity for doing good in everyday life.

He trained his children to do acts of kindness for other children. Copyright! His Essays to Do Good were a powerful influence on the life of loss lord of the flies essays, Benjamin Franklin. College Paper Outline! Cotton Mather would not have lived in vain if he had done nothing else except to help mold Franklin for the service of his country; but this is loss of innocence lord flies, only one of Mather's achievements. We must next pass to his great work in literature. This prose epic of New England Puritanism, the most famous of Mather's many works, is a large folio volume entitled Magnalia Christi Americana: or the Ecclesiastical History of New England . It was published in London in 1702, two years after Dryden's death. The book is a remarkable compound of whatever seemed to construction manager cover, the author most striking in early New England history.

His point of view was of course religious. Loss Lord Of The Flies! The work contains a rich store of biography of the early clergy, magistrates, and governors, of the construction cover lives of eleven of the clerical graduates of Harvard, of the faith, discipline, and government of the New England churches, of remarkable manifestations of the divine providence, and of the Way of the Lord among the churches and the Indians. We may today turn to the Magnalia for vivid accounts of early New England life. Mather has a way of selecting and expressing facts in loss of innocence lord of the flies essays such a way as to cause them to lodge in the memory. These two facts about John Cotton give us a vivid impression of the what makes us happy influence of the early clergy: We read that the daily vocation of Thomas Shepard, the first pastor at Cambridge, Massachusetts, was, to quote Mather's noble phrase, A Trembling Walk with God.

He speaks of the of innocence lord of the choleric disposition of Thomas Hooker, the great Hartford clergyman, and says it was useful unto him, because he had ordinarily as much government of his choler as a man has of a mastiff dog in a chain; he 'could let out his dog, and pull in his dog, as he pleased.' Some of Mather's prose causes modern readers to wonder if he was not a humorist. He says that a fire in for research the college buildings in some mysterious way influenced the President of Harvard to shorten one of lord of the, his long prayers, and gravely adds, that if the devotions had held three minutes longer, the Colledge had been irrecoverably laid in ashes. One does not feel sure that Mather saw the humor in for research this demonstration of practical religion. It is also doubtful whether he is intentionally humorous in his most fantastic prose, such, for instance, as his likening the Reverend Mr. Partridge to the bird of that name, who, because he had no defence neither of beak nor claw, took a flight over the ocean to escape his ecclesiastical hunters, and finally took wing to become a bird of paradise, along with the winged seraphim of heaven. Such fantastic conceits, which for a period blighted the literature of the leading European nations, had their last great exponent in loss lord of the essays Cotton Mather. Minor writers still indulge in these conceits, and find willing readers among the uneducated, the tired, and those who are bored when they are required to do more than skim the surface of things. John Seccomb, a Harvard graduate of alcoholism essay cause and effect, 1728, the year in which Mather died, then gained fame from of innocence lord essays, such lines as: but the best prose and poetry have for a long time won their readers for other qualities. Even the taste of the next generation showed a change, for Cotton Mather's son, Samuel, noted as a blemish his father's straining for essay cause far-fetched and dear-bought hints. Cotton Mather's most repellent habit to modern readers is his overloading his pages with quotations in loss of the foreign languages, especially in Latin.

He thus makes a pedantic display of his wide reading. He is not always accurate in his presentation of historical or biographical matter, but in spite of college paper, all that can be said against the Magnalia , it is loss of innocence flies, a vigorous presentation of of school library, much that we should not willingly let die. In fact, when we read the lord flies essays early history of New England, we are frequently getting from the manager cover Magnalia many things in of innocence lord of the flies essays changed form without ever suspecting the source. LIFE AND WRITINGS. Jonathan Edwards, who ranks among the world's greatest theologians and metaphysicians, was born in 1703 in East Windsor, Connecticut.

Like Cotton Mather, Edwards was precocious, entering Yale before he was thirteen. The year previous to his going to college, he wrote a paper on spiders, showing careful scientific observation and argument. This paper has been called one of the rarest specimens of precocious scientific genius on record. At fourteen, he read Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding , receiving from it, he says, higher pleasure than the most greedy miser finds when gathering up handfuls of alcoholism and effect, silver and gold from some newly discovered treasure. Before he was seventeen, he had graduated from Yale, and he had become a tutor there before he was twenty-one. Like Dante, he had a Beatrice. Thinking of her, he wrote this prose hymn of a maiden's love for the Divine Power:

Jonathan Edwards thus places before us Sarah Pierrepont, a New England Puritan maiden. To note the similarity of thought between the Old Puritan England and the New, let us turn to the maiden in Milton's Comus: Unlike Dante, Edwards married his Beatrice at the age of seventeen. Loss Of Innocence Lord Flies Essays! In 1727, the year of his marriage, he became pastor of the church in Northampton, Massachusetts. With the aid of his wife, he inaugurated the greatest religious revival of the century, known as the Great Awakening, which spread to other colonial churches, crossed the ocean, and stimulated Wesley to call sinners to repentance. Early in life, Edwards formed a series of resolutions, three of which are:

To live with all my might, while I do live. Never to essay cause and effect, do anything, which, if I should see in another, I should count a just occasion to despise him for, or to think any way the more meanly of him. Never, henceforward, till I die, to act as if I were any way my own, but entirely and loss of innocence of the flies essays altogether God's. He earnestly tried to keep these resolutions until the end. After a successful pastorate of twenty-three years at Northampton, the church dismissed him for no fault of his own. Like Dante, he was driven into exile, and he went from construction site manager cover letter, Northampton to loss of innocence lord flies essays, the frontier town of Stockbridge, where he remained for library seven years as a missionary to the Indians. His wife and loss of innocence lord of the daughters did their utmost to add to the family income, and some contributions were sent him from Scotland, but he was so poor that he wrote his books on what makes us happy essay, the backs of letters and on the blank margins cut from newspapers. Of Innocence Of The! His fame was not swallowed up in the wilderness. Princeton College called him to its presidency in 1757. He died in that office in 1758, after less than three months' service in his new position. His wife was still in uses Stockbridge when he passed away.

Tell her, he said to loss of innocence lord of the, his daughter, that the uncommon union which has so long subsisted between us has been of such a nature as I trust is spiritual, and therefore will continue forever. Uses Essay! In September of the same year she came to lie beside him in the graveyard at loss of innocence of the essays, Princeton. In 1900, the church that had dismissed him one hundred and fifty years before placed on its walls a bronze tablet in his memory, with the noble inscription from Malachi ii, 6. As a writer, Jonathan Edwards won fame in three fields. He is (1) America's greatest metaphysician, (2) her greatest theologian, and (3) a unique poetic interpreter of the universe as a manifestation of the divine love. His best known metaphysical work is The Freedom of the cause Will (1754).

The central point of loss of innocence lord, this work is that the will is determined by the strongest motive, that it is repugnant to manager cover letter, reason that one act of the will should come into existence without a cause. He boldly says that God is free to do only loss of innocence lord flies what is right. Edwards emphasizes the higher freedom, gained through repeated acts of the right kind, until both the inclination and the power to copyright papers, do wrong disappear. As a theologian, America has not yet produced his superior. Loss Of Innocence Lord Of The Flies! His Treatise concerning the Religious Affections , his account of the Great Awakening, called Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God , and Thoughts on the Revival , as well as his more distinctly technical theological works, show his ability in this field.

Unfortunately, he did not rise superior to of school library, the Puritan custom of preaching about hellfire. He delivered on that subject a sermon which causes modern readers to shudder; but this, although the most often quoted, is the least typical of the loss of innocence lord flies essays man and his writings. Those in construction letter search of really typical statements of his theology will find them in such specimens as, God and real existence is the same. God is and there is nothing else. He was a theological idealist, believing that all the varied phenomena of the universe are constantly proceeding from God, as light from the sun. Such statements suggest Shelley's lines, which tell how. Dr. Allen, Edwards's biographer and critic, and a careful student of his unpublished, as well as of his published, writings, says, He was at loss of innocence, his best and essay greatest, most original and creative, when he described the of innocence lord of the divine love. Essay Cause! Such passages as the following show this quality:

His favorite text was, I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys, and his favorite words were sweet and bright. The great English writers between the colonization of Jamestown in 1607 and the outbreak of the French and Indian War in 1754 are John Milton, John Bunyan, John Dryden, Alexander Pope, Richard Steele and Joseph Addison, Jonathan Swift, Daniel Defoe, Samuel Richardson, and Henry Fielding. The colonial literature of this period was influenced only in loss flies essays a very minor degree by the work of these men, for makes essay a generation usually passed before the influence of of innocence lord essays, contemporary English authors appeared in American literature. In the next section, we shall see evidences of the influence of site manager cover letter, Pope. Benjamin Franklin will tell us how Bunyan and loss lord Addison were his teachers, and the early fiction will show its indebtedness to the work of college, Samuel Richardson.

Virginia and Massachusetts produced the bulk of American colonial literature. Loss Of Innocence Lord Flies Essays! There were, however, thirteen colonies stretched along the seaboard from Georgia (1733), the last to be founded, to Canada. Although these colonies were established under different grants or charters, and although some had more liberty and suffered less from the interference of England than others, it is nevertheless true that every colony was a school for a self-governing democracy. No colonies elsewhere in the world had the same amount of liberty. We must not suppose that there was complete liberty in those days. The early government of Virginia was largely aristocratic; that of Massachusetts, theocratic. Virginia persecuted the Puritans. The early settlers of Massachusetts drove out Roger Williams and hanged Quakers. Construction Manager Cover Letter! New York persecuted those who did not join the Church of England. However, it is still nevertheless true that these thirteen colonies were making the of innocence of the flies essays greatest of all world experiments in democracy and liberty.

The important colony of New Netherland (New York) was settled by the Dutch early in being rich famous the seventeenth century. They established an aristocracy with great landed estates along the loss of innocence lord of the flies Hudson. The student of literature is specially interested in this colony because Washington Irving has invested it with a halo of romance. He shows us the alcoholism essay and effect sturdy Knickerbockers, the Van Cortlands, the Van Dycks, the Van Wycks, and loss of innocence lord other chivalrous Dutch burghers, sitting in perfect silence, puffing their pipes, and thinking of nothing for hours together in those days of college term, simplicity and sunshine. For literary reasons it is well that this was not made an loss of innocence flies essays English colony until the Duke of York took possession of it in 1664. At the beginning of the alcoholism essay cause eighteenth century, the colonists in the middle and northern part of the country divided their energies almost equally between trade and agriculture. At the loss of the South, agriculture was the chief occupation and tobacco and rice were the library two leading staples. These were produced principally by lord the labor of negro slaves. There were also many indentured servants at for research papers, the South, where the dividing lines between the different classes were most strongly marked. Up to lord essays, 1700 the history of construction site manager cover, each colony is practically that of a separate unit. Almost all the of innocence flies essays colonies had trouble with Indians and royal governors.

Pirates, rapacious politicians, religious matters, or witchcraft were sometimes sources of disturbance. All knew the hard labor and the privations involved in copyright for research papers subduing the wilderness and making permanent settlements in a new land. History tells of the abandonment of many other colonies and of the subjugation of many other races, but no difficulty and lord flies no foe daunted this Anglo-Saxon stock. In 1700 the cause population of New England was estimated at about one hundred and ten thousand. In 1754, the beginning of the French and Indian War, Connecticut alone had that number, while all New England probably had at this time nearly four hundred thousand. The middle colonies began the eighteenth century with about fifty-nine thousand and grew by of the the middle of the century to about three hundred and fifty-five thousand.

During the same period, the southern group increased from about ninety thousand to copyright, six hundred thousand. By 1750 the thirteen colonies probably had a total population of nearly fourteen hundred thousand. Since no census was taken until 1790, these figures are only approximately correct. Such development serves to show the trend of coming events. This remarkable increase in population soon caused numbers to go farther west. This movement resulted in collision with the French, who were at this time holding the of innocence lord central part of the country, from the Gulf into Canada. One other result followed.

The colonies began to seem valuable to England because they furnished a market for English manufactures and a carrying trade for English ships. Laws! The previous comparative insignificance of the colonies and the trouble in England had served to protect them, but their trade had now assumed a proportion that made the mother country realize what a valuable commercial asset she would have if she regulated the colonies in her own interest. In this section we have traced the history of American colonial literature from the foundation of the Jamestown Colony until 1754. Before 1607 Chaucer, Spenser, and Shakespeare had written, and before 1620 the King James version of the Bible had been produced. England had, therefore, a wonderful literature before her colonies came to America. They were the heirs of all that the English race had previously accomplished; and they brought to these shores an lord of the flies essays Elizabethan initiative, ingenuity, and democratic spirit.

The Virginia colony was founded, as colonies usually are, for manager cover a commercial reason. Lord Of The Flies Essays! The Virginians and the other southern colonists lived more by agriculture, were more widely scattered, had fewer schools, more slaves, and less town life than the New Englanders. Under the influence of a commanding clergy, common schools, and the stimulus of town life, the us happy essay New England colony produced more literature. The chief early writers of Virginia are: (1) Captain John Smith, who described the country and the Indians, and gave to literature the story of Pocahontas, thereby disclosing a new world to the imagination of writers; (2) William Strachey, who outranks contemporary colonial writers in describing the of innocence flies wrath of the sea, and who may even have furnished a suggestion to Shakespeare for The Tempest ; (3) two poets, (a) George Sandys, who translated part of Ovid, and (b) the unknown author of the elegy on Nathaniel Bacon; and term outline (4) Robert Beverly and William Byrd, who gave interesting descriptions of early Virginia. The chief colonial writers of New England are: (1) William Bradford, whose History of Plymouth Plantation tells the story of the first Pilgrim colony; (2) John Winthrop, who wrote in his Journal the early history of the loss lord of the Massachusetts Bay Colony; (3) the poets, including (a) the translators of the Bay Psalm Book , the first volume of so-called verse printed in essay the British American colonies, (b) Wigglesworth, whose Day of Doom , was a poetic exposition of Calvinistic theology, (c) Anne Bradstreet, who wrote a small amount of genuine poetry, after she had passed from the influence of the fantastic school of poets; (4) Nathaniel Ward, the lord of the flies essays author of The Simple Cobbler of Agawam , an site cover letter attempt to mend human ways; (5) Samuel Sewall, New England's greatest colonial diarist; (6) Cotton Mather, the most famous clerical writer, whose Magnalia is a compound of early colonial history and biography, sometimes written in a fantastic style; (7) Jonathan Edwards, America's greatest metaphysician and loss of innocence lord flies essays theologian, who maintained that the action of the human will is determined by the strongest motive, that the substance of this universe is nothing but the divine Idea, communicated to human consciousness, and being to being famous who could invest spiritual truth with the beauty of the loss of innocence flies Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys. The New England colonist came to copyright, America because of religious feeling. His religion was to him a matter of of innocence of the flies essays, eternal life or eternal death. From the site cover modern point of loss lord of the flies, view, this religion may seem too inflexibly stern, too little illumined by the spirit of love, too much darkened by the shadow of eternal punishment, but unless that religion had communicated something of its own dominating inflexibility to the colonist, he would never have braved the ocean, the wilderness, the Indians; he would never have flung the gauntlet down to tyranny at Lexington and Concord.

The greatest lesson taught by construction manager cover letter colonial literature, by men like Bradford, Winthrop, Edwards, and the New England clergy in general, is moral heroism, the determination to follow the loss of innocence flies shining path of the Eternal over the wave and through the forest to essay to being, a new temple of human liberty. Their aspiration, endeavor, suffering, accomplishment, should strengthen our faith in the worth of those spiritual realities which are not quoted in the markets of the world, but which alone possess imperishable value. In either Gardiner's Students' History of England , Walker's Essentials in of the essays English History , Andrews's History of England , or Cheney's Short History of England , read the chapters dealing with the time of Elizabeth, James I, Charles I, the Commonwealth, Charles II, James II, William and Mary, Anne, George I and II. A work like Halleck's History of English Literature covering these periods, should be read. Read the construction manager cover letter account from the earliest times to the outbreak of the French and Indian War in of innocence essays any of the following: Thwaites's The Colonists , 1492-1750. Fisher's Colonial Era . Alcoholism! Lodge's A Short History of the English Colonies in of the flies America . Doyle's The English in America . Hart's Essentials in American History . Channing's A Students' History of the United States . Eggleston's A Larger History of the United States of America . James and Sanford's American History . For an account of special colonies, consult the volumes in American Commonwealths series, and also, Fiske's Beginnings of New England , The Dutch and college term paper Quaker Colonies in America , Old Virginia and Her Neighbors . Tyler's A History of American Literature during the loss of innocence of the essays Colonial Time , 2 vols. Otis's American Verse , 1625-1807. Richardson's American Literature , 2 vols.

Trent's A History of American Literature , 1607-1865. Manager! Wendell's History of Literature in America'_. Narratives of Early Virginia , edited by Tyler. Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation . New edition, edited by Davis. (Scribner, 1908.) Winthrop's Journal (History of New England). New edition, edited by Hosmer, 2 vols., (Scribner, 1908.) Chamberlain's Samuel Sewall and loss lord flies the World He Lived in . Lodge's A Puritan Pepys (Sewall) in Studies in History . Campbell's Anne Bradstreet and her Time . Twichell's John Winthrop . Walker's Thomas Hooker . Wendell's Life of Cotton Mather . Allen's Life of what, Jonathan Edwards . Loss Of Innocence Lord! Gardiner's Jonathan Edwards, a Retrospect . The following volumes of for research, selections from American Literature will be referred to of the flies, either by the last name of the author, or, if there are more authors than one, by the initials of the last names: Cairns's Selections from alcoholism and effect, Early American Writers , 1607-1800. (Macmillan.) Trent and Wells's Colonial Prose and Poetry , 3 vols., 1607-1775. (Crowell.) Stedman and Hutchinson's A Library of American Literature , 1608–1890, 11 vols. (Benjamin.) Carpenter's American Prose Selections . (Macmillan.) Trent's Southern Writers: Selections in Prose and Verse . (Macmillan.) JOHN SMITH The Beginnings of loss lord essays, Jamestown (from A True Relation of Virginia , 1608); The Religious Observances of the Indians (from A Map of Virginia , published in 1612), Cairns, pp. Laws Papers! 2–4, 10-14; The Romance of Pocahontas (from The General History of Virginia , 1624), S. H., Vol.

I., pp. 10–17; T. Lord Of The Essays! W., Vol. I., pp. 12–22. WILLIAM STRACHEY Read the selection from A True Repertory of the Wrack and Redemption of Sir Thomas Gates , in Cairns, 19-26.

POETRY IN THE VIRGINIA COLONY. About To Being Famous! For George Sandys, see pp. 51–58 in Vol. I. of Tyler's A History of American Literature during the Colonial Time . For the elegy on the death of Nathaniel Bacon, see Tyler, Vol. I., 78, 79; Cairns, 185-188; T. W., II., 166-169; S. H., I., 456-458; Trent, 12-14. DESCRIPTIONS OF VIRGINIA The best selection from Beverly's History and Present State of Virginia may be found in T. W., II., 354-360. Loss Flies! See also Trent, 16-18; S. H., II., 270-272. For selections from Byrd's History of the Dividing Line , see Cairns, passim , 259-272; Trent, 19-22; T. Construction Letter! W., III., 23-32; S. H., II., 302-305. WILLIAM BRADFORD The Voyage of the Mayflower, Cairns, 31-35; Early Difficulties of the Pilgrim Fathers, T. W., I., 42-45; The Communal System Abandoned, T. W., I., 46-49; The Landing of the Pilgrims and their Settlement at Plymouth, S. H., L, 124-130.

JOHN WINTHROP Twenty-five entries from his Journal or History of of innocence, New England are given in Cairns, 44-48, and fourteen in T. W., I., 99-105. His famous speech on Liberty may be found in T. About Being To Being! W., I., 106-116; in loss of innocence of the S. H., I., 302-303; and in Cairns, 50-53. EARLY NEW ENGLAND VERSE The selection given earlier from the what makes us happy Bay Psalm Book is sufficient. For Wigglesworth's Day of Doom , see Cairns, 166-177; T. W., II., 54-60; S. H., passim , II., 3-16. Anne Bradstreet's best poem, Contemplations , may be found in Cairns, 154-162; T. W., I., 280-283; S. H., I., 314, 315.

WARD'S SIMPLE COBBLER OF AGAWAM His view of lord, religious toleration is given in essay Cairns, 113-118, and loss of the T. W., I., 253-259. For the essay about being famous satiric essay on loss of innocence lord essays, women's fashions, see Cairns, 119-124; T. W., I., 260-266; S. H. I., 276-280. SAMUEL SEWALL Cairns, 240-243, gives from the Diary the events of a month. Notes on the Witchcraft Persecution and his prayer of repentance for the blame and shame of essay cause and effect, it may be found in T. W., II., 294-296. The record of his courtship of Madam Winthrop is given in loss lord of the essays Cairns, 245-249; T. W., III., 304-319; and what us happy essay S. H., II., 192-200. Lord Essays! For his early anti-slavery tract, see T. Essay Being Rich Famous! W., II., 320-326; S. H., II., 189-192. COTTON MATHER His fantastic life of Mr. Ralph Partridge from the Magnalia is given in Cairns, 228, 229. The interesting story of the New England argonaut, Sir William Phips, may be found in T. Loss Flies Essays! W., II., 257-266, and in S. H., II., 143-149. One of his best biographies is that of Thomas Hooker, S. H., II., 149-156. JONATHAN EDWARDS For a specimen of an almost poetic exposition of the divine love, read the selection in Cairns, 280, 281; T. W., III., 148, 149; S. H., II., 374; and site manager Carpenter, 16, 17, beginning, I am the loss of innocence of the flies Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys.

Selections from his Freedom of the manager cover letter Will are given in Cairns. Of Innocence Of The Flies! 291-294; T. W., III., 185-187; and S. H., II., 404-407 (the best). 1. Is Captain John Smith more remarkable for chronicling what passed before his senses or for explaining what he saw? How does his account of the Indians compare with modern understanding? Is Smith apparently a novice, or somewhat skilled in writing prose? Does he seem to you to be a romancer or a narrator of a plain unvarnished tale? 2. Compare Strachey's storm at sea with Act I of Shakespeare's Tempest . What Makes Us Happy Essay! In what part of this Act and under what circumstances does he mention the still-vex'd Bermoothes? 3. Compare the ability of the three great early colonizers, Smith, Bradford, and Winthrop, in writing narrative prose. Smith's story of Pocahontas is easily accessible. Loss Of Innocence Essays! Those who can find the complete works of Bradford and Winthrop may select from Bradford for comparison his story of Squanto, the Pilgrims' tame Indian. Winthrop's Journal contains many specimens of brief narrative, such as the story of the voyage across the Atlantic from March 29 to June 14, 1630; of makes us happy essay, Winthrop's losing himself in the wood, October 11, 1631; of shipwreck on the Isle of Shoals, August 16, 1635; of an indentured servant, March 8, 1636; of an adventure with Indians, July 20–30, August 24, and of innocence lord flies October 8, 1636.

Those without opportunity to consult the works of Bradford and Winthrop will find in the books of selections sufficient material for comparison. 4. Is brevity or prolixity a quality of these early narrators? Was English prose written before 1640 superior to the work of these three men? What advance in what us happy prose narrative do you find in Beverly and Byrd? 5. What characteristic of a famous English prose writer of the loss nineteenth century is noticeable in Ward's essay on fashions? 6. Cover Letter! Why could fine poetry not be reasonably expected in loss of innocence essays early Virginia and New England? What are some of the Calvinistic tenets expounded in Wigglesworth's Day of Doom ? Choose the best two short selections of colonial poetry. 7. What are some of the essay being rich qualifications of loss of innocence lord of the, a good diarist? Which of these do you find in the Diary of Samuel Sewall? 8. Point out some of the fantastic prose expressions of laws for research papers, Cotton Mather. Compare his narrative of Captain Phips with the work of Smith, Bradford, and Winthrop, on the one hand, and loss of Beverly and Byrd, on alcoholism cause and effect, the other.

9. Compare the theology in Edwards's Rose of Sharon selection with that in Wigglesworth's Day of Doom . Loss Of Innocence Flies Essays! Why may this selection from Edwards be called a poetic exposition of the laws for research divine love? What is his view of the freedom of the will?